511 – Whatever Happened, Happened



It’s the Morpheus episode!  Remember in The Matrix Reloaded, when they were leaving the Merovingian’s house Morpheus says, “Whatever happened, happened, and couldn’t have happened any other way”.  It’s true.  This episode hopefully cleared up all that talk about separate timelines and paradoxes that came up after Sayid shot Ben.  (This was also almost an episode of ER, final episode on tonight.  A tear.)

This episode also answered more burning questions about Kate.  This is one of the first times I’ve been so eager to have a Kate episode since we saw “What Kate Did”.  There was a lot of misdirection in this episode, but we finally got to see what Kate did with Aaron, and we got to see Kate’s reunion with Cassidy.  As you may or may not know, I was hoping (futilely) that Kate would leave Aaron with Cassidy.  I was wrong (how unusual).

This episode also proved a few other very useful things in regards to the love square.  Juliet and Jack will never have a future, Sawyer doesn’t think that he will have a future with Kate, Kate doesn’t think she came back to the island for Sawyer, and Kate and Juliet are now very similar and can work well together.  We also learned that the new and improved Jack still has the ability to be a douche.

But back to the time travel business.  I really hope that this episode cleared everything up for you skeptics.

As for Ben’s storyline, It was glorious to have him go to The Hostiles.  There’s still a huge blank in his life that we haven’t learned about, but it’s cool to see more of his origins.  And we got a slight glimpse into The Hostiles.  Richard is almost in charge but apparently he has Ms. Hawking and Mr. Widmore watching over his shoulder.

I really enjoyed this episode, it didn’t have much mythology and it centered on Kate, but it really delivered.  8.5/10.0



-Cassidy seeing through Kate’s lie about Aaron was interesting.  Kate’s not too good at lying at times, but that was still pretty impressive.

-Kate mentions Juliet’s “whole life here”, referring to her happy little life with Sawyer in the Dharma Initiative.  That must have been a little gratifying for Juliet to hear that kate is concerned about her new life in Dharmaville.

511-kate-01-Wouldn’t that have been the worst thing if Kate had lost Aaron in the grocery store and had given up on him and then had gone to Jack’s house for some sex.  Wow.

-It’s great that Kate and Cassidy had a close enough relationship that Clementine called Kate “Aunty Kate”.  It almost makes up for the fact that she didn’t end up with Aaron.  (I’ll explain why I wanted Aaron with Cassidy below)

511-kate-sawyer-01-Cassidy says that Sawyer broke Kate’s heart.  Is that true?  I think that she expected Sawyer to need her more than he really did, but I think Kate’s heart is thoroughly broken for many reasons, I don’t think it’s just Sawyer.

-I like Kate’s motherly reaction to Ben at the end of the episode.  “Where are you taking him?”  I think Kate’s time with Aaron has really changed Kate from the desperate to be loved character into a motherly character (I guess she’s still desperate to be loved, but in a different way).

511-kate-richard-ben-01-I like thinking about what how Kate has changed.  In this episode she automatically defended little Ben’s life.  It was unthinkable to let him die and she didn’t even think about her own safety.  What would Season 2 or Season 3 Kate have done? I honestly think that she would have sided with Jack and let him die.


511-cassidy-012-Finally we get to see Cassidy.  It seems like I’ve been waiting for this forever, I was getting tired of explaining to my friends who Cassidy is all the time.

-I wonder if Cassidy knew that Sawyer was on the plane before Kate went to visit her.  She didn’t seem shocked when Kate said that Sawyer sent her.  She must have thought about the coincidence of the two of them together on the same plane.

511-clementine-kate-aaron-01-I was shocked about Cassidy’s animosity towards Sawyer.  I guess she really expected him to come to her after he got out of prison, and he should have.  But still her take on Sawyer’s story was odd.  I didn’t expect her to be pining over him, but I really didn’t expect such absolute rejection of him.

-Cassidy says to Kate, “I’ll bet this money isn’t even his,” referring to the sizable wad of cash that Kate gives her.  Is it possible that she never got Sawyer’s trust fund for Clementine?  I know that probably wouldn’t have changed her attitude about him not calling or seeing her, but that statement is kinda weird considering the huge amount of money Sawyer already gave to her.

