Foreign Theory: Anon’s New Annie Theory


Exactly six months ago Anon, a frequent commenter, posted a large-ish Annie theory on my blog.  In the last six months many things have changed, so she revised here theory and sent it to me again.

Hold on to your hats everyone, this theory is a doozy (it’s actually more like a screenplay):

(This would all be in flashbacks)

When all the women and children are being evacuated in the 70s by Chang, little Annie (who was still on island the whole time) happens to see some of the Others trying to sneak injured Ben back into a house, she wants to stay but her parents aren’t listening, so while they’re distracted she runs away into the jungle, her parents don’t even notice and that’s the last time she sees them, she doesn’t seem too upset. She comes back out and goes to the house where Ben is, the Others just left him there. She says “It’s okay, I won’t leave you”. The Incident turns out to be nothing more than the same purple sky event like S2 finale. Dharmaville goes on as normal, just with a lot less people!

Fast forward to Ben and Annie in their early 20s, happily married, living it up in Dharmaville (the Others haven’t taken over yet). Annie is the new leader after Horace stepped down to second in charge wanting to properly raise troubling teen Ethan with Amy. Part of the reason she became leader were her excellent shooting skills. Ben is still a janitor and Annie can never work out why he won’t move up in the ranks. He says he’s happy where he is. Everything seems fine until one night Ben doesn’t come home until 3am. Annie’s used to him overworking sometimes but 3am is unheard of. Ben brushes it off but Annie is concerned when it becomes more common. One night she goes to look for Ben but can’t find him anywhere in Dharmaville. So she goes to look on the Dharma TVs for him, spots him walking in the jungle in ragged clothes with Richard. She grabs her gun and heads for the jungle. She eventually comes across the others camp and its deserted. She goes down to the camp and finds Ben’s tent, recognizing it by spotting his Annie doll. She realises he’s raising a child with the assortment of small clothes, blankets and a makeshift crib, she assumes he’s cheating with another woman. Suddenly Richard surprises her, but instead of killing her, he takes pity on her when he realises she knows nothing of his other life and that he kept literally everything from her. They unexpectedly bond. The rest of the others come back and Annie makes a split second decision to join the others. Widmore is p*ssed off as usual, Eloise is not keen but at the insistence of Richard and Ben he relents. Annie is furious about Ben’s dishonesty with her and the way he left her every night. She’s shocked at how different he is when he’s with the Others and doesn’t like the new blind faith he has in someone called Jacob. She becomes good friends with Richard and Eloise, but Eloise soon leaves for good once it becomes impossible for her to leave young Daniel on the main land for too long with a babysitter and she’s sensing her relationship with Widmore is fading.

Ben and Annie still live in Dharmaville during the daytime. Annie takes on the responsibility of raising Alex for the next few years almost becoming a single mother in the process as Ben is working when he’s not running errands for the Others. She never quite shares the same bond with Alex that Ben does. She becomes frustrated with the direction her life is taking but always finds comfort in her relationship with Richard. He knows exactly what to say to make her believe she’s doing the right thing. One day Annie is overjoyed to discover she’s pregnant and her relationship with Ben improves.

Unfortunately, she loses the child and descends into depression, believing that since Ethan (who is now a surgeon at only 21 but still a troublemaker) could find nothing wrong with her or any kind of anomaly that would cause her to miscarry, that the island killed the baby because she doesn’t believe in following Jacob. Ben offers little help or sympathy besides “talk to Jacob”. Annie is bitter and broken, and one night heads to the temple. She gets there, Richard is already there, having just visited Jacob, he has a list in his hand. She is crying and has a gun and says she wants to “talk” to Jacob, Richard says that’s definitely not a good idea, he tries to comfort her but she insults him, they argue, fight then unexpectedly sleep together (in the temple lol). They begin an affair. One night Ben catches them in Richard’s tent. He’s furious. Not because she slept with him (well yeah that a bit lol) but because of how happy she looked with him. The arguments and unhappiness continues relentlessly then Annie finds out about The Purge the Others are planning and that no one will be spared, not even Ben’s good friend Horace. Richard confesses Annie’s safety is not guaranteed so Annie makes the devastating decision to leave on the sub ASAP. She and Ben have a horrible break up and Annie attempts to take Alex (now 4 years old) with her but Alex runs back to her father at the last minute. Richard comes out of the jungle just in time to see Annie boarding the sub and a devastated Ben holding a crying Alex. The Purge goes ahead as planned a few weeks later and Annie leaving is the reason Roger said “You got a date?” in Man Behind The Curtain (the usual taunting bastard lol). The affair she had with Richard is the reason Ben and Richard have always been slightly bitchy towards each other and why Richard made fun of Ben’s Annie doll.

