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Season 5 Poster


So here it is, the poster for season 5 of Lost.  It was posted on DarkUFOyesterday.  Now let’s get down to the over-analyzing.

The first thing I noticed was how few people there were.  Doesn’t it seem like there should be so many more people?  We’re down to 17 main characters, Ben, Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sun, Hurley, Desmond, Locke, Charlotte, Sayer, Juliet, Daniel, and Miles.  We lost Jin, Michael, Claire and (arguably) Frank.  Somehow it seems like way more. 

I am slightly surprised to see Locke on there.  I know that he’ll probably be around forever, but I thought that they might make it seem like he was actually, permanently dead.

I’m disappointed that Richard isn’t on this poster.  I’m also disappointed that Penny’s not on the poster, but that’s less reasonable.

I don’t really know what’s happening to Desmond and Charlotte, they appear to be devolving into Hobbits or something.

And what’s up with Juliet, did she find the hatch where they were testing make-up on animals?  No one else on that side looks very pretty, and she’s all glammed up.  (I, personally, find her way more attractive when she’s dirtyish.)

The contrast and comparison of the two sides is very interesting.  If I was to guess what a season 5 poster were to look like I would have guessed that it would have been more Locke vs Jack.  But this poster is obviously more Sawyer vs Jack.  They even have their respective (and temporary, fingers crossed) lady friends backing them up.

I think that this poster is aimed more towards the casual fans than towards us.  Ben and Locke, the two power player, mythologically, are pushed to the sides away from the center of the groups.

Apparently Destiny is calling them, I assume that means that the people off the island have to go back.  That’s all I can imagine.  Any other ideas?  It could mean that Destiny will be calling Locke to his death, hopefully not too many other people.

If you noticed anything that I didn’t or just liked the poster, comment below.

– izi

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