214 – One of Them


Guess who’s coming to dinner!  It’s Ben!  This is the fist time we get to know Ben, at this time known as Henry Gale.  He goes through quite an ordeal in this first episode.  Danielle captures him, shoots him with a crossbow, then Sayid tortures him.

We also learn, in Sayid’s flashback that he was trained by Kelvin and the US Army how to torture people.  Not the best flashback… at all.  We find out that Sayid is connected to Kelvin, obviously, and also to Kate’s fake dad.  Unfortunately they are nothing more than novelty connections and neither of them mean anything.

Back at the beach Sawyer hears a noise.  So he enlists Hurley to help him find the source, it’s a frog, Sawyer kills it.  Thrilling stuff.  Again I am unimpressed with the direction that Sawyer is going.  In the last episode he announced there was a new sheriff in town.  In this episode Sawyer is dumbed down and mellowed back to how he was two episodes ago.  The point is, is that Sawyer shouldn’t have taken the guns, and in the big picture he pretty much didn’t.  It was a bad storyline direction and the writers immediately back off on it.

But Ben’s here!  8.5/10.0

Character Impressions:


-Sawyer finds Hurley hoarding and eating a lot of food.  I wonder how Jorge Garcia feels about playing a fat person all the time. 

-Poor Hurley tries to save the little tree frogs life.




-It was so exciting seeing Michael Emerson’s name come up in the credits.

-It’s interesting how Ben’s plan involves Rousseau not recognizing him.  Obviously they have a history, he stole her daughter.  But he knew that she is too crazy to recognize him, in fact he counted on that.

-Ben gets an arrow through his chest from Rousseau.  Ben knew that he couldn’t die that’s why he was willing to get an arrow in his shoulder.  I don’t think being aware of your own immortality would be much comfort when you have to go through all that pain.

-Ben’s story would have been so much better if he had said his name was Ben and he was friends with Henry Gale, that way when they went to the parachute nothing would have been incriminating.  But I can hardly argue with such a master manipulator like Ben.

-Casting Michael Emerson was perfect.  The majority of the actors on the show are young and in shape, with the exception of Rose and Bernard.  So the contrast is awesome, they have young, vital young people with almost no influence, then a relatively ugly little man comes along and he changes so much.

-Ben replaces Sawyer as the most commonly hurt character on the show.  He gets an arrow in the chest, then Sayid tortures him.

-You cannot beat that look that Ben gives Sayid after he is pulled out of the room, so dangerous.


-Sawyer goes looking for a frog in this episode.  There’s a good waste of time.  And proof of what I said last time, the writers don’t want Sawyer to take power, so everything that happened last week was useless.


-Sayid nearly talks to Kate’s fake dad, Sam.


-Ben doesn’t seem to notice Locke at all, I doubt he knew about his significance at this point.

-Locke is very unhappy about Jack raising an army.  He says that’s why he is cooperating with Sayid in his torturing initiative.

-Locke gets to see the crazy hieroglyphics and he hears the station start to overload.  I don’t know how he could have believed, in the finale, that nothing would happen if he let the timer run down.  Did he forget that already?

Ana Lucia

-Ana Lucia sees Rousseau in the jungle.  That would have been surprising for her.  She’s lucky she didn’t pick a fight with Rousseau.


-For some reason Sayid goes to Charlie at the end of this episode to remind him that he hates The Others.  I can remember no significance to this conversation.  It seems like he wanted Charlie to go and kill Ben, but that never happens (obviously).








-Where did Sayid learn English?  They made him a translator because of his abilities with English.

-In Sayid’s flashback, there is some mention of a poison gas that one of Sayid’s commanding officers used in a village, could that be the same gas used in The Tempest?  Maybe.  Do I care?  Nope.

-Sayid’s vow not to torture people is pretty weak.  He doesn’t even think twice about torturing little Ben.  Good thing this dangerous man isn’t motivated by emotions.  You can see how easily it was for Ben to manipulate Sayid in the season 4 flash-forwards.

