207 – The Other 48 Days


And here it is people, one of my favorite episodes of all time.  I could watch it over and over and love it every time.

In this episode we get to see what happened to the poor Tailies for the 48 days before we saw them.  So while we were feeling sorry for the main survivors, thinking that their lives were stressful, we had no idea the kinds of things that could have been happening.  The non-Tailies were lucky that they got Ethan, the less competent Other.  All he was able to do was botch a kidnapping of Claire, then get himself killed.  On the other hand The Tailies went through hell.  If you haven’t watched this episode recently I suggest you do, it’s quite an ordeal.

The problem is, it makes me dislike the whiny people that we watched for all of season one. 

10/10 without a doubt.  I love on-island flashbacks and I love when the writers mess with the shows format.

(Note: Just for fun, since the writers changed the format of this episode, I thought I’d change the format of my revlysis.  I got rid of all the names of the survivors who aren’t in this episode.  And I’m putting pictures on the side in chronological order.)

Character Impressions:


-Libby’s first scene is glorious.  She tricks the poor guy with the broken leg, so that she can set it.

-Libby got creeped out by Nathan, kinda weird considering he wasn’t a bad guy.  (see below)

-Libby definitely has a calming effect on groups, without her infallible cheerfulness I doubt The Tailies could have kept going.

Ana Lucia

-Ana Lucia and Eko were the heroes of the day of the crash, and for the whole other 48 days.

-The scene between Goodwin and Ana Lucia, before she kills him, is so incredibly stressful.

-I might have been a little confused and suspicious when Ana Lucia came back without Goodwin, from her hike to use the radio.

-That would be very hard to believe that little Jin was an Other.  I guess that’s why they took him out of the pit first.


-I like that the kids trust Eko so much.  I personally would be scared of him, he looks pretty threatening even in a suit.

-Eko had to pull all the dead bodies out of the water.

-As for Eko’s vow of silence, I believe he is trying his best to have a fresh start on the island, he wants to remain innocent. 


-Why does poor Bernard have to be the person stuck in the tree.  He doesn’t need that kind of stress, he looks like he could have a heart attack at any time.


-Cindy was aware that flight 815 was flying in the wrong direction.

-Cindy wasn’t on the list that Ana Lucia found on The Other that she killed.  Did The Others take her as an afterthought?  Or maybe just to make the kids more comfortable.

-I wonder why I’m so intrigued by this character, there isn’t really anything great about her, but I was so desperate for her to come back.  When she did, in that awful Jack tattoo episode, it was so anticlimactic.

-It’s kinda odd that Claire and Cindy were the only two Australians on the whole plane.


-Goodwin really liked Ana Lucia.  He was constantly giving her appraising and almost approving glances.

-Goodwin’s story was that he was in the Peace Core.  Ethan’s story was that he was Canadian.  These are the most innocent people that The Others could think of imitating. 

-Goodwin must have been pretty scared when he saw that Eko had killed two of the other Others.

-Bernard asked a good question, if Nathan really was an Other, why would he still be there?  The question obviously doesn’t apply to Nathan, but it does apply to Goodwin, he stayed there because he wanted Ana Lucia to join The Others.  What did he see in her?  Maybe he was hoping to get her to come back so that she could kill his wife.  Seriously though, what was so special about her, was it her proactiveness, or maybe it was her willingness to kill.

-Goodwin: “Maybe their not really attacking us.”  He’s actually right, The Others didn’t attack them, kidnapping is pretty awful, but they never harmed anyone.  I think it was not in the best interest of The Others to be so secretive, I’ll bet an open and public meeting between the survivors and The Others would have accomplished a lot.

The Kids

-Cindy is put in charge of the children.  It’s almost a good thing that she was taken too, so that they had someone they knew.

-Those poor kids went through a lot.  It’s hard to imagine how stressful it would be for them to be stranded on an island with no one they knew.  The on top of that people keep on getting kidnapped and people kept on dying.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I totally suspected Nathan.  They made it completely likely that he was an Other.

-It’s kinda funny watching The Tailies struggle through things without guns, they have their sharpened sticks and shrapnel machetes.  The main survivors don’t know how easy they had it with all ther guns.  I guess it’s probably better that Ana Lucia didn’t have one, she’s a little trigger happy.  But we’ll forgive her cause she did a good thing when she killed Shannon.

-I found it disappointing at the end of this episode when we get back to the main survivors.  It zooms in on Sayid’s angry face and all that excitement of the new people disappears when you realize that we’re back to the same old characters.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-The Others have a massively harder time than the main survivors.  So many more of them died in the initial crash.  They were all in the water, and they had to swim in.  Then when they got in they had no equipment, no doctor, some kids.  On top of that The Others came on the third night and tried to kidnap people.  Then they started to suspect each other when they found the list.  It’s amazing that any of them survived and didn’t go crazy.

-I would love to know what kind of criteria Jacob had when he created the lists.  Goodwin implies that Eko was on the list, he says that on the first night they took the strongest, including Eko.  He also says that Nathan was not a good person, that’s why he wasn’t on the list.  Then he says the children are better off now.  I can understand why they’d want kids, they’re easy to brainwash, but what could they have done with Eko?  And what if some of the people they took were stronger and more resistant to the brainwashing, did they just kill them?

-In the Dharma station, The Arrow, they find a box full of interesting objects: a glass eye, a bible, and a radio.  If you ask me I’d guess that at one time Patchy lived down there, before he moved to his farm, obviously.  It’s a little surprising that there was a bible down there, but maybe he’s a christian.

-The Arrow also says quarantine on it, on the inside of the door.  That seems like a bit of misdirection.  Or possibly it could be that this was the original Hatch.  Maybe, like the Swan, there were surveillance cameras and they tested what people would do there with nothing to do, maybe to see how long it would take them to go crazy or leave the station.  It’s a pretty weak theory, I have to admit.  Another clue as to what it is was the fact that Horace had an arrow on his uniform.  I don’t know what that means, and as much as I like Horace, that gives me no clue.

-I hope that season 5 episodes are similar to these episodes, where there is no flashbacks or forwards it’s just one continuous story, that’s what I would expect. 

– Izi

6 Responses to “207 – The Other 48 Days”

  1. September 17, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Hey Izi,

    To go along with your Horace=Jacob theory, maybe the Arrow was the place where Jacob “resided” until the cabin was finished?

  2. September 17, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    There ya go, good thought. There’s something that might be seen in a flashback.
    – izi

  3. September 20, 2008 at 6:01 am

    this was such an awesome episode – i’m really looking forward to the new format without standard flash forwards/backs… only 4 1/2 months to go!

  4. 4 Rosie
    November 3, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    “The problem is, it makes me dislike the whiny people that we watched for all of season one.”

    I wouldn’t go as far to say that I feel the same after watching “The Other 48 Days”. But I must admit that I have found myself wishing that they could have told the Tailies’ story in a spin-off, instead of one episode. Like you, this episode is my all time favorite from the series.

  5. 5 Rosie
    January 11, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    “What did he see in her? Maybe he was hoping to get her to come back so that she could kill his wife. Seriously though, what was so special about her, was it her proactiveness, or maybe it was her willingness to kill.”

    Perhaps he admired the way she took control of the Tailies when no one else would step up to the bat. Goodwin’s admiration of Ana-Lucia began when he observed her rescue of Bernard. I would not be surprised that he also admired her ruthlessness. And I also noticed that he and Ana-Lucia managed to click rather easily.

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