502 – The Lie



This episode was Hurley-centric. That hardly means anything anymore though. He got one single flashback and one vision. Having an episode “about” a character isn’t what it used to be. It occurs to me that the last episode was probably Daniel-centric, but again, that doesn’t mean much anymore.

At the beginning of this episode we see Jack convince the Oceanic 6 and co. to go with “The Lie”. Then this episode continues on with Hurley and Sayid’s story. Hurley now has an unconscious Sayid in his car. He first consults with his ghostly guide, Ana Lucia, then he goes to his parents house. Sayid’s obviously in trouble but it takes a while to do anything about it. Hurley admits to his parents that he’s been lying for a long time, he even tells his mother the real story. In the end he rejects Ben’s offer to go back to the island and he turns himself over to the cops. Most Hurley episodes are funny. The one that isn’t, the season 4 premiere, was tragic in it’s own way and really got us in the mood for season 4. This episode seems to be all over the place. It’s sometimes funny, and it’s never really sad, but at the same time this isn’t a funny episode. I think the writers got a little stuck on the Hurley parts of this episode.

In other news Kate meets with Sun. Sun tells Kate that she forgives her for leaving Jin behind. Then she tells Kate to defend herself and Aaron by any means necessary.

On the island the people left behind are having trouble getting by. They can’t make fire and when they finally do get food they get attacked. They are shot at by The Hostiles (I’m assuming, I know). Then Sawyer and Juliet are captured by Dharma people, and saved by Locke.

Right at the end of the episode we get to see the mysterious Mrs. Hawkins at work. She is behind a huge machine that appears to be searching for the island. It’s also revealed that she’s working with or for Ben. This was my favorite part of the episode by far.

Good episode, but the Hurley stuff wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. 7.5/10.0

502-charlotte-daniel-01Character Impressions:


-Daniel doesn’t tell anyone about his conversation with Desmond. I guess he doesn’t think that they’ll understand. It makes me worried though, hopefully he’ll start sharing soon.


502-desmond-penny-011-Penny is clearly at odds with her father. “There’s no calling off my father.”


-Hurley promises not to help Sayid, but he does help him throughout this whole episode. So I guess he’s not going to to help him later.

-I’m still not sure about Hurley. There’s always going to be a debate about whether he’s crazy or special. That conversation with Ana Lucia makes me think that he’s crazy. Before when he talked to dead people, like Charlie, it made me think he was special.

502-cheech-hurleys-dad-01-Hurley’s driving is frightening.

-For once I wasn’t too happy to see Hurley’s parents. The Expose reference was good, but they kinda just slowed the story down.

-Hurley doesn’t think he’s crazy any more. In season 4 he though he was, what changed?

-They purposefully made Hurley’s story sound crazy. Sometime when I have dreams I describe them in that same meandering way.

502-ben-hurley-pastry-01-I laughed so hard when Hurley threw that pastry at Ben.

-So Hurley’s going to be in jail for a while. It’s probably going to be pretty hard to get him off of that one murder charge. The guy who was shot outside the hospital was clearly not him. It might be possible to prove that he didn’t kill the guy who was impaled on the knives. But it really looks like he pushed that guy over the balcony. He could go for temporary insanity, but I think that would most likely turn into permanent insanity and then he’d be in the same pickle.

-The Hurley theme song, as I call it, really got annoying by the end of this episode. I get that they want us to think that he’s a mentally unstable character but that music is driving me crazy.



-Ben takes a cloth covered box out of the vents. He treats it very delicately. It must have been something important. Any ideas?

-I don’t see how Ben’s wrong. They do all want to go back to the island, right? Hurley doesn’t fall for his trickery, but I would have.

-Ben kinda acts like one of Hurley’s ghosts when he comes to his house. After Hurley turns himself in Ben just goes out and watches him. Very suspicious.

Mrs. Hawkins

502-mrs-hawkins-021-When Daniel mentioned his mother in the last episode I just assumed that it was Mrs. Hawkins. It seemed like a safe assumption. No one else seems to know as much about time travel as those two. And if Desmond’s going to visit someone it’s going to be someone special. So when she showed up in this episode I was very confused. Desmond’s going to Oxford to see her. But she appears to be in LA. I guess she isn’t his mother.

-That machine she has is way too cool. (I occasionally see those things that draw in the sand, they are very similar to that machine, and I want one so bad.) That machine is likely magnetic. That would be the best way to find the island.

