501 – Because You Left



(I’m going to try not to start every revlysis with the word wow, or whoa.  It’s tempting but it’s going to get repetitive.)
Yowza!  That was intense.  So we spent about eight months debating whether the island went forward in time, back in time, or moved in space, it turns out we were aiming way too low.  It seems as if the people on the island are just taking a tour of the islands history.  They are moving in time (and sometimes space) and experiencing different eras on the island.  (Just for you’re reference, I’m going to call that skipping.)

This episode stated with a Desmond-like flashback, this time with Pierre.  We see Pierre’s baby, and we see what a typical day in the life of the Dharma boss is like.  We get a great reference to the Frozen Donkey Wheel, showing how Dharma found it.  And Daniel shows up, seemingly in the past.

That leads into what happened immediately after Ben turned the wheel.  Simply put, the people on the island moved in time.  First they were sent to the time when Yemi’s plane crashed.  Ethan shot and threatened Locke, and that was that.  Then it skipped forward to an unknown time, after the Hatch was blown up.  It could have been after 2004, or it could have been during seasons 3, or 4.  Richard visits Locke and tells him that he has to bring everyone back to the island.  They skipped again to a pre-crash time period.  Daniel visits Desmond and tells him that Desmond has to go visit Dan’s mother in Oxford.  And that’s the end of that.

Back to the Oceanic 6 storyline.  Ben and Jack continue preparations to go back to the island.  Kate get’s served with papers which demand a maternity test (is that right?).  And Sayid and Hurley have an adventure.  Sayid has apparently gone rogue, doing the opposite of what Ben wants, he tells Hurley to do the same.  Sayid kills two more people and Hurley is seen with a gun, implying that he’s the killer.  Sun gets another conversation with Mr. Whidmore.  We learn that their common interest is Ben (luckily) and he demands some respect.

The skipping story element is glorious.  It has the potential to solve all of the mysteries of the island.  Now they can go back to any time period and learn everything about the people there.  We can see what happened with Rousseau, The Hostiles, Dharma, The Others and even the original people, the ones who built the four toed foot and Ben’s door.  This is very exciting.  Ironically the Oceanic 6 storyline, the exciting part of the last season, has now become the least exciting part this season.  Oh well, it’s still fun, just less so.

9.5/10.0  (Just because my brain hurts.)  It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the people on the island fail, trying to change the future.  They’re going to have a fun season.

501-pierre-01Character Impressions:


-Me and my friends easily guessed that that was Pierre.  It wasn’t terribly hard to guess.

-Doesn’t it seem like Pierre is in charge of Dharma?  He’s the go to guy in case of emergencies and everyone listens to him like he’s the boss.  For some reason that surprises me.

501-pierres-baby-miles-01-Again with Pierre’s baby.  The only person that could be is Miles.  I guess that’s what I’m leaning towards.

-Daniel made sure that Pierre didn’t see his face when he was down in the Orchid.  Does that mean Pierre would have recognized him?


-I forgot that Daniel had never met Sawyer.

501-daniel-01-Doesn’t Daniel seem completely mentally stable now?  In season 4 he was extremely scattered all the time, and he had memory problems.  In all the scenes this week he is completely fine.  Did that “move” fix him?

-Daniel was desperately trying to get off the island last season.  Trying to get out of there before the island started to skip.  What if he did?  All the rest of the people he left behind would have been so confused.

-Daniel says that they could be in the past or the future.  How far in the future can they go?

501-desmond-01-Daniel, “whatever happened, happened.”  Daniel is Morpheus!


-Daniel says that Desmond is special, he can communicate and pretty much talk through time.  That makes him very special.  (see below)


501-richard-01-So Richard and The Others didn’t get to go with them when they skipped.  We’ll definitely need to come up with a theory about that.  (see below)

-Locke, “It was Ethan who shot me.”  Richard, “Well, what comes around goes around.”  Hilarious.

