2009 Emmy Nominations

Lost 0130 Rock 1Damages 1

It’s Emmy time again. Here is a list of all the important (to me) nominations with my favored winners. The awards show airs on CBS on Sunday September 20.

516 - Locke Sun Richard Others 01Drama

Drama Series

Big Love
Breaking Bad
Mad Men

Damages 01Guess who I want to win? Honestly though, I’d almost rather see Lost win for it’s final season rather than this one. And it wouldn’t be surprising if this season lost. They only get to submit one or two episodes for consideration, I doubt any of the viewers will be able to see how glorious the show is from one or two episodes. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Dexter or Damages won. I love both those shows. I will do something violent if House beats any of these other show. And I’d rather not see Breaking Bad win, that show is just gross. I tried my best to like it, but it was just too nasty.

I do expect this poll to have predictable results.

Dexter 01Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Breaking Bad • Bryan Cranston, as Walter White
Dexter • Michael C. Hall, as Dexter Morgan
House • Hugh Laurie, as Dr. Gregory House
In Treatment • Gabriel Byrne, as Paul
Mad Men • Jon Hamm, as Don Draper
The Mentalist • Simon Baker, as Patrick Jane

Dexter’s the best! I think this is his big chance, now that James Spader is out of the way. I’m sure many people are happy about that. I don’t think Bryan Cranston will win.

Matthew Fox wasn’t nominated this year. Again, if he is going to win I think it should be for the final season. On the other hand, the lack of Battlestar Galactica actors is saddening.

Damages 02Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Brothers & Sisters • Sally Field, as Nora Walker
Damages • Glenn Close, as Patty Hewes
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Mariska Hargitay, as Detective Olivia Benson
Mad Men • Elisabeth Moss, as Peggy Olson
Saving Grace • Holly Hunter, as Grace Hanadarko
The Closer • Kyra Sedgwick, as Brenda Leigh Johnson

Glenn Close should win. That role is insanely good, and she’s plays it so well. It’s cute that Peggy Olson got nominated, I’m happy for her. I’m kinda surprised that she’s a lead. I would actually suspect that she was, but I figured they’d put her in the Supporting Actress category just to get January Jones nominated.

116168_435BTW, everyone is over the other actresses, right? They’re all just so consistently congratulated that it’s getting tiresome.

And I don’t think anyone is saddened by the fact that Evangeline Lilly wasn’t nominated.

Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Boston Legal • William Shatner, as Denny Crane
Boston Legal • Christian Clemenson, as Jerry Espenson
Breaking Bad • Aaron Paul, as Jesse Pinkman
Damages • William Hurt, as Daniel Purcell
Lost • Michael Emerson, as Ben Linus
Mad Men • John Slattery, as Roger Sterling

Michael Emerson! I hope he wins, he really deserves it. And I heard through the WordPress grapevine that Terry O’Quinn didn’t submit his name this year. That was nice of him, it makes way for Ben to win.

William Hurt really doesn’t deserve to be nominated, his character on Damages was incredibly one-dimensional. Christian Clemenson might actually win, Jerry Espenson was a very likable/crazy character.

Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Damages 0324 • Cherry Jones, as President Allison Taylor
Damages • Rose Byrne, as Ellen Parsons
Grey’s Anatomy • Sandra Oh, as Dr. Christina Yang
Grey’s Anatomy • Chandra Wilson, as Dr. Miranda Bailey
In Treatment • Dianne Wiest, as Gina
In Treatment • Hope Davis, as Mia

It’s pretty outrageous that Rose Byrne is a supporting actor in Damages, she’s the main character. But regardless of that she deserves to win, and unless the In Treatment girls overcome her, I think she will win.

It’s quite a shame that Elizabeth Mitchell wasn’t nominated, sigh.

Guest Actor In A Drama Series

CSI: NY • Edward Asner, as Abraham Klein
Damages • Ted Danson, as Arthur Frobisher
Dexter • Jimmy Smits, as Miguel Prado
Dexter - Jimmy SmitsER • Ernest Borgnine, as Paul Manning
Rescue Me • Michael J. Fox, as Dwight

I guess I want Jimmy Smits to win, but I didn’t like his character that much. I feel the same way about Ted Danson’s character. Probably Michael J. Fox will win, how can anyone resist him?

Guest Actress In A Drama Series

Grey’s Anatomy • Sharon Lawrence, as Robbie Stevens
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Ellen Burstyn, as Bernadette Stabler
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Brenda Blethyn, as Linnie Malcolm/Caroline Cantwell
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit • Carol Burnett, as Bridget “Birdie” Sulloway
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency • CCHCurtin, as Mrs. Pounder

516 - JulietI think this is just an excuse to give Carol Burnett another Emmy.

