316 – One of Us



I didn’t see the end of this episode coming at all.  That was a huge shock.  I am very impressed with the writing of Juliet’s character.  The writers had the whole thing planned out from the first episode.  This kind of episode really inspires confidence.

As for the story, I loved it.  The survivors get a new Other to keep as a captive and we get to see how their perspective on them has changed over one season.  In season 2 they caught Ben and they tortured and kept him separated.  This season they have a definite Other and they essentially let her into the camp.

There’s also a bit of important info.  We find out that pregnant women on the island die during their pregnancy.  We get to see how Mikhail works.  We saw what it’s like to live with The Others.  What I thought was pretty interesting was the way that Ben used Jacob’s name to get power over people, and the effect it had on Juliet.  That was shocking.

This was a great episode.  8.0/10.0

316-juliet-hurley-01Character Impressions:


-Hurley really surprised me when he talked to Juliet.  I didn’t know that he could be that threatening.


-Ben gave Juliet a really rough job.  He sent her to do what he couldn’t do last season, get the survivors to trust her.  It’s nice that he had confidence in her, but it’s lucky that everyone fell for the con, if they didn’t she could have died.

-The moment when Ben find out he has a tumor is very important.  His face shows complete shock.  I’ll bet Jacob let it happen, the question is why.  It almost seems like ben thought that he was betrayed when he found out.  Did Ben do something to Jacob that would make him angry?  (This is a big hypothetical.)

316-juliet-ben-01-I was always confused as to why Ben wanted to keep Juliet around, I’m very thankful for that other flashback in season 4.


-Sawyer is acting nice and leaderish after that little con that Hurley pulled the other day.


-Juliet and Jack have so many unspoken conversations.  They just look at each other and they know what the other is thinking, it’s kinda creepy.

-This Juliet flashback continues immediately where the other one left off.  That’s good writing.  They had her flashbacks completely planned out.  It makes the character so much easier to understand.  The season one and two and even season three flashbacks were so fragmented that it was impossible to figure out which ones came first.

-Juliet shouldn’t have gone to the island.  And not just because she got stuck there for three years, also because her sister just got pregnant.  Would you travel to a mysterious location to do research if your first test subject was about to give birth, especially if it was your sister?

316-sayid-juliet-sawyer-01-Sayid asks Juliet who she is, and she says that Sayid would kill her if she told him everything.  Why would she say that?  Juliet was probably the most innocent out of all The Others, next to Alex maybe.

-Richard says that Juliet wants to go to the island because deep down she knows that it’s a special place.

-There are so many great Juliet moments in this episode:
When she breaks down in front of Ben, saying that he lied, and she wants to go home.  Her acting is amazing.   I’m rarely impressed with acting on Lost, it’s mostly overacting and extremely dramatic, but Elizabeth Mitchell is such a pro.
When she verbally disarms Sayid and Sawyer when they confront her.  The moment after that when she walks away from them the look on her face is awesome.  You would expect it to be a Ben-like look of supreme confidence, but at that moment you can see the old Juliet show through and she just looks scared.
“I’m already on my own Jack.”  Completely true.  Jack thought that he was protecting her, but if the other survivors wanted to they could have easily killed Juliet.
And that last scene where she’s tying her tarp up and they reveal that she’s lying to them all.  Those simple actions had so much behind them, it was just chilling to watch.


-Kate nearly got macheted by Sayid in this episode, at about 8 minutes in.  She really looked worried.


-Sayid tells Juliet he wants to know everything about The Others.  Yeah, like that’s going to happen.  Why do the writers even pretend that they are going to give info like that out.  It never happens.


-Jack tells Kate that he didn’t do much at The Others camp.  He kept his head down, and did what he was told.  That is amazing.  Can you imagine Jack just sitting back and not asking questions?  Not causing any trouble for The Others?

316-claire-charlie-01-“I trust her, that should be enough.”  That’s a scary thing to say.  How can he have that much confidence in himself?

-Why didn’t Jack let Juliet move in with him?  Was it too soon?


-Claire gets sick, I remember not caring at all.

