223 – Live Together, Die Alone (part 1)


Note: I split this episode in half at the point when Michael admits to working for the Others.  The next part starts with Sayid praying.

Another one of my favorite episodes. 

Desmond comes back out of no where.  It’s always great to see him, and this episode is the start of his run as a real cast member.

Locke finds out he was wasting his time in the Swan and he takes things way too far.  Nothing really happens in this half of the episode.  He gets into the Hatch and Desmond closes the blast doors.

Sayid, Sun, and Jin take the sailboat on a pleasant cruise and see a certain statue.  This part of the story goes no where, it’s mostly just to ge the characters out and about.

And Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley across the island.  Hurley meets his bird and he also find out that Michael is a monster.

We also get to see the beautiful and mostly tragic story of Desmond.  He meets with two of my favorite female characters Libby and Penny.  He also meets Charles Whidmore, possibly the evil man behind… well most things in Lost.  But mostly we see that Desmond’s life has been significant;y more exciting than most of the Oceanic survivors. 

Awesome characters, terrific flashbacks, excellent mysteries, and a glorious set up.  10.0/10.0  and the episode isn’t even over yet!

Character Impressions:


-He’s back!  They really try to lower our expectations over Desmond’s return by making him a drunk hopeless man. 

-Desmond shows up shooting.  I guess he was expecting someone else, I can’t imagine who.  Or maybe he’s just crazy.  Yeah I’ll go with crazy.

-Desmond was sailing for two and a half weeks, heading due west.  That doesn’t sound like 305 degrees or 325 degrees.  I wonder if that’s why he’s a little crazy.  It could also be the whole, one the island alone for four years.  See below

-Desmond brings up another one of those maddening theories (see Dave).  He says that he thinks that all there is left in the world is the island.  The snowglobe theory.  It’s completely possible… until the last scene of this episode. 

-Desmond’s “Our Mutual Friend” story element was introduced.  There was a big foreshadowing moment.  Desmond says that he wants that book to be the last book he reads before he dies.  The guardsays, that’s a good idea as long as you know when you’re going to die.  It wouldn’t be that strange for Desmond to find out when he was going to die, he saw Charlie’s death, why couldn’t he see his own death?

-Desmond’s shirt is already almost completely unbuttoned.  I always thought it was a slow progression.

-The scene where Penny meets Desmond at the stadium is very strange, especially when you consider their whole history.  I would love to address time travel continuity here, but I doubt it would mean anything and likely my head would explode,

-Desmond gets so excited when Locke tells him that he found another Hatch.


-Hurley Bird!  This time I actually heard it say his name this time.  As for it’s significance, uh, well I said before that perhaps it was Walt trying to communicate with him.  Walt seems to have some control over birds.  I don’t know.

-“Did you kill them?  Ana Lucia?  And Libby?”  I so wanted Hurley or at least Sawyer to just kill Michael at his point.  And then when Michael says he did it for his son, Hurley says “You still would have killed them, wouldn’t you?”  Hurley just breaks my heart.


-Libby shows up for a bittersweet scene with Desmond.  It’s very depressing that they never met on this island.

-Libby gets all emotional about her husbands boat.  Apparently her husband got sick and died a month before she met Desmond.  Her husband’s name was David.

-This flashback mostly just makes me frustrated, I want to watch Libby’s real flashback and these teases are maddening.




-I love when Sawyer figures out the real story about Kate and Jack being caught in the net.

-Sawyer calls Dharma the Dharma cult.  Not terribly inaccurate.

-The poor Others, Sawyer killed one.  I really don’t like it when they die like that.  Even if they are a little evil, they’re mostly brainwashed, who knows what these people were like before they joined The Others.


-Kate figures out Michael’s story, almost.  She asks Jack right before they’re about to leave, remember the beard, the rags, what if it’s all an act?  Michael quickly shoots her down, with his good ol’ “My son” routine.


-Locke starts trying to pitch his “don’t push the button” idea to Eko.  It doesn’t go well.

