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How do you want Lost to end?

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TV-Squad, a blog-type site that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, asked this question here: “How should Lost end?”  I want to ask that same question to you.  What would be the ideal ending to Lost? 

Personally I want a pretty tragic ending.  Here are some of the things I want to happen:

  • I want Jack to die most of all.  Jack has been set up as such a hero, it would be disappointing if he didn’t end the show with some amazing sacrificial act.  And wouldn’t he just love to be a martyr?
  • I don’t want the Island destroyed in some misguided attempt to thwart any sequels to the show.  I hate it when writers feel the need to destroy sets and locations during season finales.  I like to think that the story continues on without us.
  • But at the same time I want the finale to be pretty big-budget.  It would be a little disappointing if the series finale looked noticibly cheaper than the pilot.  I’m not saying they should spend $10 million dollars, but spend a little more than usual.
  • I don’t want any happily ever afters to happen off the Island.  There will be some storylines that end with a kiss, Sun and Jin aren’t going to finish the series without a big reunion scene.  But I really don’t want happiness to happen off the Island.  I’m a firm believer in the goodness of the Island.  It made me very, very sad when Charlotte said: “This place is death”. 
  • I would love to see most of the characters on the show to die.  I don’t like many of them.  And so many of them are just asking for it (I’m thinking of Sayid).
  • I don’t want the finale to be the only episode with closure.  I hope the writers slowly tie up side stories so that we don’t have to see a clip show of supporting actors dying and/or finding inner peace.  It would suck if characters like Frank, Richard and Ilana were kept around until the finale and then were given a few seconds of air-time for closure.  (I honestly don’t expect most of the uspporting actors to last until the finale.)
  • I wouldn’t be unhappy with unexplained mysteries.  I also wouldn’t be mad if they rubbed it in our faces.  For example if we never learned about Smokey and then the final scene was Smokey doing something completely unexplainable, I wouldn’t be angry (I might be angry if he turned to the camera and started speaking in James Earl Jones’ voice or something, because that would be quite racist.)
  • I also probably wouldn’t be angry if there was a big twist in the final scene.  I would be angry if that twist was something like they were all ghosts or it was all virtual reality.  But that still gives them a lot of room to turn the show on it’s head.
  • I would love if they gave us a reason to watch the entire show over again.  It wouldn’t actually be that hard to make me rewatch the series, I enjoy rewatching shows.  But I’d like the writers to make it necessary for everyone to watch the show over again.  This show is amazing, I really hope that in the future the series will be watched over again, and not just forgotten.

I was going to have my own version of the poll that they had at the TV-Squad site, but I hope that everyone would vote for “kinda-sad” or “kinda-happy” ending.  Anywho, go there and vote.

UPDATE: Looke DocArzt found out what some of the actors think the end should be like.  Most of them are joking, but Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway had good suggestions.

– izi

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