So Ben’s life goes on as we’ve seen on the show and Annie is now in the “real” world in 1992. She decides to try to track down Eloise. Eloise shows her the lamp post station but Annie is too upset to even think about going back yet. Eloise says “Just you wait”.

Annie is living in England where she takes up a job and ends up befriending Penny Widmore. They become best friends and she’s eventually introduced to Des, they all become buddies. Annie’s slightly jealous of the beautiful relationship Des/Pen have and eventually begins to miss Ben after a few years. She moves to the USA and attempts to remarry, only the person she marries is Keamy. They have a tumultuous relationship which ends when she comes home to find him cheating on her, in a cruel role reversal. Annie, in tears, runs out of the house and catches a taxi. Jacob is in the taxi and touches her shoulder and says “everything happens for a reason”. Annie just gives him a “WTF” look and jumps out at the closest stop. She calls Penny from a pay phone but her problems are overshadowed when Penny, crying, says “Des has gone missing”.

She and Penny begin a huge search to find Des and Annie hides her secret want to try to find Ben. She suspects Des has landed on the Island once its clear his boat and body cannot be found. They set up the tracking station and hire those Portuguese dudes to search everywhere. Annie contacts Eloise again for help but Eloise won’t saying “It’s his destiny” blah blah. One day, she and Penny are attempting to set up a computer that can scan through all the areas they think Des might be based on the Portuguese dudes placements of where the island is (from season 2). Annie is behind the computer setting up the aerial cord when suddenly the computer starts picking up something.

“Hello…yes…yes..i can hear you”

It’s Charlie.

Annie has to hold the aerial in place in order for Charlie and Penny’s S3 finale conversation to take place. She is overjoyed to hear Des is alive and ON THE ISLAND. She’s confused when Charlie is cut short so she says they have to get a boat going now. Penny remembers she has to be at home on Christmas Eve because Des will call, so Annie starts the Searcher ship out and agrees to pick Penny up from another point after Christmas.

Penny joins her a few days later, high on love after talking to Des again. Annie is happy for her but still yearning for Ben. Eventually they pick up Des and the O6. Annie is devastated that Ben is not there, nor will they be looking for the Island any more. She strikes up a friendship with Frank and Kate, particularly Kate who reveals her feelings and regrets about Sawyer and Annie relates them to her own failed relationship. She is too scared to ask them about Ben as they are all visibly traumatized and vulnerable, particularly Sun who has screaming nightmares for the next week. She’s upset and asks to leave the ship at the next stop, Penny asks what the real reason was that Annie helped her, Annie insists it was to find Des even if there was something else she wanted to find. Penny doesn’t elaborate. They insist they’re still best friends. Annie leaves a day before the O6 leave for the main land.

Annie blunders through her life for the next year or so, no purpose, nothing. One day in 2006 (so a few months after Ben teleported) she’s at a pedestrian stop waiting to cross the road. A man walks out in front of her, with oncoming traffic heading straight for him. She grabs him and pulls him back, saving his life. He turns to face her – Jacob. “You saved me” he says. “Thank you”. Annie begins to tell him how crazy he is for walking out like that when she turns to see the first car stopped at the crossing and who’s in the car – Ben. Jacob smiles then continues across the road. (Ben never sees his face or even looks at the guy) Annie runs to Ben who’s getting out of the car and they hug. ~*reunion*~

They have a wonderful few years together where Ben seemingly agrees to leave behind his war with Widmore and forget about the island. Secretly of course, he still threatens Penny’s life to Widmore but the scene where Ben tells Sayid his job is done is because of Annie. They travel the world because Ben has endless amounts of cash, and all seems well. Until one day in 2007, Ben gets a phone call from one of his men watching the O6.

