510 – He’s Our You



“He’s Our You” solves all of Sayid’s mysteries.  That’s nice.  It shows more of his work with Ben, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything beyond that.  It shows how and why he stopped working for Ben.  It shows why he went to get Hurley at the end of Season 4.  And it shows how he got onto flight 316.  These aren’t minor mysteries, and I’m glad we finally filled in all of Sayid’s blanks.

What I liked about the episode was the part with Ilana.  It’s nice to finally figure the character out a little.  And it’s great to find out that she’s dangerous.  I also enjoyed watching more scenes with Ben as a child.  He’s always an intriguing character, and seeing him being damaged by his experiences and his upbringing was fun (I’m having flashes of Walt).

What I didn’t like about this episode was the fact that it centered on Sayid.  I think I’ve come to hate the character more and more as time went on.  Last season I was desperately hoping that he would be the body in the coffin.  I was wrong and I was disappointed.  It’s not that the character is useless, that’s my usual reason for wanting people to die, he’s very useful.  Sayid just annoys me with his purposes, he’s never part of the team and he’s always doing the “right thing” and it’s never what I want to happen.  If he was evil I would find him interesting, but he’s not he’s just eternally conflicted but still doing the wrong thing.

I also didn’t like the fact that no one fully addressed the obvious tension in the Love Square (it’s not a quadrangle, it’s a sqaure).  They kinda started to talk about it, but it didn’t get too far.  I also really didn’t like the “He” in “He’s Our You’.  That guy was disappointing.

So what do I give a season 5 Sayid episode?  4.0/10.0



-The point of this episode was clear since the end of the last episode.  Sayid wanted to kill or at least do something to Ben.  After the first scene in the episode it was also clear that the episode would be a study of Sayid’s morals.  In the end Ben was right, Sayid’s nothing but a killer.  It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t enjoy it, he still does it with ease and with skill.  If only Sayid would come to terms with that and stop having these ridiculous internal struggles with himself.  Sayid really would be a good villain.

510-sayid-joker-02-Why the deuce would Sayid not go for Sawyer’s idea?  He knows nothing about the situation and he still thinks that he has a better way of doing things.

-How could Sayid not feel sorry for Ben after watching his father abuse him?  How could you shoot a little boy like that who thinks he’s finally found a way to a better life.

-Sayid certainly looks and acts like a Hostile.  And that whole spiel he said while under the truth serum certainly made him seem even more powerful.  Not only did he seem to be all knowing but he could see the future and he seemed to be able to beat the serum.

510-sayid-joker-01-I wonder what The Hostiles reaction would have been to Sayid’s whole future speech.

-So it was really just destiny that brought Sayid back to the Island.  Nothing but bad luck and coincidences.

-A friend of mine was hoping that Sayid was going to try to improve Ben’s state of mind instead of killing him.  If Ben was Luke Skywalker that might have happened.

(-Sayid did his best Joker impression in this episode.)


-I’m pretty sure that Ben proved to us that he hasn’t talked to Richard since he met him in the jungle that time.  That’s good, it leaves less of a blank between Ben’s flashback in season 3 and this timeline.

-So Ben never sent Sayid after Widmore.  I expected him to.  I thought that would be Sayid’s turning point.  I thought that Sayid would fail and Widmore would convince him to turn against Ben.  (Ben also didn’t send Sayid after Abaddon, but I don’t think that means anything.)

510-burning-vw-van-01-The little kid who played Ben did such a good job in the scene with his dad.  That was impressive.

-“John Locke is dead, I’d say he’s been murdered.”  Hilarious, he can tell the truth in such a hilariously twisted way.

-How the hell did Ben organize the burning VW Van?  That’s some impressive work.


510-ilana-01-Well he wasn’t Oldham.  It was a relief at first, but that character was so dull that it might have been more fun if it was Daniel.


-Was Ilana pretending to be a prostitute or was she just seducing Sayid?  I liked this intro to Ilana, up until now she almost seemed innocent and naive, but now that we saw the real her, with a gun and knee-highs, it’s very easy to like her.  Will she be a danger?  I doubt it.

