314 – Expose



This episode is too awesome.  The suspense and mixed emotions are just too good.  The episode was equal parts funny and suspenseful.  If in the end your heart wasn’t beating a mile a minute, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  I admit that I liked Nikki and Paulo, but I don’t think you have to like these characters to feel the way I did when Nikki’s eyes opened right before she was buried alive.

The writers talk directly to the fans in this episode.  They killed these episodes because we, the fan base, asked us to.  There are a lot of other parts of this episode where it seems like they are making fun of themselves, and sometimes us.  The entire episode was kind a “be careful what you wish for” type thing.  The fans wanted blood and the writers gave it to them.  In any other show, reviled characters like Nikki and Paulo would have just disappeared, but in Lost it’s a huge event.

9.0/.10.0  I could have given it a 10, but there wasn’t actually any mythology in it, so I had to lower it slightly.

314-hurley-01Character Impressions:


-I love the mystery part of this episode.  watching Hurley and the group trying to find out what happened to them was too much fun.


-I like seeing Ben in The Pearl formulating the plan to get Jack to do the surgery on him.

-Ben accidentally left his walkie-talkie in The Pearl.  That’s very odd.  I find it very hard to believe he’d make a mistake like that.  Is it possible that he was trying to set Paulo up for something.  See Below.


-“Who the hell’s Nikki?”  I don’t like that line, it made it sound like she wasn’t real or something.  There are many times when Josh Holloway really over-delivers his lines.

-Sawyer says that when Locke said that Eko’s last words were “You’re next”, he meant you as a group, as in they’re all next.  Did he?  Is it OK if I believe that he was talking to Locke specifically?


-Juliet didn’t like being in The Pearl, she said it gave her the creeps, I wonder why.  I’ll bet The Pearl has an interesting history, hopefully we learn about it at some point.


-“The Wolfgang Puck of Brazil.”  Oh the irony.

-More con-men?  I think the writers secretly wanted to write a show about con men.

-I don’t think Paulo or Nikki would have got away with that murder in Australia.  They didn’t use fake names or anything, Paulo was the guys cook and he was poisoned.  His new girlfriend mysteriously left the country after he died.  It’s not hard to guess who did it.  Probably that backstory was simplified to make it fit into this episode.

314-nikki-paulo-03-I think that Nikki and Paulo are more accurate renditions of the behavior of people stranded on an island.  They act a lot more like Survivor contestants and less like the other calm and overly cool characters on Lost.

-I doubt that was Paulo’s cigarette in The Pearl.  A few weeks ago someone told me that, but now that I watch this episode where it might have happened, it seems clear that it’s impossible.  Again it could have been because of the truncated flashbacks though.  Maybe if the writers had more time to show Nikki and Paulo flashbacks they would have had him smoking down there.


-“No, that’s the money for the orphanage.”  “Razzle dazzle!”  What awesome lines.  I almost wish expose was a real show, except I don’t know if I could handle that much campiness, then again I watched a few seasons of Las Vegas, so you never know.

-Nikki about Shannon and Boone, “Promise me, we’ll never end up like them.”  I love the writer’s sense of humour.

314-nikki-01-The retcon parts of the show, like when we see Nikki running around after the plane first crashes is way too good.  And well done, they really put a lot of money and effort into those scenes.


-Charlie and Sawyer suddenly feel a conscious about dragging Sun into the jungle.  I think that this shows what a mistake that episode was, the writers wrote it and then worked for almost a whole year trying to erase what they did.


-I’m with Jin, if I found Nikki and Paulo dead with no wounds I would have thought it was the Monster.


-Arzt is nasty and annoying, this episode proves that we are lucky that he died so soon.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


-It was awesome that they had Billy Dee Williams on, and even more awesome that they let him play himself.

-It was also fun to see Shannon and Boone again.  God knows I didn’t want them to come back, but it’s cool to see dead characters again.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-If I was in the writers position and I had created two characters that everyone hated, I would have taken full advantage of the situation.  I would have used Paulo and Nikki as minor villains.  I would have done a U-turn on their character development and made everyone hate them more.  I think it would have been awesome if they had just called it what it was and tried to make these two and despicable as possible.  But I doubt that would have fit into the main story of Lost.  And besides, if Nikki and Paulo hadn’t died, we might not have gotten four new characters in season 4 including Daniel, maybe it was all worth it in the end.

314-sawyer-walkie-talkie-I was so sure that Nikki and Paulo were going to be saved.  I hoped for at least four episodes that they would get saved.  At first I was hoping that Vincent was going to dig them up, he knew they were alive, he took the blanket off of them.  Then I tried to work my old “Boxing Day Tsunami Theory” into the mix.  I thought that the tsunami was going to wash the sand away.  Nikki made a point of saying that it was Thanksgiving, so I thought they wanted us to know the date.  It was all pretty hopeless, but I really wanted them to stay alive.

-This is the episode where the survivors visibly gave up hope of being rescued.  They would never have let Sawyer throw those diamonds into Nikki and Paulo’s grave if they thought they could get off this island.  That scene is pretty symbolic of the mindset of the survivors.

– Izi

2 Responses to “314 – Expose”

  1. 1 Anon
    December 1, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    The producers said Sawyer is the “voice of the audience” meaning he speaks what they’re thinking. Which is why the “Who the hell is Nikki” line doesn’t sound good for his character but kinda sounds cool just being said because we’re thinking the same thing at that stage, IMO.

    “Juliet didn’t like being in The Pearl, she said it gave her the creeps, I wonder why. ”

    It’s weird she’d just go on trips with Ben around the island, alone. Talk about giving him the wrong idea! I’d really like to know exactly when Ben got caught, too, it’s bugging me!

    “-Nikki about Shannon and Boone, “Promise me, we’ll never end up like them.” I love the writer’s sense of humour.”

    Love that, they both ended up exactly like them, hating each other and dead.

    “-I’m with Jin, if I found Nikki and Paulo dead with no wounds I would have thought it was the Monster.”

    I remember on the fuselage a lot of people had a theory that the spiders were Smokey in..er..spider form. Because just before one spider bites Nikki, the monster can be heard.

  2. 2 Jason
    January 6, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Yeah, there were a lot of cool things in this episode, such as closing the book on the “Sawyer is a villan who took the guns” disaster, Ben and Juliet plotting about Jack, and of course, Billy Dee playing what we would imaging is a day in the life of Billy Dee. But to me, I thought there’s just something too morbid about being buried alive, especially since Nikki opened her eyes right at the end, and since Paulo was trying to make ammends. Granted he was a murderer, but buried alive is a little much. Plus, some island flashbacks weren’t completely revelent. It was interesting to hear Paulo trusts Ethan more than Artz, but it never went anywhere to bring him back.

    Okay episode, but to say this was one of the better ones… I wouldn’t go that far.

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