Lost Links: Blogspot Lost Blogs

I spend most of my time on WordPress looking at interesting blogs, but the other day I thought I should start searching some of the other blogging sites.  So I went to Blogspot first.  I initially created Not Confused Just Lost over there, but it sucked and I dislike Google, so I came here.  Nevertheless, I know that many good bloggers have their blogs hosted there, so why not have a look around.

In the near future I’m going to attempt to put together a list of most, if not all, of the Lost sites on the internet.  If you can help that would be appreciated.  Feel free to recomend any and all sites to me in the comments section.

Here are some of the blogs I found at Blogspot:

The Dharma (and Greg) Project

This one is called The Dharma (and Greg) Project, don’t let the name dissuade you, I almost did, it’s a very good blog.  This blogger is rewatching many of the old episodes, like me, and his reviews are very good, and he tends to use a lot of pictures, which is handy.

Lost in Though in Alabama

I mostly like this blog because this guy reminds me of me.  Isn’t that enough of a reason to visit it?

Memphish is Lost

I think this blog is friends with the last blog.  He seems to come up with short succinct theories, that’s a good thing (and something I haven’t learned to do yet).

Capcom’s Lost Blog

This guy is good, he is still theorizing about the season 4 finale.  If I was still doing that I might have gone crazy.


A hilarious very, very well-written blog.  This one is definitely one of my favorites out of the ones I found at blogspot.  Please go there.

I Heart Dharma

I’m not totally sure if that’s the name of the blog, but that’s what the URL says.  It’s not a bad blog but it’s been inactive over most of the hiatus.


A good blog, but apparently full of spoilers.

Perditia Scientia

Insanely complex and intriguing, scientific Lost theories.  Take a look, even for just a second.

Nicole’s Lost

Very active, spoiler filled blog.

Mistaking Coincidence For Fate

Apparently this person is craaaaaaaazy, I have yet to find conclusive proof.

Lost Bullet Points

Very good, long theories.

Lost Blogspotters

Not actually a blog, but it’s a very handy list that I used to find these blogs listed.

Note: the rest of the blogs listed are pretty inactive.  Here’s hoping they start up again in time for season 5.

Lost Island Time

Inactive since April, but I still like what they had to say.

The Joshmeister’s Lost Blog and Podcast

Currently inactive, but apparently very popular.

Lost, Hearts & Minds

Inactive for quite a while, hopefully it starts up again.


Inactive, but they have some odd and interesting ideas.

The Lost Elders

More inactivity.

Hatch 23

Another inactive blog, but on the front page you can (currently) see a reference to the Hadron Collider that they started up on Wednesday, if you’re reading this, that means the world didn’t end, whew.

Note: I apologize if I’ve guessed anyones gender wrong, I tend to base it on the color of the blog.

– Izi


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