512 – Dead is Dead



Mwahahahaha (evil laugh).  This is episode was very good for me.  I want many things in the show to happen but I rarely get to see them.  This episode had a plethora of good stuff for me.

Ben didn’t kill Penny!  This was one of my greatest fears.  Since Ben promised to kill Penny at the end of the last season I’ve been severely conflicted about him as a character.  I didn’t know if I could go on rooting for Ben if he was going to kill another one of my favorites.  But he didn’t succeed!  Huzzah.

Also, we saw how Ben took Alex.  This was very unexpected, I wanted to see this scene, but it didn’t seem likely after Danielle’s episode came and went.  I hope everyone feels a lot of sympathy towards that woman and her tragic life.

We saw Widmore leave the island.  Again I didn’t expect to see this scene, ever.

Alex came back.  This one was truly from left field, she came back and with a vengeance.  I can’t even describe how happy I was to see her.

Ilana went nuts.  I have a slight obsession with this new character, so seeing her go all Screw-Eyes crazy made her all the more intriguing.  (Remember “We’re Back” anyone?  No?  Too bad.)

Ben finally heard about Christian, this was a little anti-climactic, but I’m still waiting for his reaction on this one.

We saw under the Temple!  Uh… we saw the Smoke Pit, that was awesome.  (Spread that around everyone.  Smokey’s house is called the Smoke Pit©.)

Locke confronted Ben.  Again, slightly anti-climactic, but at least he’s in control now.

Guess what I’m going to rate an episode about Ben including Smokey, Richard, Widmore, Alex, Rousseau, Penny living and Locke.  Go ahead just guess, you’ll probably be right.

Hey, you were right!  10.0/10.0



-Ben, as a child, certainly acts a lot less emotional after he’s healed.  But he still remembers his hate for his father.  I think that settles the memory questions we had after the last episode.

-I think Ben was really hoping that Locke wouldn’t be resurrected, he tried to cover his surprise, but Locke called him on it.

512-ben-ethan-alex-01-I don’t want to go too deeply into it, but it’s so fun to watch Ben manipulate Caesar and Sun into thinking that Locke is evil, or untrustworthy.

-It’s surprising that Ben managed to raise Alex as such a normal person.

-Ben did a very good job undermining Widmore’s authority when he came back with baby Alex.  I don’t think it took much effort to take over.

512-ben-01-For the sake of Michael Emerson’s face I really hope that the other actors on Lost know how to pull their punches.

-Ben truly didn’t know about Kate, Jack and the other in the 70s.  This must mean that they don’t have any interaction with him after he comes back to the Dharma camp.

-Ben got his revenge against Widmore whether he killed Penny or not.  Widmore thinks he succeeded and he was likely just as heart-broken.

512-charlie-01-What was it that saved Penny?  Was it Ben remembering Alex, was it Penny’s innocence?  Charlie 2.0 showing up at the right time?  Desmond’s tackle?

-I think all Smokey wanted was an apology.  If he had shown that he wasn’t remorseful then Ben would have died, just like Eko.


512-ben-locke-01-I keep on wanting to talk about Locke’s new serenity, but it isn’t really new.  The character is different, but there have been many times when he’s been unnaturally calm.  This new mood that he’s in comes from some new purpose.  And again, that’s not quite right either, Locke has had many purposes over the years, and many of them have seemed right.  Perhaps it’s just the new knowledge he has about the Island.

-I wonder what percentage of the scenes from the last four seasons of Lost have been close up conversations between Locke and Ben.

512-locke-christians-shoes-01-All Locke wanted was an apology.  I really liked that.  He didn’t care about Ben’s reasons, he just wanted him to show some remorse.  New Locke is obviously enlightened and forgiving, he’s kinda like a magnanimous judge, he doesn’t want the guilty people to pay for what they did, he just wants them to be sorry.  Or he could just be a fool, depending how you look at it.  At least he won’t have Ben lurking around ready to stab him in back anymore

-Locke kept Christian’s shoes.  They showed him taking them in and out of his bag.  They might still have some significance.

