504 Ratings

Whoops, sorry I’m late.

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

504 – The Little Prince

10.98  million viewers

4.7/12  18-49 viewers

The numbers are slightly down from last week, but nothing too special about that. 

What I’m really noticing is how bad shows following Lost perform.  Life on Mars had 6.01 million viewers this week.  It will get cancelled soon.  ABC is not a patient network and losing almost 5 million viewers is not good.  But there has never really been a good lead-out from Lost.  It started with Alias way back when Lost first started, that ended quite soon after Lost got going.  Then there were shows like Invasion, The Nine, Daybreak (that might not count).  Last year they had Eli Stone, and it didn’t do too badly, but it was on Thursday so it had a better chance.  My point is that most shows following Lost don’t perform well and subsequently get cancelled.  Kinda sad.  I have a theory about this phenomenon (it’s not actually a phenonemonon, I just like the word phenomenon), after I watch Lost I don’t have a great desire to watch another drama, especially a serial drama, that could explain why most of the shows tank.  If only ABC had some kind of comedy to put on after Lost, perhaps something high-concept, something that would still engage us crazy Lost fans.  Oh wait, they did have something like that, Pushing Daisies, but it was just cancelled.

– izi


1 Response to “504 Ratings”

  1. February 9, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Maybe after watching Lost, we just can’t stand any other drama show. I mean, what really measures up to an hour of Lost? Maybe a sit-com or something would work. Brainless humor for an hour after my mind has been in a blender.

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