509 – Namaste



We’re back, with a bang.  The episode started off from Frank’s perspective, we got to see the plane crash land on The Others’ handy little landing strip.  It wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as the 815 crash, fortunately.  That “modern” storyline focused on Sun.  She conned Ben (for no reason) and made it to NewOtherton with Frank.  She met Christian there and he told her that Jin was stuck in 1977 with Jack, Hurley and Kate.  This explains what happened to Frank after the plane crashed but it raises a huge question: Why didn’t Sun get flashed into the 70s?

Meanwhile in 1977 Sawyer scrambles and saves the day.  He successfully sneaks Kate, Jack and Hurley into “Dharmaville” with the new recruits.  Unfortunately Sayid acts too much like a Hostile and is now a prisoner. Sawyer establishes himself as a very good leader and does a great job at showing Jack that.  There’s also a slight focus on Jin searching the island for the plane hoping to find Sun.

114970_075Some of the more interesting tidbits in this episode:

  • Daniel, apparently, left
  • Pierre is around the Barracks and is acting normally
  • We met Radzinsky
  • Ben is still a little boy and is currently obsessed with the Hostiles
  • Smokey showed up (maybe)
  • We heard the Whispers
  • Horace’s baby is Ethan.

That’s a mighty good list of interesting things.  This episode mostly focused on the reunion of the two groups.  It had a little bit of Christian and a few teases for some other episodes, Daniel, Ethan, Ben;  all in all it was satisfying.  I prefer episodes with more mythological development (as if you don’t know that) but I can’t discount the episode completely.  7.5/10.0 




-“Faraday has some interesting theories about what we can and can’t do here.”  I wonder if Daniel already recorded that Comic-Con video with Pierre already.

-So Faraday isn’t “here” “anymore”.  The first scene in the premiere makes me think that he’s either turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel or he’s unstuck his mind in time.  Either way I’m excited.


509-caesar-frank-01-What was the name that Ilana said when Caesar woke her up?  It sounded like Chara or Sarah maybe.  Either way it didn’t seem like she expected to land on the island.  And it didn’t seem like Caesar knew her, he called her “lady”.


-Caesar really seems to want to be the leader.


-Hurley’s back to his old self on The Island.  All happy-go-lucky and fun.


-Jack didn’t tell Sawyer and Jin that Ben was on the plane.  That was mostly his fault so I guess he didn’t want to admit to it.

-Ben’s arm appeared to be completely healed quite soon after they landed.

-I like Ben’s reasoning to Frank.  Frank says that he was on a ship full of commandos trying to take Ben out, Ben says, “How’d that work out?” And that’s all it took to shut Frank up.  Hilarious, it makes no sense at all.


-I don’t think Sawyer fully understood why Juliet seemed so stunned when he said “They’re back”.  She was obviously worried that Kate would come and destroy her new relationship, he saw that as confusion as to how they got back.  Poor Juliet, she doesn’t like that second fiddle of hers.

-Juliet says the timing has to be right for Sawyer and her to have a baby.  I wonder if Juliet wants to have kids in the future.  I can imagine that she doesn’t want to have a baby in the 70s.


-Sawyer seems genuinely afraid of The Hostiles.  I wonder if that is simply because they killed Amy’s first husband or if they did anything since then.

-We can’t ignore Sawyer’s conversation with Jack.  Jack tries to take charge, he didn’t do it with an evil intent, but he’s just so used to the role.  But Sawyer’s in charge now, and he’s a glorious leader and he’s completely right.  He thinks about things before he acts, he doesn’t go charging after enemies or “reacting” like Jack and it’s worked so far, and I think it will work for a long time.

509-sawyer-02-Sawyer seems slightly conflicted regarding Kate, but only slightly, he barely talks to her in the entire episode.

-It’s crazy how one episode can change things so much.  For such a long time I had been hoping that Sawyer would end up with Kate.  Suddenly I want Sawyer to stay with Juliet.  And it’s not like I didn’t see the relationship coming, I did, but I didn’t think I’d get so attached to them together.


509-sawyer-miles-01-Sawyer and Jin didn’t want to report back to Miles, it’s like they didn’t want him to know that Jack, Kate and Hurley were back.  Do they not trust him, or do they just not tell him everything.