-I may disagree with Cassidy’s opinion of Sawyer, but she’s right on with Jack, “Jack’s sounds like a piece of work”.


-Oh Hurley, representing the clueless viewer once again.  The Back to the Future reference was pretty awesome.  Hurley really should have figured out the time travel thing quicker.  Surely a comic book fan like himself shouldn’t have a problem with this kind of stuff.

-When Juliet busts through the front door looking for Jack, Hurley says, “is he in trouble?”  He sounds like a little frightened kid.


-The rest of Ben’s storyline is still extremely interesting.  How does he get back in with Dharma?  And why does he still have so much animosity towards his father?  How much does her remember?  Was he programed by the Hostiles or by Smokey?

-It was too sad when Ben said to tell his dad he was sorry he stole the keys.  Poor Ben was so innocent.  I think that they tried to play him off as a bad-ass in the last two episode, but deep inside he’s just a little kid in a bad situation.


-I think this is another point in the evil column for the Good vs. Evil discussion about Ben.  After Ben went in the temple he came out a different person and his innocence was gone.

Roger (Ben’s Dad)

(I only say that Roger is Ben’s dad because I can’t seem to remember what his name is.  This is more of a memory aid for myself.


-I never thought we’d see Roger in a friendly light.  Roger admitted to being a bad father and he truly seemed to feel for Ben.

-Roger’s not as dumb as he looks.  After Sawyer asked if Roger had his keys, he figured out that Sawyer already knew that he didn’t have his keys and he figured out that Ben freed Sayid and Sawyer was suspecting him.  That’s some good deducing from a drunk useless “Workman”.  I think we may have underestimated him


-Dharma still lets Juliet do the doctorly thing, you would think they might change her profession.

-Juliet really proved her total good nature in this episode.  Juliet spent a lot of time with Ben on the island, as the recipient of some pretty intense attention from him.  If anyone knew how truly evil Ben is it’s her.  But she still fought the hardest to keep him alive.

511-juliet-01-This is the first time Juliet heard that Jack and Kate were engaged.  Do you think that is why she freaked out on Jack?  I don’t think so.

-I really enjoyed watching Juliet tear down Jack in this episode.  It was quite as epic as Sawyer’s was the other night, but it was still pretty satisfying.  I think that Juliet is too nice to make Jack suffer too much, she could have dug deeper and made him cry.


511-sawyer-kate-01-Sawyer says that he’s grown up a lot over the last three years.  Do you think he’d be a good father to Clementine now?  I think that Juliet is the reason why Sawyer has grown up so much.  Also the position of authority that was thrust upon him helped him to take charge of his life.

-It occurs to me that Sawyer and maybe even Jin must have realized that they touched Roger’s bones.  That must have been a pretty gruesome realization.  Hopefully Hurley figures it out too, that would be a funny scene.

511-miles-01-I like Sawyer’s face when Kate is telling him about Clementine.  He still has so much fear and apprehension about being a father.


-Good for Miles for understanding the time travel thinger.  I think he did a good job of explaining it too, does anyone still not understand what they can and can’t do in the 70s?


-“We brought Sayid back, we caused this.”  I like how they refer to him as if he’s a weapon.  that’s pretty much what he is though.  And now Ben isn’t aiming him anymore, he’s a loose cannon (zing!).



-Shouldn’t Jack be a Yes-Man now?  Shouldn’t he just go with the flow and agree to anything in front of him?  You don’t really fulfill your Destiny if you don’t agree to do anything.  (See below.)  (Also, did anyone watch Yes-Man?  If you did, you’ll never look at Ms. Hawking the same way again.)

-“Maybe the island wants to fix things itself?”  That’s an interesting way of thinking, and it might mean something in the future, but right now it sounds a little too passive.  If Jack came back to fulfill his destiny he’s got to do things.  He didn’t come back just to watch the Island fix stuff.

511-jack-02-“You didn’t the like the old me, Kate.”  Good call Jack.  Kate might have been a good willing sidekick to the ol’ Action-Jack but she wasn’t really in love with him back then.

