403 – The Economist



This episode is secretly an episode of Alias.  Seriously, it really seems like it.  Having a character go under cover then fall in love and get burned is a very basic Alias plot-line.  That’s not a bad thing, these writers are much better than the Alias writers so they do a better job.  And I’m sure they’ll have bigger plans with Sayid.  In season 5 I expect many more episodes like this one.

On the island there is a little bit of character shuffling.  Charlotte and Miles trade places, Kate goes to the Barracks, Sayid and Desmond head out to the freighter on Frank’s helicopter, and Daniel and Charlotte decide to stay on the island.

Daniel gets to have a lot of fun on the island.  He conducts a test with surprising and worrisome results.  Uh-oh, if only we knew what he was talking about

Most of the exciting things happened in the flashforward.  But no matter how exciting it was the falshforward only accomplished two things, it told us that Sayid was one of the Oceanic 6 and that he’s killing people for Ben.  For being such an intense story it didn’t reveal a lot.

Moderately good episode 7.0/10.0

Character Impressions:


-Daniel’s little experiment with the “payload” and the “beacon” led me to believe that my Narmian Time theory was correct.  It turns out it wasn’t.

-Now that I see his experiment again I think it might mean that the safe bearing may be changing or closing.  That would explain what happens in The Constant.

-I can’t tell you how much I doubt that Daniel is in love with Charlotte.


403-hurley-01-Naomi’s cover story was that she was looking for Desmond.  That’s all it was right?  She didn’t have some kind of side mission did she.  I can imagine that Charles might want Desmond dead, but we have no way of knowing that Naomi was actually trying to do it.


-Using Hurley as a fake banished character was clever.  Locke knew that anyone would believe Hurley, and how could you not?



-When Sayid found Ben’s secret room it was so confusing.  Suddenly Ben was a secret agent.  It made it seem like Ben could get off the island on a whim and return the same day.

-I like that mysteries like why Sayid is working for Ben were explained early on.  It makes the season more cohesive.


-Charlotte decides to stay behind because she had a lot of work to do.  Hmm, interesting.  If anyone had a reason to leave the island it was her.


-Sawyer hits the nail on the head, he tells Kate, “I ain’t looking to leave… cause I ain’t got nothing back there for me.”  Not completely true, but I can see why he wouldn’t want to go back to Cassidy and Clementine.  And it’s completely true that he has a better quality of life on the island (besides the murders).


-I like it when Juliet and Desmond see the helicopter.  Those two have the biggest desire to get off the island it’s fun to see how excited they are.


-Sawyer tells Kate that she has nothing left in the real world either.  She somehow disagrees with him.  I guess that’s her desire to run coming back again.  Surely she realized that if she went back they would put her on trial for the murder and all the other things.  She barely made it through that trial.  And even if she did get off she wouldn’t have been happy.  The only reason why she was remotely happy off the island was because she had Aaron (cue Rosie’s comment).  Her motivation for leaving is completely unknown to me.


-Miles sees the swingset in the Barracks and asks, if they had a daycare.  Back in the day I thought this was another jab at the inability to have babies thing.  Now I just think that it’s just a throw-away joke that the writers threw in there as a diversion.

-Hurley says that Miles is the new Sawyer, that was a good comparison.  They do have very similar personalities.

-This episode has proof that Miles isn’t psychic.  I know this seems a little out of the blue, but some people think that if he can talk to dead people he must be psychic, but if he was psichic he would have seen through Hurley’s lies.


-Look at the picture to the right.  Sayid finally cut his fingernails!

-The bracelet thing on Naomi and Sayid’s “girlfriend” in the flashforward was a complete mess.  It means nothing and yet they made it seem extremely important.  I can’t imagine what the writers were thinking.  I get that they wanted to have a trigger for a flashforward so they used a prop like that, but it was terribly distracting.  And they must know us fans well enough to know that we’d jump n something like that.

-I enjoy how upfront Sayid is in his flashback about being one of the Oceanic 6.

-The guy that Sayid kills at the beginning has a lot of guilt about Oceanic 815, I wonder why.  It is highly likely that he was involved in the cover-up along with Charles Whidmore.

-“The day I start trusting him, is the day I have sold my soul.”  wonderful irony.

-Did Sayid end up killing The Economist?  That’s the real question.  I doubt it, Elsa did manage to warn him.


