412 – There’s No Place Like Home (part 1)



(I spent a long time reviewing this episode and the next one after this season ended way back in June of 2008.  You can find all the coverage under the tag “season 4 finale“.)

This is the annual set-up episode for the finale.  This year things are much crazier (you could probably say that every year).  It’s hard to even list everything that happens in this episode.

Jack and Kate head into the jungle to follow the helicopter.  They meet Sawyer, Aaron and Miles.  Jack and Sawyer continue and Kate goes back with Aaron.  They meet Sayid who arrives on the beach with a little zodiac.  Daniel, Sun, Jin and Aaron go on the zodiac to the Freighter.  Kate turns around and goes with Sayid after Jack and Sawyer.  Meanwhile Ben, Locke and Hurley are racing to The Orchid station, trying to get there before Frank and Keamy.  Ben makes a pit-stop to contact Richard.  Keamy beats them to The Orchid.  Jack and Sawyer find Frank, then decide to chase after Locke and Hurley.  Kate and Sayid run into Richard and they all head in an unknown direction.  On the Freighter, Desmond, Jin Sun, Aaron and Michael discover a stash of wired explosives.  And in the very end Ben surrenders to Keamy.

Whew.  And that’s only what happened on the island.

Off the island we get some filler flashforwards (not in a bad way though).  We see the Oceanic 6 right after they were rescued.  We see their press-conference and see some of the foreshadowing for past and future flashforwards (whoa, that was a perplexing sentence!).  Hurley gets his old car back and is reminded of the curse of the numbers.  Sayid reunites with Nadia.  Jack finds out that Claire was his half-sister at Christian’s funeral.  That’s about it.  These flashforwards seemed to be mostly just to fill in some of the blank spots and they also showed some of the happiness and relief that the O6 felt soon after they were rescued.

This episode was incredibly paced.  It’s true that it’s just a set-up for the finale, but what a great setup it was.  9.0/10.0

412-daniel-charlotte-01Character Impressions:


-Daniel knew about the Secondary Protocol!  As soon as he heard that Frank and Keamy were headed to The Orchid he knew that they were using the Secondary Protocol.  The Secondary Protocol was securely locked away, how would he know about it?  Perhaps he had a part in writing it.


-After hearing about The Orchid and figuring out that they were using the Secondary Protocol Daniel looks in his notebook and finds The Orchid logo.  He then turns to Charlotte and says, “we have to get off this island”.  Was that because he figured out that someone was going to “move the island”?  Or was it because he suspected that Keamy was going to burn the island?  I’m leaning towards the “moving the island” fear because he only started to panic once he saw The Orchid logo.  All this would imply that he knows about the use of The Orchid.  He must be afraid of what happens after they move the island.  Perhaps he’s experienced that kind of movement before.



-It was exciting seeing Hurley’s parents and every one else’s loved ones (minus Nadia) it seemed to open up a lot of possibilities.  Suddenly it looked like we’d get to revisit a lot of the flashback storylines.

-Hurley calmly accepts that Ben can move the island, it barely fazes him.

-The numbers on the odometer in Hurley’s car was nothing more than an Easter Egg, I doubt it has any far reaching significance.


-Ben says that he’s going to move the Island… carefully.  What does that mean?  Did he do it carefully?  Did he have any control at all regarding where it went?

-The Others are ridiculously well organized.  Mirror signals must be mighty hard to setup.

-“How many times to I have to tell you John, I always have a plan.”

-When Ben went into the Pearl station to give himself up to Keamy, I was waiting for him to pull out that little baton and kill them all.  That would have been fun.


-Sawyer looks like he’s been crying all night when Jack and Kate stumble upon him.


-Juliet didn’t know about the Orchid.  There’s another limit to her knowledge.

-Juliet should have been on the first boat off The Island.  She should have seniority, she’s been there way longer than anyone else.


-Locke is nothing but a follower to Ben in this episode.  Christian couldn’t have expected him to be able to move the island on his own.


-It was pretty exciting seeing that Nadia found Sayid.  I never really liked his flashbacks but I thought he deserved that at least.

-Nadia must know a bit about what happened on the island, but she can’t know everything.


412-jacks-mom-01-Did anyone recognize Jack’s mom?  I certainly didn’t.  She had maybe one scene way back in season 1 and it was a very dark scene.