-When Miles and Hurley are debating the time travel stuff Jack is fiddling around in the kitchen and he’s clearly not paying attention.  When Locke was being a Man of Faith he tried to figure this kind of things out, surely Jack should try to understand.


-Horace never really got too far into his suspicions about Jack and the others causing the flaming van.  He had good reason to suspect them, they were adding pretty suspiciously and the janitors keys did point to him.  Last weeks “Next Time on Lost” thing was quite misleading, it made it look like they were the prime suspects and that was the whole storyline.  Sometimes the misdirection on the adverts do a disservice to us fans.  They made this episode seem very dull.


-I think Aaron’s going to be a little screwed up, with some slight abandonment issues.  He’s going to have a very odd childhood, that’s for sure.


-Is it just me or was Carole unnecessarily hostile towards Kate?  What was going on there?  I imagine Jack’s visit then Kate’s visit must have overwhelmed her, but the scene was still pretty odd.

511-carole-01-Kate shouldn’t have told Carole that Claire was alive.  She should have opened with “Claire is MIA” or something like that.  I don’t think that Kate was wrong to tell Carole that they looked for Claire even though they didn’t, it wouldn’t have made a difference whether she knew the exact details.  Claire left Aaron, and I don’t think that Carole would have understood that.


-The girl that looked like Claire in the grocery store was just creepy.  That’s all I have to say about that.


-Richard doesn’t have his long “Hostile hair” anymore.  Hopefully they burned that wig.

-Richard’s never a full leader.  Even in this episode he still has Eloise and Widmore watching him. Why can’t he ever get to the top of the ladder?

Mr. Widmore

511-hostile-01-We now have a confirmation of Widmore’s role .  He was with The Hostiles and he had a position of power.  Not unexpected at all, but it’s good to know what exactly is going on.  In the back of my mind I thought it was still possible that he might be a leader in the Dharma Initiative.  I can’t get that Secondary Protocol folder out of my head.


511-locke-01-Uh oh, Locke smiled at Ben when he woke, up.  I think he might be in a forgiving mood.

-“Welcome back to the land of the living.”  Oooh clever Locke.

Flashes (what we know now):

Ben’s Memory

Having Ben remember Sayid as a Hostile who shoots him wouldn’t have been too surprising.  Me and my friends were talking about it over the week after last week.  Ben keeps all his info very close to the cheast, so having him recognize Sayid and not saying anything wouldn’t be absurd.  After Hurley brought it up, though, something had to be explained.  (Skip down to Ben’s Recovery for more about what Ben remembers.)

511-jack-03Jack Saving Ben…Again

I didn’t see many parallels between Jack saving Ben in season 3 and in this episode.  He didn’t want to repeat that same action especially since Kate wanted him to do it.  But back in season 3 Kate didn’t really know what she was asking Jack to do.  She had no desire to save Ben, she was trying to save Sawyer.

Ben’s Fate

I’m going to say something that I know is wrong but it still has a little significance.  Jack made Ben evil.  If he had saved Ben then he wouldn’t have had to go with Richard into The Temple and he would have still had some humanity left, or at least he would have had innocence.  I know that Jack isn’t really to blame, Whatever Happened, Happened, right?  Jack couldn’t have changed what happened.

511-kate-ben-juliet-01Killing Ben

What’s everyone’s opinion on Ben getting killed.  If it was possible, would you have killed Ben as a child?  It’s the old pre-emptive strike scenario.  Is it right to attack or destroy someone or something if you know it will cause pain and suffering in the future?  From a strictly utilitarian point of view, it is.  If you balanced the amount of damage and death that Ben caused in his later life you might think that killing him as a child might do the world a lot of good.  (I’m not asking whether or not you would personally murder him, I don’t really expect any of you to say yes to that.  This is strictly a hypothetical situation in a TV show.)
Which group would you join, Jack and Sayid?  Or Kate, Juliet and Sawyer?  Unfortunately throwing the characters in there might change your mind.