-Does Miles have gray hair?  I get that three years have passed, but that’s a bit much.  (He still has his great watch.)

-No sightings of a baby Miles or a young Charlotte yet.


509-sayid-01-Poor Sayid has a really rough time.  That would be so shocking to see Jin, speaking English, and part of the Dharma Initiative.  And then be accused of being a Hostile and taken prisoner.

-I would think that Radzinsky would be more concerned about Sayid having handcuffs on.  That would make me think that he was banished from The Hostiles camp.

-It’s great to see the reciprocation of Ben and Sayid’s meeting.  When they originally met Ben was the Other and Sayid was on the other side of the bars.  I think the differences between the two meetings are even more important though.  Back in the day Sayid approached Ben as an enemy, he hated him before he even knew him.  And Ben lied about who and what he was, Sayid told Ben his real name and although he implied that he was a Hostile he didn’t admit to it.

509-ben-sayid-01-Here’s what I think/hope will happen, Sayid will be set free, hopefully by Ben, and will escape to The Hostiles, where he will join them and we’ll be given an insight into their story.  It certainly would be fun.


-Kate looks so uncomfortable when she sees Juliet.  Those two have some serious issues to take care of.  And I wonder if Juliet left Kate’s name off the list to make her uncomfortable.


509-juliet-sawyer-jack-01-Jack still doesn’t think that Locke was going to come back to life.

-Sawyer’s the best.  He made Jack’s aptitude low so that he’d have a terrible job.  But it looks like Jack’s going to be meeting with Ben’s dad, that could be fun.

-My favorite scene of the episode, When Jack goes into Sawyer and Juliet’s house.  It’s just too perfect.  Having him meet Juliet at the door and it’s clear that she doesn’t feel anything towards him, and then to watch his face as he realizes that Juliet is living with Sawyer, it’s priceless.  The acting in that scene is great from all three of them.


-I still keep thinking that Jin doesn’t understand what everyone is saying.

-Jin hasn’t made a big deal about Sun yet.  It’s been three years he didn’t expect her to come back, but now he thinks she did.  Sure he searched the island for a plane, but I expected more of an emotional break down.


509-frank-sun-01-I like the way that Sun Frank and Ben behaved in this episode.  They act like they are so much better than the rest of the 316 survivors, most of the time they just ignore them.  It’s hilarious how superior they think themselves.

-One of the most shocking things in this episode was that Sun was still in 2007.

-What kind of info did Sun get from Ben?  She hit him with a paddle supposedly after she got all that she needed from him, but he didn’t tell her anything she didn’t know, right?


-I thought they wouldn’t show the landing again, I didn’t think they could afford that kind of scene halfway through the season.


-It looked like Smokey appeared for a second and then left.  I guess he had no immediate objections to Frank and Sun inspecting the Barracks.


-The first thing I noticed about Christian was his use of technology.  Jacob doesn’t like technology, he went crazy when Locke turned his flashlight on.  Christian, on the other hand, is residing in a Dharma building, using electric lights, and even a flashlight.  He is the complete antithesis of Jacob, well maybe that’s a bit to absolute, but he’s certainly very dissimilar to Jacob.

-They made a big deal about the door squeaking behind Christian.  Very odd.


-It’s such a relief to meet Radzinsky and know that he isn’t Daniel.  I’m also glad that he’s unlikable, it won’t be sad when he kills himself.

-Radzinsky was building a model of The Swan and he had the plans.  We know that he was stuck down there at some point and he killed himself, surely he would know about the mind-games.



-So Horace is Ethan’s dad.  Interesting, I wonder if Ethan stayed with Dharma or if he left and came back to join The Others.

-As soon as Juliet finds out that she’s holding Ethan she immediately looks creeped out and quickly hands him to Amy.  I wonder if Daniel told them not to touch or be near people that they knew in the future or if Juliet just didn’t want to hold Ethan.


509-pierre-01-In the new recruit orientation film Pierre is wearing a lab coat with The Swan logo on it.  But The Swan hasn’t been built yet.  Whooooaa!  I’m kidding, this was probably just the only coat the costume department had.

-I’m surprised that Jack didn’t have a more obvious reaction to Pierre.  That would be so strange to see him in the orientation videos and then meet him in real life.

