211 – The Hunting Party


Michael finally leaves, thank god, and some people go off trying to get him to come back.  The tension between Kate and Jack is ratcheted up some more.  And we see jack mess up his marriage in flashbacks.  So she leaves and that’s sad.  There is also a strange story about a beautiful woman and her father who come to jack thinking he is some sort of miracle worker, but he isn’t.

On a brighter note, we got to see some more of The Others.  So that was fun.  5.0/10

Character Impressions:


-Hurley, “Libby’s kinda cute, in that ‘I’ve been terrorized by The Others for forty days”, kinda way.”




-Locke asks Sawyer why how chose his name.  They were pretty close to finding the truth about the real Sawyer.  I will freely admit that I didn’t foresee that connection at all.


-As usual Jack doesn’t let Kate do anything.  This time that means not letting her track Michael.  Unfortunately she does anyways, as we would all expect of her.


-Locke’s a smart cookie, he figures out that Michael isn’t retracing his steps back from where they came with The Tailies.  He concludes that Michael has a different destination.

-Locke to Jack about Michael leaving, "who are we to tell anyone what we can or can’t do?"  That’s a moderately left-wing thought, actually I guess it’s leaning more towards anarchism than communism, but next to Jack Locke’s almost a communist.

-Locke seems more than happy to talk with The Others and come to some sort of agreement.  If Jack wasn’t at that meeting then I’m pretty sure he could have just joined The Others right there and then.

Ana Lucia









-Sun gets all hormonal on Jin and won’t let him go after Michael.


-Sayid slowly walks into the living room of The Swan, where Charlie and Hurley are listening to music and says, "This is very depressing music."  That’s one of the few funny Sayid moments ever.


-A hopeless patient comes to Jack hoping that he can fix him.  Apparently Jack’s surgery on Sarah became pretty well known.  For some reason Jack decides to do the surgery.  Probably because of his daughter.

-Seriously, that patient’s daughter is outrageously beautiful.

-Jack’s marriage falls apart in a few ways in this episode.  He tells Sarah that he and the patient’s daughter kissed.  He says that they never spent any time together and don’t talk anymore.  Then Sarah admits to Jack that she’s been cheating on him.  The big question is: with who?  (see below)

-Jack tells Ana Lucia about his plan to create an army.






-Michael makes his move, he goes after his son alone.  I think it’s pretty clear that Ben is tricking him into coming.

Mr. Friendly

-Mr. Friendly asks Locke to build a fire so that they could sit down and have a conversation.  That’s nice that he wants to try to talk, instead of just leaving.  They really didn’t have to talk.

-I wonder what The Others thought when they first saw Locke walking around.  It must have been pretty impressive for them, if they knew he was originally in a wheelchair (I’m sure they did).

-Mr. Friendly says implies that Locke shouldn’t have gone into the hatch, “Going into rooms where you don’t belong.”


-This is the first mention of Alex.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-This episode was so exciting, I seem to remember seeing quite a few commercials for it.  This was the episode where we meet The Others face to face, it turns out that we only got to see Mr. Friendly again but that was a lot for back in the day.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Why were there guns in The Swan?  I just thought of this now.  It seems like a pretty bad idea to give two isolated people automatic weapons.

-Who was Sarah cheating on Jack with?  In season 3 we see a guy with her for a second, but I really doubt that was him.  I personally think it will be someone very surprising.  In the back of my mind I have a theory that it’s Ben, but I’m pretty sure that has been disproven (also it’s gross).  I could go into it further but I’ll wait until I’m rewatching season 3.  But I do think she’s important, she’s a very good actress and she appeared in the flashforwards, pregnant, for no obvious reason.  Why would the writers make her so prominent if her purpose had been fulfilled.

– Izi

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