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310 – Tricia Tanaka is Dead



I usually don’t like tangents in Lost.  If it doesn’t move the story along or go into the mythology I usually find the episode worthless.  This episode is a big exception.  After eight intense, stressful episodes we needed a break, and so did the people on the island.  We got that break from Hurley.  Hurley finds the VW van and tries to cheer people up by getting it started and having some fun.

Hurley’s flashback wasn’t too great.  The curse is discussed again, and we meet his father, but nothing important happens.  The episode was, in Tricia Tanaka’s words, “a puff piece”.

That’s not to say nothing of any importance happened.  Kate started to organize a rescue party for Jack, and she tells Rousseau about Alex.

I love this episode.  8.0/10.0

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Season 5 Poster


So here it is, the poster for season 5 of Lost.  It was posted on DarkUFOyesterday.  Now let’s get down to the over-analyzing.

The first thing I noticed was how few people there were.  Doesn’t it seem like there should be so many more people?  We’re down to 17 main characters, Ben, Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sun, Hurley, Desmond, Locke, Charlotte, Sayer, Juliet, Daniel, and Miles.  We lost Jin, Michael, Claire and (arguably) Frank.  Somehow it seems like way more. 

I am slightly surprised to see Locke on there.  I know that he’ll probably be around forever, but I thought that they might make it seem like he was actually, permanently dead.

I’m disappointed that Richard isn’t on this poster.  I’m also disappointed that Penny’s not on the poster, but that’s less reasonable.

I don’t really know what’s happening to Desmond and Charlotte, they appear to be devolving into Hobbits or something.

And what’s up with Juliet, did she find the hatch where they were testing make-up on animals?  No one else on that side looks very pretty, and she’s all glammed up.  (I, personally, find her way more attractive when she’s dirtyish.)

The contrast and comparison of the two sides is very interesting.  If I was to guess what a season 5 poster were to look like I would have guessed that it would have been more Locke vs Jack.  But this poster is obviously more Sawyer vs Jack.  They even have their respective (and temporary, fingers crossed) lady friends backing them up.

I think that this poster is aimed more towards the casual fans than towards us.  Ben and Locke, the two power player, mythologically, are pushed to the sides away from the center of the groups.

Apparently Destiny is calling them, I assume that means that the people off the island have to go back.  That’s all I can imagine.  Any other ideas?  It could mean that Destiny will be calling Locke to his death, hopefully not too many other people.

If you noticed anything that I didn’t or just liked the poster, comment below.

– izi


309 – Stranger in a Strange Land



I expected to give this episode a 0.0 but I was surprised when I rewatched it.  It is a bad episode but I had only remembered the awful parts.  the flashback was most definitely irrelevant and annoying.  The Sheriff, Isabelle was a waste of space and has no bearing on the story.  Juliet’s court case was vague to the point of being useless.  And the tease with Cindy and the kids was maddening.

Before I rewatched it I was willing to write this episode off as being non-canon in my mind.

But I was surprised.  What I did like was the parts about Karl and Alex, and I especially like what Tom says to Jack about his perspective on The Others (see the Mr. Friendly section below for more info).  The episode is probably still the worst episode ever, but at least it’s not a zero.  1.5/10.0

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308 – Flashes Before Your Eyes



Here it is!  This is arguably the best mid-season episodes ever (it’s hard to compare the finales to the other episodes).  What makes this episode so wonderful is that it’s so blatantly sci-fi.  After this point there is no way that a viewer could ignore the unrealistic parts of this show.  Sure Smokey is mysterious and the sky turned purple, but when Desmond went back in time something changed.

Charles Whidmore also factors into the main storyline in this episode.  Now that we know how important he is (or could be) this episode has a higher significance.

This episode also starts off the “Charlie’s going to die” story.  This is a great and original way to kill a character.  Dominic Monaghan was probably one of the higher paid actors on the show (I’m assuming) and he has a relatively large career.  His character, on the other hand, was about to become a side character.  There was little left for him to do.  He was going to leave sooner or later, I’m glad that he was able to leave on his own terms and in a memorable but not upsetting way.

But back to this episode.  Desmond and Penny are dynamite.  It’s been said many times before but I’ll say it again, Those two have such good chemistry.  They look so good together and the characters are made for each other.  To watch Desmond go through that part of his life again was heartbreaking.

Great episode 10.0/10.0  (I have a very hard time not comparing this episode with The Constant, which I loved even more.  IN the end I could find nothing wrong with this episode so I’ll give it 10.)

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307 – Not in Portland



(Sorry that I’m late with this revlysis, scheduling conflicts.  In other words, my boss thinks that I came to work to work, I roll my eyes at him.)

I love this episode, it should have been the season 3 premiere.  The pace and everything that happens in this episode is so much more exciting than A Tale of Two Cities.

There is just too much to talk about.   Richard is introduced in this episode, in a very subtle and intriguing way.  Room 23 is shown, that was unprecedented and still confusing and interesting (go to bottom to see the full Room 23 video).   We got to see the backstory of an Other, Juliet.  In season 4 of the show this may seem inconsequential, but that’s just because the mystery surrounding the Others is all but gone now.  Back in the day this episode was extremely momentous.

Starting with this episode, I believe that Lost found it’s groove.  After this episode it seems as though the writers knew exactly what they wanted to do.  I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it seems like it.  10.0/10.0

(Note: I’ve grown tired of keeping all the characters names in all my reviews so I’m deleting them if they aren’t important to the episode.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this before.)

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08 show of the year

DarkUFO has just put up a link to where they are having a poll/survey for show of the year and other categories.  Lost is nominated so go vote for it here.  (I also mildly suggest that you vote for 30 Rock as comedy of the year.)

– izi


306 – I Do



When this episode aired the writes, or ABC, made it out to be the fall finale.  It was meant to be epic in the way that the finales are epic.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

This episode is pretty unique since it is one of the few times that Lost has used stunt casting.  The producers got Nathan Fillion to play Kate’s husband.  Not a bad piece of casting, it worked pretty well, but it wasn’t exactly a pivotal role and we haven’t heard from him since.

Apparently an important thing happened to Locke in this episode.  After burying Eko, Locke looks at Eko’s Jesus stick and reads the scripture, “Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05”.  Apparently this is important but I don’t get it nor do I like this “clue”.

I found this episode very unfulfilling.  The flashback was uneccesary even if it was fun.  The part about Locke confused me back when I first saw it and still confuses me now.  And nothing crazy really happened.  “Damnit Kate Run!!” was a fun back in the day, but only as a cliffhanger, nowadays it’s overshadowed by cliffhangers like, “We have to go back”, “We have to move the island”, and “I’m one of the Oceanic Six”.  3.5/10.0

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