-One a side note, did anyone else notice that Richard was featured as a regular actor in that Destiny Calls clip show.  It’s almost as if he’s a regular now.


-Ben says that the last time he saw Locke was on the island.  I don’t believe that for a second.

-Ben must know about the skipping he caused when he turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel.  I believe it was still an accident though.  I assume that he didn’t intend for this to happen.


501-charlotte-01-Charlotte’s noesbleed really scares me.  We’ve seen nosebleeds before.  Desmond had one when he was unstuck in time.  Horace had one in Locke’s vision.   They usually don’t mean happy things.

-Do you think that maybe the island is trying to kill her because she’s a Dharma descendant?  That’s a possibility.


-Sawyer confirms that he thinks that Jack, Kate and everyone else on the helicopter and on the Freighter died.


-Juliet’s new job seems to be controlling a very distraught Sawyer.


-The way that Richard says, “You’re going to have to die, John,” makes death seem so insignificant.  As if death isn’t really very important.



-So Sayid had gone completely rogue at this point?  That’s surprising.  I assumed that he was just trying to trick Hurley into coming when he said that he wasn’t taking Hurley back to the island.  And now he says that he was working for Ben.  And he says that Hurley should do the opposite of when Ben tells him.

-Who puts knives sharp end up in the dishwasher.



-So, uh, Daniel didn’t save Jin.   That’s what I thought would happen, there goes this theory.  How unfortunate.


-Sun gets to meet Whidmore again.  lucky her.

-I’m very glad to hear that Sun’s”common interests” are Ben and not Desmond.  I had my doubts but at least I can stop worrying about this now.

501-suyn-mr-shidmore-01Mr. Whidmore

-Maybe Charles is evil.  During my most recent revlysis I was trying to see how Whidmore might be good.  But after his outburst in this episode I fin that harder to believe.


-That was a surprising cameo, I didn’t think we’d ever see Frogurt again.


-As soon as Rose and Bernard run out of the jungle I realized that something has to happen to these characters.  They can’t live through this season.  Those two are guest stars.  They aren’t meant to be around forever.  Anybody see what I’m getting at here?  I’m betting that Rose and Bernard will die in the past… perhaps in a certain cave… You got it pontiac, I believe that Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve from the cave.  Here’s my theory page.

501-pierre-02Flashes (what we know now):

(you’ll notice that I’m switching this section up a little.  I usually divide things into flashbacks and flashforwards, I’m going to stick with flashes when the episodes are new.  It simplifies things.  I’m also going to set up subheadings for the less patient readers.)

The Arrow

So the Arrow is used to create defensive strategies against the Hostiles.  Couldn’t have guessed that.


Pierre mentions that the people in The Arrow have expertise int he field of defense.  That’s interesting.  Was Dharma hiring mercenaries?

Dharma’s testing

I can see why Dharma needs to be destroyed.  Seeing Pierre’s face when he talks about “manipulating time”  he looks very threatening.  If they were screwing with things like that then the Hostiles had good reason to attack them.  Maybe they didn’t have to purge them, but something had to stop them.

Richard & The Others


One of the biggest mysteries of this episode was, why didn’t Richard and The Others travel in time like everyone else?  I believe it’s because they are part of the island.  They are more intuned with the island than everyone else.  It does surprise me that Locke stayed behind though.  Out of all the people left behind he seems to be the most familiar with the island.  I guess this just leads back to the old, “we have to go back” thing.  Locke needs everyone to come back in order to stop moving through time.

501-locke-yemi-plane-01Yemi’s crash

Here’s something interesting we learned.  When Yemi’s plane crashed The Others were in charge, and Ehtan and Ben were on the island.  That implies that while The Others were around The Island was near Africa.  That means that the island was moved quite recently, during The Others’ reign.