“Sayid just spoke to a man named John Locke, who arrived with a man named Abbadon”.

Ben sees his chance to get back to the island and in a flashback of his we see he never wanted to meet Annie again because it would mean giving up ever leading or owning the island again. He never tried to contact her even though he kept watch on her. It was JACOB who brought them together again because HE didn’t want Ben to come back to the island, for obvious reasons. Ben cuts off all contact with her. Annie returns to L.A, heartbroken and alone once more. She’s shocked to run into Penny, Des and Charlie one day and invites them back to her apartment for dinner. They have a great night and Annie eventually confesses to Penny she lived on the island and was looking for her husband. Penny says she guessed as much. She then says she realises it was a waste of time because while absence makes the heart grow fonder, people never truly change. Penny, looking at Des in another room playing with Charlie says she begs to differ. She lets her know she’ll be at the marina across the road if Annie needs her.

(This next part would be the opening scene of season 6, present time)

The next morning Annie is going about her usual routine when her phone rings – Penny. She tells her Des has been shot and needs her help to get him to the hospital. They take Des to Jack’s hospital and ask for him but he is still suspended. Des is taken to ER and Annie gets left behind in the chaos but not before Penny mentions a man named Ben Linus did this to Des.

Annie is alone in the lobby. She sees a newspaper stating Kate Austen has gone missing. She calls Kate’s phone and leaves a message. Suddenly, a hand touches her shoulder and a calm voice says “It’s not your fault”. She turns around – Jacob. “You?” she says. She attempts to question him but he only says “Go back to the island, Annie, save them.” He leaves but Annie gives chase and questions him. He reveals who he is and that he appears when she needed guidance most. “How do I get back?” she says. “Boat”, he smiles and walks off. Annie steals Pen and Des’s boat and eventually passes through an electrical storm.

She opens her eyes. She is back on the island, right next to the four toed foot.

(End opening scene)

(This takes place at the end of the premiere episode)

She walks to the other side of the foot and its reunions all around as the 1977 losties have returned to 2007. Kate greets Annie with a big bear hug and everyone is happy to see her again, even grieving Sawyer says “little Annie!” having last seen her as a Dharma child in 1977. She sees Richard for the first time in 15 years. They hug, for long enough for reunited Sun and Jin to give each other a “hmmmmmmm” look. Annie then sees a blood covered, disheveled looking, knife wielding Ben slowly coming down the statue steps with…….John Locke. Everyone (except Annie) is stunned at John. Annie just glares at Ben.

So that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten in detail. She’s back on island, she’s furious with Ben but quite happy to see Richard again. She has a mission to “save them” whoever “them” is, she’s been touched by Jacob THREE times throughout her life, she’s allied with the 815ers, she doesn’t know anything about John Locke so judges him on how he acts now, and she believes in something now because Jacob was honest with her.

Too bad he’s dead thanks to BEN! (John makes up that Jacob attacked Ben for no reason and Ben defended himself (LOL) He convinces the rest that Jacob “turned” bad, all but Annie believe him)

As for the rest of the season, she starts sleeping with Richard again, though is uncomfortable with his constant talk of wanting to become an official couple and move off island with her, Ben attempts to explain why he cut her out but she insists she did not come back to give him another chance, though she still clearly feels more for him than she ever will for Richard. She has trouble keeping her faith knowing Jacob is dead. Eventually the truth about her and Ben’s marriage comes out when Ben is getting beaten up BAD by Jack and Annie pulls a gun on him. Annie is suspicious of new Locke and is shown good Locke’s body (Richard told her the answer to “what lies in the shadow of the statue years before) and eventually it becomes clear that the “candidate” Illana and Bram talked about is someone who’s willing to “host” either Jacob or good, dead Locke – and they both agree Annie is a strong candidate.

I wish I could write theories that detailed.  My hat is off to Anon again.

– izi

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