221 – Question Mark


You would think that it would be pretty hard to top the last episodes insane conclusion, and you’re mostly right.  This episode is questionable.  I think it was glorious on one hand, because it finally ends the season long ridiculousness of Locke, but the part with Libby dying is depressing and never ending.

This episode is very, very similar to Dues Ex Machinain season 1.  There are some obvious parallel scenes, but I tend to think of Locke’s story taking a detour between these two episodes.  In my opinion Locke should have gone down into the Pearl in that episode, unfortunately he doesn’t and instead he presses a button for a season.  The point is that this episode is very crucial in the development of Locke.  Eko is the main character, but since he dies in season three his path is essentially meaningless.

As for the rest of Libby’s story, well it’s painful.  I shake my head in wonder and sadness at that portion of the episode.  I won’t say anymore about it.

In all a pivotal episode.  9.0/10.0

Character Impressions:


-I was utterly heartbroken when Hurley starts talking about Libby, “We were going to have our first date.”  Then to Michael, “I’m glad you’re OK, man.”  I can’t imagine how anyone could like the character after that point, unless you don’t like Hurley, in which case you’re heartless.


-It was so depressing and cruel for the writers to let Libby live until this episode.  Her suffering and extra scenes didn’t accomplish anything, they just did it to be mean.

-Libby’s last moments are so awful, she manages to say “Michael”, but no one understands, and she dies in total fear and panic.  I’m glad that she haunted Michael after he left the island.


-The next few episodes have a total lack of Ben, it’s very weird, I got so used to having him around that I almost felt like something is missing.






-Locke and Eko “go after Ben.”  I really wish they had actually found him, that would have made for a very intense confrontation.

-Locke has a dream about Yemi, that’s a little weird.  The island/Jacob/Smokey works in mysterious ways.

-There’s a big deja vu moment when Locke is stuck at the bottom of the cliff with injured legs while some one else, in this episode Eko, in the last season Boone, climbs the cliff.

-Locke gets very excited when they open the Pearl hatch, it’s the same kind of excitement that he had in season one.  It’s really sad watching him get all hopeful before going into the Pearl since we know he’ll come out all depressed.

Ana Lucia

-Ana Lucia shows up in a scary dream of Eko’s, likely it was Smokey or Jacob.  It reminds me of the Horace vision that Locke has in season 4.




-In Eko’s dream, Ana Lucia, speaking as the island, told Eko that he needs to help John.  See below.

-Eko also sees Yemi and he says that he is sorry and asks Yemi to forgive him.  Quite different from what he does in season 3.

-Jacob could have used Eko, by the time he got to the island he appears to have absolute, blind faith.

-Charlotte Malkin told Eko that she saw Yemi when she was dead(ish) and that he said Yemi would be seeing him soon.








-I really don’t like Jack’s attitude during this episode.  He decides that he wants to give Libby heroine, Sawyer has the heroine where he keeps the guns and everything else.  Jack decides to kill two bird with one stone and insists that Kate goes with Sawyer so that they’ll know where they are hiding the guns.  I’m all for utilitarianism, but come on, it’s Libby.




-I also don’t like Michael’s attitude, but that’s just because he’s a heartless bastard.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-The Pearl station mostly just confused me the first time I watched it, I was overwhelmed with info.

-I love pneumatic tubes.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-I see this episode as a course correction for Locke.  For all of season 2, Locke has been mislead into thinking that his purpose on the island is to press the button but in this episode the island tries again to show him that it’s not his path.  I figure that the island wanted Eko to take over at the Hatch so that Locke could meet Jacob and fulfill his destiny.

-This episode leads to the same spot on the island where Boone died.  I came up with a theory about that, I figured that the Jacob or the island, saw that Locke was wasting his time at the Hatch so they led him to The Pearl.  If Locke had gone into the Pearlhe would have seen that the Hatch is a waste of time and he might have found Jacob sooner.  Unfortunately he didn’t go into the Pearl until this episode, and now everyones opinion of Locke has been tarnished.

-I still don’t understand the flashback with Eko, RIchard, and Charlotte Malkin.  Does it mean anything for the overall Lost story?  I don’t know.  Maybe it was just about Eko.  If anyone knows of any theories about them feel free to recommend them in the comments section.

-Eko says the question mark was made so that people could see it from the sky, and that is why the plane fell on it.  It could be where they are supposed to drop the Dharma drops?

