313 – The Man From Tallahassee



In Lost there are a few moments when you the writers shock us beyond belief.  In season four we got Locke saying “We have to move the island”, and our minds were collectively blown.  In season three Locke said, “dad”, and our minds were collectively blown.  That truly was a shocking and insane end of an episode.

And that’s not all.  This episode had many crazy, important elements.  Ben gets philosophical with Locke.  Jack chooses freedom with Juliet over captivity with Kate.  Rousseau sees Alex for the first time in about 16 years.  Locke “blows up” the submarine.  Richard shows up on the island as Ben’s faithful companion.  And we finally find out how Locke was paralyzed.

That is one crazy episode.  10.0/10.0  And if I do say so myself, this is a very good revlysis.  I don’t know why but I found that I had a lot to say about this episode, and most of it is important.

Character Impressions:



-Ben begins to manipulate Locke, he makes Locke feel empathetic towards him.  He starts talking about his wheelchair and how all he wants is dignity.

-Ben to Locke, “It wasn’t easy, you know, being in that Hatch with you all that time.  Knowing you had no business walking around.  Knowing I couldn’t even ask you about it without revealing who I really was.”  After that conversation Ben asks Locke how he was healed.  Ben must have known that Jacob chose Locke as soon as he saw him walking.  I wonder if Ben knew anything about Locke before he crashed on the island.

313-ben-locke-richard-01-"Picture a box…somewhere on this island, there’s a very large box, and anything you wanted, anything you could imagine would be in that box."  And all that was just a metaphor, hmmm.  It sounds like the Room of Requirement.

-Ben doesn’t seem to have any problem being honest in front of Richard.  He tells Locke exactly what he thought about him blowing up the submarine right in front of Richard.


313-juliet-tom-mr-friendly-01-Juliet and her feelings about what happens in this episode are completely hidden, but just imagine what she’s going through.  She has been on this island for years, knowing that there’s a way off.  She knew that it’s possible for her to leave but Ben wouldn’t let her.  He kept her around way longer than was necessary.  Finally he gives in, she feels utter relief and gratification.  But then Locke comes out of nowhere and blows up her way out.  All we see is Jack being angry at Locke, can you imagine how angry she must have been.  If I were her at that moment I would have been suicidal.


-Poor Kate isn’t good at being in the dark.  this episode just shows her being mentally tortured.  She hates to see Jack as a changed man, she hates not knowing his plan, she hates seeing him with Juliet.  It’s all just a terrible experience for her.



-Why did Locke go to the Barracks? I’ll bet he just wanted to get closer to The Others.  Or he was just blindly following his bearing and therefore his fate?.  It seems obvious to me that once he found out about the submarine his purpose changed.

-What I like about Locke’s flashback is that it doesn’t appear to very important, but then at the end it turns out to be one of Locke’s most important flashbacks.  I really thought that the flashback that had Locke getting paralyzed would be obvious and insanely dramatic, but this one was quiet and slow until the end when they had that crazy moment.  Does anyone remember if there were commercials saying that we would find out how he was paralyzed in this episode?

-Locke essentially caused the death of that poor kid that came to Locke about Anthony.  He told Anthony about the kid, and then the kid died.  I wouldn’t blame him, but I do feel sorry for that kid.

-Locke wants the people on the island to live off the land, instead of in The Barracks.  That seems to be something that he differs with Ben about.  He pushes him very hard about that.

313-locke-01-Ben tells Locke that even if he let Jack leave on the submarine they wouldn’t be able to come back.  Locke either ignores that or he chooses to blow it up regardless.  I doubt he would do it to spite Jack, so I like to believe that he just didn’t believe Ben, I wouldn’t have.  It does beg the question, why didn’t he just let Jack leave?  If I were him I would have.

-They show Locke go inside the submarine and go to the front.  I don’t remember that, now I really don’t believe he blew it up.  He could have easily just moved it then blown up the dock.  Well maybe not easily but it is possible.

313-locke-nurse-01-How did Locke survive an 8 storey fall?  Did Jacob keep him alive?  It’s not a wild assertation (look a new word).

-That physio-guy/nurse-man seems very important, he seems like he has some bigger role to play at some point.  The writers rarely ever make background characters so loud or outgoing.  I wonder if her was the original Abaddon.

-It is so tragic when Locke is put into the wheelchair.

-The Others, or maybe Jack, really beat Locke up for blowing the submarine up.  Probably that’s part of a deleted scene.

-Ben to Locke, “I don’t know how it happened, but you seem to have some communion with this island, John.  And that makes you very, very important.  You have no idea what you’re talking about of course, but in time you’ll have a better understanding.”  That’s a terribly important part of the show.


-I like that Locke puts complete trust in Jack’s motives.  They see him fraternizing with the enemy and Locke says that Jack is such a mensch that he probably has a good reason to be chumming around with The Others.  I’m 100% sure that that wouldn’t be the case if the roles were reversed.

-I really like that they removed Jack from the main action of the story for a while.  He’s not even seen for three episodes, and the show went on.


