515 – Follow the Leader

515 - Richard 01


Lost is making me feel uncomfortable.  That’s not normal, mostly I just get a thrill out of the twists, now it’s just hurting me.

Here’s the thing, I’ve had strong, permanent views about many characters in this show:

  • Daniel was my favorite and I trust and believe him
  • I like Locke even when he’s misguided
  • Sawyer is usually a level head
  • Jack is a fool
  • Richard is all knowing and steady
  • Kate isn’t to be trusted
  • and Jacob is good

This episode made me rethink all of those things, and it wasn’t fun.  I get that the shows winding down, but shouldn’t that mean that our group should be regrouping, banding together.  Suddenly I have to choose a side, Jack or Kate, Locke or Jacob, Sawyer or The Island.  These conflicts are hurting me.

And Daniel is still dead.

The conclusion I’ve reached is this, I didn’t like this episode, but this was a setup episode for the finale.  I usually dislike these episodes until after I see the finale, at which point the setup seemed genius.  But right now I’m left thinking back on an episode that had Sayid return, Daniel dead and Richard acting confused.  These aren’t good things.

6.0/10.0  (It’s only above five in anticipation of the next episode.

By the way: If that was a Richard-centric episode then I am left wanting more.

515 - Daniel 01Analysis


-They redid that whole scene with him dying, that was just cruel.  We got it the first time.

-Pierre, “Let’s hope he knows what he’s doing,” referring to Daniel.  Cut to a scene of Daniel’s dead body.  Nice.


515 - Richard 02-Richard building the little sailboat in the bottle was odd.  Was that a hint that he was from the Black Rock?  Many people have been theorizing that for a long time.  (Richard in a pirate costume, not hard to imagine at all, is it.)

-Richard’s friend didn’t seem thrilled to see Locke, neither did Richard himself.  Maybe Richard was happy being the singular leader on the Island.  It’s funny how I always asked why Richard wasn’t the leader of the Others, but now that he is it kinda feels like ‘who gave him the right’.

515 - Richard 03-Locke told Richard that he would explain where he was for the last three year “on the way”.  But he didn’t explain it, otherwise Richard would be more understanding.  Locke’s new enlightenment has given him too much superiority, he should know by know that underlings rebel without freedom.

-Whoa, confused Richard is strange to see.  He’s been so knowledgeable for so long.

-“An Adviser”.  Interesting, I guess that’s a good explanation for his role.  But it’s just about as vague as “Security System” for Smokey.

515 - Richard 04-“I watched them all die.”  Yeah that line didn’t do much for me.  I don’t believe that for a second.  The list Sun said was Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin.  There was no mention of Sayid, Sawyer, Juliet or Miles.  I don’t know what that means.  We should keep an eye out for that first group.

-Yet again Locke set up his own destiny using Richard.  It’s so screwed up.  (See below: Locke’s Destiny)

-Richard didn’t like it when Locke said that he’d died.  I think it’s now safe to say that Richard has not known anyone else who has been resurrected on the Island.

515 - Mr Widmore 01

-My heart hurt when Richard said that Locke was going to be trouble.  I don’t like my two mystics aligning against each other.  My money is on Locke killing Richard very soon, and that’s not a good thing.

Mr. Widmore

-I thought they would have drawn out Widmore’s reaction to Daniel.  He barely cared, and they only referred to Charles’ meeting with Daniel in the 50s.

515 - Ms Hawking 01Ms. Hawking

-Richard said the Eloise “reacted”.  How Jack-like.  That’s why they got along.

-Whoa Jack went for jugular with poor Eloise.  He told her that she can take it all back.  He hit a nerve there.

-I like how she got all determined once Jack told her the plan.  She’s be a great leader, provided she wasn’t near any hydrogen bombs

515 - Ms Hawking Mr Widmore 01-Charles was touching Eloise’s stomach as if she was pregnant.  Curious.  This goes against my theory of Daniel being born already.  The funny thing is, I was arguing about that seconds before I started watching this episode.  Oh you clever commenters, always catching me when I make those crazy assumptions

-Ms. Hawking never mentioned to Jack or Kate that she just killed her son.  He talked about it desperately but she never talked to him about it.  Also Jack never told Eloise about her own future, and how she would help them get back.  (See below: Eloise’s Meddling)


515 - Hurley 01

-Hurley was right!  He should have got some of the 70s trivia down.  That scene was hilarious.
“You fought in the Korean war?”  “There’s no such thing.”


-Locke says that Ben helped him get back.  That’s a lot of forgiveness for the man who killed him without knowing he’d be resurrected.  Actually I shouldn’t say that, you never know, maybe Ben did know Locke would come back to life.  If he’s telling the truth to Sun and Richard then he didn’t know, but can we ever be sure that he’s telling the truth?

515 - Ben 01-Does Ben want Richard’s job?  It kinda seems like it.  He says that Richard has been around for a very long time in an envious way.  And now that he has a new job, following Locke, he might as well try to make it permanent.  And really, Ben should be happy with any role he can get on the Island.

-Ben doesn’t know much about the time skipping, he was just as surprised as Richard when Locke showed up with the gunshot wound.

515 - Ben 02-Why does it matter to Locke whether or not Ben had seen Jacob.  Jacob still chose Ben, didn’t he?  I guess Locke might have just been trying to erode Ben’s trust of Jacob, but then again Locke doesn’t really care what people think these days.


-Was Juliet saying anything wrong to Radzinski?  Sawyer told her not to say anything.

515 - Juliet 01-Juliet could take way more of a beating than that.  She actually seemed relieved once she got hit.  It’s slightly understandable, it could be heartbreaking for her to watch her (common-law) husband to get beaten, and it would be a relief to get hit instead of him.