-She moves around like a Ringwraith in this episode, it’s scary.


-Charlotte mentions that she has a headache. But that’s not all, she also seems to be losing some of her memories. She guesses that Daniel knows what’s happening to her, but, in usual Lost fashion, as soon as she asks him about it they’re interrupted.


-Sawyer gets a stick in his foot, that’s pleasant. Why does he always have to get hurt?


-Juliet is fiddling with the zodiac, and she says something very important, “I think everything we had with is along with us for the ride.” So if they were touching anything then it travelled in time too. That has to be significant. (see below)

-I was actually concerned that they were going to cut Juliet’s hand off. When they are fast like they were when the Dharma guys attacked them you can actually believe threats like, “cut off her hand”. Now it seems ridiculous.


-When fleeing Kate looks at a city map. I guess she’s afraid of leaving the state.

-I was really hoping that Kate was going to see Cassidy. I was very disappointed to see Sun.


502-kate-sun-01-Sun says that some one wants to take Aaron away from Kate. They don’t want to expose the Oceanic 6 lie, they just want Aaron. Who could that be?
We could guess that it’s Claire’s mom, but I doubt she could figure the whole story out. And she seems like the kind of person who would just come out and ask.There’s a very slim chance that it’s Kate’s mom. She could be suspicious about their relationship, and she knows Kate better than anyone else, maybe she sees through the lie. But again, it’s more likely that she would just come out and ask instead of getting lawyers.
It could be Ben working both ends toward the middle. If he scares Kate bad enough he might figure she’ll be desperate enough to go to the island.
502-aaron-01It could be some one like Mr. Whidmore. Perhaps they want Aaron because they think that he’s special because he was born on the island.
If you watch the special featured on the season 4 DVDs there’s a conspiracy theory video showing how there are holes in the Oceanic 6 storyline, it focuses a lot on Kate and Aaron. If that is canon then anyone who watches that might have a reason to check her maternity.


502-miles-01-Jack asks Ben about Locke, “he’s dead, isn’t he?” Jack doesn’t seem so sure about that. I guess he’s thinking back to his last encounter with a man in a coffin.


-Miles’ hunting skills are pretty suspect. He just goes looking for dead animals. How often is that going to work? And doesn’t it seem like that was a trap?


-Sayid’s reflexes are insane. He comes out of unconsciousness into a fight.


-I’m surprised that they actually had a discussion about lying about their story. How democtratic.

-Ben tells Jack to pack whatever he wants to go to a desert island. There’s a fun hypothetical.


-Sun really scared me when she was talking to Kate. I expected her to pull out a gun.


-Frank came back for half a second in this episode. I’ll bet we never see him again.

Ana Lucia

-I loved seeing Ana Lucia again.

-“Libby says hi.”


-Frogurt was destined to die, “we’re all going to be dead by sundown.”

-“We can’t even get fire!” Then he gets shot by one of those burning arrows. On a side note, were the fire arrows really necessary? I’m pretty sure normal arrows would have done just as much damage.


-According to Variety, the character Jones (the Dharma guy) is going to be around for a while.  That should be interesting.

Flashes (what we know now):


Juliet says that everything they were with travels with them through time. The writers obviously needed to make a rule like that to explain why everyone isn’t naked, but it must serve some other purpose too. They must have done it to keep the zodiac. It’s going to be important at some point.

Jill & Co.


Ben goes to visit a woman at a butcher shop. She takes Locke’s body and it’s clear she was waiting for it. She also mentions two other people, Gabriel and Jeffrey, and says that everything is moving right on schedule. I doubt Ben’s so good at making new friends that he’s created a network of trusted men and women since 2005. I think we can safely assume that these are Others. We’ve heard mentions of Others on assignment before. I’m guessing that Ben has collected those people together.

502-mrs-hawkins-computer-01Mrs. Hawkins work.

Mrs. Hawkins appears to be locating the island. She has found a few spots around the Pacific Ocean. She also knows how long the island is going to be visable or accesable. She says it will be in it’s present location (near Hawaii) for 70 hrs. What does that mean? The island moved right? Why would it move again? I think I might be seeing this wrong. I’m picturing our island group moving through time. So they were in the 90s a while ago, then they were at around 2004. But the other way to look at it is that the island is moving, and they are still in the present. Maybe the 90s island moved to the present for a short time. That’s more likely, even if it’s nearly impossible to comprehend. The point is that Mrs. Hawkins found where it is now.
Another question I have about Mrs. Hawkins is, where is she working. It appears to be in the catacombs of some old church or cathedral. We know that she has had dealings with Desmonds old Pryor. Are they working together? Are there more stations and machines like hers? Hopefully.