-Sawyer really lays it into Jack.  He says that the freighter people attacked just like Locke said they would, you can see Jack’s confidence leave him at that point.  I enjoyed that.

-Jack doesn’t seem to be healing very fast.  I wonder if that’s significant.  I guess it’s the island trying to get him to stay.



-I think Jack actually got over Christian, that is until he saw his ghost in his office.


-The scene with Claire’s mom was painfully awkward.  Seeing Jack find out that Claire was his half-sister and finding out that Aaron was his nephew was insane.  I didn’t think that reveal would be that interesting, but when Jack finds out it was crazy.



-Jin doesn’t gets much screen time in this episode, or even the next one.  But when he is on the screen I’m sure we all were watching him intently.  I think that if he was going to die in the next episode than the writers would have given him a more prominent role.

-Jin and Sun’s faces when they see Michael are priceless.  They barely look any different than usual.  They barely seemed angry at him about killing Ana Lucia and Libby and they make a tiny little fuss about him working for Ben.


-Sun’s dad doesn’t hug her.

-Sun tells Jack that “we are in shock”.  I think she might be the only one in shock.

-Sun takes over Paik Industries very soon after she gets back from The Island.  I wonder if she was planning it when she was on the island.  Maybe it came to her once she though Jin died.

412-sun-01-I still wonder who the second person Sun hold responsible for Jins death.  I don’t think it’s Jack.  I believe it’s either Ben or Whidmore.  It all depends on if Locke told her anything.  If he told her what happened down in The Orchid with Ben killing Keamy, then she’ll blame Ben.  If not then I assume she’ll blame Whidmore who put the explosives on the freighter in the first place.

-I don’t think that we’ll ever get a number of how much money the Oceanic 6 got for their settlement.


-Michael insists to Jin and Sun that he isn’t working for Ben.  Who’s he trying to fool?


412-richard-01-Sawyer finally meets Frank, those two are very similar.  Too bad they couldn’t spend more time with each other, they would have had good banter.


-I was so excited to see Richard again.

-Richard looks completely fearless of Kate and Sayid.  Does he have that much confidence that he can’t die?


-I had to look this girls name up.  This was that woman who was on the plane with the Oceanic 6 at the beginning and she set up the press conference.  I asume she works for Oceanic.

-When I see this lady I think of the actresses role on Battlestar Galactica.  She played the the bitchiest woman ever.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):


-The ferrying people to the raft bits scared me so much.  Obviously I thought it was a trap and seeing people go there was terrifying.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Who the hell was that other person on the plane?  It could be Abaddon, that’s my only guess.  I wonder if it’s important, maybe it’s just part of a deleted scene.  I really want to make a big deal about this because it’s really driving me crazy.

412-plane-crash-map-01-I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, it would be so exciting if the Oceanic 6 were real.  I would probably be obsessed with them.

-The probable location of where the plane crashed, according to the Oceanic rep, is just about where I guessed it would be.  I though it would be a little West.

– Izi

4 Responses to “412 – There’s No Place Like Home (part 1)”

  1. 1 Anon
    January 17, 2009 at 5:03 am

    “Who the hell was that other person on the plane? It could be Abaddon, that’s my only guess. I wonder if it’s important, maybe it’s just part of a deleted scene. I really want to make a big deal about this because it’s really driving me crazy.”

    It’s just some extra pilot/crew member :

    “Richard looks completely fearless of Kate and Sayid. Does he have that much confidence that he can’t die?”

    He had like 70 Others with guns behind him.

    “I asume she works for Oceanic.”

    Yep, she makes that clear a few times.

  2. 2 Kyle
    January 21, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    “These flashforwards seemed to be mostly just to fill in some of the blank spots and they also showed some of the happiness and relief that the O6 felt soon after they were rescued.”

    I thought they served a bit more purpose than this. From the start of the episode when they’re on the plane, to when they are at and after the press conference, the whole mood was tense. You could tell that something huge happened to them to get off the island. It made me wonder even more about the circumstances of them leaving and where everyone else ended up. The fact that a big event/ordeal happened when they left had been hinted at the whole season, but these scenes really impacted that point for me, and made me want to see it in action even more. Im just glad they showed it all in this season.

  3. March 14, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Michael insists to Jin and Sun that he isn’t working for Ben. Who’s he trying to fool?

    I thought Michael had returned to save the other castaways.

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