Good vs Evil: Eloise Hawking


If you’ve been reading my blog then you probably already know what I’m going to say.  But let’s get on with it.

Over the last few months I’ve wrote a few Good vs. Evil posts on some the more mysterious characters.  I’ve analyzed Christian Shepard, Ben Linus and Charles Widmore.  In the future I’m going to write one about Jacob, but I’m delaying that one until we know more about him.

On to Ellie.  We hardly knew her before this season.  But this season has been all about Eloise Hawking, so let’s start overanalyzing.



The first time we met Ms. Hawking was when Desmond went back in time in Flashes Before Your Eyes.  In that storyline Desmond went back in time and attempted (half-heartedly) to change the past and save his relationship with Penny.  At the moment when he decides to commit himself to Penny and ask her to marry him Ms. Hawking showed up.

The first scene we saw her in was, and still is, very confusing.  She seemed to know everything about Desmond’s past and future.  She told him that he couldn’t settle down with Penny.  Even if he tried, something would stop him.  This theory of “course correction” has stuck with us down until this point, it’s been very comforting (to me).  But I think we should decide whether or not we believe that Eloise believed what she said there.  Does she really think that the past can’t be changed?  Or was she saying that so the Desmond would go to the Island?  (The real question is, could Desmond change the past?  Daniel said Desmond was “Special”, he might have been able to change the past.  But that’s a discussion for another day.)  I believe that Ms. Hawking really did think that Desmond couldn’t change the past.  If there was one person who would hope to be able to change the past it would be Eloise, she murdered her own son.  But she must have tried to find a way to take back her mistake and found it impossible.  Perhaps she was using Daniel’s research to find the answer, perhaps she was hoping he would find a way to change past events.  It seems likely.  In the end it doesn’t matter, I think that Ms. Hawking told Desmond the truth as she knew it, you can’t change the past.

308-desmond-mrs-hawkins-01So let’s start judging.  Was that evil of her?  Should she have let Desmond continue on his futile path?  Was she being spiteful when she told him he couldn’t change things?  I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think she had ulterior motives.  The path she set Desmond on resulted in him pushing the button for four years (or so), and ultimately led to him turning the failsafe and blowing up The Swan.  Is it a coincidence that right now on the show that’s pretty much exactly what Eloise is trying to do?  We don’t know enough about her to know what she’s up to, but that’s a clue, I’m sure of it.

As for Eloise’s other appearance in Desmond’s Monk flashback, well I think that was just a discarded storyline.  The only good thing about that flashback was when Desmond met Penny (that was a very good part).

Dharma Times


Eloise seems like an average Hostile.  She exhibits the hostility necessary to be part of the group.  We don’t really see a lot of her in those times, but what we do see is an overwhelming coldness that dictates everything she does.  The problem with analyzing the Dharma time is that she hasn’t really done anything.  She mostly just follows orders and points a gun.  Sure she killed Daniel, her own son, and my favorite character, but that doesn’t mean she’s evil.  She’s just an average Hostile.  I think we’ll have to wait an episode or two until we have a verdict about her Dharma life.

Daniel’s Mother


As far as her relationship with her son goes, well, she wasn’t the best mother.  She pushed him extremely hard to be a genius.  She never showed that she loved him.  She sent him to the Island knowing that he would die.  And she shot him in the back.  Surprisingly I don’t think any of this makes her evil.  It just makes her desperate and irrational.  From the moment she shot Daniel and he told her who he was she was emotionally doomed.  It’s impossible to do, but try to imagine how emotionally and mentally damaging that would be.

Flight 316

506-jack-ms-hawking-01This is where things get really interesting.  Ms Hawking came back with a bang this season.  She came from no where as the most pivotal character.  Suddenly she was the Oceanic 6’s last and only hope to get back to the Island.  She seems to live in an off-Island Dharma station.  Coincidentally the Looking-Glass was  used to locate the Island.  At some unknown point she must have met with Ben and together they must have come up with their plans to get back to the Island.  She’s obviously the brains behind the operation, he was just the salesman.  She came up with a very, very specific plan which hinged on the Oceanic 6 and co. getting on Flight 316 and flying above the Island.  She set up some very important instructions to Jack, they must try their best to recreate Oceanic flight 815.  Apparently it mostly worked, besides the fact that some people went back in time 30 years, the plane landed safely.

512-ilana-crate-02I think the question that most people are avoiding is, why would Ms. Hawking set all of that up for the Oceanic 6?  Did she like these strangers that much?  I believe that she was using them.  I believe she put her own people on that plane with a nefarious mission in mind.  I believe that Eloise is the person behind the Third Party.  (To understand what I’m talking about here you’ll want to check out my theory about the Third Party.)  Why else would she get everyone on that plane?  How could the Third Party know that the plane would land on the Island unless Eloise told them?  No one else knew enough about the plan, except for Ben, and it would be incredibly surprising if he was the Third Party leader.


514-eloise-ms-hawking-011Eloise Hawking is an enigma, she rarely ever expresses emotion and her motives are always hidden.  She killed her own son and possibly ruined a large part of Desmond’s life.  Those are my two favorite characters.  So what can we say about her?  Does she simply enjoy attacking the endearing characters on the show?  Is she the proverbial villain (a Wicked Witch of the West), trying to cause trouble where ever she goes for absolutely no reason?  I don’t think we could say yes to any of those questions.

So is she good?  I’d still say no.  I don’t think she’s evil because of she means to be, it’s just a lack of feelings.  She’s been emotionally destroyed because of her murder of her own son.  This is almost like the verdict on Ben, he might have good intentions, but his influence and his power are dangerous.  Eloise might want to accomplish great things.  Perhaps she is trying to liberate the Island inhabitants from what she sees as a bad situation, but I think she’s willing to do anything to accomplish that.  In this instance “anything” means blowing up Jughead.  So let’s all keep an eye on the Third Party and Eloise.

What do you think?

– izi

4 Responses to “Good vs Evil: Eloise Hawking”

  1. 1 lostquestions
    May 12, 2009 at 11:19 am

    I’m loving these Good vs Evil segments and hope they will extend to all the characters eventually.

    For Eloise, though, I still feel too much is unknown about her and her motives. I remain reserved. I think she is more scared of destiny than she is good nor evil.

    (Btw my blog feels happy – I got my first spam comment already!)

    • May 13, 2009 at 11:47 am

      I’ve tried to write these things on the main characters but it isn’t really possible. Characters like Jack, Kate, Hurley and all of the main characters are too fluid. And none of them are power players. I could do one on Locke, and I probably will after this season.
      It probably was a little early to write this one about Eloise, but if I wait too long it’ll be too obvious. I like to guess early and often.
      – izi

      • 3 lostquestions
        May 13, 2009 at 1:07 pm

        I dunno, I think fundamentally you could apply it to the main characters.

        Is Jack good for wanting to always save everyone, or is he evil as his rash choices have led to a lot of deaths.

        Is Kate good for trying to kill her father to save her and her mum from a horrible existence, or was it selfish of her? Same question relates to her fake marriage, her relationships with Jack and Sawyer, etc.

        Hurley.. not a lot you could do on him I suppose.

        I suppose it would be a lot tougher to do on the other characters, but if you ever want to give it an attempt I’d love to read it 🙂

  2. 4 AegisArete
    October 16, 2009 at 3:06 am

    You need a “neutral” option on your polls! 😀

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