-The scene where Charlie finds Locke in the jungle crying is depressing.

-Locke should have asked Desmond about the painting in on the blastdoor.

Ana Lucia





-Eko tells Locke, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”  That’s not a good sign, to me that line represents complete stubbornness.

-I love the scene where Eko sticks his Jesus stick under the blastdoor and Locke grabs it.  It’s pretty basic cinematography, but it works perfectly for this scene.

-Eko had to climb out of the Hatch, though the Hatch side no the door!  That’s amazing.












-WTF, Micheal tried to shoot the Hurley Bird!  It was mostly a story element so that Michael could figure out he didn’t have any ammo, but come on that’s a little rash.

-Micheal is such a weak person.  The look in his eye when Jack turns the tables on him is pitiful, and he doesn’t even cry, he just does a weird face for a few minutes.


-I wonder how much contact Kelvin had with the Others.  It drives me crazy that we haven’t heard about that kind of stuff.  Did he live throught the purge?  Was he part of Dharma?  Who was Radsinski?  (the name reminds me of Minkowski.)  Did Kelvin really think he was going to get infected outside the Hatch?  I guess we were supposed to be focusing on Desmond and not Kelvin.


-Yay!  Penny’s here!  I mostly just wanted to write her name.

-“With enough money and determination you can find anyone.”  It’s true, as we saw in season four, unfortunately it worked for her father too.

-It’s terribly sad when Penny is crying because Desmond didn’t write to her when he was in prison.  He doesn’t even get to tell her the truth.

-Who was Penny gong to marry?  That must have been an odd relationship, she so obviously loves Desmond.  it would have been a very loveless marriage.


-This episode introduces a man who could be the biggest villain in the show.  Or maybe he’s just misunderstood.

-Quite the introduction for this guy.  We find out he’s an ass because he didn’t let Desmond’s letters get through to Penny.

-Why doesn’t Whidmore just kill Desmond?  He could easily.  It is implied that the character is complete evil, but what’s preventing him?  Perhaps Desmond is meant to do something (hopefully).

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-When Desmond gets out of prison they give him his book, the photo and a watch.  Did that watch have any significance?  I can’t recall it in any of Desmond’s flashbacks.

-What exactly happens to people who don’t go on the 305 or 325 bearing?  We know that they can become unstuck in time, but maybe it could just drive people crazy.  There could be many different effects.  Desmond appears to be moderately insane, and there’s no hint that he’s flashing back, or forward.  In season 4 he’s seeing possible futures, and at the end of this episode he flashes back (as we see in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”), was that because of the Swan’s failsafe?  I’ve always assumed it was, perhaps it was because of his bearing.
And here’s another question, are we sure that Desmond sailed in on 305 or 325, it’s pretty likely but I think we’ve just assumed that.  Sometimes these trivial questions are the ones that really bug me.

-This episode starts out the epic love story between Desmond and Penny.  All readers should know that I don’t like love stories at all but this one really gets to me.  There was nothing I wanted more than for Desmond and Penny to be reunited.  But I expected that to happen at the end of the show.  So in May, during the series finale, when they were reunited I was shocked and thrilled.  As time went on I decided that it wasn’t a good thing at all.  I could have handled any troubles that they went through in order to meet again, but if something happens to them now that they are together it could be heartbreaking.  Wouldn’t it have been perfect for them to have a happily ever after scene at the end of the show?

-This doesn’t really pertain to this episode but I don’t think that Libby was actually a psychologist.  The way she talks wasn’t too tactful, it may have been her style, but I find it more likely that she was lying about the whole thing.

-The infamous four toed foot is in this episode.  I have nothing to say about it.  If we find out it’s origins someday that will be great, if not who cares.. oh, maybe you do.  But I don’t.

– Izi

2 Responses to “223 – Live Together, Die Alone (part 1)”

  1. 1 Jason
    January 1, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Loved this episode too. Eko, Locke, and Desmond – probably my 3 favorite characters all had significant moments in this one, one of the few episodes I could say that about

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