311 – Enter 77



This episode was mostly good.  We found out a huge amount of info from Patchy, unfortunately it was all trickery.  But that’s not to say that I think we should ignore everything he said.  He gave us a lot to think about.  I even thought up a new Jacob theory after watching this episode (skip to the bottom if you want to read it).

Also I learned two new things from this episode.  First, I completely misinterpreted Eko’s Jesus Stick message.  Apparently Locke was simply looking at the part that said John 3:05 and he thought it meant that he should travel on a bearing of 305 degrees.  That actually is very important.  That’s the same bearing that Daniel used to get to the island.  Also I found out that Mikhail was in charge of the Dharma Drops, or at least the The Flame was.  His computer (the one with the chess game) could communicate with the other stations, the outside world, and it could call for “pallet drops”, what we call Dharma Drops.

There were things that I really didn’t like about this episode.  Mostly just the annoying and boring flashback.  But I also disliked Locke’s incompetence and I also wasn’t too happy when Ms. Klugh died.

But it was still a good quality episode.  7.5/10.0

306-eko-jesus-stick-john-305-01Character Impressions:


-Ooooooh!  Now I get it.  Locke’s bearing was 305 degrees!  How did I not see that before?  And why did no one tell me?

-The first time I watched this episode, I lost patience with Locke.  He just starts playing chess and he can’t help himself, he has to enter 77 into the computer.  Now I understand why he did, but I remember being so angry.

311-flame-computer-01-Why did Dharma make the self-destruct sequence so complicated?  They must have had a certain person in mind who could beat the chess game.  Some sort of genius.  Or maybe they did some really good recruiting, good enough that they know that all the Dharma members could beat the game.


-Sayid finds one of Mikhail’s cows in the forest.  The scene in season 4 with Frank and the cow is very similar.  I see no purpose in the latter scene though, we all knew about the cows, so Franks “discovery” was just plain weird.

311-shaun-toub-01-An actor from Iron Man is in this episode, in Sayid’s flashbacks.  He was a nicer guy in Iron Man.

-I felt that Sayid was quite heroic in this episode.  figuring out Mikhail’s lies and pumping him for info was quite clever.  He also, somehow, knew that Mikhail had someone else in the house.

-The mystery at the end of Sayid’s flashback is moderately interesting, but in the end it doesn’t really matter.  I don’t remember talking about it more than a few days after the episode aired.  I believe that he did actually torture her, if I were him I would say the exact same things.  Some of my friends don’t believe he did it, they think he just said what she wanted him to say.

311-sayid-food-drop-protocol-01-I don’t see the connection between the flashback and the on-island story.  Usually there is some obvious parallel or lesson between the two, but I can’t figure this one out.

-Sayid finds a binder that says Food Drop Protocol on it.  Interesting.


-Sun could have got way more out of Sawyer than no nicknames for a week.  He would have said yes to no nicknames ever again.


-I’m pretty sure that everything Mikhail says is a lie.  Sayid says as much to Kate, but I know that many people still believe some of the things he said.  I’ll try to disprove everything he says.

-“I didn’t cross the line.  We had a truce.  This is my land, you said I could stay here.”  I think this was all lies.  Mikhail’s relationship with The Others is much better than he would have us believe.  He completely works for Ben.  No doubt he worked better alone, but he was under Ben’s leadership, as we see at the end of the season.  Not to mention the fact that Ms. Klugh is in his basement.

311-ms-klugh-02-“I am the last living member of the Dharma Initiative.”  We know that Ben is still alive, and I believe that Charles Whidmore and Daniel were once part of Dharma.  I might be able to count Charlotte too since she was born on the island, presumably from someone in the Initiative.

-He says he responded to a Dharma ad in the newspaper asking, “would you like to save the world?”  He says he joined eleven years ago.  This is possibly true, but I find it easier to believe that he was either a hostile, or one of the researchers who crashed with Rousseau.

-He says that Dharma instigated a war against The Hostiles called The Purge.  It backfired and Dharma was destroyed.  He didn’t participate and so the Hostiles spared him. A truce was formed between them.  We know this isn’t true since we saw most of what happened during the purge.  You never know though, we could have another flashback that changes everything, that has been known to happen in this show.

-He also says that The Hostiles were on the island a very long time before Dharma.  This is likely true.

Hilarious Picture

Hilarious Picture

-Mikhail mentions the submarine, there’s something else that’s true.  I don’t know why he would bother mentioning it.  I figure it was just written in so that Locke could have a goal, destroy the submarine.

-Mikhail says that wires lead out from The Flame to all the other Dharma stations.  If one was ever to find all the stations, that would be a good place to start from.

-I love the moment when Mikhail just snaps.  “Why do we continue to play this little game, when we know it has moved to the next stage.”


Ms. Klugh

-I was very sad to see Bea die, I really liked her.  And we didn’t see enough of her.

-What could have motivated Ms. Klugh to get herself killed?  I understand being self-sacrificing but why would she be willing to die.  Perhaps she was suicidal, after she died, Mikhail told Sayid to finish hi.  Maybe all Others are supposed to be suicidal.

211-rousseau-patchy-01-In the back of my mind I think there’s a chance that she survived.  Mikhail shot her in the chest and there was no blood.  Perhaps she was wearing a bullet-proof vest, or maybe a bible (kinda cliched, but possible).


-About Mikhail’s house, “I have never been here before,” “I have no interest in that man in that house.”  Yeah, right.  How could she have never been to that part of the island.  Lies, all lies.  Her and Mikhail definitely have a history together.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I remember being less than happy at the end of this episode.  They give us so much info from Patchy and then at the end we find out that it’s probably all fake.

311-pierre-01Flashforwards (what we know now):

-About the Flame computer.  Apparently Mikhail was in charge of a lot.  He initiated the Dharma drops, he could communicate with all the other stations, and the outside world.  Likely The Others talked to Michael through that station.  I really wonder what made him call for a Dharma Drop though, were the Others still supplied by the Dharma Drops?
BTW imagine what annoying UI that would be with video clips of Pierre talking to you all the time.


-So Locke was following a compass bearing of 305 degrees, that’s what led him first to The Flame and eventually to The Barracks.  In season 1, didn’t Sayid discover that Compasses didn’t point North?  I can assume that was because of The Swan, did they suddenly start working after it imploded?  If so, then was 305 degrees on the island the same as 305 in the world?  I can see how Jacob might be leading Locke.  Perhaps he is in control of the magnetic properties of the island now that The Swan imploded.
OMG, I just thought of a new theory.  Jacob is a magnet!!  The Swan was keeping him in check by not letting him build up energy.  As soon as he was able to build up energy, what did he do?  He brought down a plane.  It might even explain Smokey.  If Smokey is nothing more than magnetized metal dust then perhaps that’s how he moves.  Jacob moves him.  This could even explain why Ben doesn’t like it when Locke brings a flashlight into Jacobs cabin (his wooden cabin).

– Izi

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