302 – The Glass Ballerina


Who the hell cares about a glass ballerina?  Worst opening ever.  Unless it was incredibly subtle, I don’t think it had anything to do with the rest of the episode.

Kate meets Alex, Alex tells her nothing of importance.  Juliet and Sawyer have some tense moments.  They start to work on the runway (or whatever that thing is).

Seriously, this episode was a waste of space.  Jin and Sun episodes are obviously my least favorite, but this one is the worst of the worst.  Luckily Ben saves the episode from complete oblivion by having a tense conversation with Jack.  1.0/10.0

Character Impressions:






-I love it when Ben finds out that Sayid has the sailboat, he’s absolutely shocked.  Then you can see his mind working and he comes up with a plan.

-Ben tells Coleen that he wants that boat.  We haven’t seen that sailboat since.  Did he just want it so that no one else had it.

-Ben just sits around staring at TV screens, watching everything happening, analyzing everything.  Very Ozimandias (if you don’t get the reference, just wait until you see Watchmen.)

-Ben tired to redeem himself in Jack’s eyes by being honest.  I think it would have worked better if Ben had told Jack that he didn’t want Ana Lucia and Libby to die.

-Ben says he’s lived his whole life on this island, I always thought that was a lie, but he didn’t say that he was born on the island.  He really did spend his whole life on the island, mostly.


-Sawyer and Kate were put to work on the runway, or whatever it was.

-Who were all those other people working on it?  Were they just regular Others?


-The relationship between Sawyer and Juliet is very odd.  For most of this season there is mostly just tense standoffs between them.  I doubt the writers were trying to setup any romantic relationship between them.  Does anyone think that.  At the same time I think that they will end up together in season 5.  (see here)

-Sawyer says to Kate that Juliet would have shot her.  Probably he’s right, but I still love her.








-Sayid uses gasoline to start a fire!  That is outrageous, what a waste.

-Surely Sayid had heard Ana Lucia’s stories about The Others, his plan was to ambush them and take two hostage.  There was no chance at success, The Others always have a plan, and it always works.








-Jack is promised by Ben that he would get to go back to his home if he helped them.  Jack doesn’t take the bait yet.




-Remember all that great character development from last season that changed Jin into a caring husband, according to this episode, none of that happened.  Jin is once again overbearing and ridiculous.

-This episode has one of my friends least favorite Jin lines, “gun”.  Jin is his favorite character, but he finds it ridiculous when he suddenly speaks English like that.


-OK so the writers were sitting around a table thinking, how do we write a backstory for one of the friendliest characters on Lost, I know let’s make her a bitch in the flashbacks, it’ll be great!  It wasn’t great.

-I really wish that these flashbacks had given us some insight into Mr. Paik, but they all he ever talks about is honor.  If he is important, as I suspect he is, then surely we would have some sort of info about him.


-Alex shows up to give Kate a little conversation about nothing.


-Pickett may have been a little unstable.  He goes off the deep end after Coleen dies, but even before that he’s pretty crazy.


-What a bitch.

-Coleen tries to manipulate Sun, Juliet style, but she’s obviously not nearly as good.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):

-The dock says Pala ferry.  I assume this is just the leftover of the Dharma Initiative.  It must have been a ferry between Alcatraz and the main island.  Unless somebody has another idea.

-They don’t directly mention the submarine in this episode, but it’s pretty obvious that they have it.  This is probably the first time we see them use it.  Sorta interesting.  (I’m really reaching to find interesting things in this terribly dull episode.)

-One thing that this episode does tell us is that Desmond’s theory from season 2, that the island is the only thing left in the world, is wrong.  Ben showed us that the world carries on as it does normally while the survivors were on the island.  This was a big relief, for me.

– Izi

2 Responses to “302 – The Glass Ballerina”

  1. 1 Jason
    January 2, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    I don’t think the flashbacks were particualy bad, as I’m not a Jin/Sun hater. But I think most people were waiting to see what happened to Locke, Desmond, and the hatch aftermath. But with the final scene with Ben finally introducing himself to Jack, the boat getting stolen, Sun murdering one of the others, and the revelation that the Others can listen in on Sawyer and Kate are all pretty revelent. I don’t think it’s a great episode but its not completely worthless.

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