315 – Left Behind



This episode was alright.  The main story with Juliet shackled to Kate was interesting but not very memorable.  This episode combined with the next one make for a very interesting Juliet story, but on it’s own this episodes main storyline is pretty weak.

Luckily that’s not all that was going on.  The writers threw Smokey into this episode to spruce it up and they also had a great flashback.  The flashback is even more important after season four.  It’s very likely that Kate met with Cassidy again off-screen in the season four flashforwards.  Hopefully we get to see what that meeting was like in season 5.

Since I can’t get enough of Smokey and flashback crossovers are almost always interesting AND this episode had a slight amount of Diane (who I believe is important) AND it sets up a very fun Juliet episode next, I won’t give this episode a low score.  8.0/10.0

315-desmond-01Character Impressions:


-Apparently, at some point, Desmond became the main provider for the survivors.  He’s doing all the hunting for the camp now.  I guess he was in the army.


-Hurley cons Sawyer.  That was satisfying.


-Hurley says that he conned Sawyer into being nice because he thinks Sawyer is the temporary leader.  That’s essentially what it’s going to be like in season 5, on the beach anyways.  At least Sawyer has some practice.  I think Sawyer has the potential to be a good leader, but it’s so unnatural for him that he will always fight against it.


315-smokey-juliet-kate-flash-01-Juliet’s plan with the handcuff and Kate wasn’t bad.  If it wasn’t for Smokey it might have worked.

-It was very surprising when Juliet popped her shoulder out.  And she’s done it four times before.  What kind of action did she get into with The Others?

-Juliet seemed fully aware that she was nothing more than a rebound girl for Jack.  I guess that’s why she let him go so easily in season 4.

-I remember being pretty confused as to why The Others left Juliet, but my happiness that she was part of the group trumped that.  I didn’t even begin to question her loyalty.


-The opening scene where Juliet takes down Kate in The Others game room is awesome.

-I really enjoy the Cassidy Kate crossover flashback.  That was fun.  And Cassidy confirmed that she was pregnant.  I really hope that is season 5 we get to see Kate visit Cassidy and Clementine again, off the island.

-Juliet tells Kate that Jack saw her having sex with Sawyer and that broke his heart.


-Locke tells Kate that he’s leaving with The Others.  Locke says that he made a case for Kate saying that she was a good person.  He says that they told him what she did, and that they aren’t big on forgiveness.  Why would Locke bother fighting for Kate?  There’s no way The Others would take her, and she wouldn’t want to go.  What was he trying to accomplish?  Perhaps he said it to make her feel better.  It didn’t work.


-Sayid starts his little vendetta against Juliet.


-Jack doesn’t blame Kate for ruining his chances of getting off the island, he blames Locke.


-Sun is still giving Sawyer the stink eye in this episode.

108947_0199Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-This episode really reminded me of Alias.  All the girls, the cat-fight, the mud, general ridiculousness.  I actually liked Alias, but it did cross quite a few lines of reasonableness.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Smokey showed up in this episode as soon as Kate dislocated Juliet’s shoulder.  Was it trying to protect her or does it just not like violence?

-We also got to see a different side of Smokey.  He flashed Kate and Juliet once.  Who knows what it was doing.  Taking pictures or something?  It looked like cameras flashing or maybe floodlights, who knows.  That was very deliberate though.  The writers must have done that for a reason.

-We also saw the purpose of the sonic fence, to keep Smokey out of The Barracks.  I feel bad for all the Dharma employees who had to work outside of the fence.  The fence really reminds me of the fences from Jurassic Park.  It’s bound to conk out one of these days, and when it does, I hope they have a Jeep to hide in.

– Izi

6 Responses to “315 – Left Behind”

  1. 1 el bocha
    December 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    this is the first time i leave a comment here although i’ve been reading your reviews for quite awhile now. just wanted to say that i enjoy them and keep up the good work

  2. December 3, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    Wow, thank you very much. It’s nice to hear that people have been coming back.
    – izi

  3. 3 lvgirl
    December 4, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    I think that the flashing of Smokey was to perhaps read their hearts…Smokey seems to know if you are repentant or not, good in your heart or just putting on a show.

  4. 4 Rosie
    December 5, 2008 at 10:20 am

    “Hurley says that he conned Sawyer into being nice because he thinks Sawyer is the temporary leader.”

    Why was it so important to Hurley to force Sawyer into becoming a temporary leader for the Losties? I found that so stupid. If Hurley wanted a leader that badly, he should have taken up the mantle himself. There was nothing about Sawyer’s past on the island that should have automatically made him the new leader. Talk about a waste of time.

  5. December 5, 2008 at 11:17 am

    I think Sawyer would agree with you there. He obviously doubted his own leadership ability.
    I think that Hurley lacks the self-donfidence to be a leader. He’s very nice, but he’s also a pretty big pushover. Maybe someday he’ll step up.

  6. December 5, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Unless Hurley was helping prepare Sawyer, knowingly or unknowing, for what looks like the role he might be taking on after the Island’s “disappearance” . That and I don’t think Hurley likes anyone to feel “left out” of the group. 🙂

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