New Lost Footage Analysis

OK here it is again, The Fray video with all the new Lost footage:

s5-hurley-01I’m going to go though the video doing a blow-by-blow.  I apologize if I write anything that any of you said on Friday when I originally posted the video.  I wrote half of this on Friday.


0:00-0:08 – The video starts out with a bunch of very old scenes from seasons 1-3.

0:08-0:18 – Season 4 scenes, explaining the Oceanic 6 and s5-sawyer-01the island disappearing.

0:18-0:24 – The Fray play some music.

0:25 – Hurley sits in a nice house in front of a plate of fruit.

0:26 – Kate holding Aaron.

0:27-0:32 – Jack looking at his cell-phone.  Season 3 footage.

0:33-0:34 – Sawyer with no shirt on looks5-juliet-charlotte-miles-01ing up at something.  This is likely immediately after the island moves.  There’s a slight chance that he’s looking up at the volcano that I predict here (a very slight chance).

0:35 – Someone looks at Bernard’s S.O.S. sign from this episode.  It’s very hard to tell whether this is new footage or not.  I’m betting that it isn’t, since The Fray are singing about needing a call.

s5-locke-compass-010:36-0:41 – Hurley, and Sun visiting Jin’s gravestone.  Season 4 footage.

0:41-0:42 – The Fray singing and stuff.

0:42-0:45 – Hurley in the police interrogation room from the season 4 premiere.  He sees Charlie swimming in the mirror and breaking the glass.  Season 4 footage.

0:45-0:49 – Sayid shooting that guy during the game of golf.  Season 4 footage.

s5-daniel-010:49-0:51 – Sayid crying while Ben tends to his injuries.  Season 4 footage.

0:51-0:54 – Locke laying in the grass in the jungle, his eyes open.  This looks old, but it could be new.  I personally think it’s from season 1.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

0:54-0:58 – Jack proposing to Kate, Kate hugs him.  Season 4 footage.

s5-daniel-020:58-1:00 – Juliet leading Charlotte and Miles through the jungle.  This scene doesn’t really tell us much, although it’s nice to see everyone cooperating.

1:00 – Locke looking at a compass in his hand.  A fellow WordPress blogger says that this is the same compass that Richard showed Locke in season 4, very interesting.  My new theory regarding Jacob (which I haven’t posted yet) says that Jacob can control magnetism.  Therefore this scene has a slightly more important meaning to me now.

s5-sayid-011:00-1:04 – Daniel walks up to a Hatch door and a person in a yellow Hazmat suit comes out with a gun.  This is a longer version of the scene shown in the other trailer.  I find this wonderfully interesting.  It looks like Daniel is either in the past or he has discovered a new Hatch with people inside.  Either way it’s surprising.  It’s important to note that he’s wearing the same clothes as before.  My theory regarding Daniel mentally flashing back to his body from Dharma times could be proved wrong because of this.  At the moment I’m sticking with it though.

s5-jack-011:04-1:07 – More of The Fray.

1:07-1:09 – Jack reading Aaron a story.  Season 4 footage.

1:09 – Hurley holding a gun.  This is the same footage as from the other trailer.

1:09-1:11 – Sayid fighting someone.  It almost looks like Jin.  The guy is wearing a purple shirt.

1:11-1:13 – Jack being choked by Sayid.  This seems very foreboding, but I can see how it’s just a mistake.  You can see a breathing mask around Sayid’s face and it looks like they are in a hospital.  I’ll bet Sayid was unconscious and Jack came when he regained consciousness, Sayid of course attacked whoever was there.  I’m sure it wasn’t serious and I doubt they will be on opposing sides.

s5-ajira-011:13-1:21 – Jack, “How did all of this happen?”  Ben, “It happened because you left, Jack.  All of you need to go back.”  Mixed with season 4 footage.

1:21-1:22 – Sun walking to Charles Whidmore then walking away from him.

1:22-1:26 – The Fray.

1:26-1:30 – Desmond talking to Penny on the phone, from The Constant.  Footage from season 4.

s5-daniel-charlotte-011:30 – Desmond with short hair and no beard.  I like him so much better with long hair and a beard, the crazy look in his eye doesn’t hurt either.

1:31-1:32 – Desmond in the phone booth, from The Constant.  Season 4 footage.