512-locke-02-Locke says that Ben is lying about why he wants to be judged.  Could this be the first time Locke has spotted one of Ben’s lies.  I wonder if that’s a power of his, can he spot the truth?

-Locke really doesn’t like the idea of living in the Barracks.  That’s his aversion to technology.  He even stays outside the houses for most of this episode.  He’s really into living off the land, and he clearly wants The Others to like that too.

512-locke-01-Locke left without saying anything at one point during this episode.  Who knows where he went.  I hope that wasn’t significant.  Perhaps he went to consult with one of the other Island authorities, Christian, Richard or maybe even Jacob.

-Locke insists that he’s that same person he was before.  But something has changed.  He “knows” a lot more about the island, and his new perspective is interesting.  “Now you know what it was like to be me.”

-Locke says he has some ideas on how to get back to the 70s.  I can’t wait to hear some of them.

512-mr-widmore-01-Ben’s new devotion to Locke sounds a lot like The Others devotion to Jacob.  That’s a good sign.

Mr. Widmore

-Did they really need to hire another Widmore actor?  It’s getting a little crowded, although I do admit that this one looks a lot like Alan Dale (the younger one wasn’t bad either, if you squinted and he furrowed his eyebrows).  The moreI look at this new one the more he looks like Ethan, how strange.

512-mr-widmore-sub-02-I can’t see the purpose of killing Rousseau, Charles all but admitted that Jacob didn’t tell him or Ben to kill Alex.

-We still don’t quite know what led to Widmore’s banishment. Hopefully we learn about that someday.

-My theory about Widmore turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel was proven wrong.  This is one of the biggest surprises, that seemed like the obvious way for him to leave.


-Richard speaks for Jacob, interesting.  As usual, I wonder why he isn’t in charge.  It seems like Charles doesn’t speak for Jacob though, or else he could have countered Richard’s decision to save Ben.

-This episode makes it clear that Richard has been rooting for Ben for a long time.  He was clearly uncomfortable under Widmore’s reign and he always kept an eye out for Ben.


-How can The Others not have a word for Smokey, that’s just purposefully mysterious.

-It’s kinda nasty that Smokey works a little but like sewage gas.  To keep it from getting out they have a water trap.

-Ben calls into the disgusting anus-like hole that he’ll be outside.  Can Smokey understand English?  How odd.

512-smokey-01-Ben says, “it’s not a train, it doesn’t run on a schedule”.  It sounds like a train, and didn’t Rose say something about that?


-My “Jacob is Horace” theory has been thoroughly shot to hell now.  Richard talks about Jacob while Horace is still in the Dharma camp.  sigh…

-Did Jacob really tell Richard to save Ben by taking him to the Temple?  It would explain how Richard knew where and when to meet Sawyer and Kate in the last episode.

512-ben-caesar-01-“The Island chooses, who the Island chooses”.  That kinda sounds like the Island didn’t choose Charles Widmore.


-Seriously!?  That was the biggest surprise in this episode.  How could he just be dead?  Here’s hoping he was wearing the proverbial bible over his heart, or the less proverbial bullet-proof vest under his shirt.

-Caesar wasn’t part of Ilana’s crew, he appeared to have his own little posse.  He seems less significant now.


-Rewatch that scene with Ilana and Ben in the beginning of this episode.  She’s crazy-and-a-half, and confident.  Dangerous.

-I think we can guess who the people with the Ajira water bottles, shooting our time-travelers are.  They’re going to be trouble for a while now.  Also It’s safe to assume that this group is going to be the threat to Locke that we heard about from Walt.

512-ilana-crate-02-“What lies in the shadow of the statue?”  Any ideas?  Is that just a predetermined greeting?  Was it a code or something?  Or was it actually a question? Currently nothing lies in the shadow of the statue because all it is is a foot.  Unless The Others have been doing some rapid construction work since 2004.

-Mr. panicked-guy says that “they found guns.”  Did they find them or did they bring them?  Is this all part of their plan?

