305 – The Cost of Living



So Eko died, I have to say that I wanted him to die by this point in the show.  He’s a great character, but I was more that happy with just one mystic, Locke.  Also I had grown tired of Eko’s unnecessarily cryptic speeches and the fact that he never liked to include others in his escapades, in a ensemble show like Lost camradery is necessary and welcome.  His flashback in his episode isn’t anything special, I find it hard to differentiate it with other Eko flashbacks.

But there were some very good developments in this episode.  Locke went back into The Pearl and with Nikki’s help he got to see a glimpse of Mikhail.  Meanwhile on Alcatraz, Jack told Ben that he knew what was going on, Ben told Jack that he intended to “break him”, and Juliet told Jack that she wanted to organize a coup and kill Ben.  Also, we got to see Smokey in action, and possibly we saw Jacob judging Eko (possibly).


305-desmond-sayid-01Character Impressions:


-Desmond says that the computer in the Hatch could communicate with other stations.  I wonder how he knew that.  The only person who used it for that, on screen, was Michael.  I think Desmond isn’t telling us something.




-Coleen’s funeral with the white robes is so strange.  It seems so out of character for The Others.  I think the writers wanted us to suspect that The Others were just a cult.

-I love when Jack tells Ben that he knows he has a tumour.  It’s fun watching Ben’s plans being destroyed.

305-ben-01-“We had such a wonderful plan to break you Jack.”  Great line. 

-After explaining his plan to get Jack to help him, Ben says that he wanted Jack to get “invested”.  “Invested in what,” says Jack.  “Has it not occurred to you that Juliet bears a striking resemblance to your ex-wife.” see below.

-I wonder if Jacob had told Ben not to get Jack to save his life.  It would be interesting to find out if he was going against orders, or something like that.




-My favorite Juliet moment. the part with her movie for Jack regarding her plan to kill Ben.  I like to think that her tape was honest and that she was that conniving, but it really all could have been a test or something by Ben, I could see how someone could make a case for that.

-Weird thing, it looks like Juliet shot her betrayal movie in her cabin in the NewOthersville, kinda weird.  She would have to have thought about his plan a long time ago, I tend to think that it was just a production mistake. 




-Locke tells Yemi that he “saw a very bright light, it was very beautiful.”  Of course that’s not what Eko saw, Eko saw the Smokey that we see approximately once a season.  So apparently Locke is seeing something very different from us.  I wonder if anyone else sees that version of Smokey? 

-Locke is the only person who hears Eko’s last words.   Locke says he said, “we’re next.”  I assume that he actually said “you’re next”.  What does that mean?  And did he actually say that?  What if he was only refering to Locke, I could see that.  Locke could be the next person that Jacob was going to test. 


-So the last time Eko was thinking about his brother he was begging for forgiveness.  In his first flashback in this episode he stole food for a starving Yemi, he was then forced into a confessional.

-Yemi appears to Eko during Eko’s fever, he says, “It is time to confess, to be judged brother.”  Then he appears to light Eko’s tent on fire.

305-alter-boy-01-Eko has visions/flashbacks of when he killed those militia type guys.  Then as he’s about to kill one of them the guy turned into an alter boy telling him to confess.

-Smokey is stalking EKo this entire episode.  It looks like he’s just waiting for a chance to kill him.

-In Eko’s flashback a woman tells him that he is guilty for all the lives he has taken and that he should begin to make his amends.

-In the end, as we all know, Eko does not ask for forgiveness and Yemi gets angry walks away and Smokey comes and kills him.


305-group-01 -Sayid, Sun and Jin come back to the camp with absolutely no fanfare at all.


-Hurley’s right, it’s very strange when Locke gives out an open invitation for anyone to come on there expedition to the Pearl.  Another time where the writers botch the intro to Paulo and Nikki.


-I think that the writer thought that Paulo and Nikki might be a good way to introduce new viewers to the show.  They had a new perspective that new viewers might feel was helpful.  It didn’t quite work like that.

-I love that Nikki is the only person who thought of checking the other TV feeds in the Pearl.












305-smokey-eko-01-That was one of the scariest moments, when the camera pans over to Mikhail staring into the camera with his one eye.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-Who else was shocked when Smokey showed that he had so much power?  I didn’t think he was that solid that he could grab and throw them around like that.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

juliet-01-In this episode Ben tells Jack that Juliet “bears a striking resemblence” to Jacks we-wife, Sarah.  Personally I don’t agree, but that doesn’t really matter.  I find this very interesting since I believe that Sarah is a very important character and she will become more and more important as time goes on.  So whydoes the resemblancematter?  If you’ll recall a certain Juliet centric episode in season 4, Juliet is said to be similar in appearance to someone else.  Harper, that awful psychologist, says that “You look just like her,” 301-sarah-02this somehow explains Ben’s obsession with Juliet.  There’s another woman that Ben’s obsessed with, Annie.  Surely you see where I’m going with this.  If Juliet looks like Sarah and she looks like Annie, could then Sarah be Annie.  This got me thinking that perhaps Ben is the man that Sarah cheated on Jack with.  That part of the theory is extremely unlikely, but the Sarah=Annie part is possible.  She’smy second guess though, after Diane.

305-yemi-eko-02-Does Smokey or Jacob judge solely on actions?  For example he doesn’t take Eko’sintentions into consideration before he judges him.  Eko was guilty of killing people in Africa, but he did it because he thought he was protecting the village.  And although Locke could be seen as a fool by most viewers, since he hasn’t killed anyone Jacob chooses him.  This could explain why The Others are so obsessed with moral and immoral people.  Perhaos they are following Jacobs standards, maybe if someone is guilty of murder then they are judged accordingly.

-Me and a few of my friends don’t believe that Yemi is Smokey, we believe that it is either Jacob or it’s Yemi on the islands in the same way that Christian is there on the island.  I don’t think that Smokey can turn into anything else, I think he’s always.. smokey.

– Izi

5 Responses to “305 – The Cost of Living”

  1. November 11, 2008 at 7:50 am

    Very interesting theory on Sarah. The age factor would suit Diane…but hey, we’re talkin’ time travel here. You never know. 🙂

  2. 2 Rosie
    November 18, 2008 at 8:22 am

    I realize that Cuse and Lindehof were in a hurry to kill off Eko, but they went about it in a sloppy way and did an 180-turn on the character.

  3. 3 Kyle
    November 19, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    “And although Locke could be seen as a fool by most viewers, since he hasn’t killed anyone Jacob chooses him. This could explain why The Others are so obsessed with moral and immoral people. Perhaos they are following Jacobs standards, maybe if someone is guilty of murder then they are judged accordingly.”

    Locke killed Naomi.

  4. November 19, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Oh yeah, that always confused me. Why did he kill her? It was so out of character.
    I don’t actually believe that Jacob chooses based on blood-guiltiness that was just a fun idea that jumped into my head.

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