-I was thrilled to see Juliet leaving the Island.  It what she always wanted and what she deserved.  Kate less so.  Poor Juliet, what a life she’s led.


515 - Sawyer 01-Charlotte left the Island, on time, more proof that everything is going according the history.


-Come on, Sawyer has had enough beatings over the last five seasons, did he really need another one?

-I was quite shocked when Sawyer said “good riddance” to the Island.  I’ve always assumed that he was meant to stay on the Island.  It seemed like the best place to escape his troubles.

515 - Locke Sun 01Locke

-“I’m not afraid of anything you can do, anymore, Ben.”  How nice.  I wonder if we’ve all been too easily convinced of Ben’s goodwill.  Ben makes a sarcastic joke about a coup, but how motivated is he when it comes to obeying Locke?  He might not personally kill him, but what if he undermines him enough that Locke loses his authority?  Would that go against his promise to Alex?

515 - Locke 01-Locke had a very hard time believing that Richard didn’t know what happened to him.  Locke had the same opinion of Richard that we sometimes have, that he’s all knowing.

-“The Island told me.”  That was significant.  Locke isn’t doing all of this on his own, he has guidance.  But for some reason that guidance has motivated him to go kill Jacob.  Curious.

-I wish we got to see Locke disappear during the time skip.

515 - Locke Sun Others 01-Here’s some more of Locke’s communism, “let’s all go to Jacob”.  No dictatorships for him.  That’s one of Locke’s most constant quality, and some how comforting. Even when he’s going to kill a powerful spirit leader he still has time to think about the common man.

-Lose doesn’t care about bringing back his old group.  Uh, why not?  Has he completely forgotten about the people in the past?  That’s the problem with Island enlightenment, it leads to heartlessness.

515 - Locke Ben 01-Locke really should tell The Others that he intends to kill Jacob, I think he might find a few of these fanatics against the idea of their spiritual leader dead.


-Richard seemed very standoffish talking about Jacob.

-What does Locke even know about Jacob?  He’s only “seen” him once.  Does he have a problem with Christian?  (see below)

515 - Miles 01Miles

-I have to say that my favorite parts of this episode were the parts involving Miles.

-Aww, Miles has such a life-changing moment when he sees his dad sending his mom away.


-Ugh, Sayid ruined everything.  Why did he have to show up?

515 - Sayid 01-Sayid sucks so much, he was walking around being all self-satisfied about killing Ben.  What a despicable fool.

-Regarding Daniel’s theory about erasing time, Sayid should be thinking about Nadia, right?  Should he be thinking about how he could have a second chance with her.  But I think he might just be suicidal.

-Honestly having Sayid alive and Daniel dead is disgusting.


515 - Kate 01-I thought that Kate would say that she couldn’t swim.  I thought that would be her reason for leaving Jack and Eloise.  Good for her for being decisive.

-Kate makes me feel crazy.  It’s so strange being on her side.  Usually she’s just following others, now she’s the one with the plan.

-I wonder if Kate tried to get on the sub in order to escape death on the Island if Jack is successful.  That would go along with her running ways, but I would expect new Kate to fight back more.

515 - Jack 01Jack

-Jack at the beginning of the episode about Daniel’s plan. “What if this is out one chance?”  BANG!  There goes Jack’s hope.  (Maybe not).

-Jack still wants to save all the people who’ve died.  There’s that famous stubbornness.

-Doesn’t Jack worry about going back to the way he was.

515 - Richard Locke Sun 01-Jack’s faith is just as embarrassing as Locke’s was.  Remember Locke’s blind faith in ideas (pushing the button, killing Naomi, going to the Orchid, leaving the Island)?  Well now Jack shows that same naivete with Daniel’s idea.  “I’m not wrong.”  Uh-oh.


-Sun didn’t know Richard, that’s how far out of the loop she’s been.

-I think Sun might have been the first person to talk to Richard about his age.

515 - Miles Pierre mom 01


-Aww Pierre was so happy to see Miles.

-Finally we get to see Pierre clash with the other leaders of Dharma.  He wasn’t too forceful but it still happened.  I don’t understand the power structure in Dharma.  Radzinksy got to the top very easily.


515 - Minkowski 01-His name is Stuart?  When did we find that out?

-Why doesn’t Radzinksy go get what’s-his-name, “our you”?  Isn’t he the local torturer?  Oh yeah, he sucked.  I almost forgot.


-I think Phil might have lost all of his fans this week in one scene.  First he hit Juliet, then he called Hurley “the fat guy”.

Flashes (what we know now):

515 - Kate 02Kate Getting Shot

If Kate had been shot by the Hostile that would have been awesome.  I don’t want her to die, but having her die would have made me believe in Daniel’s theory… And it would have allowed me to think that Daniel might not be permanently dead.  [sign]

The Submarine

I was very conflicted about Sawyer and Juliet heading off the Island.  Obviously I don’t want those two to leave the show, but they honestly deserve to get out of there.

515 - Jack Jughead 01Jughead

I still don’t fully understand why people want to move Jughead around.  Surely when it blows up it won’t matter where on the Island it is.
Uh if Jughead was leaking before, what’s it doing now?  Surely it’s only got worse.  I’m concerned about how much radiation everyone is being exposed to.
Also should that many torches be kept around a Hydrogen bomb.  I don’t fully understand how that kind of thing works, but surely it’s a safety hazard.

Locke vs. Jacob

512-the-smoke-pit-temple-ben-smokey-01I cannot imagine what made Locke want to kill Jacob.  He met him once and they had a disagreement.  Since that one time he’s been following Christian’s orders.  Does he know the difference?  And if he does, why did he choose Christian’s side over Jacob’s?  I’m concerned.  In my opinion Christian is the slimy one and Jacob has lost control.
While we’re talking about Jacob let’s get Smokey in here too.  Ben was told by Alex, while Smokey was there, to follow Locke and assist him.  Doesn’t that imply that Smokey has it in for Jacob too?  Whoa.

