406 – The Other Woman



This episode and the next one are probably the least important out of all the season 4 episodes.  They are the closest thing to filler that we will probably see.  But that doesn’t mean they are bad episodes.

This one deals with Juliet and Ben’s relationship.  We get to see Juliet’s third, and likely final, on-island flashback.  This fills in the blanks in the last flashback.   And while this episode is good because it shows what a terrible and at times frightening time Juliet had on the island, it also shows a lot of Ben’s power.  We see him get revenge on Juliet for not falling in love with him, we see him assert his authority over her (in one of his creepiest scenes ever), and we see what Charlotte and Daniel feel about him.

Charlotte and Daniel take up most of the story on the island.  They strike out on their own on a mission to protect themselves and everyone else on the island.  They disable The Tempest station so that Ben can’t use it again to kill everyone on the island.

A few of the lines caught my attention.  Claire mentions the Hot-word “hostile” in reference to Locke’s group, this could be foreshadowing for season 5.  Ben and Juliet talk about Jacob’s list.  And Harper says that Juliet looks just like her.  All potentially important stuff.


406-daniel-01Character Impressions:


-Daniel had a good map of the island.  I assume it was from his notebook.  It had the locations of some of the Dharma stations.

-I love Daniel’s reaction to Juliet barging into the Tempest station, “Juliet, what are you doin here?”


-Hurley and Sawyer have a great moment when they are playing horseshoes and they see Ben walking around with a smile on his face.  Ben says, “see you guys at dinner.”


-Harper asks what Juliet thinks of Ben.  Juliet says, “he’s been really good to me”,  Harper says, “of course he has, you look just like her.”  Then she immediately changes the subject.  (see below)

-“I always have a plan.”

-Apparently Ben tells Locke that Michael is his man on the Freighter, offscreen, of course .

-Ben is ultra creepy during his dinner with Juliet.

-But that’s nothing compared to how creepy he was when he brought her to Goodwin’s body.  “How can you possibly not understand, that you’re mine!”  Whew, that was a new level of scary.

406-charlotte-juliet-daniel-01-I wonder if Ben wants to go back to the island to get Juliet back.  Sure he wants control of the island, but he also desperately wants to hold on to Juliet.  I tend to forget about his obsession with her.


-Again they have an Alias-like girl fight with Juliet, this time with Charlotte.  Charlotte seems like she was trying to kill her.  Pretty rough.

-Charlotte says that she wanted to render it inert so that Ben can’t use it against everyone on the island.  “We know he’s used it before.”  I wonder how much they know about that.


-Juliet had way too much pressure when she came to the island.  Everyone expected her to succeed in solving their pregnancy problem.

-Juliet was building a permanent type shelter on the beach.  Sun asked why and Juliet said that she might as well be comfortable for the time being.

-Right before Harper appears, Juliet hears the Whispers.  She seems quite unfamiliar with them.  This time I think the Whispers are the same ones that surround The Others.

406-juliet-goodwin-01-“It’s very stressful being an Other.”

-Juliet actually seemed happy when she was with Goodwin.  It was nice to see her happy, on the island, for once.

-I’m pretty sure that Juliet knew in this episode that Jack didn’t love her anymore.

-Juliet was put in charge of two of the children from the tail section.


-Goodwin implies that it is someone else’s fault that women die during their pregnancies.  He was saying it to make Juliet feel better, but it seemed like he knew who was responsible.  Is it Jacob?  Could it be Ben?  Maybe Mr. Whidmore did it (before he left).

-So Goodwin got a chemical burn on his arm and lied about it.  What’s up with that?  He got it at The Tempest.  I wonder if perhaps there was some sort of revolt going on against Ben.  Maybe people like Goodwin and Richard were conspiring against him.



-Oh those eyebrows.

-The writers wanted us to believe that she was Smokey when she first appeared.  They confirmed that it wasn’t, but still, how did she get there?

-Harper says that Ben sent her.  That’s most definitely impossible, it must have been Richard.