510-sayid-ilana-01-So what is Ilana exactly?  Is she as Sayid says, a bounty hunter?  Is she some sort of assassin? 
Maybe she’s some kind of foreign Marshall.  Does that even exist?  Are the US the only country with Marshalls?

-I’m 90% sure that Ilana isn’t working for Ben.  But that 10% is still bothering me.


510-kate-hurley-jack-01-I was expecting/hoping that Sayid would meet Ben at the wharf where Desmond and Penny were.  I hoped that he would be responsible for Ben’s condition after he went to the wharf.


-Hurley has a good job.  And he’s happy as a clam in his new life.

-About Sawyer and Juliet being together, “who couldn’t see that coming?”  Hahaha.


-Juliet finally came clean about her worries about Kate and Jack coming back.  She actually said that she expects her relationship with Sawyer to end now.

-Juliet kinda told Kate to “stay away”, but not forcefully enough.  I don’t think Kate got the point.


-Kate was actually going to tell Sawyer why she came back to the island.


-The ol’ premature sorry technique might be used too much on Lost.  You know when someone says sorry right before they punch or in some other way iunjure another character.  “Sorry for what?”  Whoa, didn’t see that coming.

-Did they have tasers back in 1977?


510-jin-01-Yay Jack!  He said that he wasn’t going to do anything regarding Sawyer and his plans.  I think he might have learned his lesson.


-Jin doesn’t trust Sayid.  Wow.


-I really wanted to see Horace try to torture Sayid, that would have been fun.


-Why would Horace keep Radzinsky around, he’s so terribly annoying.  He must be a good scientist or something.


-I thought Phil would be trouble, it seemed like he was suspicious of the survivors, but it seems like Sawyer’s got him wrapped around his finger.


-I want to hit Amy.  “I can’t sleep with one eye open.”  What a fear mongerer.

-It’s possible that Amy has a secret to life.  Maybe The Hostiles know something about her that she doesn’t want to get out.  Perhaps there’s more of a story behind her picnic.


510-oldham-01-First of all, the name?  Seriously?  That’s the best they could think of?

-Secondly, there was too much buildup.  All he had was a truth serum, and he wasn’t a psychopath he was just old and ugly.  That translated to creepy, but that only lasted until it became clear that all he was going to do was feed Sayid a sugar cube.

Flashes (what we know now):

Ann Arbor

Interesting Dharma reference.  Ann Arbor is where Dharma was originated.  A group of scientists from Michigan found the island and started to research it.  Apparently some of the big wigs are still over there.

What Dharma Deserves


I don’t want to say that Dharma deserved the Purge, I don’t really think they do, and we don’t really know enough about them yet.  But that scene with the vote was quite chilling.  They easily decided to kill a man they knew nothing about simply out of fear.  If that was a choice by the leaders then you could say that the average Dharma member was innocent, but even Amy voted to kill Sayid.
On the other hand the Hostiles did the same thing, they killed Amy’s first husband for apparently no reason and they probably would have killed her too.  So what’s the conclusion?  Neither group is good, so let’s take the side of the people we know, the 815 suvivors.

Other Dharma Folk

I’m a little disappointed with the Dharma camp.  We haven’t met many interesting people.  I was hoping that we’d be able to see more of their scientific stuff rather than just life at the Barracks.  And where’s Pierre, he showed up for a minute in Namaste but he hasn’t done anything interesting yet.  I was hoping to see the Degroots again too.  I guess there’s still time.

Ben’s “Death”

510-ben-01Sayid shot Ben as a child.  I didn’t actually think that the gun would shoot.  But i was wrong about that.  Let’s see what else I can get wrong.

I don’t think Ben’s dead.  I don’t think I actually have to say this, but if I don’t then it might come back to bite me in the ass.  I believe Ms. Hawkins and Daniel, you can’t change the past and all that you will cause is “course corrections”.  So somehow Ben didn’t die.  Maybe he had a bible in his shirt pocket.  Maybe he had his heart removed and the bullet passed through his body (it would explain a lot, but it might cause a few problems).  Perhaps it was all staged, maybe it was a blank in the gun and Ben had a squib on him.  I really have no idea how Ben didn’t die, but I’m sure he didn’t.

