V.S. – Jack Sees Christian 1 2 & 3

105 - Christian 02Episode:

104 – Walkabout

105 – White Rabbit

Scene Synopsis

At the very end of episode 104 Jack sees Christian standing in the Ocean.

In 105 Jack sees Christian all over the Island, but never manages to talk to him.  He also find his empty coffin. 

This is essentially Christian’s origin story.

(I could also mention Christian’s first appearence in the Missing Pieces, but it doesn’t add much to the discussion.)


These scenes have special importance now that we’ve seen Locke do a similar thing.  Without a doubt Christian and Locke underwent the same kind of resurection.  The were both brought to the Island dead and in a coffin.  They both “came back to life”.  And they both acted very strangely after the “came back to life”.

105-jack-02The glaring difference between the two events is the lack of Christian’s dead body.  The way that we knew that “Locke” wasn’t Locke is the fact that Ilana and the Third Party people found Locke’s body.  When Jack went looking for Christian’s body all he found was an empty coffin.  This is an irreconcilable difference.  If someone can come up with a reason why Christian’s body disappeared I’d like to hear it.  I’m guessing that the new Christian took the body and stashed it somewhere, but that seems odd.  Or the other possiblity is that the Third Party only found Locke’s body for dramatic reasons.  Perhaps the writers could think of no other way to shockingly show us that that wasn’t Locke in there.  ( I try not to rely on behind the scenes theories though, that feels like cheating.)

516 - Locke 02What I really want to talk about is the newly raised question: Who is “Christian”?  It’s highly unlikely at this point that he’s the same man we all new and hated from the flashbacks (I really hope no one liked Christian, he was despicable).  I also don’t believe that Christian is the same character as Esau or “Locke”.  That would mean that Esau was controlling both bodies at the same time, and implies a kind of omniscience that’s very hard for us to comprehend.  I think that Christian is a new and different character, neither Jacob nor Esau.  This brings me back to one of my old theories.  I believe(d) that Christian deposed Jacob as ruler of the Island.  This seems unlikely now, but I’m not completely disposing of that theory.  What I wonder about now are those times that Christian said that he was speaking for Jacob.  I still believe that he was lying about that, but it begs the question, how much does Christian know about Jacob?  How are those two characters related?

So in the end I solved no problems, I still have no idea who the character is.  In the end we have more questions than answers.  Just how I like it.

Next time on Vital Scenes: Adam & Eve.

– izi


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