-As crazy as Harper is, she’s pretty clever.  She knew that Ben would lash out at Goodwin if Juliet continued to sleep with him.



-Locke got Ben’s file on Whidmore.  I wonder how much was in that file.  I seriously doubt it was everything Ben knew about him.


-Jack gets very aggressive towards Juliet in this episode.  Suddenly he’s extremely inquisitive about her life as an Other.


-Claire says a fun little line.  She’s talking to Locke about Miles, explaining to him why the Freighter Folk won’t talk to them and she says, “You killed one, Ben shot one, now we’re holding one prisoner.  You know, it’s not hard to understand why they might think we’re hostile.”  Then Locke does his mysterious face.  Could this be foreshadowing the survivors transformation into The Hostiles?

406-mr-whidmoreMr. Whidmore

-Ben shows Locke the proof that Charles us the bad guy.  I’m quickly beginning to to doubt that he’s bad.  Sure he killed a guy in what appears to be some sort of Chinatown.  We see Ben do worse than that.  And almost everything we know about him depends on Ben’s word and Desmond’s perspective.

-Locke, “how does Whidmore know about the island?”  Ben, “I don’t know.”  Lies, all lies.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Ben and Juliet discuss The List, I assume that’s Jacob’s list.  Ben says, “who are we to question who’s on the list?”

301-sarah-02-Now would be a good time to tell all of you about my old theory about Juliet and Sarah.  I came up with this theory after I watched this episode the first time.  Originally I thought it was great.  But the more I talked about it the more ridiculous it seemed.  I don’t really promote it anymore because it’s highly unlikely.
This theory is based on two thowaway lines in the show.  Way back in season 3 Ben is talking to Jack and he says that Juliet bears a striking resemblance to Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah.  In this episode Harper tells Juliet that the reason why Ben is infatuated with her is because “you look just like her”.  The first comment was part of Ben’s mind-game.  The second comment definitely has very serious potential and should not be ignored.  What I propose is that we form a theory with these two lines.  You can probably see where I’m going with this.  I believe that Juliet looks like Sarah and that Sarah has had some sort of major effect on Ben’s life.  Perhaps Ben is the person that Sarah left Jack to be with.  We actually saw that man’s face and it wasn’t Ben, but perhaps that other man wasn’t her new boyfriend.  I really don’t know about this stuff.  What I do know is that Sarah is very important and that Juliet resembles her.  Perhaps she also resembles Annie or some other woman in Ben’s life (perhaps his mother), I’m sure it will be important in the future.

– Izi

8 Responses to “406 – The Other Woman”

  1. 1 Anon
    January 2, 2009 at 4:15 am

    Hey, how come you skipped The Constant?

    “The writers wanted us to believe that she was Smokey when she first appeared. They confirmed that it wasn’t, but still, how did she get there?”

    The island projected her in the same way it projected Walt to Locke in the Dharma ditch in S3. The island hates Ben now so it wanted to use Juliet to stop Dan and Charlotte and ruin Ben’s plan. If that even was his plan…why would he want to kill everyone? Especially since the reason he doesn’t run out to save Alex’s life in Shape of Things to Come is because he knows the survivors will be killed. He actually does a lot to try to keep them all alive for a “bad” guy.

    So I think the diva island was just pissed off that day 😀

  2. January 2, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Hey Izi,

    I think you are definitely on to something. IMO, Sarah may actually be a bigger player in this story than we’ve been lead to believe. Who knows? Maybe she got a hold of Richard’s ” Anti Aging Formula with B12 Extract” and she is actually Annie? 😉 ( Although, I do like your ” Diane theory” a lot ) . I don’t think the guy she was with after she bailed Jack out of jail was her “other man” either. ( Season 3 Ep. 1) ( I had a theory a while back that Ethan Rom was her “other man” … being he was a kind of “bizarro world” Dr. Jack and that his name/other man are anagrams. ) And I’m still very curious about them showing a very pregnant Sarah in the Season 3 Finale. Who’s the father? That child may become pretty important to the story as well.