515 - Richard plane 01

Everything’s changing.

Locke’s Destiny

Yet again Locke has set up circumstances to make himself seem important.  First he told Richard to find him when he was a baby, now he sent Richard to talk to himself when he was skipping through time.  He set up his own destiny, doesn’t that cancel itself out?  This just proves that Locke isn’t special.

Eloise’s Meddling

515 - Ms hawking 02Ms. Hawking has been the most visible power player this season.  But I wonder if Daniel was right when he was talking about how she shouldn’t have sent the Oceanic “6” back.  I wonder if she knew she was sending them back in time.  I also wonder if she recognized Jack.
Was that her attempt to change the past?  If she did remember what happened then surely she would know whether or not Jack succeeded.  My head hurts, I think I’m in a logic loop.

The Third Party

I’ve updated my Third Party theory.  I think I now know why Eloise sent her group to the Island.  I think she wants blow up Jughead, and by doing this she can complete her sons work.  Kinda screwed up, but hey, it’s Lost.

– Izi

32 Responses to “515 – Follow the Leader”

  1. 1 Anon
    May 8, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Minkowski? I haven’t seen the entire episode, but I thought that was Radzinsky…

    I’m 100% convinced now that the island is evil and if you get resurrected as a part of the island you become evil along with it (Christian and now Locke). Obviously Jacob wasn’t resurrected, so what was/is he? And what is the island aiming for? Why does Jacob have to die? If it was so easy for Christian to take over his position, why is Jacob a threat? Why is the island evil? Does Locke interpret “Help me” as “kill me” therefore “freeing” Jacob? Does he want the island to ressurect Jacob too to make him a part of the island. Oh my god, my head…

    I keep thinking everyone is going to die if Jughead blows up, or whatever the incident is, but we know already a lot of people survive, particularly Horace and Chang because we see Horace in the Purge and we see Chang in all the orientation videos after. ARGH.

    Everyone was convinced last week that Dan was the variable but I’m convinced Eloise is. She’s the one that had the chance to guide her son on a different path and chose not to because she believed she had to follow history as it always went. So to me, whatever decisions she makes are the BIG decisions.

    I honestly believe that “Kate shot?” moment was for the fan base. I love Kate but I’m part of a rare breed! And no one looks down when they only hear a gun shot, she would’ve known straight away if she’d been shot or not! She’d have felt it, duh! That was definitely a “OMG! YES!” moment for the fan base. I’m almost convinced the writers hate Kate now as much as they clearly hate Jack. And they clearly have NO CLUE what they’re doing in regards to the quadrangle. I have a feeling it’s going to be handled terribly next week. Ugh. At LEAST Jate seems to be done.

    Weird episode. Didn’t really feel like LOST…

    • May 8, 2009 at 6:30 am

      Oh boy, I changed Radzinksi’s name back. I got my Eastern European names mixed up.
      I’ll be back to reply to everyone.
      – izi

    • May 8, 2009 at 12:17 pm

      Oh boy, that’s really unfortunate, I really hope you’re wrong. I don’t want Locke to be evil too. I really wish you were less convincing.
      I doubt that Locke wants to kill Jacob so that Jacob can get ressurected, I’m pretty sure he just wants to destroy him.
      Where do you think Smokey fits into things? Do you think it’s evil too?
      I don’t think that Eloise is the varibale. For the rest of her life she completely believes that time is a straight line. That’s what she was telling Desmond. I don’t actually think there is a variable (maybe Desmond), but I don’t think anything in the 70s will change.
      About the quadrangle, I agree completely. I’m very, very worried about that. Bad things will happen, and everything that has happened to their relationships over the last two seasons will be discarded.
      At the same time I think Darlton have always had an end-game for the relationships in mind, how they want it to work out in the finale. Buuut they let other writers writer most of the episodes so people go wild.
      – izi

    • May 8, 2009 at 12:19 pm

      One more thing, I think the reason why this episode made us feel so uncormfortable was because the entire thing was darkened. Look at all those screenshots, they are all darker than they should be.
      – izi

  2. May 8, 2009 at 6:19 am

    I wasn’t too much of a fan of this episode, but like you, seeing as it leads up tot he finale, I’ll live with it. Reading the recap, I’ve developed a theory about the third party. They’re led by Sawyer and Juliet. They make it off the island in 1977. Fastfoward about 30 years and they’d be what, 60ish? They’d know enough about the future to make the right investments (Microsoft, etc.) to be rich. So they’d have enough money to compete with Widmore. So maybe they hired Eloise or just hired the shadow of the statue crew to go back to the island. I’m just not sure why they sent them back to the island. Still lost on that part.

    • May 8, 2009 at 12:34 pm

      I don’t want to see old Sawyer and Juliet. I feel so petty saying this, but it would be kinda gross to see them old. But perhaps they don’t age once they go back in time, that would be cool. Perhaps Richard is from the future! Suddenly I’m liking this theory. (This kinda makes me wonder about Miles, after those 3 years it kinda looks like his hair got greyer.)
      BTW I think Bram’s conversation with Miles kinda implies that although the Third Party is resourceful it’s not necessarily rich. But that hardly matters.
      – izi

  3. 7 Bones
    May 8, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    As for H-Bomb safety, it’s very hard to set it off. You need a specific reaction. Heating it up or banging it around won’t do anything.

    Kind of why I don’t think it’ll go off. Jack has no idea what he’s doing. Yea, he found the bomb, now what?