The rules

308-mrs-hawkins-01Let’s see if I can get these time travelling rules down.  If you know someone from before you can communicate with them.  But if you don,t you can’t.  Also, if you try to change things that happen, they will still happen.  It’s like The Time Machine, (the movie, not the book) he couldn’t change anything that he saw happen.  But the rules don’t apply to Desmond, that’s what Daniel says.  I don’t believe that completely.  If we learned anything from Ms. Hawkins, in Flashes Before Your Eyes, it’s that the rules definitely apply to Desmond.  I think what Daniel means by that is that Desmond is the only person who can communicate with the future.

Special people


Daniel says that Desmond is special.  That could be because Desmond travelled in time before, but it could just be becuase he’s “special”.  I can think of a few other people that are “special”.  Walt is special and so is Richard.  Probably Locke is too.  The only reason why I think that Desmond is special is becuase he knew Daniel in the past and the future, therefore Daniel can communicate with him.  It looks like Locke can do the same thing with Richard.  So what about Walt?  As far as we know he’s just “special”.  In my theory about his powers I said that he’s special because he can change the past (or the future, however you want to look at it).  Perhaps that wasn’t so far off.  If he’s special like Desmond then there’s a chance that they can communicate with his future self.

– Izi


11 Responses to “501 – Because You Left”

  1. 1 hi dee
    January 22, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    still trying to make sense of it my brain, so I will be brief…..

    flaming arrows? did we go back to the time of the black rock?

    that blasted compass!! was that why Alpert was upset young Locke didn’t choose it at the foster home?

    I’m believing the baby at the begining is Miles, but I also believe Charlotte is Daneil’s daughter.

    How convenient for Sun to call Kate exactly when she needed an old friend….(since she couldn’t bring herself to call Jack)….could Sun be the one that ordered the DNA test? does she perhaps not “forgive” Kate after all? mind you, she knows Kate’s not the mom so the test would be moot, but maybe to rattle her? force her to go on the lam…

    yeah, Knives, deadly side up in a dishwasher? what would your home ec teacher say?

    I love time travel stories, and I love that they are not going the way of “Back to the Future”……..there are so many possiblities.

    they seemed to kill off a bunch of red shirts early on in the season. well, killed of in lost world that is.

    Sayid gone rogue? who does he think he is? Jack Bauer?

    well, I’m suffiencently buckled in for the ride ahead…….YEE HAAA!!!

  2. 2 Anon
    January 22, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    “Doesn’t Daniel seem completely mentally stable now? In season 4 he was extremely scattered all the time, and he had memory problems. In all the scenes this week he is completely fine. Did that “move” fix him?”

    Completely agree, he was smooth for once!

    “Daniel, “whatever happened, happened.” Daniel is Morpheus!”

    That’s also the name of an upcoming episode.

    “Ben says that the last time he saw Locke was on the island. I don’t believe that for a second.”

    Yeah, did you see when Jack asked him if Locke’s really dead, he just avoided and said “See you in 6 hours” LOL.

    “Do you think that maybe the island is trying to kill her because she’s a Dharma descendant? That’s a possibility.”

    I thought maybe if she went back to before she was born, she’s alive before she’s alive if you get me. I don’t know if they went that far back though (26 years I’d say?)

  3. 3 el bocha
    January 22, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Very good reading
    Have a question though that it’s bugging my mind. How could Daniel talk to Desmond in the past but Sawyer couldn’t? Sawyer supposedly couldn’t because he hadn’t met Desmond at that time yet, right?, but neither did Daniel so I don’t understand why he could talk to him. Also, I didn’t understand Desmond’s time travel this time. Did he travelled mentally or physically????

    Another thing, you didn’t talk much about the second hour, the end of “The Lie” was huge. I never’d have never thought that that old lady (can’t remember the name) was working with or for Ben. I thought she was working with Jacob, or maybe she still does, I don’t know. Anyway, regarding that ending, I think that if the oceanic six + locke don’t come back to the island in 70 hours the time travelling flashes will start happening to everyone in the real world as the electromagnetic energy continues to increase expanding its radius due to the moving of the frozen donkey wheel.

