Dharma Wants You: Black/White Swan

I haven’t really been totally into this whole DharmaWantsYou ARG, as evidenced by my grand total of 0 Dharma Points.  But I have done all the official tests.  I have been aware of the cheats and I considered using them, especially on the one with all the balls bouncing around.  But I avoided it because I was sure that at some point it would be better not to cheat.  And I was right! 

Yesterday Mr. Hans posted a video saying that the seventh test was already over and if you used cheats you were put into the Black Swan group and if you didn’t you were put into the White Swan group.  He says that this test was to separate those who would betray Dharma, he then said something about being betrayed in the past.  I wonder if this is a reference to Ben and the purge, or if there was other instances of betrayal in their history.

Anywho, it was fun playing those games, and I think it will be very interesting if after this point there are two diverging paths.

And as for those who think this ARG is moving too slow and isn’t exciting, I disagree.  This is the only one that I’ve actually kept up with.  Usually they take up way too much time and I give up, but this one has really lured me in by being slow and giving me a chance to stay in the loop.

– izi


1 Response to “Dharma Wants You: Black/White Swan”

  1. 1 ste
    October 11, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    i totaly agree wit wot u sed bout the speed of this arg ive managed to keep up coz i cnt always get online so this 1 was perfect

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