-Sayid was trained by the US Army to torture.  There’s some fun liberal writing.

-Sayid says that he knows that Ben is an Other because he feels no guilt for torturing him.  I seriously doubt that Sayid’s even human.  I know The Others have done some awful things but you can’t just decide that they deserve to suffer inscrutiaible because of what they’ve done.  Very Lord of the Flies.


-Ben seems to look very closely at Jack when he first sees him.




-Rousseau really trusts Sayid.  She gives him her gun when they go out to find Ben.

-Rousseau really should have recognized Ben.  She knew that he was an Other but that’s all she would tell him.  I’m betting that she did recognize him, subconsciously at least.

-Rousseau about Ben, “But know this, he will lie, for a long time, he will lie.”  She may be crazy but she has pretty good instincts.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-In this episode I though Ben was an Other.  I really used to put a lot of credence in whatever Rousseau said.  So I was sure he was an Other.  But as time went on I started to doubt it.  I found it hard to believe that someone could be that good at lying.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Sayid meets Kelvin, but we really learn nothing about him.  How unfortunate, such a good connection and no insight gained.

-I’ll bet Ben was pretty interested in Sayid while he was being interrogated.  Surely he would have seen the potential in Sayid.

– Izi


9 Responses to “214 – One of Them”

  1. 1 Kyle
    October 8, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    “Ben knew that he couldn’t die that’s why he was willing to get an arrow in his shoulder. ”

    Huh? What does this mean?

  2. October 8, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Looking back over the last two and half seasons, Ben goes through a lot of physicla pain, and yet he never seems to fear for his life. 409 – The Shape of Things to Come, Ben goes to Charles Whidmore’s bedroom and talks to him and it is implied (in my opinion, and I think other people believe this) that neither Ben nor Charles can die. It is similar to how Michael couldn’t die in season 4.
    So Ben knew that he couldn’t die that’s why he was willing to get an arrow in his shoulder. I don’t think he would have been willing to get caught by Rouseau and the Oceanic survivors if there was a chance that he would die.
    Whadya think? Does that make sense?
    – izi

  3. 3 Bones
    October 10, 2008 at 9:56 am

    This doesn’t make sense at all actually, since he had that spinal tumor which was going to kill him, and brought in Jack to remove it. He was quite fearful for his life at that point.

  4. 4 Bones
    October 10, 2008 at 9:57 am

    I also think the Widmore thing meant that they couldn’t kill each other (for whatever crazy reason), not that they couldn’t die at all.

  5. October 10, 2008 at 11:23 am

    That’s true, I hadn’t thought of the tumor. That really changes my perception of Ben. After that episode with Whidmore I suddenly thought I understood Ne’s behavior for the last few seasons. Now I’m perplexed. It’s always seemed like he’s been willing to go through massive amounts of pain and suffering to fulfill his goals and/or destiny, with out the slightest fear of death.
    So maybe he’s just been the random recipient of pain all this time, that’s kinda disappointing.
    Any other ideas? Theories?
    – izi

  6. 6 Kyle
    October 10, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I just think he believes so much in his cause and what he’s doing he’ll go through anything to do it. Maybe in some cases/mission Jacob assures him he won’t die or something along those lines so he’s even more confident. But I had my Widmore scene comments above.

  7. 7 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 5:59 am

    I was always under the impression that Ben was caught by accident. He didn’t achieve a great deal while locked up at all. He already had psych profiles on everyone, so he didn’t need to meet them in person.

    Plus, I find it much more fun to believe that Ben just decided to cause chaos among everyone he possibly could before he was rescued.

  8. 8 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 6:11 am

    Oh, and I really wasn’t buying Sayid’s vow either. Why introduce yourself as a torturer if you’re so morally opposed to your old line of work?
    He’d have whipped out the torture pliers if someone stole his nail clippers.

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