-There is a moment where we suspend our disbelief in this episode.  When they Ben says that they activated the implant in Claire and she would be sick when Juliet got there.  It was just so outrageous.  I don’t usually complain about unrealistic parts of Lost, but that was a bit much.  I can see why the writers had to do it, but come on.


-Doesn’t is seem like Sun and Jin are always there when people come back to the beach?  They always go through that moment when people see them walk in and Sun and Jin are always there, they go up and hug each other in slow motion.  Aww, and the sad music is playing too.


-Juliet’s sister asks Richard to bring her sister back in one piece, Richard says forebodingly, “We’ll try our best.”

-I wonder how much work Richard and Ben put into getting Juliet to the island.  I can understand why, if they couldn’t have babies they must have been pretty desperate to fix that.  Juliet must have semed like a miracle worker.


-Ethan says that the trip to the island can be a little rough.  Hopefully we’ll get to see how rough in season 5 when Jack and everybody have to go back.

-This episode completely clears up the Ethan story.  This is a mystery that many people forget about.  But it was important.


-I always forget that Juliet was sleeping with Goodwin in this flashback.  I always thought that was an addition to the other flashback, but I guess all they added was Harper, Goodwin’s wife.


-Juliet looked so scared when Ben asked if Juliet didn’t have faith in Jacob.  I wonder what she knows about him, could she have met him?

-I don’t think that Jacob saved Juliet’s sister.  I think that was all a Ben story.  He said that Juliet’s sister was sick so that he could use that against her.  Suddenly she’s cured and Juliet owes Ben.


-It’s very interesting to watch Mikhail do his work, investigating all of the survivors from the plane.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-This is about the time when the freighter got to the island.  That’s pretty crazy to think about.  Michael is in the ocean just a little ways off the coast.

-Whenever I think about the pregnancy death I always think that it could be one of two things, it could have a scientific explanation, or it could be Jacob.
I’m leaning towards the Jacob explanation, as always.  I figure he must be punishing the Others for something, probably their way of life.  Locke is always promoting his “live off the land” approach to the island.  The Others are definitely not doing that.  They are still supplied by the Dharma Drops and they live in the Dharma Barracks.  So perhaps if Jacob agrees with Locke and he wants to them to live off the land he’s punishing them by not letting them reproduce.
As for the scientific explanation, it could be that Dharma screwed up the island with all their tests and experiments to so that now women die durting their pregnancies.  But that leads to the question, why can’t Juliet fix it?  Shouldn’t she be able to figure out why it’s happening if it’s scientific?

– Izi

2 Responses to “316 – One of Us”

  1. 1 Anon
    December 5, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Man, how hard would it be to carry out an affair in a little housing area like that? 😀

    “The moment when Ben find out he has a tumor is very important. His face shows complete shock. I’ll bet Jacob let it happen, the question is why. It almost seems like ben thought that he was betrayed when he found out. Did Ben do something to Jacob that would make him angry? (This is a big hypothetical.)”

    I think Jacob and the hostiles hated Ben focusing on fertility problems and living in the nice houses. IDK, they must be hippies or something XD

    “Shouldn’t she be able to figure out why it’s happening if it’s scientific?”

    She said something in S4 about the woman’s body treating the baby like a virus and attacking it and that it happens in the 2nd trimester. She gets interrupted but she was going to say I wonder what would happen if we took a pregnant woman OFF the island while pregnant and see what happens.

    Obviously we know that they’ll survive because Sun and her baby did.

    “-I don’t think that Jacob saved Juliet’s sister. I think that was all a Ben story. He said that Juliet’s sister was sick so that he could use that against her. Suddenly she’s cured and Juliet owes Ben.”

    Yeah, you’re right. The X rays Ben shows her are of a man. How Juliet didn’t notice is beyond me but pretty much proves he was lying. It was all too convenient anyway.

    “-Sayid asks Juliet who she is, and she says that Sayid would kill her if she told him everything. Why would she say that? Juliet was probably the most innocent out of all The Others, next to Alex maybe.”

    Off island, she’s innocent. Who knows what she did in the 3 years she was on island?

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