Who’s with me?  (The ridiculousness of this is really just too much.)

The Incident

Sayid made a point of mentioning the Incident at The Swan.  Good foreshadowing there.

– Izi

13 Responses to “510 – He’s Our You”

  1. March 26, 2009 at 10:03 am

    I think Ben was really shot… but remember… the island has healing powers… at least for Locke and Ben… This much has already been shown

  2. March 26, 2009 at 10:27 am

    – Why the deuce would Sayid not go for Sawyer’s idea?
    I think because Sayid wants to be jailed. He’s a bad man and knows he needs to stop doing bad things. But he can’t. So he resigns himself to stay in prison. When they decide to kill him, he resigns himself to die. When Ben rescues him, he revels in the possibility of killing him.

    – Oldham.
    You seriously need to watch the actor on Deadwood. You’ll better appreciate his character here on Lost. And did anybody see what his job title was on his jumpsuit?

    – Why would Horace keep Radzinsky around?
    I think Radzinsky building the model of the Swan then losing his mind in the Swan are all linked to some sort of bizarre backstory of the island’s elctromagnetic forces.

    – I thought Phil would be trouble.
    He will be. He’ll give up Jack, Kate, Hurley, and maybe Sawyer and Juliet and Jin.

    – Ben.
    Yes, I think Ben was shot. no, I don’t think he’ll die. Yes, I think the Island will heal him. Does anyone remember if older Ben remembers Sayid when he lands on the island?

  3. 3 el bocha
    March 26, 2009 at 11:01 am

    You gave this ep a 4.0??? Come on, you’re being way too harsh. Your dislike of the character has completely blindfolded you to see what a great episode this was. I’ve liked Sayid since the beginning, and this episode does nothing more than reinforce that. This season, he’s way more interesting than before. He’s a hostile now, a freaking hostile, at least for the Dharma folks. What more do you want from the poor guy? If that doesn’t make it more interesting to you, then I don’t know what will.

    Ohh, and that ending. How could anyone saw that coming?? The last episode sort of hinted at the possibility of Sayid HURTING Ben, but KILLING him is a very different matter. Honestly, how many people could have predicted Sayid killing Ben as a young boy in cold blood? This changes everything, he’s trully a killer now, he finally embraces his nature. But there’s a reason for this, which I think is self-explanatory so I won’t get into that.

    I really liked this episode, way more than last week’s
    Can’t wait to see how on earth will they bring little ben back

  4. 4 Lostie
    March 26, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Love ur recaps IZI…they are Great !!!

    I was so disappointed with Sawyer in this epi. He was so weak. He has his old gang back together, he should’ve started planning in getting them together to take over the DI. Jin should have shot Radzinsky when they found Sayid last week, or this week Sawyer should have brought Jack, Kate, Juliet and Jin with him when they took Sayid to Oldham and over powered them, that would have made lots of Lost fans very happy. Sorry but I feel this war thats coming will be between 3 groups and the survivors will be on their own. Whatcha think?

    btw….u said that Sayid mentioned The Incident “at” the Swan?? The Swan hasnt been built yet.
    Your working too many hours Izi, lol.

  5. 5 Anon
    March 27, 2009 at 3:09 am

    “-About Sawyer and Juliet being together, “who couldn’t see that coming?” Hahaha.”

    Since when did Hurley become a relationship psychic? He leaves for three years, comes back and suddenly knows Sawyer was BOUND to get with an Other? Please. That scene was just odd.

    Oh, and Ben’s not dead. He was always almost killed by Sayid, which is partly the reason he is how he is as an adult (as well as the domestic abuse, which went on for who knows how long?).

    Also, remember the look Ben gives Sayid in One of Us – it’s almost as if he recognises him or was thinking “yep, that’s him alright”.

    AND the look he gives him on the 316 flight, probably remembering that Sayid is wearing the exact same clothes he was when he shot him. ARGH!