511-carole-02Aaron’s Guardian

We figured that Aaron must have gone to someone when Kate left, it seemed unlikely that he would die (heh heh… heh).  The obvious choice was Claire’s mom, Carole (my friend does a hilarious impression of her, it mostly consists of him doing a terrible accent and saying “Mr. Shephard” over and over).  I wanted Cassidy to get him, and if not Cassidy then I wanted Kate’s mom, Diane, to get him.  It’s not that I didn’t think Aaron’s grandmother should know about her grandchild or that I wanted Kate to get away with her lie.  I just don’t like Carole, and I do like Cassidy (and, to a lesser extent, Diane).  Having Carole get Aaron means that we’ll be seeing her again in the future.  I would prefer it if we could guarantee Cassidy or Diane coming back. Now I have to depend of Clementine in order to see Cassidy again, and I don’t have a lot of hope that that’s going to be enough.  And as for Diane, I’m still desperately hoping that she’s Annie, but that math is starting to catch up to me and it’s seeming less and less likely.
So here’s an almost useless poll, but try to think of it like I would.  Who would you rather see more of on Lost?

Ben’s Recovery

511-richard-ben-02I’m not sure what to call Ben’s recovery.  Richard takes him into the Temple and apparently he survives, but he changes dramatically.  The only precedent we have in this regard is Rousseau’s crew.  They went into the Temple and they came back as murderers without any discernible inhibitions.  Robert was willing to kill Rousseau without any warning.  Is that really what Ben turned into?  Is he now moral-less?  It would explain a lot and make for a very interesting story.  But Robert seemed to remember Rousseau.  Richard said that Ben wouldn’t remember anything.  So does that mean that Ben forgot his hate for his father, his life with the Dharma Initiative and maybe even Annie?  That would be awful, and surprising.  Ben seems to still hate his father when he kills him.  The Hostiles must have some serious brainwashing prepared for Ben.

The Healing Temple

I think it’s a safe to theorize that The Temple is the source of the healing power.  If Ben had to go inside to recover from a gunshot then perhaps proximity to it might be what’s healing some of the other island residents.

– Izi

18 Responses to “511 – Whatever Happened, Happened”

  1. 1 Di
    April 2, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Just for the record – the pic you posted next to your “Widmore” section is not young Widmore – he was the good looking one that held a guy to Locke’s back 🙂

    I didn’t notice the Richard missing his long hair – but I’d rather see him like this — I agree with what you said about Jack, if he came back because he believed he was supposed to, how did he not see that Ben couldn’t die!? I suppose, really, tho if Jack had saved Ben then he may never have needed to go to Richard and he would still have his “innocence” and memories of Sayid – which was necassary

    I never thought about the fact that LaFluer and Jin and Hurley have touched Roger’s bones. CREEPY!

    I would have rationally exepected that Ben cannot die as a child – and I would have done all I could to save him.

    and Ben couldn’t have forgottan Annie – we saw him in an early ep. (the old Ben) with the statue she made him – I wonder if he will just forget from trama that happened. He’ll just forget Sayid and Being shot and probably that whole night – he can’t forget EVERYTHING


  2. April 2, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I don’t think S2/S3 Kate would’ve saved little Ben. If only for the fact that she was always siding with Jack, no matter what.

    Cassidy was kind of dissapointing, I have to say. Idk, I just think she was too much of a bitch. And her reasonings for Sawyer and Kate’s actions just seemed so weird.
    I totally forgot about Sawyer’s trust fund for Clementine though! That would be so sad if she never knew about that.
    Oh and she has a freaky earlobe! I just noticed that in that first screencap of her.

    I’m really curious about everything that happened to Ben now! How was he healed? How exactly was he changed? When/how did he go back to Dharma? So many questions.
    I know next week’s ep will be about Ben being judged by the island and all. Do you think maybe we’ll be getting some answers as to what happened to him after Richard took him? Flashback-style?
    You do have to feel sorry for the little guy though. He really is just a little kid trying to make the best out of a bad situation. It’s just hard to feel any sympathy for him because we’ve been trained for more than three years to see him as the bad guy.

    Juliet really proved her total good nature in this episode. Juliet spent a lot of time with Ben on the island, as the recipient of some pretty intense attention from him. If anyone knew how truly evil Ben is it’s her. But she still fought the hardest to keep him alive.
    Completely agreed. Kind of amazing, because as you say, she is by far the one that has been emotionally abused by Ben the most. And still she’s the one trying to save him.
    Shows she’s just really a good person, not the ‘villain’ people thought she was at the beginning of season 3.

