215 – Maternity Leave


This is some glorious ret-conning.  I absolutely love on-island flashbacks.  They are a guarantee that everything in the episode will be relevant. 

In this episode we get to find out what happened to Claire when she was taken by Ethan back in season one.  It’s very important and interesting stuff.

Also we meet Alex, and we also get some real insight into what goes on inside Rousseau’s mind.

Eko gets a chance to talk to Ben and Ben starts to manipulate Locke.  It’s all good stuff. 

I really enjoyed this episode 9.0/10.0

One thing that everyone should learn from this episode is that Ethan was wrong, he went completely against orders when he took Claire.

Character Impressions:




-Libby says that Claire is probably repressing her memories, what is the difference between that and amnesia?


-I really enjoys Ben’s reaction to Eko, that’s what I would expect most peoples reaction would be.

-Ben says to Locke after he gives him some fruit, “No cheeseburgers?”

-Ben starts playing Locke off of Jack.  And, not surprisingly, it works like a charm.


-Sawyer seems pretty willing to give Kate a gun.


-Kate draws a gun on Rousseau and finds out that it’s useless, Rousseau asks to be shot.

-Kate finds all the nasty ragged costumes for The Others, and the fake beard.  That would be pretty confusing.


-Locke is way too naive, he eats up anything Ben says to him.  He gave Ben a book and that’s all Ben needed to get inside his head.

Ana Lucia





-Eko figured out about Ben pretty easily.

-Eko goes to Ben to tell him how sorry he is for killing Others.  Eko probably has the strongest conscience on the island.




-Sun gets all testy when Claire starts talking about motherhood and babies, some obvious foreshadowing there.






-Emelie de Ravin is an awful actress.  It’s impossible to like the character when she is that terrible.

-Right before Claire escapes from The Others, she decides to give Aaron to them.  Of course she doesn’t actually give him away since she escapes soon after, but she really wanted to.

-Claire says that she and Aaron are meant to be together.  They will protect each other, keep each other safe.  Maybe she was right, she was separated from Aaron when her house blew up.


-The episode starts with Claire saying that Aaron has a fever and a rash.  Rousseau comes and tells Claire that Aaron is infected.  (see below)

-Rousseau only has one interest on the island, she wants to get Alex back, she seems to have no desire to be rescued, or to do anything else.


-They were planning to cut Aaron out of Claire, even if it killed her.  But Alex saved her.  Even way back then Alex was trying to help people.  That’s nice that she’s always willing to help the survivors.  She’s very similar to her mother who attempts to help the survivors whenever she can.


-Ethan sedates Claire, but with what?  Doesn’t it seem pretty dangerous to sedate a pregnant woman?

-They make it clear in this episode that Ethan was not following orders.  Mr. Friendly lectures him, saying that Ethan was supposed to create a list before he brought Claire in.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-The noise in Claire’s flashbacks is amazingly scary.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Jack says that there’s nothing wrong with Aaron, and even Desmond tells Claire that the “vaccine” she is giving him is useless.  But the last thing Rousseau says to Claire is “If your baby is infected, I hope you know what must be done.”

– Izi


3 Responses to “215 – Maternity Leave”

  1. October 7, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Amnesia or repressed memory…I wonder? Was it from a physical injury, mental trauma or Dr. Ethan and his prenatel “care” ?

  2. 2 Rosie
    December 15, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Emelie de Ravin is an awful actress. It’s impossible to like the character when she is that terrible.

    I disagree. I feel that Evangeline Lilly is the worst actress on the show.

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