  4. January 22, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    @Hi Dee
    GOod thinking with Sun. That’s why I’m glad I talk about this show, I would never have thought of something like that. She could easily want a little bit of revenge angainst Kate. It seems a little conveniant that a CEO of a Korean company would have business in LA just when Kate is having crisis. Then again this is Lost, that kind of coincidence happens often.
    My friend that I watched this episode with (Bouyasha) had a similar idea about Charlotte. He figured that she was hacing some sort of existential problem. That could be it. She’s probably the youngest member of the group. Maybe Miles is younger. I dunno, I should probably go over to Lostpedia, but if I do I might stay up all night.
    @el bocha
    I think the deal with Desmond is that he met Daniel in his last time travelling thing. Udring the Constant he met him, and that was way before he got to the island. Therefore it wouldn’t have confused him to meet him again in the future. And I don’t think you could say that Desmond time traveled in this episode, it’s more like he was altered in the past and it effected (or is it affected?) him in the future. There’s realy no logical way to explain this. Now that I think about it it seems like Desmond broke the rules in The Constant when he met Daniel.
    Here I have the solution, Desmond is special, he can do whatever he needs to do to make the story continue. (Why do I try to figure these things out so late?)

    Sorry I should have made this more clear. I revlysis’d these two hours seperately. The next one will be posted tomorrow morning. I was going to do them together, but it’s a lot of work.
    – izi

  5. 5 jcm
    January 23, 2009 at 7:04 am

    After reading everything that is written above I really don’t know where to start.

    >: If you look at regular time flow instead of the timeline of LOST, Desmond and Daniel had in fact already met in 1996 while Daniel was at Oxford. When the island skipped to the time when Desmond was in the hatch, the two had already met hence Desmond uttering “Do I know you?”. Since we know Desmond was on the island for three years, that puts his tenure on the island sometime between 2002 and 2004. So Desmond met Daniel about 6 years before he shipwrecked. Of course we don’t really know if Sawyer could have talked to him because Desmond didn’t answer the door until Sawyer was already gone.

    (Side note: It seems Desmond and Juliette came to the island about the same time since they had both been on the island for three years. Maybe the Others submarine arriving at the island caused Desmond’s boat to crash somehow. Sorry to have added another crazy idea in there. As if our brains aren’t overloaded as it is.)

    >: Is Hawkins really the old lady’s last name? My wife posed the question that maybe she is Daniel’s mom. That could be a stretch, but so are a lot of things in this show.

    >: Ms. Hawkins was doing a lot of weird stuff down in her “Hawkins Cave”. I had no idea what she was doing and so I decided to investigate some stuff. The pendulum on the map that was making marks on it is something called “dowsing” I figured out after some Googling and Wikipedia searching. It’s some mysticism thing or something similar. A more known form of dowsing to us non-mystics is find water underground with a y-shaped stick. I remember seeing that on TV at some point in my life. The article about dowsing led me to some other articles on Wikipedia about Earth Radiation which sounds an awful lot like what that Australian healer was talking about in “S.O.S.” from Season 2. Different points on the earth with special powers. You should do what I did and go to Wikipedia and look up Earth Radiation and click on the different links withing that article.

    >: Only the 815 survivors, Juliette and the Freighter Folk are travelling through time. I thought maybe the reason they don’t stay put in time like Richard and Co. is because they are outsiders that recently came to the island. Maybe Richard was born on the island along with the Others. If Richard and the Others are the “natives” or “hostiles” that have been on the island for a long, long time, then it would make sense that they would stay put because they are in a sense part of the island itself. However that theory is probably wrong because the belief is that Charlotte was born on the island and she is travelling along like the 815ers and Juliette.