  4. 8 Mins
    May 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    What a strange episode.
    I don’t understand why we had to revisit the scene of Locke getting the bullet out of his leg by Richard….making it very circular. The time jumps ended after Locke turned the wheel, so why go back to that moment?
    Ben is the one getting one shock after another for a change, but his sense of humour is intact. gotta love ol’ Bug Eyes. Richard doesn’t like the new Locke now, who is very smug post death/revival. It’s amusing and unnerving at the same time. What is his agenda?
    These tensions we are seeing in all the groups…is the setup for the war Widmore was talking about?
    As much as Kate irritates me terribly these days, I have to agree with her one statment “Since when is shooting kids..and blowing up bombs OK?” I think she’s ticked off that Jack said most of the last 3 yrs was hell…hint,hint Kate. Jack woke up.
    Chang now knows who Miles really is, but, that was such an awkward moment! And the look on Juliet’s face when Kate entered the sub! Ouch!
    Is Walt never returning?

    • May 9, 2009 at 3:25 pm

      I’ve submitted the same question over and over again to the Lost podcast:
      Why hasn’t Walt returned to the show? Isn’t that why you wanted to go forward 3 years?
      No response yet.
      – izi

  5. 10 ChrisK
    May 9, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    I wonder just how young Daniel was when he graduated Oxford. His claims of being the youngest ever Doctorate would place him at his early teens, as kids as young as 12 used to graduate from Oxford, and right now there is a 14 year old pursuing a mathematical doctorate (the same course as Faraday?). At first, I too thought that him being a 19 year old Professor was way out of line, but after a short google-research session I can buy it. (I know, it is only a TV Show, but with the quality of Lost I expect these things to not go unnoticed. Especially as the writers *continually* boast how awesome Gregg Nations’ “Lost Bible” is, when even he himself admits it is a hack word-processing job he wishes he could have done better. I don’t think the writer’s are as on top of the timeline as we are, and I don’t think they care either, but anything I can do to placate these worries I will 🙂 ).

    Speaking of timeline, a quick throwback to the past few episodes and the season opener. Are we to believe that, in the time it took Miles to pick up Faraday, with Faraday rushing Miles to take him immediately to Jack, telling Jack he has to go on a “quick” errand, rushing to the Orchid, chatting to Chang while Jack gets changed and rushes over to Sawyer’s, Sawyer rounding up everyone for an emergency meeting, Miles and Faraday returning to attend that meeting seemingly no more than an hour later… emphasis on rushing the past few episodes. In that amount of time, per “Some Like It Hoth” and the season opener, Pierre Chang someone managed to…

    Accompany Miles to the sub. Accompany the scientists to the Swan station. Return home. Go to sleep. Get awoke at 8:15 to feed baby Miles. Listen to a skipping record. Get ready to go record an orientation video. Get interrupted during recording. Head over to the Orchid and have a run-in with Daniel and Miles.

    All this in the time it takes Daniel and Miles to visit Jack?

    Am I wrong, or is that some really messed-up timeline writing right there?

    [I’ll reserve my thoughts on this episode for the next comment, as I think this timeline issue warrants its own discussion – bad writing, or multiple timelines? Your views please :)]

    • May 9, 2009 at 3:32 pm

      Good thoughts about Daniel’s timline, he could easily be that young when he was a professor. Probably they have some rough dates written down in that bible. I didn’t realize geniuses like that were real, I think Doogie Howser screwed up my view of child geniuses (I wrote that and then thought about it, I’ve never watched a single episode of Doogie Howser, I’m 21 that show is almost as old as I am. I have the strangest peices of pop-culture trivia subconciously imprinted in my mind.)
      About your second timeline issue, I don’t really care about things like that. The writers have always had issues with that kind of thing. They write an A-story then the write a shorter B-story and sometimes a C-Story. They work seperately but once they edit them together the timelines don’t make sense. It’s been happening since season 1, and it happens in many other shows too. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief about that one.
      – izi

  6. 12 ChrisK
    May 10, 2009 at 12:05 am

    ^- Re the above – the only thing I can think of that makes that timeline make sense is if Pierre’s wife is a real bitch and got him out of his bed as soon as he got into it. But even at that, this would mean they had their baby up at around 7am reading a book to him? Like you say, it does happen a lot, I just felt this was far too obvious.


    On to my thoughts on 5×15 & your recap. Just so you know, I truly respect your writings. I don’t agree with your scoring of this particular episode, but different strokes and all that. I generally think you are spot-on, and consider your blog one of the top 3 of the entire internet – a position shared with Erika (longlivelocke) and Vozzek (Things I Noticed). But I have a few questions regarding your recap this week, and I don’t want you to take them as an attack as I am just trying to generate discussion 🙂 I find my way of writing comes across as hostile, so I want to pre-empt that by letting you know how much I love your writing, okay? 🙂 Also surprised to hear your age. I’m 22 myself, and your writing comes across as someone older, which is a compliment btw. I would never have pegged you for 21, maybe about 28. Anyway…. (sorry, I ramble)….

    – Who is “The Leader” in this episode (and in general) that we are suppose to be “Following”?

    – Why would Charles care about Daniel’s death? He never knew it was his son, and I doubt anyone ever told him, ever. I know I wouldn’t recognise a dead person I had seen for a few minutes as a living person thirty years onward, so unless Eloise or Richard informed him otherwise, why would he care for this dead Dharmaite?

    – Where is the scene where Ben looks shocked at the ring of ash being broken? I can’t remember this.

