320 – The Man Behind the Curtain



After rewatching this episode I noticed that it is the basis of many of my theories and many of other peoples theories too.  This episode is wonderfully vital and full of info.  I think everyone should rewatch it because it is insanely important.

We see Ben’s childhood with the Dharma Initiative.  We see the Dharma Initiative!!  We also see The Purge.

In the main timeline we see Ben starting to lose authority with The Others.  Locke takes full advantage of his new upper hand against Ben.  Locke get’;s to meet Jacob.  And we get to see him for half a second.

And at the very end Locke gets shot.

Oh and Juliet comes clean to the beach camp.

Insane episode 10.0/10.0

Character Impressions:



-Why does Ben hate being called a liar?  Most of the time it’s true.

-Ben says at the beginning of this episode that he was born on the island.  In his first flashback sequence we see that it is untrue because he is born just outside Portland (Oregon I presume).  But what if one of my crazier theories is true.  A while ago I came up with a theory saying that at one time the island was in Portland.  And that at some point someone found the Frozen Donkey Wheel and moved the land mass that we now know as the island.  What if they were at some point in Portland.  Richard makes a point of saying “We’re not in Portland anymore.”  What if they were once.  What if Ben is telling the truth and he was technically born on the same landmass that we now call the island.  (note, if you’re a betting individual then I wouldn’t put much money on this theory, it’s major weakness is that it’s almost impossible to show on screen.)  See my Island Movement Theory for more info.

320-olivia-volcano-01-I found it hilarious when we found out that Roger Workman was the skeleton in the VW van.  It was less hilarious once we found out how he died.

-Ben learns about volcanic eruptions, Annie says, “Like the volcano on this island.”  “But that was a long time ago,” says the teacher.  Guess what, I have a theory about that too, my Locke vs the Volcano theory.

-Ben’s childhood is very Harry Potter-ish.  I guess that could just be the glasses though.

-Ben hears the whispers when he’s in the jungle as a child.

-Ben is pretty rude to Jacob.  He treats him like a child, it’s very odd.  Even after the display of power Ben says to him, “that’s enough, you’ve had your fun.”



-I guess this episode is also the reason why I came up with my Diane=Annie theory too.

-When Annie gives Ben the doll for his birthday, it seems like they are never going to see each other again.  Could she have left the island soon after that?  We don’t see her again after that point.  Hopefully another flashback will settle that.

-Wouldn’t it be so disappointing if we found out that Annie was killed in The Purge.


-It’s surprising that Juliet was able to avoid getting killed by the survivors.  They caught her red-handed.


-I like Naomi’s clear-headedness.  Since she wasn’t as jaded as the survivors.  Obviously it’s all just an act, but it’s interesting to watch what’s happening at the camp from a new perspective.



-I really anjoy it when Locke accidentally undermines all of Ben’s authority by saying that Ben’s going to take him to go se Jacob.  All the secondary Others, like Mikhail, Tom and Richard are all really pissed off when they see that Locke gets to talk to Jacob, I imagine that they want to see him too.

-Ben seemed very surprised when Ben couldn’t see Jacob.  Could it be that Locke has something lacking, some important quality missing so that he can’t see Jacob.  He does eventually hear him but it takes a while.

-It is so shocking when Ben shoots Locke.  It just came out of no where.


-I’m going to do a lot of presuming and just combine Jacob and Horace.  If you want to read about my reasons for that check out my Jacob is Horace Goodspeed theory.

-Horace seems to be very interested in Ben.  He was there they day he was born, and apparently he is the reason why Ben and his father were brought to the island and were able to join the Dharma initiative.  He seems like more of a father figure than Ben’s real father.

320-horace-01-Horace says that the Dharma people don’t even know who The Hostiles are.  They are just the natives.

-“Jacob feels the same way about technology as you do”, referring to Locke.  If Jacob did hate technology then why didn’t Ben feel the same way.  It seems like Ben is disobeying Jacob about this.

-My Jacob is a Magnet theory is also based on this episode.  Although it seems horribly misnamed after this episode.  But I still do believe the basis of the theory, that Jacob draws energy from things like batteries and other artificial energy sources and has some sort of telikinetic ability.

