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514 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

514 – The Variable

8.81  million viewers

3.9/10  18-49 viewers

Good news, the best news really, Lost has been renewed for the next season!  And since it has a crazy filming schedule that pretty much gaurantees that the show will finish it’s final season.  It kinda makes these number less important but let’s keep on watching them just for fun.

– izi


514 – The Variable



I started getting very worried at about the halfway mark of this episode.  By that point it was clear that the flashbacks were going to cover Daniel’s whole life and solve every mystery about him.  The writers only do that when they are about to kill the character, examples: Shannon, Charlie, and Locke.

The writers had a rough time with this one.  They knew that we liked the character, and they knew that it would look like they were going to kill him.  First they gave him that superficial neck wound.   That lulled us into a false sense of security, we though ‘hey, Daniel’s OK, he’s not going to get killed in an ironic and tragic way!’  Unfortunately we were wrong.

The writers also attempted to offset the death by pretending that Desmond was going to die.  That was just a cheap shot.  Desmond was my first favorite character on the show.  After season 4 I downgraded him since he got his happy ending.  Daniel became my favorite.  In this episode they made us think that Desmond was going to die.  They tried to balance our grief over Daniel’s death by giving us relief because of Desmond’s recovery.  It wasn’t enough.

I don’t usually complain about Lost, it’s a great show, the best show on the air, but I’m going to do it tonight.  Don’t take it too seriously.  I’ll get over Daniel’s death, but at the moment I’m pissed.  If there’s one thing we learned from Heroes it’s that the original stars aren’t necessarily the best characters.  The Lost writers keep on killing the new characters they introduce.  First Libby and Ana Lucia, that was uncalled for and still angrifying.  Then Eko, I didn’t really care about this one, but it still serves to illustrate my point.  And then Nikki and Paulo, I’ll give them that one, they were badly introduced and generally hated.  Then Alex and Karl, these ones were at least guest stars, they were in a dangerous position.  Then Charlotte, then Caesar, then Abbadon (again a guest-star), and now Daniel.  If they have no intention of fully using these character then don’t introduce them, don’t write good characters.  Or… better yet, don’t kill them.  The only safe addition to the cast is Ben.  Juliet and Miles beware.  The original stars aren’t that good, I’d take Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Libby, Ana Lucia even Nikki and Paulo over any of the original stars, especially ones like Jin, Sun, Sayid, Claire, Kate and Jack.

Despite all my bitterness I still have to admit that this episode was very well written and amazingly answer-filled.  9.5/10.0

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Updated Current Theories

This week off has given me a chance to clean up my Current Theories page.

I’ve thrown in a few more minor theories onto the bottom and I wrote updates to some of my debunked and old theories. Here are some of the “new” theories, they’re pretty obvious and short range theories, but I thought I should write them out before they are proved right or wrong.

Miles’ Power Origins


The Others Stuck in Time

The Third Party

I’ve also graded my theories so my favorite ones, the ones I want people to know, are appear brighter and the more vague and less important ones are brighter.

Check it out if you haven’t ever been there, and even if you have.

Current Theories

– izi


Daniel built the Lamp-Post


I don’t know why I didn’t realize this after Daniel “left”.  When Jack, Sun and co. were down in the Lamp-Post with Ms. Hawking she said a strange little line, she said, “a very clever fellow built this pendulum on the theoretical notion that they should stop looking for where the island was supposed to be and start looking for where it was going to be”.  It seems very likely that Daniel, as a Dharma scientist would build something like the pendulum.  And it explains why Daniel’s mom would call the man a “very clever fellow”. 

I also believe that Daniel some how communicated with his mother in the future, or at least sent her messages, that would explain why she’s so dismissive of Desmond’s message for her.

I don’t understand why Dharma would need to locate the island in 1974.  They must have known where it was by that point.  (I may have just disproved my own theory.)  No, I think it’s still possible and likely.

– izi


10 Questions for Darlton

Variety asked Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse 10 questions (out of 188 submitted).  The questions they asked aren’t the extremely specific kind that we really want answered they’re the writing-technique kind of questions.  If you’re feeling Lost withdrawal without a new episode this week then you’ll probably want to check this out.

Go here.

– izi


What’s in the Box?

EW just posted this very fun video on their site.  OK, first of all don’t get too excited, this isn’t an official Lost video.  It’s pretty much an intricate form of fanfic.  This incredibly talented guy created this video in the style of Cloverfield using the music and sounds of Lost (there’s also a few overt Lost references too).  Take a gander at the video below.

I’d love to delve deeper into this video but I’m very sleepy.  If you want to know more about what’s happening here go to the EW site, they answer almost all the questions you could have.  (I’d love to talk about this video later, so leave a comment so I have an excuse to talk more.)

– izi


Foreign Theory: The Prodigal Sons (and Daughters) Return


I really like this theory from the Doc Arzt blog.  He’s theorizing that perhaps Bram, Ilana and co. are the sons and daughters of people from the Dharma Initiative.  That would mean that Miles and Charlotte would really fit in with them. 

This theory also goes along with a less foreign theory from of the readers of this blog, that the group is the reformed Dharma Initiative (see here, look for Publicola’s comment).  Remember those tests that we did in the fall, perhaps those weren’t just casual fun, maybe they were “real” (haha, that almost made sense for a second).

506-ms-hawking-lamp-post-01My theory is that this group is funded, or at least organized, by Eloise Hawking.  That could fit in with any of these theories.  Whatever happens, I’m really liking this new group, they’re sinister but smart.  And Bram is way better than Keamy (sorry MissScarlett).

– izi

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