1:32-1:36 – Miles looking at two mysterious men walking away from him.  They look like Others.  He looks down and sees a bomb.  A quick shot of Ajira Airways (see below).  Then an explosion, Miles dives away.

s5-juliet-011:36-1:40 – I don’t believe this scene is related to the last scene, they cut them like they are supposed to be but they aren’t.  Daniel and Charlotte laying on the jungle floor.  They look up and are surrounded by what appear to be Others.  They all have bows and arrows, or guns pointed at Daniel and Charlotte.  There is a strange first-person view of one of the guns.  How did Daniel get back?  Last time we saw him he was in the middle of the ocean.  And then there was another scene with him that could have been in the past.  Now he’s surrounded by Other?  They could be hostiles.  Perhaps everyone, Daniel, Charlotte and everyone else were sent to the past.  I think that’s what they want us to believe.

s5-locke-011:40-1:42 – A cleanly shaved Jack watching Ben walk away.  Looking concerned.

1:42-1:43 – A very panicked looking Juliet is swinging her gun around.  She could be looking for Smokey, or perhaps someone is following her.

1:43 – Daniel is walking around the island in the middle of the day.

1:43-1:45 – Locke is standing in the rain with a knife in his hand, and turning around in the same way as Juliet.  Perhaps Smokey is following him too.

s5-hurley-sayid-011:45 – Desmond crying in his bed.

1:45-1:48 – The Fray

1:48-1:49 – Ben playing a piano.  Season 4 footage.

1:49-1:50 – The Fray.

1:50-1:54 – Locke picks up an old Mary statue.  This could be new footage, it’s hard to tell.

1:54-2:00 – Hurley in a room ws5-locke-021ith an unconscious or dead Sayid laying on a bed or the floor.  Hurley calmly looks out the window in the door.  Judging from what happens in 1:11-1:13 I don’t think Sayid dies.  sigh..

2:00-2:04 – The Fray.

2:04-2:05 – Sawyer with no shirt on frowning, as if he’s being watched or something isn’t going according to plan.  He could be ambushed or something.  Or perhaps I’m just reading way too much into an inconsequential scene.

s5-locke-compass-022:05-2:06 – Juliet digging up a Hatch or something similar.

2:06-2:08 – Locke on the ground with someone advancing upon him holding a gun.  The person with the gun could easily be Juliet, which would explain Locke’s surprised expression.  But judging from the sleeve of the person with the gun, it could be Daniel.  Either way, we can be pretty sure that Locke doesn’t get shot there.

s5-sawyer-juliet-012:08-2:10 – Locke looking at the compass in his bloody hand.  As I said before compasses remind me of Jacob now, so I’ll be Locke is looking for him.  As for the blood, I’ll bet it isn’t Locke’s, so look for anyone holding that compass to die.  I’m really hoping that I don’t see Richard holding the compass.

2:10-2:13 – Juliet and Sawyer running away from the beach camp as flaming arrows start to stream in.  You’ll notice that they are holding hands, which fits into my Sawliet “theory” quite nicely.  Or maybe it means nothing.  As for the flaming arrows, initially I wanted to believe that it was from Locke’s Others, but now it seems more likely that it’s from The Hostiles, or maybe even Rousseau’s friends..

s5-richard-012:13-2:16 – The Fray.

2:16-2:19 – Locke looking scared or sad in the jungle, he almost looks like he’s hiding.  Then he sees a torch in the jungle and Richard comes out holding the torch.  It is so great to see Richard.  I really hope that he has a lot to do in season 5.

2:19-2:20 – A group of five people walking through the jungle.  It looks like this scene could be connected with the next one, but I don’t want to guess.  I will guess who they are though.  It seems obvious to me that it’s Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel.  Although I’m still very curious to see how Daniel gets back to the island.

s5-daniel-charlotte-022:20-2:22 – Daniel and Charlotte looking at each other.  Charlotte has blood dripping out of her nose.  It is eerily similar to Horace Goodspeed from season 4.  Could that be part of a vision?  I doubt it.

2:22-2:24 – Sun locked in a conference room.  She tries to get out, then turns around as if someone surprised her.  I think that it was Charles Whidmore behind her.  I could see how he might want to talk to her on his own terms, not in public.  It could also be Ben, but that’s less likely.

s5-desmond-penny-012:24-2:25 – Desmond jumps out of bed looking confused.  Penny looks at him like he’s crazy.  Could it be that Desmond is still flashing to the past, even though he’s with his constant?  Or maybe Penny just said something shocking.  I hope that it’s just  him telling her that he has to go back to the island.  This is before the last Desmond scene where he has his hair cut.