    I don’t think Juliet told Jack off because she learned of his and Kate’s engagement. I think she was just genuinely mad at him for refusing to help her save a little boy’s life, and basically for coming back to the island for selfish reasons and screwing up their lives in the process. (sorry for that run-on sentence)

    I think that Juliet is too nice to make Jack suffer too much, she could have dug deeper and made him cry.
    LOL. She really could have.

    Can you tell that Juliet’s my fav character, btw? 🙂

    It occurs to me that Sawyer and maybe even Jin must have realized that they touched Roger’s bones. That must have been a pretty gruesome realization.
    Ew. That’s gross :/

    Miles’ explanation completely made sense and explained everything. I had kind of figured it out already, but it was stilled nice to have someone spell it out for us.

    Last weeks “Next Time on Lost” thing was quite misleading, it made it look like they were the prime suspects and that was the whole storyline.
    I thought this too. I do believe it’s coming though, in another episode.

    Richard’s never a full leader. Even in this episode he still has Eloise and Widmore watching him. Why can’t he ever get to the top of the ladder?
    One of the most burning questions.

    I can’t get that Secondary Protocol folder out of my head.
    What folder? I seem to have forgotten something here.

    I interpreted Locke’s smiling more as “ooooh you’re gonna get you’re ass kicked, Ben”. Idk. It’s probably not gonna happen though, Locke will probably just forgive him again, as he does every time.

    If it was possible, would you have killed Ben as a child?
    No. If I were one of the characters in a position with that choice, I would try to save him. Because whatever Ben had done to me, I was alive and well now. And the prospect of irreparably changing time would be much scarier to me than what would happen if Ben did live.
    Killing baby Hitler however, whole different matter alltogether.

    I think it’s a safe to theorize that The Temple is the source of the healing power.
    Duh. I hadn’t even thought of that, but that’s probably right.

  3. April 2, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    I know, I shouldn’t have put that guy next to Widmore’s entry, it was confusing.
    I hope you’re right about Ben forgetting the most recent events, it would suck if he forgot all of his early life. But it would explain his line about being born on the island. You never know, he might actually believe that, perhaps he was brainwashed into believing it. Or, maybe that’s a reference to being reborn at the temple.
    Wow, you really got into commenting now didn’t you. That’s awesome.
    I think your right, Jack, Kate, and Hurley and maybe even the rest of our friends are going to be targetted by Dharma soon. Phil’s character is too interested in all of them, and Horace isn’t blind.
    The Secondary Protocol folder was a binder type thing about the Orchid that Keamy and the Captain had. It had a big Dharma mark ont he front and it was instructions from Widmore. Since that scene I’ve kinda been mentally stuck thinking that Widmore was involved in Dharma stuff. The Dharma sign was there probably just because it was about the Orchid station, but I still sometimes think about it.
    – izi

  4. 4 addicted
    April 2, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Here is the thing. Ben DOES remember Sayid.

    We all assume that Sayid says “You are Right. I am a killer” before shooting Ben because Ben tells him that in the future. However, what if it is the other way around? What if Ben tells Sayid “You are a killer” because he remembers Sayid telling him that as a child (confirmed by the fact that he shoots a helpless child).

    That kind of twist is exactly the thing I would expect the Lost writers to pull…

  5. 5 Anon
    April 3, 2009 at 1:51 am

    For the record, I’m Australian and Claire’s mom’s accent is the fakest, lamest attempt at “aussie” I’ve ever heard 😀

    “Cassidy says that Sawyer broke Kate’s heart. Is that true? I think that she expected Sawyer to need her more than he really did, but I think Kate’s heart is thoroughly broken for many reasons, I don’t think it’s just Sawyer.”

    My view is :

    * Sawyer never thinks he’s good enough for anyone, until he was basically forced to live with Juliet for three years only THEN was he able to stop running from his insecurities because basically he didn’t have a choice and there probably wasn’t much else to do on the island except soul searching lol

    * Kate’s indecision lead Sawyer to further think the same thing, that he wasn’t as good as Jack otherwise she wouldn’t flip flop.

