Season 5 Finale Speculation


How is Season 5 going to end?  As we draw closer to the finale that is the question on everyone’s mind.

I’ve had many mini theories about the ending during the season , I’ve discarded most of them.  I must admit that I knew pretty far in advance what the episode was called, “The Incident”, so that was a big hint.  I remember thinking very early on in the season that the it would end with the Oceanic 6 coming back, the skipping stopping and a big reunion.  This season moved way faster than I expected, I was completely shocked when the Oceanic “6” came to the Island in episode six.  After Jughead aired I expected the season to end with a large hydrogen bomb going off. I discarded that theory an episode after Jughead (and apparently that was too soon).  After that I just got caught up in the story.

So here we are.  The finale starts tomorrow, what do we think will happen?  Will Jack change the past by blowing up Jughead?  Will Locke kill Jacob?  Will the Third Party succeed in it’s…plan?  Will Sawyer and Juliet get off the Island and live happily ever after?  Will anyone die?  What will the cliffhanger be?  What will season 6 look like?

Here’s what I think (BTW, I’ve added some older polls, please vote, it only takes a millisecond):

Will Jack change the past by blowing up Jughead?

515 - Jack Jughead 01I doubt it.  I don’t think anyone can change the past (maybe Desmond).  I think Jack is simply fulfilling history.  He will be partially successful in his bid to cause damage, but I think what he will accomplish will be what we know as “The Incident”.  But his situation is still very interesting.  At the moment he is alone with a hydrogen bomb, two characters who survive and one who could die (hopefully).  Whatever he does will make Richard think that he’s dead.  That could just mean that he disappears, or perhaps Jack does actually die (in that non-dying, Island way).  I’m betting that Jack, Kate, Hurley and whoever else is there will simply disappear in some epic, possibly explosive scene, this will lead poor Richard thinking that they all died.

223-the-swan-failsafe-01I think it’s still very possible for Jughead to be incorporated into The Swan.  Here’s what I think will happen.  Jack, Richard and Company will get Jughead down there, Jack will come close to detonating it, but something will go wrong, “The Incident”.  The Incident will be some catastrophic activation of the energy under the Swan.  In a desperate attempt to save The Swan Radzinsky will rig the bomb into a failsafe.  He’ll also have to wire the bomb and or the anomaly into a computer with a button which needs to be pushed every 108 minutes.  He’ll be outside when Jack, Kate, and co. die or disappear in an epic way and he will believe the Island is unsafe.  He’ll probably turn against all the other Dharma people and lock himself in the Hatch.  Voila, that’s about it.  It’s an extremely vague plan, but it seems likely.

Will Locke kill Jacob?

515 - Locke Ben 01I don’t think Locke has all the details about Jacob.  He’s only seen him once and Jacob asked Locke to help him.  There’s no obvious reason why Locke would want to kill him.  Unless Locke intends to replace him.  Perhaps Locke is following Christian’s path.  Maybe as the new undead Island resident Locke feels an inborn need to take over Jacob’s position.

No matter what, I don’t think Locke will kill Jacob. 

By the way, I’m currently creating a minor theory page about Christian taking over from Jacob.  I’ve believed this for quite some time, but I think I should post it before it’s confirmed or debunked in the finale.

Will the Third Party succeed in it’s…plan?

512-ilana-01My theory about the Third Party is that they are looking for Jughead to blow it up.  If my other theory is right and Jughead was the failsafe under The Swan then this theory obviously wouldn’t work.  This isn’t the first time I’ve created two conflicting theories.  But if Jughead is on the Island I’m pretty sure the Third Party will find it.  These people still have another season to cause trouble, I doubt they’re going to get killed before they cause some havoc.

I believe that if Ms. Hawking is their leader then she will likely be revealed in this finale.  

Will Sawyer and Juliet get off the Island and live happily ever after?

508-juliet-sawyer-submarine-01Nope, it’s way too soon for happily ever afters.  And I doubt anyone is leaving the Island before the last few episodes in the final season.  I predict nothing happy for this couple.  I would love it if these two could remain a couple for  along time, they’re great together.  But the writers won’t leave the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle alone.  It’s not over yet (as much as we’d like it to be). 

Will anyone die?

Let’s just list the characters and list the odds (odds in words, this is no place for numbers).


Nope, not yet.  I still think he’s going to die in the finale though (check out my theory here).  He might seem to die in this episode.  It would be pretty annoying if Jack died in this episode and came back to life next season, a little repetative.