    – Did Jacob actually choose Ben? I don’t think he did. It seems to me like Locke was never supposed to be the leader (he has used Richard, accidentally, to make his own destiny, and failed the “Dhalai Lama” test) but I also don’t think Ben was destined to be leader either, just another victim of circumstance and self-made destiny. Perhaps Charles has been right all along? If he remained leader, there would still be the Incident (perhaps, we shall learn more in the future) and 815 may still crash, but there would be no Ben to meddle with the 815ers, essentially no Freighter to send a chopper to the island to retrieve the Oceanic 6, no 815ers in the 70s, no Ben, no timeskipping, no Locke’s destined journey, no Richard seeking Locke out through the decades, so although 815 may still have crashed, there would be nothing “special” about Locke and thus Charles would always remain the leader of the others. No death of Daniel would also mean Eloise would remain as co-leader. Now, in this alternate reality, Locke may still break into the hatch and push the button, but without Ben’s meddling he wouldn’t lose faith in the hatch and make it implode. Perhaps. Perhaps Eko and the Pearl hatch would be enough to convince him to let the counter count-down, perhaps Desmond would time-travel, and with no Eloise to warn him against changing destiny, perhaps he would propose to Penny, fail to go to the island in the first place.

    Wow, this shows how awesome constructed Lost is. One tiny butterfly-wing flap (Charles remaining leader of the Others) causes the entire timeline to spiral out of control. The writers may not get it 100% correct, but this is a tight story.

    The point I was making? Is this destiny for Ben and Locke to be leaders, even if they are poor leaders, or should Charles have always been the leader and is the timeloop a direct result of Ben and Locke living a “destiny” they have both accidentally self-engineered? Either way, Richard looks like a poor adviser, which also upsets me but I am willing to wait and see.

    – I think, at the moment, Locke intends to kill “Jacob”, ie Christian. The island, ie *Jacob*, is being held hostage by Christian. Locke kills Christian, the real Jacob appears and grants Locke… something good? I dunno, it’s my loose theory.

    – Sayid. I think he saved everything, but I also think he should be going against Jack from the momeny he discovered Ben is alive. Maybe he really is suicidal, but I think Sayid may be tagging along with Jack to undermine him, the same way he ratted out Michael in Season 2. Sayid has always been pulling Jack’s strings, and should really have been “Leader” from the start.

    – Also, how did Sayid escape the sonic fence? More plotholes?

    – Radzinsky has been called “Stu” for a few episodes now.

    – Oldham = the Other’s sheriff. A disposable, stupid character, a deus ex machina, a mistake… call it what you like, but “He’s Our You” was Season 5’s “Stranger In A Strangeland”.

    – Phil had fans?

    – Whilst I am loving the Jughead story, I really think they could have incorporated it into the Swan story better. Having the Jughead be the reason a button needs to be pushed would have made more scientific sense anyway. But, I am willing to roll with this. They are keeping it intentionally vague, but my guesses are that the radiation leak is sufficiently patched up so that only those around the bomb 24/7 will be greatly affected (Miles mum, any other Dharma survivors, Ben?) but those only around it for a short period of time should be relatively okay. How they got it there? Smokey perhaps? Also, I don’t think the torches would have a great effect on the bomb. From what I understand, essentially there is a source of radioactive material housed inside an explosive casing which is housed inside a load of non-explosive material (polystyrene, for example) then housed inside a metal casing. Unless Jack took a torch right up to the rip in the metalwork and set fire to the polysterene, those torches shouldn’t effect either the bombs or the radioactive material 🙂 I’ve done some research since Jughead. Lost is much more fun than homework ever was!

    – Also, as I touched on, all the parts of the bomb are closely packed together. My theorising earlier in the season was that Jughead was being kept in line by the button and when Desmond turned the failsafe key he essentially set off the explosive casing, but not in such a manner as to ignite the radioactive fuel, essentially blowing up the hatch but not radiating everyone. I think the bomb really has to be right at the Swan hatch to have any effect on the crazy timetravelling energy. Setting it off anywhere else might cause a lot of damage to the island and its inhabitants, but I doubt it would even register at the Swan. Also, according to Richard this is only a 20 tonne bomb, which is tiny as far as hydrogen bombs go. The blast radius of a hydrogen bomb depends on how fast it is going, which usually depends on how high up it is dropped from. This bomb, at a stationery position, would hardly do much damage over 1 kilometre, if I understand their working correctly. A bomb 1,000 times the size of this one, falling from the sky at optimum speed, would do both burn and direct damage over a space of 4 kilometres, for reference. But of couse, Richard could be way off when he calls it a “40,000 pound bomb” which is what I am using for reference. At either rate, they are talking about detonating it from stationery position, so its blast radius will be relatively small, certainly not island-wide. They *need* to get the bomb to the hatch, is what I am saying.

    – I think smokey and the island are telling Locke to kill “the man in the cabin” ie Christian. Lost characters always have a problem with relating info. Mr Eko’s dying words were “you’re next” to Locke, yet he relayed that as “we’re next” to everyone else. Christian told Locke that “he” had to move the island, yet Locke relayed that again as “we”. I take most people’s words, especially Locke’s, with a grain of salt. I doubt the island literally told him to kill “Jacob”, I think his communications with the island are more like hunches than direct conversation anyway. Also, I apply this grain-of-salt rule to Richard’s “I watched them all die.” All who? Jin? Just Jack, Kate and Hurley? The Dharma Initiative in general?

    – If the StatueShadow group are there to blow up Jughead… then where? At the Orchid station? At the Swan blast site? Also, where is Jughead then? I doubt Richard just left it lying around. I think Jack succeeds in blowing up the bomb… it just doesn’t have the desired effect.

