V.S. – Walt’s Powers 4 & 5


122 – Born to Run

507 – The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

Scene Synopsis

122- Born to Run

During a random story-related conversation Locke touches Walt.  After they touch Walt gives Locke a strange look and the following conversation ensues:

122-walt-locke1LOCKE: What’s the matter?
WALT: Don’t open it.
LOCKE: What’d you say?
WALT: Don’t open it, Mr. Locke. Don’t open that thing.
LOCKE: What? What thing?
WALT: Just don’t open it.

507 – The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

Locke reunites with Walt and they have this conversation:

122-walt-01WALT: Hey, John.
LOCKE: Hi, Walt.
WALT: What happened?
LOCKE: I hurt my leg. You don’t seem surprised to see me.
WALT: I’ve been having dreams about you. You were on the Island, wearing a suit, and there are people all around you. They wanted to hurt you, John.


Walt can see the future!  Shocking isn’t it.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem too useful.  He can only see Locke’s future.  And it isn’t voluntary, he doesn’t have any control over his power.  Ironically he can see Locke’s future past the point when he becomes “Locke”.  That’s surprising, and also pretty useless. 

The parallel between the characters of Locke and Walt is slightly worrisome.  For so long we were told that Locke was Special, that he was meant to do something.  We have been told the same thing about Walt.  It’s been overtly said many times that Walt is Special.  What if we’re wrong on both accounts?  By all evidence it was wrong to conclude that Locke was Special.  He was duped multiple times, and now he’s dead.  So should we throw away all our conceptions of these two characters?  I think not.  If I’ve wanted to accomplish one thing with the last Vital Scene and this one it’s to show you that Walt is Special.  He’s been shown to be Special many times over.  His powers haven’t been expanded upon, but he does have powers.

516 - Locke 02So now all we have left to do is wait and hope that the writers are clever enough to bring Walt back in Season 6.

Next time on Vital Scenes: Swan Orientation Film 1 & 2

– izi


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