218 – Dave


This episode presented the two biggest unsolved Lost mysteries, in my opinion.  The episode started with the Dharma Drop, then the last scene shows “Libby” in Santa Rosa, the mental health facility that Hurley was formerly, and is currently residing in.  These are the two things that I demand the writers explain.  I couldn’t care less if we never find out about Smokey or the four toed statue, but if we don’t find out what was happening in these two situations… well, I’ll be angry (I’ll still love the show regardless).

The first time I watched this episode I specifically recall the mind blowing realization that none of this is real.  Of course Libby brings us back to solid ground near the end of the episode, but for some of the time I remember feeling that anger and confusion that is the imaginary island theory.  I know some people have had theories like that since the beginning, but it didn’t even cross my mind.

Finding out that Hurley was, and possibly still is, insane was very intriguing.  Also since he’s back in Santa Rosa, in season 4, watching an old episode like this is insightful.

This episode was very good,  it’s easy to write it off as a side trip or filler, but it’s actually very informative and pivotal.  I don’t know about anyone else but this is one of the first episodes that comes to mind when I think about season 2.  9.0/10.0

Character Impressions:


-Hurley scared me at the beginning of the episode when he says “I’m sick” I thought he was diseased or something, and he was going to die..

-I still find it pretty upsetting that Hurley wasted all of that food in the beginning of this episode.  It was good for his character development, but come on, they don’t really have that much food, even with the Dharma drop.

-Dave’s smile is so incredibly creepy.

-This episode is definitely meant to be watched multiple times, there are a lot of cryptic lines.

-Hurley was mad at his mom when she first put him in Santa Rosa.  His mental illness appears to be seeing people who aren’t really there.  After watching two more seasons of Lost it doesn’t seem like that’s a mental illness, it seems like a power.  See Below.

-I really want to know about the deck accident that happened to Hurley before he went crazy.  Apparently that’s what made him crazy, so they put him in Santa Rosa, my next question is how did he get out?  Did he improve, mentally?  It doesn’t really seem like it.

-Dave definitely represents Hurley’s negativity.  “He doesn’t want you to change, does he?”

-I wonder if anything caused Dave to appear.  There must have been some sort of catalyst.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because Hurley was getting happier.  Libby made him happy and she was helping him through his eating disorder.

-That would be pretty disconcerting for the red shirts to see Hurley, the nicest guy on the island, attack Sawyer for no reason.


-Libby has a possibly foreboding line to Hurley, “trust me”.  There was something so insincere about it, it’s very easy to by suspicious of Libby.

-I think this is the episode where we all became very attached to Libby.  Unfortunately it was about two episodes before she was killed.

-Dark haired Libby is in this episode.  In case you missed it, earlier this year I made quite the kerfuffle about a slight mistake that Cynthia Watros made in an interview.  I even made a full theory based on the misunderstanding, you can see it here.

Ben sometimes reminds me of Kermit the Frog

Ben sometimes reminds me of Kermit the Frog


-Ben says he found Henry Gale hanging, dead, from his balloon (it wasn’t actually true).  Very similar to Lord of the Flies, it also reminds me of when the losties find Naomi.

-Ben doesn’t seem to have a high opinion of Mr. Friendly, “He’s nobody!”

-I really wonder what happened to Henry Gale, The Others must have found him alive, and got a story out of him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened years ago and they’ve kept the story around.

-Ben: “God doesn’t know.  God doesn’t know how long we’ve been here, John.  He can’t see this island any better than the rest of the world can.”  That was a very large statement. 

-Ben tells Locke that when the timer went down to zero he saw the hieroglyphics, then he heard the humming and clanking, then he says nothing happened.  The timer reset itself.  I’ll bet that’s not true or else there was some sort of secondary failsafe that reset the timer during the lockdown.


-Saywer says one of my favorite nicknames in the show, he calls Libby Moonbeam.

-Sawyer’s all happy-go-lucky and funny in this episode.  More proof of the abandonment of the storyline started in The long Con.




-Jack said that Locke would have to be off his leg for a couple of weeks.  That shows the islands healing powers of the island.

Ana Lucia



-Charlie starts to hang around Eko, probably to try to get him to feel sorry for him and rescue him from his tedious course of self-destruction.


-Eko starts to build his church, that was another useless and abandoned storyline.






-Sayid tries to kill Ben in this episode, there’s a chance that he may not be balanced.





Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Hey the lockdown happens when the Dharma drop happens.  When I was reviewing Lockdown I asked what had triggered it, now I know.  Whenever there’s a Dharma Drop it initiates a lockdown in The Swan.  (The sad thing is that it’s completely explained onscreen, I just never paid attention.)

-I’m coming up with a Hurley’s Powers theory.  I’ll have it posted in my Current Theories page pretty soon.
I have a feeling that Hurley’s not crazy at all, having special powers can easily be mistakened for insanity.  I think that Hurley’s Power is to talk to or communicate with dead people.  It’s not exactly a new and exciting thought, it was proved in the first episode of the fourth season.  What I’m saying is that he could always do it.  People have been telling Hurley that he’s crazy but really he just has a power.
I am assuming (with no proof) that at one time Dave was a real person.  I don’t know if Hurley knew him or not but I figure he’s a dead person.  Also I believe the same thing regarding Johnny & Starla, the characters from Everybody Hates Hurley.

– Izi

4 Responses to “218 – Dave”

  1. 1 Rosie
    December 8, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    God, I hated this episode. I really did.

  2. 2 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 7:02 am

    Does anyone else think that Hurley is only ever really crazy when he’s off the island?

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