Writing for a Drama Series

Lost • The Incident • Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof
Mad Men • A Night To Remember
Mad Men • Six Month Leave
Mad Men • The Jet Set
Mad Men • Meditations In An Emergency

I think Lost stands a real chance of winning if the Mad Men vote gets split as much as it looks like it will. I’m not familiar with Mad Men episodes so I don’t really know if any of those episodes stand out a lot. Here’s hoping.

What does everyone think of the episode choice? Should they have chosen Lafleur or The Variable? I think the Incident was the most revelatory for us, but it might not affect the casual viewer much. And if they hadn’t heard of Jacob then there goes most of the excitement.

Directing For A Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica 02Battlestar Galactica • Daybreak (Part 2)
Boston Legal • Made In China/Last Call
Damages • Trust Me
ER • And In The End

Mad Men • The Jet Set

Finally some attention for Battlestar Galactica, unfortunately it’s up against two other series finales, so their goes that advantage. I enjoyed the ER finale, but it wasn’t amazing. The Boston Legal finale was glorious, it actually made me cry. The Damages (season) finale was also good, but not as good as the season 1 finale. In the end I think Battlestar Galactica’s best chance is if people have forgotten about Boston Legal (it was 7 months ago), they don’t feel any nostalgia for ER, the compare Damages to the first season, and Mad Men doesn’t sweep the night. If Mad Men gets on a roll, then the awards will suck.

ER 01I’m kinda happy that ER got attention for that finale, they deserve a little attention for their last season.

Casting For A Drama Series

Friday Night Lights
Mad Men
The Tudors
True Blood

Casting is very, very important. I think Damages has everyone bear this year. When the opening credits have one “with” and three or four “and”s that’s pretty impressive.

30 Rock - Tina OprahComedy

Comedy Series

30 Rock
Family Guy
Flight Of The Conchords
How I Met Your Mother
The Office

This is a rough category for me. I like many of these shows. 30 Rock does come out on top, but Weeds is glorious as well, and it would be awesome if Flight of the Conchords could win.

WEEDS (season 4)Family Guy took as risk this year (and last year too) and submitted itself as a Comedy instead of a cartoon. This year it paid off and they actually got nominated. If this happened a few years ago I would have wanted them to win, but it seems like Seth Mcfarlane has spread himself too thin and the show is suffering. I still watch the show and laugh, but it isn’t as hilarious as it once was.

Oh yeah, 30 Rock will win.

.Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

30 Rock • Alec Baldwin, as Jack Donaghy
Flight Of The Conchords • Jemaine Clement, as Jemaine
Monk • Tony Shalhoub, as Adrian Monk
The Big Bang Theory • Jim Parsons, as Sheldon Cooper
The Office • Steve Carell, as Michael Scott
Two And A Half Men • Charlie Sheen, as Charlie Harper

Awww Jemaine got nominated, that’s good. I want Alec Baldwin to win. I don’t think any of these actors compare to him (except maybe Steve Carell on a good day). I can’t fathom why so many people are so excited about Jim Parsons or that show, but I probably shouldn’t get into that. Charlie Sheen really needs to stop getting attention, he is a ridiculous actors and that shows success is the bane of my existence.

Here’s another thing. Why doesn’t James Roday from Psych get any attention. Tony Shalhoub gets nominations all the time, and do we honestly think that Jim Parsons and Charlie Sheen are better?

NUP_109595_0769Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

30 Rock • Tina Fey, as Liz Lemon
Weeds • Mary-Louise Parker, as Nancy Botwin
The Sarah Silverman Program • Sarah Silverman, as Sarah Silverman
United States Of Tara • Toni Collette, as Tara Gregson
The New Adventures Of Old Christine • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as Christine
Samantha Who? • Christina Applegate, as Samantha Newly

This category is another one where I’m overwhelmed by the talent. I love all of these women! Christina Applegate less so, but still. I’ve actually rearranged them in order of show I like most.

Tina Fey is the absolute funniest in this group, hands down. And she will win this award.

Mary-Louise Parker is great as Nancy, a terrible mother, a truly dangerous person and still completely likable and intriguing.

WEEDS (season 4)Sarah Silverman could actually have the same description as MLP. Honestly though, Sarah Silverman doesn’t deserve an acting award, she’s a terrible actress. She’s funny as anything, and her timing is perfect, but come on.

Toni Collette deserves this award more than these other women just because of this role. The role of Tara is ceeerazy, and she pulls it off somehow.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is great, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s on a sitcom on CBS with a laugh-track, I love her but not that much.

