318 – D.O.C.



“Flight 815. They found the plane, there were no survivors, they were all dead.”  There was another one of those insane moments.  Oh what fun Naomi brings to the show.

This episode was a solid episode.  I usually hate Jin or Sun episodes but they made this one engaging enough (for me).

Sun went on an adventure with Juliet.  We heard a little more about The Others and their baby making problems.  We also learned that Sun conceived her baby on the island.  Juliet also did some more spying.

The flashback was my favorite Sun and Jin flashback.  That isn’t saying a lot, but I did actually like this one.

The B-story was extra fun though.  As I mentioned above, Naomi said her most famous line, which blew my mind.  But it also involved the return of Patchy.

Good episode 7.5/10.0

318-charlie-desmond-01Character Impressions:


-Desmond seems to respect The Others.  Jin and Charlie were crazy about not letting Patchy go.  Desmond promised him that he’d let him go, and he did.  He doesn’t show that kind of hate that the survivors all have.  And Desmond can count too, he tells Charlie that the survivors have killed more Others than the other way around.  This is the same point that Mr. Friendly brought up earlier this season.


-Hurley is dangerous.  He accidentally shoots a flare gun in this episode.  How is that even possible?


-Hurley starts playing with that satellite phone.  Oh that satellite phone, it’s made me roll my eyes a lot.


-I really thought that Juliet was leading Sun into a trap when she took her to The Staff.  I assume many people thought that too.

-Juliet tells Sun that the sperm count of men multiplies on the island.


-Why didn’t Naomi just speak English?  Was she that out of it?

318-naomi-01-“Flight 815. They found the plane, there were no survivors, they were all dead.”

-I’ve always thought that Naomi, or rather the actress who plays Naomi, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast of Lost, in a good way.  The cast is mostly full of white people, and if they are not white people, they are playing very Americanized characters.  There are exceptions, but not many.  but Naomi just stands out from the cast.  She just seems so unique compared to everyone else.  I think it was great casting.  They could have easily got another white girl to come swooping in, it wouldn’t have changed the story at all.  But they didn’t.   I enjoy the variety.


-Why is Jack wearing such a red shirt?  That seems a little… dangerous.  (see there’s a reason to be thankful that Boone was around.  If he hadn’t mentioned Redshirts you might not know what I’m talking about.  What a shame that would be.)



-I forgot about Sun’s debt to her father.  Mr. Paik said that Jin would have to pay it back by working for him.  So technically Jin’s thuggish job was actually Sun’s fault.  I had completely forgot about that.


-Sun gets rightly paranoid about her baby.  She starts getting worried that The Other are using Jack to get her baby.

-I actually liked Sun’s flashback.  This is the first time I ever have enjoyed one of Jin or Sun’s flashbacks.  Mr. Kwon was just so cute.  And the story with Jin’s mom blackmailing Sun was actually quite interesting.  I also enjoyed seeing Sun cornered, it makes her season 5 storyline seem more interesting.  She’ll probably have to be very aggressive in season 5 and it looks like she’ll be moderately interesting.


-The return of Mikhail is so unprecedented.  They just brought him in out of no where and for no specific purpose.  There was already a lot happening.  He’s still very welcome though.  I was thrilled to see that he hadn’t died.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


Flashforwards (what we know now):


-I mentioned earlier that Naomi threw me for a loop when she said that Oceanic was found and everyone died.  But at the same time I never really believed that it had gone into some kind of alternate universe or anything that crazy.  For some reason my mind never let me think of that.  I always kinda hoped that it was just some huge mistake.  How strange that at the one time when I was meant to come up with an insane theory all I came up with was that it was likely just an accident.

– Izi

2 Responses to “318 – D.O.C.”

  1. 1 Anon
    December 10, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    “Hurley is dangerous. He accidentally shoots a flare gun in this episode. How is that even possible?”

    A few fans think he might be secretly the bad guy. Because who would you suspect the least out of all the survivors? Probably Claire and Hurley. Also this flare gun incident reminds me of The Beginning of the End where he throws the satellite phone into the ocean for really no reason.

  2. 2 Jason
    January 9, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Granted it was a pretty good Sun/Jin flashback, as it gives more backstory to why they lived the lives they did before the island, in the mythology of the series this didn’t bring much to the table. We now know that the whole pregnancy subplot was abandoned, and while Naomi had a few lines, we really didn’t get to learn a whole lot about her or the freighter people.

    On a side note, Jins’s dad may be one of the very few good dads in the entire series. That scene with Sun and Jin’s dad was the highlight of this episode for me.

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