    – Hurley has always been the main character in my eyes. It has been a long con all along to make him the “comedy” one. Think about it. Nearly missing the flight (“Let me just check” says the desk clerk, the same one trying to keep Desmond from finding Daniel, phoning God-knows who to check if Hurley can make flight 815), Hurley always pointing out how he is “not supposed to be here”, making his own luck, the numbers, seeing Jacob’s cabin, getting onto flight 316 (Ben: “Who told you to be here?”), speaking to the dead, surviving everything the island has thrown at him. Vozzek worded it much nicer than I have, but I have always maintained forget Ben, forget Desmond, forget Eloise – the real “Variable” here is Hurley, and I think at the end of the day he will shine through as being the most “Special” character and saving everyone else in the process.

    Onto the comments:

    @Anon – I have never been shot, but I think the way it is described in the movies and in Lost is accurate. A gunshot would trigger off your bodies defense mechanism, including a shot of adrenaline, so you may not notice right away. I would probably have reacted in the same way, or if I had my wits about me I would have jumped out of the way.

    @Bones – Precisely. I didn’t even think Daniel had that much of a plan, so what is Jack, Richard and Eloise going to do? The only one I think might have a clue in this instance is Sayid, or maybe someone like Pierre Chang. Could explain how he loses an arm, he seems to be a believer in Daniel now?

    @Mins – I don’t think the actor who played Walt wants to return. I took “The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham” as subtext. There we see “Walt” happy at school, Locke has a little chat with him and realise that the island has long faded in his young memory and decides that “Walt” has had enough. I don’t expect him to return – just another casualty of real-life. Still, they could have synched it better with the other episodes. Locke never referred to himself as Bentham, which makes Walt’s scene with Hurley at the mental hospital all that more meaningless. Timelines timelines timelines!!! 😛

    [Sorry for the length of post, but the quality of this blog deserves a great response… if it is too long for you, tell me and I’ll curtail my future responses 🙂 I like to ramble]

    • May 10, 2009 at 12:54 pm

      Whew, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re starting your own blog, you’re good at this. And thanks for all the compliments.
      I find it hilarious that I come across as a 35 year old woman. I enjoy being mysterious. Someday I’m going to poll you readers to see what kind of person you think I am.
      “Who is “The Leader” in this episode (and in general) that we are suppose to be “Following”?”
      I think it’s both Jack and Locke.
      “Why would Charles care about Daniel’s death?”
      I just expected the writers to give him more of a scene, make him say something ironic about Daniel, something that you would always think about when you thought back on their relationship.
      “Where is the scene where Ben looks shocked at the ring of ash being broken? I can’t remember this.”
      Uh.. I don’t think that ever happened…
      About Charles being the rightful leader, maybe your right. Maybe it would be peaceful if he was still there. Perhaps if Jacks plan sucedes then we will see that future.
      That would be very cool if Locke was actually going to kill Christian, but with his new purposefulness it’s kinda hard to believe that he doesn’t know the difference between Christian and Locke. I hope you’re right though.
      I too think that Sayid is “under-cover”. I think he’s just pretending to help Jack and he will turn on him soon. As for getting past the sonic fence, it’s hardly impossible to get past, you can always go over it
      Good for you for researching hydrogen bombs. It’s very interesting stuff, I thought they were way more powerful. I think it’s still possible for Jughead to be incorporated into The Swan. Daniel could have been wrong about his Dharma history. And that failsafe could have been a hydrogen bomb (you never know).
      I hope you’re right about Hurley, that would be a fun realization in the final season.
      And according to Eonline the actor who plays Walt really wants to come back: http://ca.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b101906_lost_malcolm_david_kelley_scripts_his.html
      – izi

      • 14 lostquestions
        May 12, 2009 at 11:18 am

        Thanks for that link to the MDK interview, it was really insightful.

        AS for the Ben/Jacob’s ash question… I don’t know what happened there. I guess I must have been reading another blog at the same time, I could have sworn you mentioned something in the Ben section about him looking shocked at the ring of ash being broken in a previous episode… but re-reading your blog, you haven’t. Ignore that 🙂

        I read an interesting theory that puts forward that Richard has been selecting leaders and failing at it (Charles, Ben) for so long that now that Locke has arrived, and claims to be able to speak to the island and the island is telling him to kill Jacob, Richard is scared not so much of Locke killing Jacob, but that Locke finally is the “chosen one”. Especially as it would appear Locke’s destiny is more and more likely a self-fullfilling prophecy, and Richard is realising this more and more. I am completely 50/50 over wether Locke is the true leader of the island or if he is simply lucky in his destiny.

      • May 13, 2009 at 11:51 am

        @ lostquestions
        Very interesting. Richard also might have chosen Walt. We don’t really know what happened there. He was Special to the Others then they just let him go. We’ve never seen Richard involved with Walt (it was mostly Miss Klugh, I miss her) but you never know, Walt might be another failed leader.
        I’m still hoping that he comes back.
        – izi

      • 16 lostquestions
        May 13, 2009 at 1:13 pm

        I miss Miss Klugh as well. I miss most of The Others, but she was definately the most under-utilised one. I thought she was their leader for a long time.

        Interesting theory about Walt. I don’t think the Others knew what to make of him. I think, during that period of time, Richard may have been off-island to be honest. Walt, with his special powers, was tested by the Others (and put in Room 23, if the Missing Pieces are canon) to try to bend him to the Others’ will perhaps?

        From what I guess of his storyline, he was deemed too powerful by the Others, who, while trying to figure things out without the guidance of Ben, Richard or Jacob, must have decided that the best course of action was to get Walt off the island as quickly as possible, and kill two birds with one stone by getting Michael to free Ben at the same time.