-That big steel crate seems very important.  It’s possible that the guns were inside there, but it seems more likely that there’s something better inside.  Something to do with the Statue or maybe the Temple.  It’s going to be fun, that’s for sure.


-So did Alex die because the Island destined it?  That’s what Widmore was saying.  Could that be why Ben was forgiven for her death?  That’s depressing.

-This episode had some serious closure for Alex’s story.  I was heart-broken when she died, but it was great to see her show Ben a thing or two.



-Poor Desmond.  He really doesn’t deserve to get shot.


-How could anyone point a gun at little Penny.

-I was so relieved once I saw Ben’s gun go under water.


512-sun-01-Sun was told that she had to wait for Locke in order to find a way to reunite with Jin.

-Poor Sun had a very hard time accepting Locke’s current state.  She did better than Frank, but she still tried her hardest to ignore the fact that Locke was/is dead.

-Ben gives Sun a message for Desmond.  Is Sun going to see Desmond before Ben?  That could be interesting.


512-ben-ethan-01-Ben finally hears about Christian on the island.  He doesn’t react to it, but he must recognize the name from Jack’s file or something.  I hope we get to see him mention it again soon.


-Fourteen year old Ethan was mighty bloodthirsty (I did the math to figure out Ethan’s age, just for this tiny little comment).


-Watching Danielle’s scenes is very distressing.  Her life was just awful.

-So Rousseau knew a lot about The Others, and she was afraid that if she ever did meet them again Alex would die.  Her actions make more sense now.

-I still wonder about the “crazy” allegations that are always thrown her way.  Was she crazy when Ben took Alex?  Or was she driven crazy after that?  Was she ever crazy?  It’s all a big grey area.

Ms. Hawking


-No sign of Eloise on the island.  And Widmore apparently had a daughter with someone off the island, it seems likely that it wasn’t Ms. Hawking.  So much for that theory.

Flashes (what we know now):

A Horse

Widmore had a horse!  It didn’t look like Kate’s horse though, I’m betting there’s a flock of wild horse descendants galloping around the island.

512-ben-temple-01The Whispers

Another episode another ten theories debunked.  So The Whispers seem to be simply a warning that The Others are coming.

The Temple

The Temple has a wall?  That’s unnecessary.
This Temple stuff was getting a little confusing.  Ben and The Others knew all about the Temple, they went there.  And yet Ben didn’t know where Smokey lived.  I think it’s safe to assume that none of The Others went under the Temple.


This could be the answer to the big question.  We saw a very clear carving of Anubis supplicating Smokey.  It seems likely that the Statue is Anubis.  It hasn’t been confirmed, obviously, but showing the god in te show is a pretty obvious tip-off.
The similarities between that carving and Locke’s childhood drawing is obvious.  What that means, I’ll leave for another day.

305-smokey-eko-02Smokey’s Requirements

Smokey really seems to have a purpose now.  He is a judge.  Not a novel idea true, but it’s quite provable now.  We’ve seen two of it’s judgements now.  One when the subject repented and the other when he didn’t.  Eko was asked by his brother to repent, and he wouldn’t.  Ben was given the same chance and he clearly did feel badly for his actions and he was spared.  But his ghost, Alex, didn’t leave it at that.  I wonder what Eko’s ghost, Yemi, would have commanded.  If only we could know.

– Izi

3 Responses to “512 – Dead is Dead”

  1. April 9, 2009 at 6:06 am

    I loved this episode! I was terrified for just one second that Ben was really going to kill Penny and that moment with Des gave me a few more gray hairs but as soon as I saw Charlie it became obvious that he wouldn’t do it. So many partially answered questions – quite fulfilling for this long time fan. Of course, I’ll spend the next day or so looking up the clues in the underground temple which in the end will amount to nothing but a complete waste of time and some fun. One new question – how did Ethan end up with Ben? Loved Locke and Ben in this episode. The only thing that would have made it more perfect is a return of Echo and the original Charlie

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