    I’m really wrapped up in the mysteries of the island right now and don’t focus my thoughts too much on the Oceanic 6 except for the fact that they are trying to get back to the “island of mystery”. The first three seasons were devoted to explaining who those people are. I want more answers about the island this season.

    (Side note: I’m glad Frogurt got char-grilled before the season went on any further. His presence was similar to Nikki and Paolo just appearing all of a sudden. Frogurt however did have a deleted scene on the Season 4 DVD set in which he and Hurley have a discussion about Libby and how he would better satisfy Libby that Hurley. Also that actor is just creepy looking. Creepy-ugly, not creepy-mysterious like Ben was in Season 2.)

    ((Side side note: The actors that play Frogurt and Daniel played in the movie “Twister” together. Sorry, just a random unrelated tidbit of info.))

  6. 6 Publicola
    January 23, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Yes, many posit that Ms. Hawkins is Faraday’s mother. Also, Richard seemed to understand what was happening, why it was happening, how to stop it and why he and Locke were not skipping at the same time. I think Widmore is part of that British crew that attacked the survivors. That could be why he told Ben that “the Island is mine Benjamin, it always was, and it will be again.”

    Another theory about Kate and the lawyers who served the materinty test papers: The lawyers were sent by Ben to con Kate into going back to the Island.

    Better question: who was that woman Jill and the other two that Ben trusted enough to leave Locke’s corpse with?

  7. 7 missscarlett
    January 23, 2009 at 11:01 am

    “Does that mean Pierre would have recognized him?”

    or NOT recognized him and then been alerted to his intruding presence (hope that makes sense!)

    Good guess about Miles – and yes, Dr.Cheng seems in charge.

    “Richard, “Well, what comes around goes around.” ”
    Exactly – too funny!

    Island trying to kill Charlotte? What does this Island have against Dharma? because they were going to exploit her (the Island is a girl apparently) for their own uses? isn’t that what all of them want???

    “Who puts knives sharp end up in the dishwasher.”
    Assassins. Maybe that is part of what made that seedy hotel a ‘safe house’.

    “That implies that while The Others were around The Island was near Africa. That means that the island was moved quite recently, during The Others’ reign.”
    Wouldn’t that move fit with when Desmond didn’t get back quite in time and the sky went weird etc. and 815 crashed??? Seems reasonable.

    Ugh. Frogurt. I can’t stand him!

    Oh! If they are Adam and Eve that is sad. It makes a tragic kind of sense and…it is preferable to Desmond and Penny which is who I fear it is!

    “Couldn’t have guessed that.” Ha ha! Why, ’cause it was an echo chamber??

    “I believe it’s because they are part of the island.” I think it is because, Richard at least, is an Eternal — or part of the Island.

  8. 8 missscarlett
    January 23, 2009 at 11:08 am

    el bocha

    Charlotte’s nose started bleeding AFTER Daniel stopped Sawyer from knocking. Then Daniel went to his journal ( where he could read If Anything Goes Wrong Desmond Hume will be my Constant) then he threw caution to the wind and tried to reach Desmond anyways.

    he was muttering ‘please let this work, please let this work.’ He doesn’t know for sure – but in order to try and save Charlotte’s life he had to give it a shot. I am sure his care for Charlotte seemed much more worthy a reason to try and influence time than to get some Dharma beer — which is what Sawyer said he wanted.

    Since Desmond realized it was a memory he ‘dreamt’ hopefully things will work out for Charlotte.

  9. 9 lvgirl
    January 26, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Not all of the people with Richard were others with him like Cindy, the kids from 815 who were taken by the others and the other people who were kidnapped. So, why weren’t there people left with Locke? Some of them in that group had to belong to 815. Why aren’t they skipping?

  10. January 26, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    That is a very good point lvgirl. I never thought of that.
    I think there are two possibilities. Either they were left at the Temple, and they are still there. Or they have “become” Others, so they don’t skip with the other survivors.
    Either way we’ll likely see them soon. That’s exciting.
    – izi

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