-The Pearl orientation film, another important clue about Dharma stuff.
It was much more high tech, it appears to be VHS or Beta, apparently 9mm, or whatever that other stuff was, wasn’t practical in 1980.
Pierre identifies himself as Mark Wickmund, I think this is proof that he wasn’t being honest.  Which essentially tells us nothing.  (That’s like the expression: “Everything I say is a lie.”  I could spend days thinking about that phrase.)
The purpose was apparently as a monitoring station to help in the “ongoing refinement of the Dharma Initiative”, sounds like something Hans Van Eeghen from “Dharma Wants You” would say.  Apparently there were a few real Black Swans back in the day.

-I saw the cigarette this time around, but I have no idea what it means.

– Izi

10 Responses to “221 – Question Mark”

  1. October 20, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Could the cigarette have been Paulo’s when he went in their to hide the jewels?

    Nice theory about the “question mark” possibly being the original “drop spot” but was covered with the plane. Like it! 🙂

    Another red headed Charlotte….very interesting…

    I’m with you , Izi. Pneumatic tubes RULE! 8)

  2. October 20, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Oops! Should have read “went in there to hide the jewels” lol.

  3. October 20, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    I forgot about Paulo and his cigarettes, that does make sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if that scene was cut, Expose was packed.
    I really don’t like the Malkin family. Haveing family members like Richard, and Charlotte is confusing and hopefully a red herring, or a coincidence.
    BTW on this blog you don’t have to worry about spelling, or grammar for that matter, I certainly don’t.
    – izi

  4. 4 Jess
    October 20, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I think the cigarette was just meant to signify that the pearl wasn’t deserted. Could’ve been anyone’s – did Paulo even have cigarettes with him on the island?

    And I don’t think they made Libby live just to be “mean”, they made her live so she could say Michael, the audience would hate Michael even more for that and eventually when Mike reveals himself, Hurley would realise what Libby was trying to say. So it was all to advance the plot, really. Plus, we got to see the survivors at their most fearful and stressed point, the deaths before that had mostly been accidents, two murders (which they thought Ben had done at that stage) would’ve been terrifying. I know Ethan killed some dude but he was a red shirt haha.

    Plus, not everyone dies a quick, 5 second death like Ana. Some deaths do go on horribly long, unfortunately. Also, the creators said just killing Ana didn’t garner enough audience sympathy so they had to take Libby as well.

  5. 5 Kyle
    October 31, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    I like your theory that the island was trying to lead Locke to the Pearl and away from the Swan, but there’s one hole in it.

    You’ve said here and before that the island lead him to the plane so he would find the Pearl station, look inside, and see the Swan was useless, and not try to get in it anymore. However, in order to see that it was useless he’d have to both know what the Swan looks like inside, and what goes on in it. If he had looked at the Pearl screens, before getting in it, he’d have no idea what he’s looking at, or even if it’s on the island or what. I feel this would peak his curiosity even more and he’d still want to get into the Swan.

  6. November 3, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    This is a very large what-if situation so I’m going out on a limb with this entire “theory”.
    I see your point, it’s hard to know what would have happened. I guess it depends on what you think Locke’s reaction would be. I don’t know what he would have thought if he had gone down there, but I know what I would have thought.
    I would have been royally disappointed. The inside of the Pearl looks like a joke. It makes the Hatches look like they are all just mind games. I can see how the TV monitors might have just caused Locke confusion, but after watching the Pearl video I think he would have given up. Then again there’s no way of knowing that Locke wouldn’t have reacted like Eko in season 2 and have been motivated to go back to work.
    – izi

  7. 7 Kyle
    November 4, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Thinking about the video, you’re probably right. I forgot how the video explained about the hatches and the observations the crew in there would be making. All in all though, it’s hard to think like Locke or predict how he’d react to things.

  8. 8 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Pneumatic tubes are great…

    They took Libby for extra sympathy? What?! I assumed that it was the real-life DUI that made them kill her off. Arrests of Lost cast members tend to be followed by their deaths.

    I’ve always liked to think that when a character’s death is prolonged, it’s a sign of contract negotiations. If (s)he dies, they couldn’t strike a deal. But if they miraculously wake…

  9. 9 Anna Keppa
    June 8, 2009 at 7:07 am

    I know I’ll be considered a creep for saying this, but the Hurley/Libby thing seemed utterly “forced” to me. In one scene she says she “cares” for him, and in another he is stuffing his face with gooey peanut butter. Ya think Libby would have “cared” for him had she seen that? MY theory is that the writers saw the Hurley/Libby “arc” crashing and burning, so they killed her off. Why, for example, was she getting blankets in that room, which she had never been in (at least on-screen)? It was all too convenient a setup. And I too would like to know why Hurley hasn’t lost a pound after almost two months on the island. Secret stashes? If so, that makes HIM a creep`.

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