515 - Locke 01Locke

Locke’s not ever going to die unless he becomes a villain, in which case he’ll die in the final season.  I guess there’s a chance that this is his final stand.  Going against Jacob is probably the most dangerous thing he’s ever done.

515 - Kate 01Kate

The odds are very low, but not impossible.  She’s relationshipless right now which is dangerous.  Kate dying would be purely for the fans, it would also be a big get for Juliet.  If Kate’s gone, then Juliet is safe.


Sawyer’s safe.  The writers would be crazy to kill Sawyer (I say with a cringe).  I hate feeling so safe about a character, damn these spontaneous writers.  Does anyone expect or want Sawyer to die?  And honestly, what would the actor do?  I don’t think he’s very versitile (sorry) and the guy who played Gambit in Wolverine was too good, so that jobs taken.


Unfortunately high.  Juliet’s in a very dangerous position.  She’s had three rough seasons in a row, and she doesn’t have a happy ending coming.  And she’s in the way of the love triangle.


Nah, Ben’ll survive until the end.  He’s too useful, and he has his new mission from Alex, to help Locke.  He’ll probably die next season, but he’s going to stick around for a while longer.


Safe and a half.  I can’t remember which commenter it was, but someone was saying that Hurley might be the main character in the show.  That would be very interesting.  Regardless, Hurley’s not going to die.  They might fake his death, like Jin, but I wouldn’t be too concerned.

506-jin-01Sun & Jin

Sun will be in mortal danger, but she’s not going to die.  The writers are trying to create a Desmond and Penny situation, trying to make them endearing (it’s not working on me).


Safe.  The Island isn’t done with Desmond, don’t worry.  He still has to get back to the Island, or something like that.  I don’t know why I trust Ms. Hawking so much with that prediction.


I think the threat of Penny’s death is over.  That was very stressful but I’m pretty sure it’s over.  It was almost a full season worth of stress over whether they were going to kill her.  In this season Penny and Charlotte were the most vulnerable, they were both guest stars. 


Danger!  Danger!  I’m betting that Miles will die.  He’s the last of the Freighter Folk still around, and according to this weak theory, it might happen.  I will have an unimpressed expression on my face if Miles dies in this season.  Killing three new characters in one season is a little too rough (and I’m not even counting Caesar.)

515 - Sayid 01Sayid

This is the third season in a row that I am predicting Sayid’s death.  WHY WON’T HE DIE!?!  I am so sick of him.  Last year I was way off track, I wanted him to be in the coffin.  This year I don’t have any significant hopes for him, I just want him off the show.


I already said this but I don’t think Ilana or Bram will die anytime soon.  I think they are meant to cause trouble next season.  Plus I really hope that she sticks around.


I’m very worried about Richard since the last episode.  Having him disagree with Locke is dangerous.  And Ben even told Locke about that.  I’m concerned.  I also really like Richard, that’s not helping my hope.

501-bernard-rose-01Rose & Bernard

I’m sure they’ll die soon, the season finale would be the likely time.  Perhaps someone will just find their bodies though.

I can’t think of anyone else for this list.  If you can think of anyone, let’s discuss it below.

220-michael-libby-ana-lucia-01I really hope no more women die.  Girls are dropping off the show like flies.  Think about the gender balance in this show.  Out of the characters I mentioned above 10 are men, 6 are women three of those women are recurring guests.  We’re running out of women! 

I tend to be wrong about whether people will die or not.  I didn’t see Daniel’s death coming at all.  So thanks for reading all of that, but it’s probably worthless.

What will the cliffhanger be?

413-ben-frozen-donkey-wheel-01This is probably the last major cliffhanger in this show.  The last season finale (not counting the series finale).  It’s probably going to be pretty crazy.

I think the cliffhanger will involve a lot of possible deaths.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked like Jack, Kate and everyone in the 70s appeared to die (I don’t think many of them will die, but it’ll look  like it).  It also won’t surprise me if a lot of the Others die.  Redshirts in the finales tend to be expendable, and Locke has a flock of nameless people following him.

322-jack-coffin-locke-022I keep wondering if it’s possible for them to have some sort of tricky flashback/flashforward cliffhanger.  I can’t think of how they’d do that, except if they start filming some concluding scenes for the show.  It’s hard to explain this idea.  I’m thinking that they might film scenes that finish the story, flashforwards of the end.