        I think when Mr Friendly kidnapped Walt, it wasn’t for Walt’s powers – it was always just to manipulate Michael into freeing Ben when the time was right. I don’t think anyone realised how special Walt was apart from Locke (who was too weak to bring Walt back to the island) and Ms Klugh (who was, ironically, too clueless to keep Walt on the island).

        My memory of past episodes is fuzzy at the moment, but does this all make sense so far?

  7. 17 Cunny
    May 11, 2009 at 7:19 am

    On Kate being shot: “That was definitely a “OMG! YES!” moment for the fan base.”

    LOL! That was how I reacted. I shouted ‘YES!’ Then the rotten cow lived.

    I don’t know if Locke/the island is evil. I think perhaps Jacob is, which is why the Others have been such a sinister/evil presence.

    I didn’t feel that the episode demonstrated that Locke wasn’t special; after all, he seems to have more of a connection with the island than anyone else. I got the feeling from his exchange with Ben that Ben was just a fraud who was never the rightful leader in the island’s eyes. Ben seems never to have heard the island or seen Jacob, and considering Ben’s nature, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Ben faked everything for power.

    As for the variable? I think it’s Desmond. Daniel said that ‘the rules’ don’t apply to him. Perhaps those are the ‘what happened happened’ rules of time. Nobody so far has managed to defy time’s course; they’ve only played into its hands and caused the very events they were trying to avoid: Ben becoming a monster, Eloise shooting Daniel (both Jack and Eloise’s fault), and next, I think, the purge. I’m sure the Losties will be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the purge.

    So… Is Charles Daniel’s father or not? If not, what was Charles’ comment in ‘The Variable’ about?

    • May 11, 2009 at 11:01 am

      I feel so lonely being the only person who doesn’t utterly hate Kate.
      I don’t think Locke’s new connection with the Island is proof that he’s special, that just happens once people die. Christian seems to know a lot about the Island too, but I don’t think he’s special.
      I don’t get this whole “identify the Variable” thing. Daniel said that every person is a variable. I don’t think it’s just one person (although if I did believe that I would think it would be Desmond).
      The Purge happens in 1993, I hope our characters don’t stay in the past that long.
      And Charles Widmore is definitely Daniel’s father.
      – izi

      • 19 Lostie
        May 12, 2009 at 9:35 pm

        You are not alone any more Izi cause I Love Kate to death, she has been such a terrific actress and I love every scene she has been in with Jack & Sawyer. I have been a Skater ever since that great moment in the cage before that I was a big Jater fan. So talk all you want about the wonderful beautiful Kate, there are lots of Kate fans out there.

  8. 20 Thom
    May 11, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Was/Is Jacob around during the 1950’s and the 1970’s? I don’t remember him being mentioned, but I wonder…

    Is Jacob really Jack from the 1970s? Does the bomb go off and coincide with the “event”? If Jack detonates the bomb and is caught up in the explosion, does he become Jacob (Jack-bomb)?

    • 21 Bones
      May 11, 2009 at 1:59 pm

      Richard acknowledges Locke mentioning Jacob in the 50s. Jack’s not Jacob.

    • May 11, 2009 at 2:33 pm

      Bones is right, Locke tells Richard that Jacob sent him, Richard gave Locke a significant look and then he was willing to listen to him.
      That’s what screwed up my “Jacob is Horace Goodspeed” theory.
      And although I agree with Bones, I don’t think Jack is Jacob, that would make for a fun dynamic. It would mean that Christian took over from Jack, and that Locke is going to kill Jack. That would be epic.
      – izi

      • 23 lostquestions
        May 12, 2009 at 11:21 am

        I always thought the look on Richard’s face in the 50s was more of a “Who’s Jacob?” look than a “How do you know the name of my leader?” look. I’ll rewatch that scene, but I got a definate feeling that Jacob never existed before Locke mentioned him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to be the case – Locke appears, claims he is from the future, the leader of the Others, and that “Jacob” sent him, then he disappears infront of Richard’s eyes – I’d start believing in “Jacob” if I were in Richard’s shoes. Or Ben’s shoes. Or Charle’s shoes. Or Eloise’s shoes.

        The fact that Richard and Ben have both used Jacob as an excuse to keep power points more and more to him being a figment of Locke’s self-fulfilling prophecy.

        What came first – the chicken, or the egg?

      • May 13, 2009 at 11:56 am

        @ lostquestions
        I hope you;re right, I hope Jacob didn’t exist in the 50s. That’s incredibly interesting about Jacob. It’s very possible that Locke might have made Jacob what he was. Perhaps Richard bases his entire faith in Jacob on the fact that Locke lied about being sent by him. That would be rough.
        I think we’re meant to think that Richard is nothing but a threat that Richard and Ben have been using to keep their power. Just like we were meant to believe that Jacob didn’t even exist. I think that’s a misconception that the writers want us to believe.
        – izi

      • 25 lostquestions
        May 13, 2009 at 1:27 pm

        Of course that still leaves a few questions to be answered – what makes this cabin so special then? What is Christian’s whole deal? And Claire? Who asked for Locke’s “help”?

        My whole theory is based just on a vibe, but I definately think this whole Jacob deal is even more mysterious than we have been led to believe. There are a lot of lies in Lost, and the scene(s) between Richard and Locke, Richard and Ben and Locke and Ben are very telling of this.

        Remember back in Season 1, when the fans main complaint was that no-one spoke to each other among the 815ers? Well now we are seeing the macro version of this. No-one is speaking to each other among the “Power Players”, and it is going to lead to whole load of chaos before the series ends.

        If Richard, Ben, Locke, Jack, Horace, Chang, Radzinsky, Jacob, Widmore, Hawking and Desmond all had a nice little sit-down, with Daniel keeping the minutes and Hurley providing the sandwiches, I’m sure things would go a hell of a lot smoother. (God knows where Ilana and Bram would fit into this bizarre, cross-dimensional meeting of the minds!!).

