312 – Par Avion



Claire fights with Charlie in this episode, truly ground-breaking stuff.  Claire also ties a note to a seagulls leg.  This is all just an excuse to throw in Claire’s big reveal, that Christian is her father.  They hinted at it in the last season and they finally reveal it here.

Also, on the other side of the island, Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau continue their adventure.  Patchy tells them why they weren’t on Jacob’s list.  They find the sonic fence.  Locke kills Mikhail, without provocation (or so I thought).  And they find NewOtherton, with a presumably brainwashed Jack.

Claire’s story on the island was pretty weak, but her character has never been enthralling.  Her flashback was good, if not obvious.  The B-story was the bee’s knees though, we got some serious island exploration, some truthful Mikhail moments and great story development when they found the Barracks and Jack.


312-charlie-claire-desmond-01Character Impressions:


-Poor Desmond has a very awkward super-power.  He can’t really go telling everyone about it, but he really should.


-Why Kate isn’t on the list: “You are flawed”.  I wonder if the new Kate, the off-island Kate, is still flawed.  She seems to have improved.  She’s settled down at least.


-Locke and Sayid fought about Locke blowing up The Flame.  After some thought I’m thinking that perhaps Locke was meant to blow up that Hatch too.  Maybe Jacob wants him to destroy all the Dharma hatches.

-Locke seems extra interested in the Submarine when Patchy is talking about it.

-Why Locke isn’t on the list: “Because you are angry”.  Later Mikhail almost tells everyone that Locke was once paralyzed from the waist down.  I think I figured out why Locke tried to kill Mikhail.  I always thought it was just him being dumb, but I now believe that he did it so that his secret wouldn’t get out.  Why he’s keeping his secret a secret is beyond me though.


-Why Sayid isn’t on the list: he’s “weak and frightened”.  That’s not how I would describe him for most of the series, but in season 4 when Ben has control of him that’s exactly how he acts.


-I love it when Locke, Sayid and Kate see Jack.  It’s such a strange moment, he’s acting all chummy with Mr. Friendly.  Obviously we are meant to think that he was brainwashed… or perhaps gay.


-I thought that Claire looked pretty good with black hair.  Jeb would make fun of me for that comment, I’m sure.  I also like her boots.

-I think that one of Lost’s flaws is that the character stories mostly try to provoke pity.  They just keep on trying to make us feel sorry for the characters, thinking that will somehow endear us to them.  ER does it better, bad things happen to the character, almost constantly, but you’re never really meant to feel sorry for them.

312-christian-claire-01-We finally learned for sure that Christian was Claire’s father.  I think what was more surprising was that Claire knew.

-It’s kinda nice, kinda sad, to know that Claire’s mom does wake up.

-Claire’s note is awful, too many feelings not enough info.  If they do find the note there is no chance that any one could save them because of it (well I guess that wasn’t likely anyways):

To whom it may concern: We are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. We have survived on this island for 80 days. We were six hours into the flight when the pilot said we were off course and turned back toward Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We’ve been waiting here all this time–waiting for rescue that has not come. We do not know where we are. We only know you have not found us. We’ve done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash. But there is new life, too, and with it, there is hope. We are alive. Please don’t give up on us.

-The first time I watched this episode I noticed something hilarious.  In Claire’s first flashback Claire has a conversation with her boyfriend, she says that her mom would disown her if she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend said, “She basically has already.”   Harsh!  Shes in a coma!


-MIkhail says that since the Hatch imploded The Others wouldn’t be able to come back to the island on the submarine because their “underwater beacon stopped transmitting their locater signal”.  They must have used the Hydra to get to the island.  Without it running the Others wouldn’t be able to find a safe way back to the island.  Or Mikhail’s lying.

-Mikhail getting sonically “killed” was pretty gross.

-(The logo for the Flame station reminds me of the logo for the Fire Kingdom in Avatar: The Last Airbender.)


-I wonder if Christian loved Claire’s mom.  He came because she got in an accident, and paid for her bills, not exactly romantic, but maybe it was more than just an obligation.  I actually don’t believe he loved her, but it’s always fun to hypothesize.

-Christian asked Claire to pull the plug on her mother.  I wonder if her mom has some sort of info or something that she could hold against him.