What will Season 6 look like?

Season 6 has to be way different than anything else.  I suspect that they’ll be done with any major time travelling.  There’s a lot of talk about a nostalgic season, reminiscent of Season 1.  For a while there I was expecting the writers to leave a lot of blanks in the story so that they could have a season full of traditional flashbacks.  It seemed like they were going to leave all the Oceanic 6 with stories about how they got on the plane, and everyone on the Island would be able to flashback to their missing three years.  That’s still possible to a lesser degree, but now it seems like they have something else planned.

I kinda want to see a nostalgic season with some of the dead characters coming back, that would be fun.

101-charlie-01I actually had an idea about what the final season could be.  This theory is based on Jack successfully changing the past.  What if Jack manages to erase history but the plane still crashed, and everyone kept their memories of the last three years or so.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if we could speed through all the Oceanic survivor’s history over again, except now people will know what’s happening on the Island.  Maybe we could see some course correction, showing characters like Shannon and Boone die again.  That would certainly be fun, at least for a while.  I don’t really think that will happen, I just like to imagine.

I doubt that we are getting any new major characters in season 6.  I really hope that Ilana is added full-time to the cast.  But I can’t imagine any brand new characters coming out of the woodwork.

The thing that I want more than anything else is to see Walt come back in Season 6.  I don’t know why I care about this so much, but it would be great for him to come back and be a power player.

– izi
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6 Responses to “Season 5 Finale Speculation”

  1. 1 Thom
    May 13, 2009 at 7:08 am

    I get this feeling, seeing the three Oceanic in the Dharma sub, I hope it’s not but…
    I am reminded of the pretty lame movie, the Final Countdown, where the US Nimitz (aircraft carrier) gets transported back in time just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The only hook worth mentioning about the whole movie, and yes, this is a spoiler, is that James Farentino, is revealed at the end of the movie as a man who got stuck back in the 1940s and appears in present day as the mysterious wealthy recluse.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I hope, but it could be a possibility, that we may see in the next season, older versions of some of the Oceanic 6 as they aged from the 70’s to the present.

    I hope not.

    • May 13, 2009 at 11:43 am

      How many people got the Finale Countdown song stuck in their head after reading that? I can see GOB dancing right now.
      Anywho. That theory has come up before. I really hope we don’t have to see old versions of Sawyer or Juliet or any of them. I’d like it more if they didn’t age. And that could happen, What if Richard is someone from the future who went back in time. What if he hasn’t aged because he hasn’t gone back to his former present.
      – izi

  2. 3 lostquestions
    May 13, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    [-: lesse what we got here… yet another great post!

    – 1 – Will Jack change the past by blowing up Jughead?
    No, I don’t think he will change the past. He may “course-correct” the past so it maintains the ‘future’ status quo, he may cause “The Incident”, he may cause everything that happened to the Swan, he may cause the 815ers to return to the ‘present’, he may do all manner of things, but I am finally sold on “Whatever Happened, Happened” now.

    If this was part of the writer’s “long con” to set up Jack changing the past – well, I guess they have conned me.

    – 2 – Will Locke kill Jacob?
    No, but I think he will achieve whatever it is he really intends to do. I don’t think he has revealed his true face to anyone yet – he is playing Richard, Ben, The Others and Sun. If his agenda is to kill Christian, then I think he will suceed. If his agenda is to free Jacob, I think he will suceed. If his agenda is to get back to 1977, I think he will suceed. But I don’t think killing Jacob is his true agenda, or at least not in the sense that Ben has interpreted it as. I think Locke’s motives are far more complex than we can begin to guess at.

    – 3 – Will the Third Party succeed in it’s … plan?
    No, but I do think they will reveal what is in the silver box. My guess is the final shot, the “cliffhanger” if you will, will be Ilana and Bram opening that box to reveal… whatever is inside it, then the screen cuts to black and we are left for the whole hiatus wondering what the ramifications are of this reveal.

    My top guesses at this time are: another bomb; a corpse (I don’t even want to start guessing who that could be!!), some Egyptian artifacts (part of the statue, perhaps?); although my main guess is it will be something no-one has thought of thus far.