2:25 – Sawyer with no shirt grabbing a guy by the collar.  This could be before or after that last shirtless Sawyer scene at 2:04-2:05.  It looks like he’s grabbing Miles, but judging from the clothes it could be any Other.

s5-sawyer-miles-012:25 – Ajira airlines logo.

2:25-2:26 – Locke falling from the root cliffs.  These cliffs could be the same ones as Yemi’s plane was hanging from.  This could seem pretty grim for Locke, but we know that he doesn’t die there, hopefully he isn’t paralyzed again though.

2:26-2:27 – Kate packing and holding Aaron’s hand as they leave their house.  This could lead to her arrest.

s5-locke-032:27-2:28 – Desmond walking out of a room with not shirt on.  This is likely after the last Desmond scene at 2:24-2:25.  Hopefully he’s leaving to go back to the island.

2:28-2:29 – Sun looking up, she could be in an airport.

2:29-2:30 – Kate at some woman’s doorway as they open the door.  This could be either Cassidy or Diane, either way it’s exciting.

s5-kate-012:30 – Jack looking distressed, but at least he doesn’t have a beard.

2:30-2:33 – Hurley driving a truckish type vehicle like a madman.  This doesn’t even look like a car chase, he just looks like he’s out of control.  It looks like Hurley going to be involved in a lot of action.

2:33-2:36 – OK now I’m confused.  Sawyer and Juliet come back to the camp from the beach, the last place we saw them in at the end of season 4, and there is no camp.  All the people are there including Rose, Charlotte, and Miles, but there is obviously no shelters or Dharma stuff.  Very strange.  This could be proof that they do go back in time.

s5-hurley-truck-012:36-2:38 – Locke looking up into the mountains.  After a few seconds Juliet comes up behind him.  They could be looking up at a volcano.  It’s possible, having this scene at the very end makes it seem extra significant.  I’m really leaning towards my volcano theory.

2:38-2:40 – The Fray.

2:40-2:42 – Jack, “Let’s go get ’em.”  I doubt that is as significant as it sounds.

s5-rose-juliet-012:42-2:46 – DESTINY CALLS

The end.

This trailer has given me a lot to think about.  Most notably it supports, if not confirms, a Foreign Theory called The Hostiles that I posted a few months ago.  Here is my post where you’ll find a link to the original theory.  The theory essentially says that everyone who was on the island when it “moved” was sent to the past.  He says that all those people s5-group-camp-01became The Hostiles.  That would mean that Locke would be the leader of the Hostiles and Richard wouldn’t be ageless.  It would fit together quite nicely… at least for a while.  What I can’t understand is what would happen after that.  We know that Locke gets off the island and dies sometime around 2008.  We also know that Jack and co. have to go to the island.  So where did the island move?  Will there be anyone on the island when Jack and co. find it?  How does Locke get so far into the future?  And it appears as though The Hostiles attack the beach camp.  What’s up with that?  That goes against that guys theory.  There are a lot of possibilities.  I haven’t quite decided what I want to believe yet.  It would be fun for everyone to go back in time, but I just can’t begin to imagine how the series will end if they do.

s5-locke-juliet-01It’s pretty obvious that I’m more concerned about what happens on the island rather than off the island.  It’s true.  Jack and everyone else can do whatever they want, that group isn’t as interesting as it once was.  There are a lot more of my favorite characters on the island.

One thing about this trailer I was disappointed with was the lack of Walt.  I was really hoping that he would be able to go back to the island too.  He is still a very mysterious character, and his absence is not good.

As for the Ajira logos.  At first I thought that they might be the new airline that Jack and co. need to use to get back to the island.  And that’s possible, if not a little boring.  But I find it more likely that it’s just the beginning of a new ARG.

Anywho, that’s all I got.  If anyone can prove The Hostiles theory wrong that would be great.  Or if you have any other comments feel free to respond below.

– izi

2 Responses to “New Lost Footage Analysis”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    November 25, 2008 at 8:16 am

    So fun!!

    When do your DVD’s arrive??

  2. November 25, 2008 at 9:32 am

    They’re released on the 9th, but I’ll get them sometime after that because I ordered them from Amazon.

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