Christina Applegate is also very talented, and she survived a truly awful ordeal… she was a teenage actress in the 80s.

Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

Tracey Jordon 0130 Rock Tracy Morgan, as Tracy Jordan
30 Rock
Jack McBrayer, as Kenneth Parcell
Entourage • Kevin Dillon, as Johnny Drama
How I Met Your Mother • Neil Patrick Harris, as Barney Stinson
The Office • Rainn Wilson, as Dwight Schrute
Two And A Half Men • John Cryer, as Alan Harper

I think people will give this award to NPH simply because he’s hosting. I guess he’s funny too.

It’s glorious that Tracey Morgan and Jack McBrayer are nominated. I really want Tracy to win, his character has become wonderfully hilarious. It’s also great that Jack McBrayer was nominated, a few years ago he was just that waiter from Arrested Development.

I’m trhilled that Jeremy Piven wasn’t nominated this year. You know that feeling you got every time James Spader won? I had that same feeling when Jeremy Piven won.

Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

111516_286130 Rock Jane Krakowski, as Jenna Maroney
Pushing Daisies Kristin Chenoweth, as Olive Snook
Saturday Night Live Amy Poehler, as Various Characters
Saturday Night Live Kristin Wiig, as Various Characters
Ugly Betty Vanessa Williams, as Wilhelmina Slater
Weeds Elizabeth Perkins, as Celia Hodes

Look at this! Actresses in the Comedy category are amazing. I don’t actually want Jane Krakowski to win, her nomination isn’t really for her acting, it’s more for the writing.

It would be great if Kristin Chenoweth won, I love that little lady.

And then we have the two power-houses from SNL. This is kinda crazy for actors from SNL to get nominated, isn’t it? Either way it’s great. I think I want Kristin Wiig to win, he SNL characters are the highlight of the show.

30 Rock Reunion 01Writing for a Comedy Series

30 Rock • Reunion
30 Rock • Apollo, Apollo
30 Rock • Mamma Mia
30 Rock • Kidney Now!
Flight Of The Conchords • Prime Minister (James Bobin, Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie)

Haha, poor Flight of the Conchords. I want Apollo, Apollo to win, that episode was exceptional. I really hope that vote splitting I was talking about earlier doesn’t happen here. On the other hand, it’s really nice to have a category where I know I’ll be happy regardless of who wins.

Flight-Conchords 01Directing For A Comedy Series

30 Rock • Apollo, Apollo
30 Rock • Reunion
30 Rock • Generalissimo
Entourage • Tree Trippers
Flight Of The Conchords • The Tough Brets
The Office • Stress Relief

This category is very similar to the last one, except this time I wan’t Generalissimo to win. In fact, I want to go watch that episode right now. Actually Reunion was especially good too.

Casting For A Comedy Series

30 Rock
The Office
United States Of Tara

30 Rock - Jon HammYou really can’t beat the 30 Rock casting. The Weeds casting has always been good, but it’s never stood out to me. United States of Tara was pretty good, but a lot of it rests on Toni Collette and the writing.

Guest Actor In A Comedy Series

30 Rock • Gavin Volure • Steve Martin, as Gavin Volure
30 Rock • The Bubble • Jon Hamm, as Dr. Drew Baird
30 Rock • Mamma Mia • Alan Alda, as Milton Greene
Desperate Housewives • The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened • Beau Bridges, as Eli Boggs
Saturday Night Live • Host: Justin Timberlake • Justin Timberlake, as Various Characters

2SNLcwN06The 30 Rock guest stars are the just great. Jon Hamm’s role was hilarious, I didn’t know how they were going to make him funny, or how they were going to get rid of him, but they did it wonderfully. Steve Martin did pretty good, playing an overly-dramatic character. I actually hated Alan Alda in the show, he wasn’t even slightly funny, but I’ve always thought of him as a depressing character.

Justin Timberlake really should get an Emmy for hosting SNL. He’s the best host in years.

Guest Actress In A Comedy Series

30 Rock • The One With The Cast Of ‘Night Court’ • Jennifer Aniston, as Claire
Elaine Stritch30 Rock • Christmas Special • Elaine Stritch, as Colleen Donaghy
Monk • Mr. Monk And The Lady Next Door • Gena Rowlands, as Marge
My Name Is Earl • Witch Lady • Betty White, as Crazy Witch Lady
Saturday Night Live • Presidential Bash 2008 • Tina Fey, as Governor Sarah Palin (Spoof)
The Big Bang Theory • The Maternal Capacitance • Christine Baranski, as Beverly Hofstadter

I’m pretty sure Tina Fey is going to win this. It’s going to be a while until we forget how SNL and Tina Fey managed to completely undermine the opinion of a politician in the eyes of a generation.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Elaine Stritch won again, that speech she gave last time was hilarious.

