210 – The 23rd Psalm


We get to see what kind of life Eko had, and it was a doozy.  The poor guy has had the most dramatic life out of any of the people on the island.  His flashback was insane.  His on-island actions were amazing.  He got to come face to face with Smokey, we even got to see inside Smokey.  Over all this storyline was great.

Unfortunately there were some side stories.  We also had to watch Michael learn how to use guns and start to plan his misguided attempt to save his son.  Also Charlie wasted some more time by struggling through his heroin addiction, the difference is, this time I don’t care.

But for such a great flashback and some of the best scenes with Smokey I’ll give this episode 7.5/10.0

Character Impressions:


-Hurley gets his first chance to spend time with Libby.  Cute.




-Kate tells Sawyer, “Everyone loves you now.”  It’s kinda true.  After he comes back from the raft trip no one thinks of him as the outcast anymore.  I think this may have surprised the writers.  Their badass character was suddenly very likable. I assume that is why they made him pull the Long-Con on everyone in an upcoming episode.




-Locke learned how to shoot guns from his dad.  I didn’t think they spent that much time together.

Ana Lucia



-I love that Eko doesn’t care about Charlie’s addiction.  I assumed, and I think most people assumed, that he was trying to help Charlie overcome his addiction, like Locke did in season one.  But Eko’s not like that, he’s willing to let people make their own dumb decisions.

-We really get to see how despicable Charlie is when we see his full stash of Virgin Mary statues.


-Eko looks positively deadly wearing his big sleeveless leather trench-coat.

-There are no flashbacks like Eko’s flashbacks.  We think that people like Charlie had stressful lives, but once you see what Eko went through it is just awful.  It’s more awful because it’s what happens in the real world, the child soldier thing, and that entire African situation.

-Eko really puts two and two together pretty quick.  As soon as he hears that Charlie has a statue of the Virgin Mary he immediately knows that it is from his brothers plane.  He;s quite an awe-inspiring character isn’t he.

-Yemi to Eko, “for a confession to be accepted you have to have a penitent heart”.  Later Yemi said that god would forgive him but not Eko.  Yemi’s last words to Eko were that he would take Eko’s confession.  Implying that he would forgive him for the life that he led. 








-Jack starts coming up with his plan to bring back Walt.


-Claire kicks Charlie out of her tent.  Three cheers for not being an enabler!


-Why the deuce would Locke teach Michael how to use a gun when he knew that he was going to go after Walt.

-“Walt” talks to Michael again on the computer.  He tells him that he’s OK, and that Michael needs to come…  There’s a high chance that it was Ben on the computer.  Is there any way to know for sure who it was?  I don’t recall Ben ever saying that it was him, and it seems like something he would do.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Smokey comes to see Eko, but he wasn’t afraid of it, he didn’t run or anything.  It appeared to scan him and then it leaves.  We even see inside the smoke, there’s nothing esciting in there.  You can see electric flashes and maybe a few faces here and there but nothing amazing.

– Izi


2 Responses to “210 – The 23rd Psalm”

  1. 1 Audrey
    March 26, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Despicable? That’s a little harsh. He’s an idiot, but good sir, have you ever been addicted to a substance? I’m fairly sure that it’s difficult to get over. Even if you have a cute blonde to take care of back at the beach. Cut the guy some slack. Jesus. He’s a good person.

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