304 – Every Man For Himself



A moderately good episode, I think the right words are: not bad.  More is revealed about The Others and their perspective on what happens on the island.  Juliet is completely honest in this episode (I think).  Jack finds out why he’s been taken to Alcatraz.  Sawyer finds out he has a daughter (maybe).  We find out that there are two islands.

This episode had a few interesting moments, but it seems to lack the dynamic that we felt at the end of season 2.  There doesn’t seem to be any urgency in anything that happens anymore.  People just wander through the plot points.  It’s really a shame that these first few episodes of season 3 suck so badly because the rest of the season is very good.  I’ll give this episode 4.0/10.0

Character Impressions:


-This episode starts out with the classic 360 degree shot around Desmond.  This happens right before he starts to protect Claire from the lightning strike.  He tries to “fix her roof”.  I doubt he was saving Charlie’s life there, but I could be wrong.

-So Desmond predicts the lightning strike and now he has both Hurley and Charlie watching him.  There is a very large wait for the payoff from that storyline.  I remember it seemed like Desmond’s futures seeing ability was a mystery for a while.





-Ben had his glorious baton all the way back in this episode.

-Ben “killing” the bunny was very disturbing.

-I like the banter between Ben and Sawyer, especially the part about “Of Mice and Men”.  “You’d like it, puppies get killed.”


-I like Sawyer’s plan to electrocute Pickett, it was a good plan.  Unfortunately Ben went to the cage before Pickett, and Ben is smarter than Pickett.

-I really don’t like the prison warden in Sawyer’s flashback.  As I recall he was in the worst episode of Battlestar Galactica ever, “Black Market”.

305-clementine-01-The con they played on Sawyer was genius, all the more genius because it worked.

-So Cassidy had a baby.  It is a very safe assumption that Sawyer asked Kate to check in on Cassidy and the baby.  The first time I watched this episode I thought that Cassidy was conning Sawyer, and it’s still possible.

-Poor Sawyer gets beat to a pulp by Pickett, this always happens to poor Sawyer.


-Poor Juliet tells Jack that The Others make decisions together and that Ben is not the leader.  Jack undermines her confidence.  It is extremely similar to the conversation Ben has with Locke about Jack’s leadership.  This leads to an unexpected parallel between Juliet and Locke, I didn’t see that coming.

-I enjoy seeing Coleen come in on the gurney.  After all the times that the survivors have killed Others, it’s good to see it from the other perspective.

-When Juliet comes for Jacks hello, how could you not trust her.  She was just so sincere.

-Jack asks Juliet for a defibrillator (that’s a rough word to spell).  She says, “It’s broken, we haven’t had anything happen before.”  Apparently along with not having anyone get sick, no one ever got hurt.  The Others had a pretty easy life.


-That would be so confusing for Kate when Sawyer comes back a broken man after they “put the pacemaker in”.  It would have been so scary, they made it seem like they could break Sawyer after a single interrogation.

-I think that all Kate wants on the island is to keep things the same, she wants to keep the family together.














-Juliet, “Are you saying that to make me feel better,” Jack, “I don’t care about making you feel better.”  That was very revealing.  It makes Juliet look very naive and needy, I doubt she is, but she really let herself go with Jack around.

-Jack figured out his purpose in being in the Other camp pretty quickly and easily.  Good for him, gold stars all around.







Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):

-That was very shocking when Ben showed Sawyer that they were on a Alcatraz like island.  I wonder if it traveled with the main island at the end of season 4.

– Izi

1 Response to “304 – Every Man For Himself”

  1. 1 Anon
    November 8, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    “I wonder if it traveled with the main island at the end of season 4.”

    Yeah, Frank pointed that out when the main island disappeared. “There’s nothing but water in every direction”.

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