217 – Lockdown


The last episode ended with Ben giving Locke and Jack a hypothetical about how if he was an Other he would have led their friends into a trap.  This leads to a very tense moment at the beginning of this episode.  Last week we may have believed that he was an Other, but he quickly covers his tracks.  As the episode goes on his actions and behavior make it seem like there is no way that he’s an Other.  Then in the final scene we know for sure that he is.  Quite the whirlwind of plot twists.

Also we see Locke’s life get screwed again, but this time it involves Helen leaving him and Locke getting some awkward and artificial closure with his father.

And this episode also gives us the infamous glowing map on the blast-door.  As with almost every Locke centric episode I give this one a high score.  9.5/10.0

Character Impressions:




-Ben’s hypothetical at the beginning of the episode about if he was an Other, is kinda like O.J. Simpson’s, “If I Did It”.

-Ben to Locke about Jack, “Why do you let him talk to you like that.”  That was pretty significant.  It was the moment when Ben’s manipulation became very overt, at the same time it was when he was very vulnerable.  Jack and Locke had some very strong suspicions that Ben was an Other at that point.  This is a good example of Ben’s self-sacrificing behaviour,  he’s willing to take all kinds of abuse to attain his goal.

-Ben looked truly afraid and confused during the lockdown.  I wonder if he had total ignorance about the Dharma stations, he knows how to use them for his own purposes, but maybe he hates the Dharma Iniative so much that he ignores any possible significance or original use that the stations might have had.

-Ben memorizes the numbers very quickly after Locke tells them to him.  He probably already knew them, but I wonder how involved in them he was.  Again I can imagine him not giving them the respect or attention they deserve.

-Before the end of this episode was over I was completely convinced that Ben was Henry Gale and he wasn’t an Other.

-I love Ben’s face once his story is blown. 



-Kate about Jack and Sawyers competitiveness, “Should I go get a ruler?”

-Kate and Jack find the Dharma food drop.  (see below)


-Helen says to Locke about the obituaries, “Don’t knock the obits, they’re the nicest part of the paper.  No one ever says anything mean about people once they’re dead.”  I wonder if Helen read Jeremy Bentham’s obituary.  That’s the only other significant obituary I remember in the show.

-Locke really was going to marry Helen.

-For a second Locke figures out Ben’s conning him and he gets really angry.  I assume he was reminded of his father.

-No one came to Anthony Cooper’s funeral (except Anthony and a few of the guys who want to find him).  Similarly no one came to Locke’s funeral.  And they were both using aliases at the time of their death (I’m assuming that Anthony’s real name is unknown).  There are a lot of similarities with the two funerals.

-Locke said that he forgives Anthony at the funeral, that’s surprising, and pretty major.  Unfortunately as the episode continues it’s pretty obvious that he didn’t really forgive him.

-it’s so gross when the door closes on Locke’s leg.

-If only Locke had told Helen about the money.  She wouldn’t have left if she had trusted him and he had trusted her.

-That would be such an exciting and maddening moment when Locke saw the map.  He would want to memorize it all but there’s no way that you could retain any of it.

Ana Lucia






-Sayid didn’t want to find Henry Gale’s balloon, you can see in his eye the blood lust and pent up anger he has.  He wanted Ben to be guilty so that he wouldn’t feel guilty about torturing him.

-Nadia bought a house in Locke’s flashback.  Apparently she was pretty successful.  I seriously wonder what she was up to, she was all over the place.


-If only Jack was as clever at life as he was at poker. 


Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-This episode has some of the best twists.  The writers are so good at manipulating our feelings.  They completely made me, and I assume many other, believe that Ben was good one second and bad the other, then good again, then bad again.  My hat is off to them.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-I recently read some one say that the happy face on the balloon is the same one from The Watchmen.  That would be a fun reference.

-Does anyone know what initialized the lockdown in this episode?  Desmond and Kelvin had to initiate it themselves, they had to hotwire it.

