321 – Greatest Hits



Whenever I think back, I always think that Charlie dies in this episode.  He doesn’t, but this episode is a great build up to his death.  I was fine with Charlie dying and I think he has a good death, so this episode works for me.

I like the flashbacks in this episode because they are easy to ignore.  And in an episode as crazy as this that’s a good thing.  This episode is dense with story set-ups for the finale.  It’s all preparation and planning and there was no room for complicated flashback, so I’m glad they through in these filler flashbacks.

The non-Charlie elements were not terribly exciting, a few wrenches were thrown into Jacks plan and a bunch of characters argued about their roles in the plans but that was about it.  This episode did a great job of setting up the season3 finale.  It was also a satisfying conclusion to Charlies stories.


321-desmond-charlie-01Character Impressions:


-Desmond had a pretty rough decision.  Almost everything he does in the show is motivated by his desire to meet Penny again.  But in this episode he’s faced with the choice of seeing Penny or letting Charlie stay with Claire.  That’s really rough.  (He believed that he had a similar choice in Catch 22, but it wasn’t quite the same.)

321-charlie-hurley-01-Was it really necessary for Charlie to paddle Desmond in the face?  He could have tried to insist first and then resorted to blunt weapons.


-The scene with Hurley and Charlie is too sad.  (A tear.)


-Ben says that Jacob told him to move up the schedule and kidnap the women early.  Is there any reason to believe that?  I bet he’s putting words into Jacob’s mouth.


-I’m surprised that Juliet knew about The Looking Glass Dharma station.


-Naomi subtly asks about The Others.


-That’s kinda cute that the world made a big deal about Charlie after he “died” in the crash of Oceanic 815.  That would be moderately satisfying for him to know that he made it big.\.

321-charlie-nadia-01-The little backstory behind Charlies DS ring is pretty ridiculous.

-Nadia has a run in with Charlie.  Kinda cool.

-As I recall, in season 1 Charlie tells Boone that he can’t swim, that was his excuse for not going to save a drowning woman.  Hmm, not so friendly after all.


-Jack leads absolutely everyone out into the jungle to show off his plan.  It’s pretty rare for the whole cast to be in one place at one time.

321-jack-explosion-01-I really hate these stressful dynamite moments.  When they are moving it by hand they put on that crazy music to amp up the pressure.


-Desmond says that he sees Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter and leave the island.  I’m still confused about that.  Season 4 was the perfect opportunity for that to happen, there were many opportunities for that kind of scene, with Frank and his helicopter.  I guess we’ll have to wait for season 6.  (I assume that Desmond wasn’t lying when he told Charlie all of this.)


-Charlie tried to give his ring to Aaron, but Aaron never got it, did he?  He put it in his crib, then Claire took Aaron and didn’t see the ring so she left it.  In season 4 she goes to The Barracks with Locke and Aaron only makes it to beach for a few seconds later in season 4 and no one ever mentions the ring again.



-Alex saves the day again.  She hears that Ben orders the death of any men who try to stop them, so she tries to save all of them.


-Poor Karl gets tackled by Sayid.  That kid has a rough life.



-Richard tries to ask Ben, “What happened out there?  Did John see-”  then he gets cut off by Ben.  I assume he was going to ask if Locke had seen Jacob.  Could that be all it takes to be chosen by Jacob?  All you have to do is see him?


-I’m unhappy that they used dynamite just to show off Jack’s plan.


-Awww, Rose and Bernard are back and they are looking as cute as ever.


-Bernard staying behind was an odd choice.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):


-Couldn’t they have just cut the wire to cut off the power to The Looking Glass?  That would be pretty dangerous, but probably just as dangerous as diving down there.  And without power they couldn’t block any signals…right?
(I’m willing to ignore these things because it’s not worth making a big deal about this kind of writing, without it the show would be deadly dull.)

-It’s kinda funny how in season four they have a very similar format, in the episode leading up the finale they have fragmented Locke flashbacks from all the different stages of his life, and then he is shown dead in the next episode.  Still I didn’t get the hints though, I didn’t expect Locke to be in the coffin.

-People are, apparently, still sad about Charlies death.  I am completely happy about it.  Charlie had nothing left to contribute to the show.  I liked the character at the beginning, we needed a likable cool(ish) character that we could relate to.  But after his drug addiction was dragged out for way to long and his romance with Claire was set up, there was nothing left for him to do.
They could have kept him around and made him one of the Oceanic 6 (or 7) that would have given more life to the character, but they had to cut the cast back in some way and I’ll bet they looked at the paychecks and cut the biggest one with the least potential, and that was Charlie.
For you people who are still sad about it, well at least it was a relatively satisfying death with a purpose, that’s rare in this show.  Also it was nice that it didn’t come out of no where.  We had warning and it was done in a tasteful non-shocking way.

– Izi

5 Responses to “321 – Greatest Hits”

  1. 1 Anon
    December 17, 2008 at 4:36 am

    I was glad to see Charlie go too. Well, not GLAD to see anyone drown but I was SO sick of him by then. His death is kinda sad though, especially with Des trying to save him =[

    Man, just to think the biggest game changer in the show was only an episode away…

    Oh, and who did you think was in the coffin? I had no idea whatsoever, I knew it wasn’t Michael (too insignificant) and I knew it wouldn’t be Ben (TOO significant :D) so the only people I could think of were Walt or Sayid.

  2. December 17, 2008 at 10:04 am

    I thought it would be Michael for a long time. But then I really wanted it to be Sayid. I was very shocked when they revealed it was Locke.

  3. December 22, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Hi Izi,

    Sayid said,( when he, Jack and Juliet were looking at the “blueprints” he found at The Flame Station) that the cable that was on the Island was just an anchor cable that kept the Looking Glass connected to the Island. So, I don’t think there was power going through it.

    At the time, I was thinking the same thing about cutting the cable too.

    Those LOST writers… one step ahead again 🙂

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