    * Ben also said something similar in Confirmed Dead, about Sawyer knowing deep down he’ll never measure up to Jack. My, how things have changed.

    * Sawyer jumping from the chopper made Sawyer a hero in Kate’s eyes but also made her wonder why he wouldn’t risk his life to STAY with her. Cassidy further convinced Kate that maybe Sawyer wasn’t as taken with her as she thought (even though he was). THAT’S why she eventually got with Jack. Not only did Jack step up and get used to Aaron, she felt as though she might’ve been wrong about him. Turns out he was the much worse option and closer to Wayne than Sawyer will ever be.

    So Kate’s heart is broken because :

    *She’ll probably never go off island again
    *She’ll never be the perfect little housewife
    *She’ll probably never see Aaron again and if she does it won’t be as his mother.
    *She thought there was a possibility Sawyer didn’t love her AS MUCH as she thought, which would hurt anyone.
    *Her “hero” Jack turned out to be a douche.

  6. April 3, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Uh yeah, once you get me going… :/
    I didn’t realise my comment was that long until I actually posted it. Ah well.

    Thanks for the explanation about the folder! We’ll have to wait and see if that had any significance.

  7. 7 Publicola
    April 3, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Respectfully, I do not know how one would rather see Aaron with Diane, the monster who turned her own daughter into the authorities than with Carole, who is by all rights, Aaron’s kin. I must say that Kate won me back somewhat this week by announcing her purpose as saving Claire. I am really looking forward to resume Claire’s story.

    As for Widmore and the Other’s suggestion to Richard that he consult with Ellie or Charles, I amost intrigued with how Charles Widmore managed to amass his fortune, reach and power OFF ISLAND, when by all evidence, was still on the Island in at least 1977. Widmore later claims that it was Ben Linus who “tricked” Widmore into leaving the Island. Linus is only a boy in 1977. When did such deception occur? Penny must have been born during Charles’ reign as Leader? Has Penny ever visited the Island? How did Widmore Industries come to dominate manufacturing, construction, finance, all in such a short period of time. Moreover, in discussing the Purge with Hurley, Linus denied culpability for ordering the Purge. Hurley responds by asking Ben to confirm that he was the Others’ leader. “Not always,” Mr Linus replies. Could it have been Widmore that ordered the Purge? Also, was not Widmore Industries related somehow to the Hanso Foundation (financial benefactor to the D.I.)? Widmore also is familiar with PAIK Construction. All in all, a pretty successful career in between enjoying communion with the Island. Finally, could Widmore be playing both sides in the Hostile v. D.I. drama? And where exactly do the Others get their awesome off-Island resources like the Mitteleos Bioscience and Los Angeles Butchers?

  8. 8 Bones
    April 3, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    I’m personally wondering what Rosie has to say about the situation, but I think they’re gone for good.

  9. April 3, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    You might be right (emphasis on the might). It seems odd that Richard would say that he wouldn’t remember. But I agree that kind of twist would be fun.
    Is Carole’s accent that bad? I thought it was a little over played, but I didn’t think it was completely fake, I just thought she was an overactor.
    I’m glad that we know why she had such a strong reaction when Locke told Kate about Sawyer. I expected her to swoon or something once she found out he was alive, but she didn’t seem hapy to here about him (to say the least).
    Apparently you’re right, no one would rather see Aaron with Diane. I only threw her name in there because it was my second choice after Cassidy. I would rather look at Zelda-I mean Diane rather than Carole.
    Regarding Widmore. It’s looking more and more likely that Widmore had Penny with Ms Hawking. Of course he could have impregnated anyone, but he’s very closely associated with Ms Hawking.
    As for his fortune, I think it’s possible that he somehow has some sort of knowledge or power from the island that he has used to amass this fortune. I have no idea what that could be, but it’s possible. On the other hand I don’t think this kind of thing will ever be addressed. In shows like Lost money is just there, it doesn’t matter where it came from our how much.
    – izi

  10. April 3, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Whoops, I forgot Bones
    I KNOW! Where is she? This is the one time where I want her to say something.
    Maybe my prayers have been answered, maybe she’s gone for good.
    – izi

  11. 11 Lostie
    April 3, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Another great Lost epi. I love the simple scenes in Lost the most. Loved it when Sawyer called Kate “Freckles” again, that was so cute of him. and when Juliet was watching Jack get out of the shower but never looking down, that was so funny. The scene when Kate is leaving Aaron had me in tears also, this was Kate’s best epi on Lost. Best scene was watching the Famous Smirk of Locke at the end. Lost just Rocks !!!

