306 – I Do



When this episode aired the writes, or ABC, made it out to be the fall finale.  It was meant to be epic in the way that the finales are epic.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

This episode is pretty unique since it is one of the few times that Lost has used stunt casting.  The producers got Nathan Fillion to play Kate’s husband.  Not a bad piece of casting, it worked pretty well, but it wasn’t exactly a pivotal role and we haven’t heard from him since.

Apparently an important thing happened to Locke in this episode.  After burying Eko, Locke looks at Eko’s Jesus stick and reads the scripture, “Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05”.  Apparently this is important but I don’t get it nor do I like this “clue”.

I found this episode very unfulfilling.  The flashback was uneccesary even if it was fun.  The part about Locke confused me back when I first saw it and still confuses me now.  And nothing crazy really happened.  “Damnit Kate Run!!” was a fun back in the day, but only as a cliffhanger, nowadays it’s overshadowed by cliffhangers like, “We have to go back”, “We have to move the island”, and “I’m one of the Oceanic Six”.  3.5/10.0

Character Impressions:








-Kate and Sawyer have sex, and Kate hasn’t died yet, perhaps sex isn’t the enemy.  I had a small theory that women died soon after having sex on the island.  It happened with Shannon and Ana Lucia, and it happens whenever people get pregnent, but Kate hasn’t died yet (or has she?).

-I was very concerned that Pickett was going to kill Sawyer.  The way they framed some of the scenes was pretty foreboding.  (See first picture.)


-Juliet has absolutely no problem manipulating Kate.


-Alex tells Kate that they are going to kill her boyfriend, Kate immediately looks at Sawyer.  I always thought that Alex meant Jack.

306-kate-01-I feel so sorry for Kate’s ex husband and his family.  It would have been so awful when she left for seemingly no reason.

-Could Kate have handled the situation any better?  They completely used her to manipulate Jack, but was there any way for her to avoid it.  I don’t think so.  They could have easily killed Sawyer, the threat wasn’t exactly empty.  See below

-In her flashback, Kate seemed almost disappointed when she was checking her pregnancy test.  I wonder if she was hoping for a positive so that she would have to stay with her husband.  Perhaps it wasn’t being with Jack that made her content in the flashforwards, maybe it was Aaron.  Not a terribly shocking realization, but it’s pretty important.


-Nikki asked what happened to Eko, Locke said that it was probably a polar bear or some kind of animal.  Later he talks to Sayid about Smokey.  He admits to seeing it.

-The scene of Eko’s funeral is probably the most beautiful scene in lost, ever.

-“Lift up your eyes and look North John 3:05”.  Does that mean anything?  I still don’t get it.  Did it lead him to The Others village?  Did it lead him to Jacob?  Was it just telling him about the 305 degree compass bearing?











Oh those tattoos! If only we knew what they meant.

Oh those tattoos! If only we knew what they meant.


-Jack is pretty tricksy in his first scene.  He makes it seem like he’s going to do the surgery on Ben then suddenly he says that he won’t do it. “I didn’t say I was going to do it.  I just wanted you to know how you’re going to die.”  Ooooh!  Harsh!  (that wasn’t meant to sound like sarcasm.)

-The intercom in Jack’s room starts to work and it’s Alex’s voice, she tells him to “try the door”.  Did Ben make her say that, or is it someone else?  I’ve always figured that Ben let him out so that he could see Kate with Sawyer.  Perhaps Alex was just trying to free him.

306-jack-02-I actually liked Jack’s plan, except for the part about not letting anyone else come with him off the island.  But other than that it was pretty flawless.









-Alex tries her best to rescue Kate and Sawyer.  She’s very good with her slingshot.

-Juliet tells Ben that Alex didn’t even ask about him before his surgery.  That’s pretty rough.  Ben actually seemed sad about that.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):

306-nathan-fillion-kate-01-Ben says that it’s fate that brought a spinal surgeon to the island after he found out he had a tumor on his spine.  Was it?  I think it was more likely that fate caused Ben to have a tumor on his spine.

-I keep on wondering if the flashback characters like Nathan Fillion’s character will come back in season 5 now that the survivors are off the island.  That would be fun.  (Note: Nathan Fillion has a new show called Castle or Castles or somethings like that on ABC.  It looks terrible, I feel bad for him.)

-So let’s recap what happened in the Jack, Kate, Sawyer love triangle.  Juliet told Kate that they’d kill Sawyer if she didn’t make Jack do Ben’s surgery.  Kate told Jack that Juliet told her that.  Jack told her to leave, implying that he either didn’t care about Sawyer (not likely) or he just wanted to make it appear that he didn’t care.  Sawyer told Kate that she was dumb to believe them.  Then at the end of this episode, Pickett makes it quite clear that he will kill Sawyer whether he’s supposed to or not.  That was pretty serious, Kate was the only person who took the threat to Sawyer’s life seriously, and in the end it was a real threat.  It’s easy to say that Kate got played in this episode and they just used her attachment to Jack and Sawyer to manipulate Jack but I don’t think she did anything wrong.  What would you have done in her circumstance?