-I have a new theory about Anthony Cooper.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I think that it’s a little weird that both Locke and Anthony Cooper are old.  And I don’t mean that in a mean way, it’s just a simple fact that the actors are very close in age, with a difference of only 8 years.  They occasionally use wigs in Locke’s flashback to make him look younger but they never try to hide Anthony’s age, or try to age him at all.  What if he’s never aged, or maybe he ages slowly.  The math on this is pretty ugly and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense but here it is:
Locke was born in 1956 to his mother who was 16.  Anthony Cooper was apparently “twice her age” at the time, making him 32.  That makes Locke 48 on the island in 2004, and Anthony Cooper 80.  I don’t think he looks 80, but I also don’t think he looks 32.  So the question is, how old is he?
Also the link between Richard and Anthony is strange.  He was there when Locke was born and when Anthony died, pulling the strings all the while.  Could he have been tracking Anthony?  I’m not going to add this to my current theories page or anything, it’s still pretty weak, but it’s definitely something to consider.

-The Dharma drop is one of the biggest mystery in this show.  It still bothers me.  I don’t care if we never know about The Four Toed Foot, or about Adam & Eve.  But if they don’t explain who dropped the Dharma food I’ll be mad.  And that’s not an overstatement, solving the background mysteries rarely concerns me, I enjoy guessing more than I enjoy knowing, but the Dharma drop isn’t something weird that happened a long time ago, it happened in season two.  The writers can’t just ignore it.

– Izi

6 Responses to “217 – Lockdown”

  1. October 10, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Helen reading Jeremy Bentham’s obit….how poetic and sad. Of course, assuming that she wasn’t a plant for Cooper/ Dharma/ Widmore et al. I hope that theirs was an actual relationship. That it just “happened” with nothing shifty going on.

    I haven’t read the book but watched the miniseries of Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I believe that the smiley face could also be a reference to Randall Flagg (the devil) and that he wore a smiley face button on his jacket. Also read that in the unabridged version, *spoiler* Flagg ends up on an island at the end of the book.

  2. October 10, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Whoa! That’s a much more likely reference.

  3. 3 Jess
    October 10, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    Who’s to say Anthony wasn’t conning Locke into believing he was his father? Has it ever been 100% confirmed Anthony definitely IS his biological father? I wouldn’t take Emily Locke’s word as truth either. This would explain the obvious small age gap.

    To me, the food drop was initiated by the lockdown. I wonder how Kelvin explained to Des how they never ran out of food?

    As for how the lockdown was initiated, who knows? Maybe it was set to go off at that point because that’s when whoever was in the hatch would be low on food. It’s also lasted the survivors a damn long time which might explain why there hasn’t been one since.

    I think it’s obvious Ben already knew the numbers. Remember he visited the Pearl with Juliet in Expose? I think he’d know a lot more about the stations than you think. If he can go to the Orchid and know exactly how to turn the time machine on, blow it up then find the Donkey Wheel, I think it’s safe to say he knew what the Swan was capable of.

    When Locke told him what to do, he let the time run down to zero then entered the numbers then initiated the UV light so Locke could see that there were other Hatches around. This would tweak Locke’s interest in moving away from the hatch, which was Ben’s point in the first place, to get him to join The Others.

    Then when it was all over, not only did he ruin Locke’s faith in the hatch, he gained his trust (and still has it to this day) by coming back and helping him. Yes, Ben is a genius.

  4. 4 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 6:57 am

    My favourite ending of Lost ever.

    I’ve also noticed that Sayid can see through everybody’s lies until Henry Gale is later reintroduced as Ben. Then Ben can lie circles around him.

    I never understood Locke believing Cooper was his dad either. He cons him out of a kidney, then runs away; then later says ‘you wanted a father figure, I wanted a kidney’.

    To me that says “I am not your dad, I’m just a conman”.

  5. March 5, 2009 at 7:30 am

    I never even considered that Anthony muight not be Locke’s dad. Hmmm.
    – izi

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