  12. 12 Anon
    April 3, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    “Is Carole’s accent that bad? I thought it was a little over played, but I didn’t think it was completely fake, I just thought she was an overactor.”

    Trust me, it’s horrendous. She actually sounds closer to South African than Australian 😀 Claire’s is pretty bad, too though the actresses real accent isn’t as strong. I think actors must be told to really exaggerate the Aussie accent so it’s unmistakably Australian…but Widmore is Australian and he doesn’t sound like Claire or Carol. Maybe it’s a family thing! Widmore’s accent is how most Australians sound.

    “I’m glad that we know why she had such a strong reaction when Locke told Kate about Sawyer. I expected her to swoon or something once she found out he was alive, but she didn’t seem hapy to here about him (to say the least).”

    Yeah, pretty much all her off island actions are clear now, it’s wonderful. Something Nice Back Home has even less “jate” meaning and even more “skate” meaning now, too.

  13. 13 Rosie
    April 6, 2009 at 8:27 am

    I really don’t know what to make of this episode. The only good I saw was Kate finally handing Aaron over to his grandmother. Mind you, I wasn’t moved by her tearful good-bye act. My only emotions were simply “it’s about damn time”. I also found Kate’s maternal concern over young Ben rather hard to buy. I could see her being concerned just as much as Sawyer and Juliet. But the writers went TOO FAR and made her concern seem rather heavy handed.
    In fact, I found the whole scenario with Kate as a blatant attempt by Cuse and Lindehof to make Kate popular again. Judging by the comments, I guess many viewers bought it.

    If Kate’s main reason for returning to the island was to find Claire, why in the hell didn’t she simply tell Sawyer in the last episode? Why indulge in that coy behavior to suggest that HE was the reason why she had returned? If Kate had told the truth, then she could have confessed Aaron’s kidnapping to Sawyer, Juliet and Miles – the very people who knew about Aaron’s origins . . . and not Cassidy. The fact that Kate had confessed to Cassidy, instead of the Left Behinders seemed to have made the confession lose any revelance to me. Are we supposed to be impressed by this? Because I was not.

    As for the whole thing with Ben having his memories of Sayid’s murder attempt wiped away . . . what the hell? What the hell was that about? Ben will lose his innocence, while being healed by Richard? Didn’t that start with being abused by Roger Linus? Are we to believe that Jack’s refusal to operate on Ben led to the latter’s loss of innocence? WIKIPEDIA seemed to think so:

    When young Ben is handed off to Richard, he tells Kate and Sawyer that Ben will henceforth lose his innocence and always be one of the Others. Ironically, Jack’s refusal to help ultimately creates the person Ben will become since Ben would not have been tied to the Others if Jack had saved young Ben’s life (and subsequently eliminated the motivation for turning him over to the Others for treatment).

    Please tell me that they are wrong. Please. Someone. Because if this is where LOST is going, it is the biggest pile of BS I have ever come across.

  14. 14 Rosie
    April 6, 2009 at 8:29 am

    By the way, if Kate had handed Aaron over to Cassidy, I would have been PISSED OFF. Cassidy had no business having custody of Aaron, anymore than Kate or Diane.

    Carole was the only person who should have had custody of Aaron, as far as I’m concerned. Even if Kate had to fly to Australian to hand over Aaron, Carole was the right person to hand him over to.

  15. April 6, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    Oh, right. That’s why I don’t like Rosie commenting, she hates Lost.
    – izi

  16. 16 Rosie
    April 7, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Oh, right. That’s why I don’t like Rosie commenting, she hates Lost.

    And I keep forgetting that you hate when anyone . . . especially me, criticizes the show or the characters. That’s why I keep posting on this blog.

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