502-jones-01Dharma Folk

When I first watched it, I couldn’t tell who those people who ambushed Sawyer and Juliet were. I think the accent really threw me off. After watching it again I saw those name tags. Those are Dharma nametags. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they are Dharma folks. Perhaps they are the people from the Arrow that Pierre mentioned in the previous episode. I’m guess they are mercenaries.


Burning Arrows

I don’t think that the arrows are from that same group of merenaries. I belive they were from the Hostiles. Burning arrows aren’t really the Dharma style, especially since they have guns. But I can see no motivation for The Hostiles to shoot at out group though. Very strange.


502-frogurt-arrow-01In case we suspected that our time traveling group was invincible Frogurt proved that wrong. But that might also prove something else. Certain cast members, Jack & Michael, appeared to be invulnerable for a time. How is that possible? You could guess that it was this new kind of destiny. Everything really depends on what the people on the island see. If they see people alive in the future then they can’t die before that. I guess this isn’t really a discovery, it doesn’t change our original view of destiny, but it does give us something to watch for.

– Izi


12 Responses to “502 – The Lie”

  1. 1 Kyle
    January 23, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    I don’t think the three men who confronted Sawyer and Julliete were Dharma at all. There was no Dharma symbol, the suits were a dark green instead of light gray, and the nametags weren’t like Dharma. Dharma’s only have the first letter capitalized. They looked like military uniforms. Also Dharma isn’t usually that confronting, from what we’ve seen anyway.

  2. 2 missscarlett
    January 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    “I get that they want us to think that he’s a mentally unstable character but that music is driving me crazy.”

    Ahhh the irony!

    “I guess he’s thinking back to his last encounter with a man in a coffin.”
    True enough!!

    “How democtratic.”
    Wasn’t that Locke’s criticism of how Jack ran things?

    “Perhaps they are the people from the Arrow that Pierre mentioned in the previous episode. I’m guess they are mercenaries.”
    Good guess.

  3. 3 missscarlett
    January 23, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Very strange.

    now you sound like the catch up lady!

  4. 4 Rosie
    January 26, 2009 at 11:34 am

    This show will never questioned the Oceanic Six’s decision to lie about Aaron’s parentage . . . will they? If this is true, then it would seem that the appearance of Carole Littleton in “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1” and Jack’s subsequent reactions and guilt over Aaron was all for nothing.

  5. 5 hi dee
    January 26, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    I don’t think the dna request is to question Aaron’s parentage. I think it’s to rattle Kate and I think Sun is behind it, or at least knows who ordered the test.

  6. 6 Rosie
    January 26, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    “I don’t think the dna request is to question Aaron’s parentage. I think it’s to rattle Kate and I think Sun is behind it, or at least knows who ordered the test.”

    I don’t really care about that.

    I’m concerned that the Oceanic Six’s lie about Aaron kept him away from his grandmother for three years. And the lie wasn’t really necessary. Yet, no one seemed concerned that the O6 – especially Kate – more or less committed the act of kidnapping upon their return to U.S. soil. Yet, many fans act as if they had done nothing wrong.

    Frankly, it pisses me off that theO6 got away with this lie and that it looks as if the show will not make a big deal out of this, considering that they went through all of that trouble in allowing Carole Littleton to make an appearance.

    I hope that the series will prove me wrong in the future. Right now, I rather doubt it.

  7. January 26, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    This show will never questioned the Oceanic Six’s decision to lie about Aaron’s parentage . . . will they?
    No. Please stop talking about it. I purposefully don’t bring it up in my posts so that you won’t have anything to talk about Rosie. Pleeeeease stop talking about it.
    – izi

  8. 8 EB
    January 28, 2009 at 8:20 am

    It’s Ms. Hawking, not Hawkins


  9. January 28, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    Yeah, I really need to change that eh? ALso I’ve been spelling Mr. Widmore’s name wrong too. Whoops.
    – izi

  10. 10 108minuteman
    January 28, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Easy peasy: Miles sees dead peo… animals. And my first thought on seeing the flaming arrows was, “Black Rock ahoy!”

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