Hijack: What I’m watching now (spring 2009)

There was no new Lost last week.  This isn’t the end of the world, there’s lots of other things to watch.  So here’s what I’ve been watching(feel free to see this as a list of recommendations).

30-rock-cast-picture-0130 Rock

30 Rock is glorious good fun, the writing is insanely good and the characters are just too good.  Liz reminds me so much of my family, with her ridiculous lack of confidence and self-depreciating humor.


I always watch Survivor, and I always enjoy the fall season more than the spring season.  This year it;s the same, they got some very fun crazies and some truly clever people.


The last season.  This was the first show that I watched regularly and I’ve been watching since the first season.  This is a great final season, they’ve been handling the old stars very well.  I’m kinda sad that it’s ending, but since Abby left the heart of the show seems to have left.  So I’m enjoying this slow winding down.

American Dad

I think that American Dad is finally finding it’s place.  It used to try to be a Family Guy clone, but Stan and Roger are now hilariously crazy.  I still don’t know why they keep Klaus around, he’s not even marginally funny.

united-states-of-tara-01United States of Tara

Toni Collette is amazing, I kinda figured she was, but seeing her switch characters in the show is glorious.  Diablo Cody writes the show, and you can really see how disconnected from reality she is.  The characters are all ridiculously open-minded and quirky, but it makes for some great comedy.


Psych fills me up with all the campy humor I need.  It’s a surprisingly funny show from the USA Network.  If you haven’t watched any of their shows then I really recommend that you check them out.  They also have Burn Notice and In Plain Sight.


carnivale-01I finally got around to watching this show.  I knew I would love it, but it’s hard to motivate myself to watch cancelled shows.  This one is great for people who really like Jacob in Lost.  If that’s your favorite part of Lost then you’ll love Carnivale.


I know this is a movie, but since I finally forced myself to watch it I thought I’d brag about it.  I’m only 21, so while this show seems like an obvious cult hit of yours it’s a far reach for some one from my generation.  It really was good, and that laugh of Mozart’s was great.

What I’ll be watching soon:

battlestar-galactica-01Battlestar Galactica

This is at the top of my list, I haven’t started the second half of the last season.  I’m kinda waiting for the show to end then I’ll watch it all at once.

Burn Notice

I haven’t watched the second half of the most recent season of this show either, but I will.  And I’m sure it will be great.  This is the only show that I watch that has improving ratings.  It’s a true miracle.

flight-of-the-conchords-01Flight of the Conchords

This is my best friends favorite show, I will watch it eventually and it will be great, but he wants to wait for season 2 to end.

Kyle XY

Final season this year.  Again I’m stockpiling episodes, and I might wait until the summer to watch it, this show feels like a summer show.  I don’t really count this show as a favorite of mine, I’m just addicted to it’s mythology.


merlin-01This show will be on NBC in the summer, but it was already on the BBC and you can download it online.  I’m probably going to watch it before the summer.
I watched Robin Hood which is along similar lines but I think Merlin will be better.

Twin Peaks

This is part of my effort to watch some of the cult favorites of the 90s.  I finished Carnavale and loved it, hopefully I will feel the same way about Twin Peaks.

The Tudors

I tried to watch this show before and failed, I really don’t like Jonathon Rhys Meyers or the girl who plays Anne Boleyn.  But I’m going to attempt it again.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

– izi


7 Responses to “Hijack: What I’m watching now (spring 2009)”

  1. March 16, 2009 at 6:05 am

    If you like Psych, try Monk. Not as campy, but they usually run back to back and both are funny. I also watched the premier of Castle last week and it started out ok. I’ll see tonight how well it does with the second episode.

  2. 2 lostinslc
    March 16, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Twin Peaks is amazing!! I highly recommend getting your hands on the pilot episode and starting with that.. I’ve only ever seen the pilot on VHS (yeah,yeah,I’m old..)so I’m not sure if it’s on DVD..it’s not on my copy of season one but maybe they’ve re-released a better version by now..So, then, after you’ve seen season one, watch the movie Fire Walk with Me..it’s freaky deaky..
    Season two is good.. but not as good as one..
    Oh, and Donna (one of the main characters) is played by a different actress in the movie, and I will warn you that, at least for me, it’s kinda off- putting, but you just have to deal with it because you learn a lot of new shit from the movie..

  3. March 16, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    @ lostinslc
    See, it’s people like you and your rabid devotion to Twin Peaks that makes me want to watch it.
    @ Anon
    I will try Monk, I’ve seen an episode or two and I know they’re funny but I never got around to it… I’m checking Hulu now.
    – izi

  4. 4 Bones
    March 17, 2009 at 7:20 am

    Don’t know if you’d be into it but Dexter is a great show. It hooked me quickly and I watched all 3 seasons in about 3 weeks.

  5. 5 missscarlett
    March 17, 2009 at 8:09 am

    How do you have time to breathe?!?!

    For realz.

    Drop all those other ones and get on TP’s and DAMAGES!
    Don’t worry about cancellations – only good shows get cancelled.
    Case in point: ER

    just jivin’

    Did you know Amadeus changed my life? I adore that movie and have owned more copies than I care to recall since…it is lost again. Curse you Salieri!

    How’s Merlin?

    I forgot about Season 2 of FotC – I was so disappointed by the premiere. But I love those 2.

    I’m curious about the JFK show that is supposed to be starting soon – unless of course it is on NBC and then it’s postponed for the sake of Conan O’Briend. wth? (tamer version of: wtf?)

    A gang of Lost – I need it badly!

  6. March 17, 2009 at 8:19 am

    @ Bones
    Oh I love Dexter. That’s one of the few cable showsa that I watch the week it airs (I’m in Canada, so that’s a challenge).
    @ MissScarlett
    I don’t know this JFK show you speak of.
    – izi

  7. 7 missscarlett
    March 17, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Oh man — I keep mistakenly calling it JFK/Shakespeare and….it’s King David/Saul.


    Love Ian McShane

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