-Pickett mentions Jacob’s list, and that Jack wasn’t even on it.  What does Jacob have against Jack?  I’ve always thought that Christian would put a good word in about Jack to Jacob, but Jacob didn’t even put him on his list.
And about this list.  I’ve assumed that the list was the same list that had The Tailies that were kidnapped.  So maybe that means that the list had people that Jacob thought were good enough to join The Others.  Perhaps they just wanted people who were easy to brainwash.  We know for sure that Jack wasn’t on the list, Jack would definitely be some one who they couldn’t brainwash.
It’s very hard to create theories about Jacob’s List because we know so little about it.

– Izi

4 Responses to “306 – I Do”

  1. 1 Anon
    November 12, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    “but Kate hasn’t died yet (or has she?).”

    Haha, yeah, Hurley did say all the Oceanic 6 were dead…

    “-In her flashback, Kate seemed almost disappointed when she was checking her pregnancy test.”

    In the DVD commentary, Evi and I think Damon talk about this scene as if she was terrified she could be pregnant. And realises she has to run again because she doesn’t want that stepford wife kind of life. Evi says something like “She’s stuck in a cage on the island but somehow the perfect life is almost more restricting to her” something along those lines.

    “Perhaps it wasn’t being with Jack that made her content in the flashforwards, maybe it was Aaron. Not a terribly shocking realization, but it’s pretty important.”

    Yeah, you’re right. She was perfectly happy just living with Aaron and made it clear to Jack she wouldn’t date him unless he accepted Aaron first. So she’s come full circle really, she went from running all the time, to being content because of “her” child.

    “I’ve always figured that Ben let him out so that he could see Kate with Sawyer. Perhaps Alex was just trying to free him.”

    Yeah, Ben left it open. You can tell because he’s just around the corner when Jack goes into the TV room and he starts teasing Jack about Kate choosing Sawyer.

    “I’ve always thought that Christian would put a good word in about Jack to Jacob, but Jacob didn’t even put him on his list.”

    Yeah, they really need to get to the bottom of all this Christian business. I do think he’s bad though. Jacob seemed to be freaking the heck out when Hurley saw Christian in there. Popping up at the window, opening the door, breaking glass. Add to that the “help me” that Locke heard and I don’t think Jacob’s having much fun at the moment.

    “Perhaps they just wanted people who were easy to brainwash.”

    Interesting you should say that considering when Sawyer goes into Room 23 he gets all hypnotized by the screen and as you’ve said in this post, Kate was very easily manipulated, too.

  2. November 12, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Wow, you just blew my mind with your Christian comment. It had never even occured to me that Christian was bad. I always thought that they were in league or that Christian was just Jacob’s servant. But that makes complete sense. Wow, now I have to completely rethink my Christian theories. This doesn’t look too good for Jack though. I always thought that Christian was my ticket to liking Jack. If Christian could make a believer out of Jack then I thought I might like him, but likely Christian will just use Jack for his own ends.
    This really throws a wrench into season 4 of Lost, now it seems like nothing happened right. Christian manipulated the main events, he got Locke to move the island, he let Michael die and blow up the freighter, he’s been haunting Jack off the island, he’s essentially kidnapped Claire.
    Thank you so much for telling me this, I’m now going to look at season 4 in a new light.
    And thanks for commenting, your comments are always interesting.
    – izi

  3. 3 Anon
    November 13, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Hey, no problem, I always look forward to your recaps too 😀

    I can’t quite recall how I came up with the Christian is bad theory but the fact that Jacob is supposed to be the island’s “higher entity” and suddenly Christian is delivering all the messages? Why? To me, it’s like he “took over” by force or something…

    And yes, I’d definitely say that in season 4 nothing happened right. I have a feeling Ben knew it somehow because look how desperate he is for Alex to be safe in The Beginning of the End.

    So all of that brings me to my deja vu theory, that they’re stuck in some sort of cycle…

    But back to Christian, one thing that bugged me about season 4 is that Locke didn’t care to tell anyone about Claire in the cabin and that he knew the person he was talking to wasn’t Jacob.

    Even the way he said “You can go now, Michael” was kind of sarcastic or talking down to him, like he or “the island” was insulted that someone would try to get away…and that attitude towards people wanting to get away doesn’t bode well for the oceanic 6! Or Juliet come to think of it…

    Anyway, there’s a few loose ends in my Christian is bad theory but it certainly seems like Jacob was overpowered in some way.

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