-Elsa tells Sayid that her boss is very old fashioned that’s why she has to use a pager.  What does old-fashioned mean?  Could he be from the past too?

-I’ve always assumed that Elsa’s boss was Whidmore, but after watching this episode again, there is no hint that it is.  It could have been anyone that Ben was targeting.

(-I just saw this actress in a movie, In Bruges, and she looks way better with dark hair, believe you me.)

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

403-sayid-02-I’m pretty sure that they tried to disguise Ben’s voice as Christian’s in this episode.  That was the first person I thought it was when we herad him on the phone.  Of course now it’s obivously Ben’s voice.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Another list was introduced into this episode, Ben’s list of “bad” men.  Apparently Sayid is hunting them down.  He’s killed at least one of them, and I’m pretty sure that the final one will be Charles Whidmore.

– Izi


4 Responses to “403 – The Economist”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    December 26, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    “Now that I see his experiment again I think it might mean that the safe bearing may be changing or closing. That would explain what happens in The Constant.”

    I was thinking about the time difference thingy and your theory fits in with it because the payload was only off over a half hour, wasn’t it? But then when Desmond, Sayid and Frank leave for the freighter like a day passes before they phone back and the Dr. washes up on the Island before he is killed.
    So is the Island constantly moving in space/time? Or is there just entirely too much math for me to understand this time discrepancy business??

    “If anyone had a reason to leave the island it was her.” What was her reason to leave?

    Oh Izi – besides the murders! You want some comment controversy!

    Kate’s motivation to leave is curious — maybe because she Couldn’t run on the Island? Hmmmm…

    Interestingly, in the Darleton commentary of Season 4’s Finale they commented on how impressed they were with Evangeline Lily’s encompassing the growth they wrote for Kate from self involved to self sacrificing Mother. So…people that doubt Kate really loves Aaron are a mite confused. Adoptive parents love their children, sometimes better than birth parents. But I digress.

    Whoa! Sayid did get his nails cut. Those Freighter Folk must have packed some toiletries with their gas masks. Thank goodness!

    -”The day I start trusting him, is the day I have sold my soul.” wonderful irony

    That was the moment I knew he was working for Ben! I still think Ben totally orchestrated Nadia’s death — what would Widmore gain from that? In fact, Widmore has only lost because of that but…Sayid is likely not thinking too clearly. And Ben is a master manipulator. His smirk when he walks away from Sayid tells it all.

    Oh they totally disguised his voice – even in the vet office. They do it with Kate and Juliet too later on and that time I almost had a stroke!
    How awesome would that be if Sayid did get a call from Christian? He would be taking a major leap into the modern for that cabin, considering Jacob only likes lantern light!

    Good question about the Economist. Hold the phone! I am just remembering: Jeremy Bentham was an Economist. So…was this chick working for off Island Locke? Why would Ben oppose him? Just for the leadership thing? Still mad at Jacob? He has tried to kill Locke before…
    Or…a red herring?

    Either way I hope we find out next Season who Elsa worked for.

    Ben and his lists!

  2. 2 el bocha
    December 26, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    ” -I’m pretty sure that they tried to disguise Ben’s voice as Christian’s in this episode. That was the first person I thought it was when we herad him on the phone. Of course now it’s obivously Ben’s voice. ”

    I don’t wanna sound like a smartass or anything but I totally figured out it was Ben’s voice from the moment he started to speak. It really screw the shocker ending for me. I think they did a very bad job trying to alter Ben’s voice, they could’ve done it so much better. I’m thinking it would have worked better if Ben didn’t speak at all, it would have made the scene much more powerful.
    Anyway, very good episode, it was Sayid’s best episode yet

  3. 3 Anon
    December 27, 2008 at 12:53 am

    I had no idea it’d be Ben. He’s the last person I think anyone thought would be off the island. I wasn’t back into Lost fully at this stage so I remember not really caring who his boss was until the reveal lol. I think I thought it might be Locke though…some say Elsa’s boss was/is Locke.

  4. 4 Rosie
    December 31, 2008 at 12:36 am

    “The only reason why she was remotely happy off the island was because she had Aaron (cue Rosie’s comment). Her motivation for leaving is completely unknown to me.”

    It is possible that the island scares Kate . . . and probably other Losties like Jack and Sayid. Perhaps they sense that the island has the potential to force them to face the truth about themselves and they fear this. Especially Kate. After all, isn’t Kate known for running? Perhaps this is why she has been eager to get off the island since Season One.

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