    – 4 – Will Sawyer and Juliet get off the Island and live happily ever after?
    No, not in a million years. Kate will convince them to return and hijack the submarine, or something along those lines. That wasn’t my theory, but as soon as I read it it made perfect sense. Afterall, Kate’s whole agenda is to get people to help her stop Jack. I think it was Erika (longlivelocke.blogspot.com) who suggested that Kate will point out the fact that if Jack does suceed in changing the past, then Juliet and James will have never met, thus they have to at least try to stop the mad Doctor.

    – 5 – Will anyone die?
    Definately. The faster the episodes go, the thinner the cast must go also. My odds on the following (with numbers this time 😛 ):

    Jack – 3/1 – One of the favourites to die. The only thing going against this outcome is my personal theory that the final scene of the series will revolve around Jack, Christian, Vincent and possibly Claire and Aaron.

    Locke – 30/1 – I don’t see it happening, but there may be an outside chance that they will go for a complete twist ending and kill off Locke to pave way for the “Season of Shepherds”. I hope it doesn’t happen, but it is a possibility.

    Kate – 7/2 – Her story is almost completely redundant now. Only the Claire element keeps her in the running, and perhaps a new love triangle (God I hope not, but we have to placate the shipper fans somehow).

    Sawyer – 12/1 – Another possibility, but the fans are really behind Sawyer as leader. But now that Jack, Locke and Richard are back into the forefront, and with Hurley, Miles and Frank covering the humour angle, and Ilana and Bram picking up the mysterious and dangerous angles, there is a chance it could happen.

    Juliet – 10/1 – Her storyline is going nowhere fast, there may be need to incite Sawyer to action for the final season, in short there are a few reasons for her to die, but no strong ones (she hasn’t had a flashback in forever, so that is good news as far as her fate goes).

    My bets are on Bernard, Rose, Miles or Sayid dying, in that order of likelihood. Btw, I love Sayid (haven’t liked him too much this season, mind you) so I really hope he doesn’t die. The other three are pretty expendable in my eyes (unfortunately, as Miles’ had so much potential).

    PS. Whoo, that was me who mentioned the Hurley thing 🙂

    There has also been some confirmation from the writer’s again about the fate of three of our characters. I won’t mention the details (as they may be considered spoilers) but I haven’t mentioned it before. A recent interview with Carlton simply confirmed matters.

    – 6 – What will the cliffhanger be?
    As I said above, Ilana’s silver box is my guess.

    – 7 – What will Season 6 look like?
    My viewpoint is that the final of season 3 served as a mirror for Lost. Since then, the series has been doubling-back on itself. Season 4 mirrored Season 3 (Getting off the island/free will). Season 5 mirrored Season 2 (The Dharma Intiative/fate). Season 6 should mirror Season 1 (Survival/exploration [of self, of island, of past mistakes]).
    If it is some alternate-dimension Season 1.. I will be happy with that, if it is done tastefully. If it is all flashbacks, again I will be happy with that. So long as the quality is at an all-time high, I will love Season 6 no matter what shape it takes. I just hope Damon and Carlton don’t write too many scripts (I don’t like their screenplays 😛 they always get the best episodes, but fill them with weird dialogue and cliches lol).

    Anyway, that’s my opinion if you’re interested 🙂

    • May 15, 2009 at 3:24 pm

      After watching the finale you look like a genius:
      “I don’t think he has revealed his true face to anyone yet”
      “I think Locke’s motives are far more complex than we can begin to guess at”
      “My guess is the final shot, the “cliffhanger” if you will, will be Ilana and Bram opening that box to reveal… whatever is inside it…and we are left for the whole hiatus wondering what the ramifications are of this reveal”
      Pretty crazy.
      BTW, have you read much of what Erika from LongLiveLocke has been writing about. She’s so sad about Locke. The last two seasons must have been torture for her.
      – izi

      • 5 lostquestions
        May 18, 2009 at 12:31 pm

        Why thank you 🙂 I just decided to take a new approach to guessing – instead of going by what was happening in the actual show, I decided to try to get into the minds of the writers. Looks like it worked 🙂

        Yeah… I don’t know how she is going to feel about Season 6. I feel so bad for her, especially after reading this – http://www.sl-lost.com/2009/05/16/terry-oquinn-i-think-its-ended-for-locke/

        I don’t know whether I should tell Erika about it or not, but I figure she has a right to know how her man is feeling about things… I don’t feel good about it though, not in the slightest. Here’s hoping that Terry doesn’t have to play a villian next year!

  3. 6 Kyle
    May 13, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Good lord. Now I know what people felt like when they opened the hatch.

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