303 – Further Instructions


A Locke episode, usually that means we’re going to get a stellar flashback.  This time it wasn’t so good.  I do value this flashback, but only because it gives us a glimpse at a moderately happy memory for poor John Locke.

On the island we see the four people who were in the Hatch and what happened to them a day after the implosion.  Locke woke up mute and needed to confer with the island.  Eko was taken by the polar bears.  Charlie was seen in the season 2 finale, but he ran around in this episode too, pretending that he’s important.  And Desmond came back naked and with the ability to see the future.

We also saw Paulo and Nicki for the first time, and saw into the polar bear caves.  All good fun.

In all a pretty enlightening episode, even if it lacked the usual Locke-episode shine.  It lacks the memorableness that some of the other Locke episodes have, but it was still good.  8.0/10.0

Character Impressions:


-Desmond runs by Locke at the beginning of this episode, naked.  He says he woke up in the jungle like that.  There has to be a significance to that.  It can’t just be that the implosion or explosion (whichever you prefer) just blew his clothes off.

-Desmond shows his first signs of precognition.  He mentions Locke’s speech.  I think that at times we think that his precognitive abilities only extend to seeing Charlie die, turns out that’s not quite right.


-Locke nearly kills poor Hurley when he runs out of the jungle.

-Hurley to Desmond, “You didn’t implode.”










-Locke wakes up in the jungle a day later, no where near the Swan, looking essentially exactly like he did in the Hatch.

-Locke is nearly hit by Eko’s Jesus Stick when it falls from the sky.

-Locke wakes up mute, is that the island punishing him?  Locke probably thinks so, that could be why he wants to “Speak to the Island”.  Boone says, “You’ll speak when you have something worth saying.”

-Locke’s little friend in his flashback is headed to Eureka (good show).

-I enjoy Locke’s flashback.  His little community reminds me of the Dharma Initiative.  And it’s comforting to see that Locke’s life wasn’t all terrible.  Although It seems like this flashback happened after Helen left him.  I think if there ever was going to be a real happy ever after with Locke it would need to include Helen.

-Locke tells Charlie, “bad things happen to people who hang around with me.”  He sounds like Hurley going on about his curse.

-For most of this episode Locke isn’t even remotely concerned about Jack, Kate and Sawyer.  This seems terribly cold of him, but I guess it’s good that Locke is finally listening to the Island.

-The island speaks through Eko, saying, “You can still protect them (Jack, Kate & Sawyer), you can still save them.  After all, you’re a hunter.”


-The polar bears must have taken Eko pretty soon after the implosion.




-The introduction of Paulo and Nicki was quite screwed up.  The writers shouldn’t have tried to be so subtle, they aren’t very good at it.  These two just ran into the scenes demanding answers and thrusting themselves into the story.  It would have been way better if they had introduced them overtly, focusing on them completely, similarly to how they introduced Juliet.  By giving us a glimpse at their personality we could get attached to them.  No such luck.




-Charlie is awkwardly shimmied into this episode.  The writers seem desperate to include him.  Unfortunately they pair him with Locke.  The dynamic between these two characters was completely ruined in season 2 because of the heroin storyline and Charlie’s jealousy of Claire and Locke.

-Locke calls Charlie out, he asks him why he’s there.  And of course Charlie doesn’t have a reason.  He never has a reason to be around, he’s just there for the comic relief.










-It’s good to see Boone again, even if he’s just the physical manifestation of Locke’s subconscious or of the island or maybe even Jacob.  I don’t actually believe that it was Boone’s ghost.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I remember being so excited when you see the Dharma skeletons in the bear cave, as it it were some sort of pivotal clue.  “Perhaps the polar bears purged the Dharma Initiative.”

-I always thought that the guy in charge of the “community” in Locke’s flashback was the same guy as Mr. Friendly.  They look quite similar.

-I was very excited about Nicki, Paulo and Juliet joining the cast.  I had watched a few interviews with each of them and they made their characters sound very interesting.  I knew almost all of them from one place of another.  I knew Elizabeth Mitchel from ER, Boston Legal and Gia.  I knew Rodrigo Santoro from Charlies Angels 2 and 300. and I had never heard of Kiele Sanchez.  Anywho, I was excited about these additions to the cast, I’m always happy about new casting (probably why I’ve enjoyed ER for all these years).  So when everyone turned against these two characters, I wasn’t thrilled.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Boone’s vision
Boone talks about “Bringing the family back together.”  I believe that is strictly referring to Eko.
About Charlie, Claire and Aaron, “They’ll be fine, for a while.”  I assume that’s referring to Charlie dying at the end of the season, and Claire “dying” in season 4 (I know that we don’t really know if she’s dead).
Sun, Jin and Sayid, “I think Sayid’s got it.”  This one is pretty self explanatory.
Hurley, “Not Hurley”  Again, no secret meaning here.
Desmond, “Forget it, he’s helping himself.”  This one is a bit of a mystery to me, it seems like in season 3 Desmond does everything but help himself, he’s saving either Claire’s life or Charlies.  And in that episode with Naomi he essentially chooses Charlie before Penny.  Maybe it just means that Locke can’t do anything for Desmond because Desmond has to do it for himself.
Jack, Kate & Sawyer with Ben, “There’s nothing you can do for them, not yet.  First you have to clean up your own mess.”  That one is just referring to the fact that Kate and Sawyer essentially save themselves and no one “saves” Jack until much later.
Eko, “Clean it up John.  They’ve got him.  You don’t have much time.”  So Locke is meant to save Eko.  I guess this mess that Locke caused could have been avoided if he just left Eko to press the button, everything would have been fine.

-The farmer or hunter thing from Locke’s flashback had a lot of significance.  What is he?  I bet he was a farmer in the real world, but a hunter on the island.  I almost want to categorize every character, but I don’t think it’s worth the time.

– Izi

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