-I don’t know if it’s just me, but the scene where Ben walks into the Barracks and looks at all the dead people and then goes to Horace seems very important.  He walks by everyone else and goes to him and closes his eyes.  Even if he’s not Jacob I still think that he’s very important (I do still think he’s Jacob).



-“You do remember birthdays, don’t you Richard?”  If that’s not a hint, then I don’t know what is.

-Ben says that Richard doesn’t know where Jacob is, he can’t talk to him.

-Richard is looking very piratey in this episode.

-Richard finds it amazing that Ben can see his mom on the island.


-Another return of Mikhail.

-I don’t understand why Locke thought he had to beat Mikhail up.  Apparently he was proving a point, but I don’t know what the point was.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-After this episode aired, I told all my friends that they gave Richard long hair to make him look younger.  I’m glad to say that I don’t believe that anymore.

-My original Jacob theory was pretty simple.  I thought that Jacob was nothing but smoke and mirrors and that it was all trickery.  This made sense to me because it implied that Ben was “The man behind the curtain”, just like in the Wizard of Oz.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

109576_023-The jump forward in time between Ben’s childhood and The Purge is quite major.  I expect that we will see a flashback or ten about what happened in that time.

-I really feel sorry for the Dharma people, all we’ve ever seen of them is that they are just hippies.  I hope at one point we get to see them as evil people so that I don’t have to feel sorry for them.

-Ben says that he’s one of the people who were smart enough to leave the Dharma Initiative and not die with them.  I wonder who else left.  Annie I presume, I can’t imagine who else though.

– Izi

6 Responses to “320 – The Man Behind the Curtain”

  1. 1 Anon
    December 15, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    “Why does Ben hate being called a liar? Most of the time it’s true.”

    Does anyone liked being called that? I think even the worst liar in the world would still be offended 😀 It just really hits home for some reason.

    * I thought it was silly how Roger just sat there while Ben got the gas out and stuff. He could’ve easily just got out of the car but he just watched as Ben puts on his gas mask. I’d have bolted by then 😛

    “Ben’s childhood is very Harry Potter-ish. I guess that could just be the glasses though.”

    It’s definitely the glasses but I also didn’t consider how much his childhood really was like HPs. The dead parent, the neglectful parent (not in the HP books but similar), the powers only he seemed to have, the love interest he couldn’t be with (like how he broke up with Ginny to keep her safe) and I guess there’s Voldemort/Widmore parallels too 😀

    Annie – I came up with this way out there theory about Annie.

    Widmore owned the island. Annie’s Widmore’s daughter too (making her Penny’s sister) and he bought her to the island when she was very young (notice she’s very experienced with the way things are). Widmore would come and go from the island whenever he wanted but he wouldn’t let Annie leave. Annie and Ben became close and eventually married. Annie somewhat knew how obsessed Ben was with eventually ruling the island and how consumed he was with the island’s power. She didn’t like it and tried to stop him visiting Jacob all the time.

    She got pregnant but the island made her miscarry so she began to despise the island because it not only took away her baby, it was slowly taking away her man. Then one day Ben comes back to the Barracks with newborn Alex, and he and Annie raise her for a few years. The fertility problems continue now for the whole of the Initiative and Richard is planning to purge them so the natives can rule again. Ben is adamant about not purging, because of Alex and Annie. Richard insists Alex will be okay but never promises Annie’s safety. Annie overhears this and heads to Mikhail. She knows he can contact the outside world but can he leave? He comes clean and tells her about the submarine (she was too young to remember she came to the island in it) and she makes her plans to leave. Ben lets her because he knows that’s the only way she’ll survive.

    Before she leaves she tells Alex to never agree with her father if she feels he’s doing the wrong thing or too consumed with the island – we see that attitude in her all through the show – what if the reason Ben let her act that way was because it reminded him of Annie?