  6. 6 Joshuaf
    March 27, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Sorry in advance if anyone who reads this that has prejudices toward the time loop theory, but it’s possible that – in accordance with time loop theory – the Ben who was killed in ‘he’s our you’ was from an iteration which was not the first itteration ie, the original timeline, but rather a parallel one. As such the child that we saw killed shall ramain as some kind of ghost in the current itteration untill time catches up with the point at which richard left the first iteration. Did you notice that the Ben who was alive on the second Island was knocked out by Sun and as such prohibited from reaching the main LOST island and entering the itteration in which he would have met his younger self! I’ve not explained this very well but it makes sense in my head see: http://www.timelooptheory.com/the_timeline.htm – I’m not affiliated with this site it just makes bear sense!

  7. 7 sebas
    March 27, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    look what happened happened, it all fits and soon all the ocenaic 5 and juliet miles etc will have another flash and will go back to the prensent in 2008 and jin will get back with dun and jack with his father and locke with hurley etc… its obvious, meanwhile locke will find richard and maybe he, locke, will be the one responsible for the flash so the ones stuck in 1977 will go back to the present… i b elieve it’s the ovbious end… hopefully no one else dies except old ben in last chapter or sth like that and hopefully they’ll explain the black smoke which may be the souls of the dharma people which were killed in the purge, perhaps charlie’s son of desmond is the real charlie, only if penny is killed an des tries to go to the island and goes to 1977 and so gives the child to some family going back to england and there charlie is raised… everybody stays on teh island happily ever after, and rose and those people may be with the hostiles, may be in one of the numerous beaches without any contact with both bands… charles widmore will be the final leader of the others as he said he was, surely! he must kill ben… and as richard, no one will get older that would be superb… locke couldnt die when his was shot at by ben because he had been alive in 1954 talking to richard and widmore so he simply couldnt die because the transcurse of time had already determined the fact oof 1954 becaqsue is¡t waS BEFORE the facts of 2004-2007 although it was lockes future the one of 1954, but as i said before surely farady was right and whatever happened happened.. just a theory, no spoilers read
    it’s very interesting how ben already knew jack and all the guys of 1977 when he was old, the first time the guys came in 2004… there are no paradoxes if u follow the lost explications gives during its chapters there is nothing wrong in the series, no mistakes, except perhaps that we don’t realizae that ben recognizes jack and the other losties when he already knew them when he was a boy, he didnt even surprised that they were exactly the same as when he saw them for the first time… greetings

  8. 8 Cunny
    March 29, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I’ll bet Ben has a right-sided heart.

  9. 9 Cunny
    March 30, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Oh, and I believe that Ben was behind Ilona’s actions, but she doesn’t know it.

    I’ll bet Ben’s dad kicks his ass for carelessly being shot by an expert killer. Pesky kids and getting shot in the heart.

  10. 10 riddlej
    March 30, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    I disagree with your opinions about Sayid, but your overall assessments are pretty good. I am waiting for Claire to reappear in the series (as promised this season), so I think she’ll show up soon with Christian and Sun. They’ll tell them why they didn’t make it to 1977 when they were on board 316 and how to get back there. Maybe then we’ll learn more about Aaron and the kids theme.

    I am still waiting for the whole purpose of Dharma to come out… I am confused whether it has to do with curing disease (see how many times cancer comes up over the seasons) or with averting nuclear disaster (i.e. REALLY saving the world). I am waiting for Daniel’s timeline to make more sense (i.e. his role in the Orchid drilling at the beginning of season 5), and for Pierre’s (his clip behind Mikhail’s chess program in season 3 makes it sound like he might still be alive, except off island). AND I am waiting for the Swan station story to come out (i.e. the observation notebooks at the Pearl, the Incident, and the invisible map). I hope this comes out in the rest of the season 5.

    I still don’t understand the Ben/Widmore rivalry and who (if either of them) is telling the truth. Which side is Richard on? He has been involved with both…

  11. March 31, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Long time reader, future commentator. Love the site, have done from the start. The Good vs Evil segments are awesome!

    Just wanted to clarify – Tasers were technically invented in 1974, so it is conceivable for Sawyer to have one in 1977 🙂 that’s all. Keep up the excellent work, it is really appreciated. This is my #2 lost website, although it is extremely close between this and longlivelocke.blogspot.com , very very close.

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