  9. 26 lvgirl
    May 12, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Izi- I know that you are always talking about Annie and your many theories about her. The big question that I have- did she leave on that submarine with her mother like all the other women and children? When did they let women back on the island? Is Amy and Ethan in that group as well and if they aren’t why would Horace not listen to Chang? It was funny that it just came to me today.

    I enjoyed this episode, but I’m not as harsh of critic as everything else. I guess it’s my personality to look at the big picture and this is a chapter getting us to the end…I always read the end of the book after about the first few chapters.

    I wanted Kate dead to. As a character, she reminds me of Jenny in Forrest Gump. Jenny remains the same her whole life- she let her abusive father always have control, she never changes or grows…I see the same with Kate. Kate is for Kate, but I have to agree that right now with Jack’s plan she has more to lose than anyone.

    Perhaps John has made most of his destiny, but don’t most of us? When I sold Mary Kay cosmetics, one of the philosophies that Mary Kay said to us was “what you think about, you bring about”. John is doing just that. His whole life, he wanted to belong, be looked up to and now he’s bringing that to pass. He seems more in tune with the island than anyone. I don’t think that it’s bad that he finds out about Jacob once and for all, maybe Jacob is bad for the island, maybe the voice John heard in the cabin isn’t even Jacobs. The more he finds out, the more we’ll find out. – We need to find out why they are so protective of the island- now I can understand killing the US army in 1954, a hydrogen bomb is nothing you want exploding anywhere, but why all the killing? Who gets to be allowed in their group and why? What are the rules (they could be in that book of laws that Richard showed John)- ie. the one’s that Charles broke which banished him from the island? Who told the Dharma Initiative about the island in the first place that they would seek it out and want to go there?

    Hopefully, we have a mind bending finale tomorrow. I can’t imagine that we won’t. Gloom and Despair- Lost will be over for another 8 months.

    • May 13, 2009 at 12:11 pm

      After the finale I need to make a list of things that we expected to see but we didn’t see. Annie would be at the top of the list. I also want to do a list of all the answers that we got that we didn’t expect. Hopefully the two lists balance each other out so that my blog doesn’t look like I’m complaining.
      Do you really think all the women left the Island? I never thought about it, but that was the warning. If Annie was still on the Island then I’d suspect that she left on the sub. I doubt Ethan’s on the boat, Ben was with him when he was a young boy. that would be a quick return. I can imagine Amy not wanting to leave the Island, she’s strange and willful.
      “I always read the end of the book after about the first few chapters”
      Really? That must make novels anticlimactic.
      Jenny from Forrest Gump, hilarious. I remember hating that character a lot too. I actually do think that Kate has changed. I talked about that a lot in that episode where Kate saved young Ben’s life. And she’s not running anymore, she’s turning against Jack (which is always a good thing, in my book) we’ll have to wait for tonight to see how she ends this season but I think it’ll be good.
      I never thought to ask who showed the Dharma Initiative the Island in the first place. Ms. Hawking implied that they located it with the Looking Glass, but they must have known about the Island before that too.
      The problem I have with Locke creating his own destiny is the word “Special”. Walt was Special just because, but Locke is Special only because Richard told him he was. Richard oonly thought Locke was Special because Locke told him he was. I don’t mind if he sets up his own destiny I just don’t like that word being thrown around. In all fairness I do think that Locke is very significant, if I was on the Island I would follow him where ever he went (I guess that makes me Boone, which makes me dead). But I don’t like it that people say he’s Special.
      – izi

      • 28 lostquestions
        May 13, 2009 at 1:33 pm

        Locke is “Special” because he does have a definate commune with the Island. He misinterprets the Island a lot of the time, but the Island is still speaking to, and through, him.

        Also – he got the use of his legs back! Okay, it may not be that Special in comparison to Rose’s cancer and Jin’s sperm (btw, I hope you enjoy my episode 3 blog – it relates to this and is causing me all manner of grief to word correctly 🙂 ).

        I agree, his destiny seems kinda faked now, but isn’t that also Special in and of itself. The fact he could time-travel to tell Richard to tell him that he is Special so that he can time-travel again and then die, become Special and show Richard how he (Locke) was right all along. Even if it is self-made destiny, the man came to the Island a cripple, got granted the use of his legs and some insight into the Island, then came back to the island a corpse, gain the use of his entire body again and became seemingly “at one” with the island. I would certainly call that Special, wether it be through free will or destiny.

  10. May 13, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Okay. So how’s this for a theory? Rose and Bernard are Jacob. We can assume they followed the other Oceanic 6 through the time jumps, but maybe they got stuck in time before the 1977 landing? After all, we know Sun didn’t jump, so couldn’t it be possible?

    I don’t know. I think I’m just so on edgde right now I don’t know what to think. But I still stand behind my theory that Sawyer is the leader of the Shadow of the Statue people.

    • May 13, 2009 at 12:19 pm

      Oh TK42ONE, I’m at work pretending to work and you made me laugh out loud, I’m getting wierd looks now “this invoice is hilarious”.
      I really hope that Rose and Bernard aren’t Jacob. That’s like if Dorothy discovered that the Wizard of Oz was really her Aunt and Uncle. Rose and Bernard are in the show to be cute and reassuring, ironically I’m hoping that they are rotting cadavers in a cave.
      By the way, I’ve fully decided that I’m fully supporting your theory about Sawyer being the Third Party leader but only if he hasn’t aged.
      BTW Check it out. Thom, another commenter, agrees with your theory, kinda: https://ncjl.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/season-5-finale-speculation/#comments
      – izi

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