    She leaves and goes to live with Penny for a while, meeting Des and enjoying a normal life but still missing Ben. Eventually Des goes missing and Annie thinks he may have landed on the island so sets out to help Penny find him whilst telling Penny everything about the island. Charles does not know she’s off the island. Eventually, when Penny rescues Des and the O6, Annie is on that boat too, meets the O6 and helps them form the big lie. She tries to ask them about the island but none of them will budge, too disturbed by it all. She is shocked when one of them mentions John Locke however, because Richard and Ben had been working together to try to get him to the island for years.

    After the week on the boat, she, Penny and Des sail around for a while, then Annie gets a call from Kate saying she’d feel better if Annie lived in L.A (they became good friends). Annie goes to live in L.A and Kate eventually stays with Annie after breaking up with Jack. As time goes on, it becomes clear the O6 want to go back to the island, something that scares Annie so she backs out and breaks all contact with them. One night Penny calls her and tells her someone tried to kill her, she’s okay but injured. Annie feels guilty for leaving Penny and heads to her and Des. They decide the only safe place for Penny and Des to be is…the island.

    Somehow, Des, Penny and Annie arrive at the island before the 06 do (Pen and Annie have seriously mad navigational skillz) and make friends with the left behinders thanks to Des. Locke has left the island, Annie is a little disappointed to have missed meeting the “special” one. Annie heads back to the barracks for the first time in years and breaks into Ben’s house and sees his pictures of Alex as a teen. Very emotional. She heads back to the beach camp where everyone is and doesn’t tell anyone about her past. One day Richard comes to the camp and is less than pleased to see Annie again but doesn’t reveal who she is. Things are going swimmingly otherwise and Annie even tells Sawyer that Kate is still alive AND is keeping his promise.

    One early morning, Annie is asleep on the beach when she hears some voices. She opens her eyes and can see the O6 coming up the shore with a coffin. The voices wake the rest of the camp and it’s reunion time. Annie heads back to her tent and gets something out of her backpack. She heads back out, a little upset at all the reunions with no one to greet her (Kate’s busy with Sawyer lol) and then she sees Ben. They hug, tears everywhere, and we see Annie is holding her Ben doll. It’s all very sweet then suddenly Annie hears a muffled cry. Then a thud. Another. And another. She opens her eyes and breaks away from Ben. Staring at…the coffin. The thuds and cries get more frantic. Sayid opens the coffin and Locke bursts out, gasping for air. He stands up, shakes himself off, looks back at all the stunned faces.

    “Hello, again”.



    It’s out there but it’d be a great way to re-introduce her as a main character. I think with her around Ben wouldn’t be so manipulative/evil either. Also, it would be interesting for when/if Widmore gets back to the island and his two daughters are there and one is Ben’s girlfriend. Then Annie would have to choose who’s side she’s on. Anyway, hope you like my massive theory 😛

  2. December 15, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    That is awesome and a half! Can I post this as a Foreign Theory? I’d pretty much just copy and paste it from here.
    Seriously that is insanely well thought out.
    Here’s a possibly bump in the road. What if Ben succeeds in killing Penny? Or what if she finds out about that? That could be potentially awkward.
    – izi

  3. 3 Anon
    December 16, 2008 at 1:14 am

    😀 Thanks so much! That’s pretty much what’s kept me occupied for this hiatus, creating a story for Annie 😀 And sure you can post it! Thanks so much!

    I thought about the Penny issue – my best bet would be after reuniting with Annie, they’d talk about it and he’d say he just said it while he was grieving for Alex and would never have actually followed through. I could also think of another option to do with something I’ve heard about S5 but you’re spoiler free, aren’t you?

    Heh, just re-reading my theory, I could actually go into more detail like with Richard and Annie’s relationship, Annie’s position amongst them all once they’re all back and how Annie views the island if you wanted? Or will I break the blog? 😀

  4. 4 Anon
    December 16, 2008 at 1:17 am

    Argh, one more thing I forgot to add : the reason Ben kept Juliet prisoner was that he hated himself for just simply letting Annie go and couldn’t bare to do the same thing again.

  5. 5 missscarlett
    December 16, 2008 at 9:05 am

    “the reason Ben kept Juliet prisoner was that he hated himself for just simply letting Annie go and couldn’t bare to do the same thing again”

    I could see that — or that he was just unwilling to let go of any of his power this time around!

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