    Two more seasons…anything can happen. And I’m looking forward to it doing just that! 🙂

  3. January 2, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Whoa, thanks for telling me, I forgot to hit publish. My favourite episode and I didn’t even check to see if it was on the site. Here it is: https://ncjl.wordpress.com/2008/12/31/405-the-constant/

    When they showed Sarah pregnant in the season 3 finale I was sure that she was very imnportant. It was just so out of the blue.
    Good thinking with that Ethan Rom/Other Man business. I’m terrible with anagrams so all those Lost anagrams go right over my head.

  4. 4 missscarlett
    January 2, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Harper has more than those eyebrows against her – she is so rude! I don’t care for Juliet much but Harper was so mean to her before she was with Goodwin.

    The whole “she looks like her” thing is so lame. Do those people really think all blondes look alike? Because that is the only thing similar between Sarah and Juliet. Their faces, bodies are different shapes – they have different hair and different coloured eyes. What the?
    Annie of course we don’t know yet – we haven’t seen her grown up self yet — and I really hope we do.

    I figured Ben was making a very bad attempt at forcing a connection between Jack and Juliet because he knew he wasn’t over Sarah.
    I cannot imagine Jack’s reaction if he found out Ben was the Other Man! Eegads – shooting Locke in the face was a glimpse of over-the-top-Jack – poor Ben.

    I thought Ethan Rom’s anagram name was a clue that he was not who he was claiming to be. Though we didn’t have a lot of time to work on that anagram during the episode!

    Jack and Juliet’s kiss was the worst. So awkward and lacking any passion – if Juliet didn’t know then, she never would have known.
    He was kissing her to defy Ben and not about her at all. That is a terrible reason to kiss someone!

    Oh my. That dinner at Ben’s house. When Juliet says “I hope you like dinner rolls” as she looks at the dozen she brought! “Indeed I do.” He slays me. I have been in that duped role and it is so uncomfortable…times that by infinity when you are tricked into a romantic dinner for 2 by the man that is essentially holding you hostage and has power over your lover’s life.

    I was so shocked when he announced that she belongs to him – I actually thought he was going to say that he loved her. Delusional me.
    You’re right. That was a whole new level of evil to bring her to the body. Dreadful.

    I still think the whole Tempest thing was an excercise in futility that distracted the Freighter Folk and Others so that Ben could maneuver his way out of captivity. His smug “see you at dinner” was priceless!
    That Locke and his on-command belief system. So infuriating and least recommended trait in a leader for goodness sake.
    Well…we’ll see what happens soon!

  5. January 2, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    I agree completely with the “looks like her” thing, Elizabeth Mitchell looks nothing like Julie Bowen. If they didn’t mention it I wouldn’t have connected it at all. And I’ll bet if they ever do cast someone for an adult Annie it won’t look like Juliet either (unless they get Carrie-Ann Moss, I think those two look very similar).
    – izi

  6. 6 Anon
    January 2, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    I’m pretty sure the “you look like her” is in reference to Ben’s mother, who you can see a painting of in his house.

  7. 7 Rosie
    January 2, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    “This episode and the next one are probably the least important out of all the season 4 episodes.”

    I don’t know whether I agree with you or not. But I don’t think that this is the worst episode of Season 4. I feel that honor goes to “Eggtown”. The only thing that “Eggtown” had going for it was the surprise ending. Other than that, I thought it was a steaming pile of shit.

  8. 8 Jeremiah
    January 3, 2009 at 12:06 am

    I just assumed that Harper meant that Juliet looked like Annie. I don’t think that Ben is the romantic type so him having a tryst with Sarah strikes me as preposterous. I don’t think that her pregnancy would be of much importance either. I’m pretty sure Julie Bowen (who plays Sarah) really was pregnant at the time and, given the fact that she thought she was pregnant with her new beau’s baby when she left Jack, TPTB may have just written it in. This was years later, after all, and she may have simply been building a family with this guy.

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