-Why couldn’t Jack tell Kate his plan about the submarine?  It takes him forever to tell her.  Can you imagine what would have happened if he had left without telling any of the survivors, they would have just thought he was killed to her joined The Others.  That would have been devastating.  Can you imagine if your leader on a tropical island just disappeared with no explanation?  That’s what I don’t like about Jack’s leadership, he always makes executive decisions and doesn’t discuss it with anyone.  The same is true with Locke most of the time.  What’s with these guys?  Would it kill them to take some advice, or at least to inform others of what their plans are?  And I know that usually the decisions are right, it just scares me.  It’s just so megalomaniacal (seriously, look at all these words).

313-jack-01-Jack officially chose saving the world over Kate (the “world”, in this case, means the stranded survivors).  I know it’s an obvious choice, but I’ll bet if Kate was given the same choice, saving the world or Jack, she would have chosen Jack.  Her love, or devotion, or whatever it is, is not reciprocated.  This sounds like really harsh Jack bashing but I don’t feel that it is, I just don’t think that he loves her as much as she loves him.  Probably it’s a good this, he can keep their relationship in perspective and still have the general public’s safety in mind.  She on the other hand would make all kinds of crazy decisions for him.


-We see Richard on the island!  “So exciting”. (I’m clapping and imitating the guy from Pineapple Express.)

-Richard doesn’t seem like a completely unquestioningly loyal individual, so why doesn’t he have much of a problem with Ben?  He does seem to prefer Locke, as we see in the next few episodes, and Locke’s season 4 flashback.  In this episode Ben talks about the way he controls The Others, right in front of Richard.  They just pretend that he’s not there.  What’s happening with this character?  Did they intend for him to be some sort of emotionless super human?  (this is the second time that I’ve wanted to draw comparisons with Doc Manhattan and Richard.)  When he opens the door so that Locke can see Anthony he does seem to be very interested in Locke’s reaction.  Perhaps he was waiting for something.

313-juliet-tom-mr-friendly-02Mr. Friendly

-I like that The Others refer to the survivors by last name only, for example Austin and Jarrah.  It’s the opposite of us the viewers, we rely on first names for almost all of them… except Locke, and Sawyer (kinda).  There’s another similarity between Locke and The Others.  It seems like Locke has a lot in common with The Others.


313-anthony-02-The moment when we see Anthony was mind blowing to the same degree as "we have to move the island".  It was just so unprecedented, and game changing.  To this day I’m still curious and utterly mystified as to how he go there.  Of course I do have a few guesses, I think that either Ben brought Anthony to the island thinking that it would be Locke’s one weakness, or Jacob brought him thinking it would be a test of him.  It’s clear, in a few episode, that Ben does use Anthony to screw with Locke, he figures he can emberass Locke into leaving, and it almost worked.  But that doesn’t mean that Ben brought him there.  As we know Ben is very resourceful, if Jacob brought him then Ben would have taken full advantage of the situation.  As usual, my ramblings have brought me nothing but confusion.


-“You’re Alex aren’t you?… You look just like your mother.”  That would have been pretty mind-blowing for her.  I always want to know what’s going on in her mind.  She was a very complex and conflicted girl.

-Where’s Karl at this point?  Is he just hiding out in the jungle?


-Rousseau gets to see Alex, through the bushes.  Cute.

313-locke-02Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I always thought that Locke was going to get paralyzed by getting shot.  I was wrong.

-I didn’t initially think that was really Anthony, I thought it was Smokey.  It was denial though, I just didn’t want to explore the possibility of that magic box.  Is still don’t.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

313-locke-submarine-02-I now believe that Locke definitely did not blow up the submarine.  They wouldn’t have bothered showing Locke go down into the submarine and then have him walk up the dock wet if there wasn’t something else going on.

-How the *%$# did Anthony Cooper get to the island?  Magic Box, Ben says.  Baah.  Apparently they couldn’t use the submarine, at least not after the hatch imploded.  How did he get there?  I can usually pull an illogical or weak theory out of thin air for these kind of situations but this time I’m stumped.  HOW DID HE GET THERE!?!???!

– Izi

3 Responses to “313 – The Man From Tallahassee”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    November 28, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Ah! A closeup of Evil Uncle Dale!!!
    What a way to start the day.

  2. 2 Anon
    November 28, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Anthony Cooper tells Sawyer how he got to the island in The Brig. He was kidnapped by the Others, knocked out then woke up on island. Since there’s hatches like the orchid, maybe there’s a hatch or dharma station on the island where the others could easily transport themselves to the real world. I’d tell you a spoiler of S5 that I read on dark that supports this theory but are you remaining unspoiled?

    I firmly believe the “magic box” is a metaphor. Ben wanted to dazzle (or impress) Locke and succeeded. It was also a perfect way to manipulate and taunt Locke. Ben basically hated Locke seemingly until The Shape of Things to Come where they were forced to align.

    “-Rousseau gets to see Alex, through the bushes. Cute.”

    Imagine how mind blowing that would’ve been for her! The last time she saw Alex was when she was a baby.

    As for the submarine stuff…he was hell bent on blowing it up…although why was he all wet?

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