Flashes (what we know now):

The Plane Flashing


The plane flashed from night to day before it crash-landed.  That has to have some significance.  Perhaps it was just that time difference that Daniel discovered last season.  The same thing happened to the helicopter in season 4, but there hasn’t been an explanation yet.

The Numbers

Right before the plane landed the pilots turned their radio on and you could here the Numbers.  It sounded more like the iteration voice than the old Numbers transmission that Rousseau and her crew heard.  So sometime in the last three years some one put that transmission on.  It could be Richard, or The Others, or maybe Christian or Jacob.

2007 Group

So the people who are in 2007 are Frank, Sun, Ben, Locke, Ilana, Caesar and Richard (Plus Desmond and Penny and maybe Daniel).  Besides Frank and Sun this group looks like it’s going to be very interesting.  There’s not going to be a lot of drama, but they could do a lot of interesting things.

509-christian-011“A Bit of a Journey”

Christian tells Sun and Frank that they have a bit of a journey ahead of them before they can find Jin and their friends.  It surprises me that Sun has to go back instead of Jin and the others going forward.
Also we don’t know if Christian has Sun’s best interest in mind.  Could he be screwing with her?  He’s telling her the truth, but is he somehow using her?  Whenever Christian is involved I like to ask WWJD, What Would Jacob Do?  Seriously, if this is what Christian wants then what would Jacob want?

– Izi

9 Responses to “509 – Namaste”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    March 19, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    The first scene in the premiere
    remind me?!
    oh at the fdw location?? with his clipboard?
    I think whatever he is doing is in an attempt to save Charlotte – don’t you?

    Jack didn’t tell Sawyer and Jin that Ben was on the plane.
    You’re right!! I totally missed that omission (as he intended – duh dunh dunh chaaa)

    Why do broken bones heal so quickly on the Island and contusions take so much longer??

    Hilarious, it makes no sense at all.
    I totally agree! The only sense that made was for Sun to conk him on the head. What else can you do with a guy that can confound boatloads of commandos??

    Poor Juliet, she doesn’t like that second fiddle of hers.
    great line!
    But what woman does? and what woman should??

    Whoa! What if she had her own ‘sister’? ’cause a kid they have in the 70’s would be an adult now. That way madness lies.

    Sawyer seems genuinely afraid of The Hostiles
    I didn’t get that impression at all.
    I think Sawyer is very happy living in Dharmaville and wants things to stay that way — he rejects the reminder that things aren’t going to end well there and his assertion to Juliet that they might wreck what they got goin on there seems to indicate he is pretty heavily invested in their new/old life.
    Poor Sawyer. He can’t stay.
    Even in the past you are moving toward the future.

    I NEVER thought I would be attached to anyone being with Juliet – or to Juliet.
    But I really want Sawyer to realize he loves her and he belongs with her. I think Sawyer is fighting his feelings for Kate because deep down he knows he can never trust her. I think Juliet’s love helps Sawyer to be a better man.
    and yes. I do believe in fairies. I clapped – didn’t you?

    I think Miles was always a little bit gray – I’ve noticed it before but in your screenshot it does look like a lot.

    I would think that Radzinsky would be more concerned about Sayid having handcuffs on. That would make me think that he was banished from The Hostiles camp.
    yeah – I think the only mention of that was that Radzinsky called it an “act” – I figured he must have been obliquely referring to the handcuffs.

    You’re so positive!
    I think Sayid is going to go Postal and think he has been divinely sent there to kill Little Linus! Boy I have a dark mind.

    If Juliet planned that: kudos.

    At the very least I thought Jin would be angry with Locke that Sun came back — and maybe ask about the Baby!

    Nah – those people are just so many more redshirts Izi.

    Sun knew there were boats there? I think she just found a way to go over without Ben when Frank showed up. Ben was distracted and she made her move — I think it likely didnt’ hurt to be reminded of how Ben dealt with those commandos. If anything would make me trust him less it would be remembering how he outdid Mad McKeamy when I’m just a girl in inappropriate clothing looking for my husband.

    I guess he had no immediate objections to Frank and Sun inspecting the Barracks.

