307 – Not in Portland



(Sorry that I’m late with this revlysis, scheduling conflicts.  In other words, my boss thinks that I came to work to work, I roll my eyes at him.)

I love this episode, it should have been the season 3 premiere.  The pace and everything that happens in this episode is so much more exciting than A Tale of Two Cities.

There is just too much to talk about.   Richard is introduced in this episode, in a very subtle and intriguing way.  Room 23 is shown, that was unprecedented and still confusing and interesting (go to bottom to see the full Room 23 video).   We got to see the backstory of an Other, Juliet.  In season 4 of the show this may seem inconsequential, but that’s just because the mystery surrounding the Others is all but gone now.  Back in the day this episode was extremely momentous.

Starting with this episode, I believe that Lost found it’s groove.  After this episode it seems as though the writers knew exactly what they wanted to do.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it seems like it.  10.0/10.0

(Note: I’ve grown tired of keeping all the characters names in all my reviews so I’m deleting them if they aren’t important to the episode.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this before.)

307-richard-01Character Impressions:


-My opinion of Richard was very mixed.  He came off as very sinister.  His mannerisms were gentle and almost annoyingly polite, but his eyes made him look a bit like a crazy guy.  Honestly, he scared me a little.  I thought that he killed Juliet’s husband and then was going to kidnap her at the end of this episode.  Of course these are all just initial feelings.  Not Richard is one of my favorite characters and I cannot get enough of him.

307-ben-jack-01-(Note: according to my own formatting rules I should have Richard near the bottom of this list of characters along with the other recurring/guest stars, but I just like him too much to relegate him to the bottom of the page.)


-Ben regaining consciousness is one of the best moments.  It’s amazing the impact one character can have.  Once he’s awake again you can tell that the power vacuum among the others is completely filled by him.



-Sawyer destroys Pickett in one of the first scenes.  How satisfying.

-My favorite joke.  It’s after Alex tries to trick the guard into believing she caught Kate and Sawyer.  Sawyer points a gun at the guy and says, “Don’t get mad at me, just cause you were dumb enough to fall for the ol’ Wookie prisoner gag.”  Ah, Star Wars references.  (Tsk, Wookie isn’t in the WordPress spellchecker, WTF, niether is WordPress!)


-I was initially tricked by the opening scene of this episode, I thought it was on the island.  I love it when they do that to us.

-Juliet changes so much from when she was on the island and when she was in Miami.  I think that was the point of this episode, they showed us the surprising transformation of the character and we were supposed to be very intrigued about what happened to her, I was.

307-juliet-03-The epitome of Juliet’s innocence in her flashbacks is the part where she is walking down the hall and her cellphone rings.  Her actions are just so faltering and unsure, she smiles into the phone and there is a complete lack of an ulterior motive, she even blushes at one point.  There is no way we could describe her like that when she’s on the island.  (It could just be the curly hair though.)

-Juliet’s sister has some sort of octagonal yin-yang lamp beside her bed, strange.  It looks very Dharma-esque

307-juliet-04-Juliet’s maiden name is not Burke, that’s her ex-husbands name.  I wonder what her real last name was.  It could be significant, maybe not, but possibly.

-In her flashback Juliet says, “I’m not a leader, I’m a mess.”  That was the contrast that I talked about earlier.  back in Miami there is no way that Juliet could or would get out of the rut she was in.  She appeared completely depressed and hopeless, completely different from on the island where she appears to have goals and plans to accomplish those goals.  307-juliet-05I said in an older post that I didn’t think that Juliet would be a great leader, I think I’d like to take that comment back, she could be a great leader.

-I think what I love about Juliet’s flashbacks is that they always have to do with the island stories.  She never has those flashbacks that just explain her feelings or show dumb inconsequential stuff.  There’s always a lot of bang for our buck.



-Jack tries to turn on Juliet.  I don’t know why he would want to do that.  He could have blackmailed her or something, calling her out in front of Tom just made her not trust him at all.  I guess Jack was desperate, and he had no idea how far out on a limb Juliet was putting herself.

-The moment that Jack finds out that Juliet isn’t like The Others, and she too desperately wants to get off the island, I think that’s when he sees that they have a lot in common.  I won’t say that he fell in love with her, but there was some mutual attraction in a rough situation.



-Alex has her most heroic moment when she rescues Kate and Sawyer.

-This is the first time when they say that Alex is Ben’s daughter.  I’m amazed at how many people still think he’s her biological father.


-I feel so bad for Karl, the things he does through for Alex.  Room 23 really screwed him up too.

307-juliets-sister-01Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I thought that Juliet’s sister was a transsexual and that’s why it was so impressive that she was having a baby.  I was way off.  But they were very misleading with that line about impregnating male lab mice.

-This episode has my favorite guest star, Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  That show is too good.

307-juliets-husband-bus-01Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Juliet’s ex-husband got hit by a bus.  What happened there?  Did Richard make that happen, or does Juliet have some sort of power to do that.  Was it fate? Was it Jacob or The Island?  Was it just a coincidence?  That was too crazy not to be important.  If anyone has any theories about that or know of any theories about that please tell me.

-Room 23, I started writing down a description of all the scenes but then I found it on YouTube.  This is the full length, extraordinarily loud and annoying version of it.  It’s probably worth a watch.

-Jack asks Tom why they didn’t just take the boat to the mainland to get Ben to a hospital.  Tom begins to say that “Ever since the sky turned purple-” then he gets cut off.  What was he going to say?  Doesn’t this sound like the moment when the bearing changed?  It would make complete sense if the bearing changed from 325 to 305 after the hatch imploded.  Wasn’t this a question that people asked the producers at some point?

307-richard-02-“We’re not quite in Portland.”  What does that mean?  My old theory said that at one time the island was in Portland but they turned the wheel and it moved into the South Pacific.  This theory is crazy in a few ways, and I’ve just about discarded it.

– Izi

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