-Rousseau says that she hasn’t asked questions about Alex because she doesn’t want to hear the answers.  I think she would have liked the answers, Alex would have made her proud.  She’s the most rebellious of all the Others.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I just found out what Par Avion means, the other day I ordered a package and it came by airmail, with a sticker on it!  Thrilling stuff.

312-christian-02Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Why would Claire feel any sort of affinity towards Christian in season 4?  When she last saw him she pretty much said that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.  I believe that Claire died in season 4 (and now she’s a zombie).  I wonder if she retained any of her personality or memories.  At this point she agrees with Christian, I wonder if at some point she will turn against him.

– Izi

5 Responses to “312 – Par Avion”

  1. November 26, 2008 at 8:35 am

    Hi Izi,

    Remember back in Season 1 when Claire had her dream ( Raised by Another), Locke said that because she gave up the baby, they were all going to pay (or something very similar to it 🙂 ) ?
    It didn’t make much sense at the time because clearly, she was keeping the baby because she was on the Island. But now, is this also a part of “the bad things happening” that Bentham talks about? 1. Because Jack left, but also 2. Because Claire gave the baby away? Christian (or a good simulation of him) tells Locke that Aaron is where he should be (first with Sawyer, then Sun and finally, Kate) This is conflicting with what is the seeming ultimate outcome. So, is Christian sabotaging what is “supposed” to happen? Or is Jacob and he is just “taking orders”? Jack, Claire, Christian and Aaron…all familially related. Is this also part of their “importance”? ( Honestly, I’m stumped. But that one of the things I love about the show. It keeps us “off kilter” . 🙂 )

    In Claire note, she writes about there being new life, and with it, hope. In the Pandora’s Box myth, the opening of the box, unleashed the darkness that it contained. But hope was also inside but was shut up in the box. Hope: That is what Locke said he thought was in the Hatch (box) (Hurley was hoping is was tv dinners 🙂 ) . Is this what Aaron represents? Is “giving away” Aaron reliquishing hope? As Sayid said in Tabula Rasa “Hope is a very dangerous thing to lose”.

    Now because of the Hatch’s implosion (as the writers said, the Hatch “containing evil”, much like Pandora’s Box) does this mean that Hope has escaped and now it is possible for, as Ben said in the preview, “second chances”?

    Just chuckin’ it out there…lol .

  2. November 26, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Good stuff Ms Wendy. Just the other day someone told me a similar thing, they said that Jacob is likely working against Jacob, as evidenced by all of his season 4 appearences. At first I found that hard to believe. But now I’m seeing the truth in that.
    Funny thing, when you were talking about Pnadora’s Box at first I thought you were going to say that Claire’s womb was the Box. I was thinking, where is she going with this?
    BTW good memory. I can hardly quote a single line from Lost and you seem like you can remember everything that everyone has ever said! Amazing.
    – izi

  3. 3 Rosie
    November 26, 2008 at 9:53 am

    She seems to have improved. She’s settled down at least.

    “Seems” and “have” are two different words. Kate has settled down to an illusion.

  4. 4 Anon
    November 28, 2008 at 1:10 am

    ““Seems” and “have” are two different words. Kate has settled down to an illusion.”

    Little harsh. I think Kate does love Aaron and is happy to raise him. Yes, she settled to an illusion with Jack but that exploded almost instantly. I think she’s been through so much in her life, any excuse to settle down is good with her.

  5. 5 Rosie
    December 15, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Little harsh. I think Kate does love Aaron and is happy to raise him. Yes, she settled to an illusion with Jack but that exploded almost instantly. I think she’s been through so much in her life, any excuse to settle down is good with her.

    I don’t care how much Kate loves Aaron. Her life with him is an illusion. It’s based upon a lie . . . a deception created by Jack to keep Kate out of prison; and it was supported by Hurley, Sun and Sayid; and carried out by Kate. She IS NOT Aaron’s mother. She has NO BUSINESS raising Aaron in the first place. The only person who has any business raising Aaron off island is Carole Littleton. The only reason Kate is raising Aaron is due to a lie created by Jack and accepted by her.

    Her life off island is an illusion.

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