    They made a big deal about the door squeaking behind Christian. Very odd.
    either because squeaky doors are scary or they were implying someone else was there too

    I thought it was just emotional since she lived and worked with him and he recruited her. I wouldn’t want to hold the innocent baby knowing how he was going to die violently when he was her friend. And she likely wouldn’t want to scare the new mom. That would be a dreadful situation!

    Good catch with the Orientation film jacket – funny.
    His voice full of blame when he says that Amy ‘had a baby’ and he had to leave his lab. The nerve and the disorganization.
    And the hilarity of following up his frustration with Namaste.

    The plane also moved from 1977 to 2007 – or at least it’s passengers did.

    Seriously, if this is what Christian wants then what would Jacob want?
    And more importantly…what does the Island want?

    I think Sun has to go and BRING them back. But who can say?

  2. 2 Anon
    March 20, 2009 at 3:38 am

    “What was the name that Ilana said when Caesar woke her up?”

    She said “Jarrah”, Sayid’s last name.

    “What kind of info did Sun get from Ben? She hit him with a paddle supposedly after she got all that she needed from him, but he didn’t tell her anything she didn’t know, right?”

    I guess she just took it that if he thinks she should look for Jin on the main island then she’ll trust him in that case.

    So I’m thinking if the O6 and Ben/Frank/Des left the island in early 2005…then Sawyer and the left behinders flashed to 1974 just a few days later…that means no one was on island between 2005 and 2007…so who WAS there in that time? Was it completely uninhabited for the first time ever? Or did Rose and Bernard and some other redshirts stay in that time?

  3. 3 lvgirl
    March 20, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Anon- The “others” would still be on the island between 2005-7. As far as we know, they did not flash in time with the Losties. I still wonder what made them immune.

    As much as Juliet is having a problem with the baby being Ethan- I do too. The actor who played Ethan was 39 in 2004 not 27 and he didn’t look 27 and when he recruited Juliet, three years previous, he definitely did not look 24. This has been an instance where the credibility and continuity come into question for me. Ethan seems to have alot of experience when he first met Juliet in 2001 to be 24. Also, He shoots John right after Eko’s brother’s plane crashes on the island.

    So, the question for me is, how does Ethan get as old as he is?

    Missscarlett- I totally agree that Sayid sees this as his mission to kill young Ben. If I were any of them, I would have done the same thing especially knowing all the evil that Ben does.

    I liked Sawyer taking control. I really liked Jack being humbled. It was great to see. I like Sawyer and Juliet together. I only hope that Juliet wins over Kate. Kate is always for Kate…and if I was Sawyer, I wouldn’t trust her at all.

  4. 4 Bones
    March 20, 2009 at 8:36 am

    Something I posted in the review thread:

    I read a good theory on why some people went back to 1977 and some stayed. The ones who went back to 77 were invited by Locke, they were supposed to be there. Sun and Ben, along with the other 316′ers, were not, so they didn’t jump with them.

  5. March 26, 2009 at 9:04 am

    “-So Horace is Ethan’s dad. Interesting, I wonder if Ethan stayed with Dharma or if he left and came back to join The Others.”

    Ethan is a bit of a problem. Ben killed all the Dharma group with the nerve gas. If Ethan was there, he would have bought the farm as well. If Ethan was off the island at the time, when he did return, surely he would have questions as to the fate of his parents and the entire group.

  6. March 26, 2009 at 9:22 am

    When Ben went to the Dharma ditch last time he implied that he wasn’t the only member of the Dharma Initiative to have survived the Purge. Presumedly Ethan was another, and there may have been others.
    It is slightly interesting that Ethan was born on the island though. That was one of the lies that Ben used to prove his supposed “specialness”.
    – izi

  7. 7 riddlej
    March 30, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    I like your skepticism about Christian. I agree. I can’t figure out WHAT is with him… his presence on the Island seems so comforting and “shepherdy.” But his presence off the island was so historically ugly that I can’t reconcile. Is he really a good guy? How could he say he could speak on Jacob’s behalf? How could he show up to guide the Messiah John Locke through the turning of the Orchid wheel? I’m so glad he’s supposed to star in season 6 because I just don’t get it…

  8. 8 riddlej
    March 30, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Ethan’s been born on the island, as well as Alex, Karl, and Aaron. Maybe Pierre Chang’s baby, and others too? I don’t think the babies started dying until the Purge. Some sort of crime against nature.

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