Tina FeyVariety, Music Or Comedy Series

Late Show With David Letterman
Real Time With Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Saturday Night Live had a great year because of the Election. but I think that carried on past the election, it made them very confident, you can tell from the writing. Plus Tina Fey’s Palin was glorious, it was May Poehler’s last year and it was pretty much Kristin Wiig’s year.

It wouldn’t be a tragedy if the Colbert Report won, as long as there’s an excue to get Stephen Colbert on the stage.

Stephen ColbertWriting For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Series

Late Night With Conan O’Brien
Late Show With David Letterman
Saturday Night Live
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

This category is funny on it’s own, I love watching the clips that each of the shows put together. I hope one of the three bolded shows win, but it doesn’t matter too much.

Variety, Music Or Comedy Special

Chris Rock – Kill The Messenger
Kathy Griffin: She’ll Cut A Bitch
Ricky Gervais: Out Of England — The Stand-Up Special
The Kennedy Center Honors
Kathy Griffin 01Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush

Writing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Special

81st Annual Academy Awards
Chris Rock – Kill The Messenger
Louis C.K.: Chewed Up
Ricky Gervais: Out Of England — The Stand-Up Special
Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush

American DadI tried to avoid any categories that awarded awards shows because I find that dull.

Animated Program (for programming less than one hour)

American Dad
Robot Chicken
South Park
The Simpsons

American Dad really deserves this award, the show has become almost as funny as Family Guy now.

Miniseries/TV Movie

Grey Gardens 01Made For Television Movie

Coco Chanel
Grey Gardens
Into The Storm
Prayers For Bobby
Taking Chance

I tried to avoid these categories all together because I don’t think they should be part of the Emmy telecast, but I figured someone might get a kick out of it.

I want Grey Gardens to sweep these categories simply because it was the only one I watched and I enjoyed it.


Generation Kill
Little Dorrit

Grey Gardens 02Directing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special

Generation Kill
Grey Gardens
Into The Storm
Little Dorrit
Taking Chance
Wallander: One Step Behind

Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special

Generation Kill
Grey Gardens
Into The Storm
Little Dorrit
Taking Chance

Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

24: Redemption • Kiefer Sutherland, as Jack Bauer
Cyrano de Bergerac (Great Performances) • Kevin Kline, as Cyrano de Bergerac
Into The Storm • Brendan Gleeson, as Winston Churchill
King Lear (Great Performances) • Sir Ian McKellen, as King Lear
Taking Chance • Kevin Bacon, as LtCol Mike Strobl

Wallander, as Kurt Branagh: One Step Behind • Kenneth Wallander

I like King Lear as a play and Ian Mckellen probably did a good job.

Grey Gardens 04Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Accidental Friendship • Chandra Wilson, as Yvonne
Coco Chanel • Shirley MacLaine, as Coco Chanel
Grey Gardens • Drew Barrymore, as Little Edie
Grey Gardens • Jessica Lange, as Big Edie
Prayers For Bobby • Sigourney Weaver, as Mary Griffith

I want Drew Barrymore to win, I love Drew, but it seems far more likely that Jessica Lange or Shirley McChlaine or maybe even Sigourney Weaver will win.

Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie

Grey Gardens • Ken Howard, as Phelan Beale
Into The Storm • Len Cariou, as Franklin D. Roosevelt
Little Dorrit • Tom Courtenay, as Mr. Dorrit
Little Dorrit • Andy Serkis, as Rigaud
The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice • Bob Newhard, as Judson

Grey Gardens 03Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

Grey Gardens • Jeanne Tripplehorn, as Jackie O.
House Of Saddam • Shohreh Aghdashloo, as Sajida
Into The Storm • Janet McTeer, as Clementine Churchill
Relative Stranger • Cicely Tyson, as Pearl
The Courageous Heart Of Irena (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation) • Marcia Gay Harden, as JaninaSendler


Dharma Wants YouCreative Achievement in Interactive Media – Fiction

The 30 Rock Digital Experience
The Dharma Initiative

The Office Digital Experience

Look at that, the half finished ARG got nominated. Strange. I guess it should win.

Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Nonfiction

SNLBravo Digital Media: Top Chef
The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience
The Saturday Night Live Digital Experience

Special Class – Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs

30 Rock’s Kenneth the Web Page
Battlestar Galactica: The Face Of The Enemy

Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime Show
Battlestar GalacticaDr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
The Daily Show: The Daily Show Correspondents On Jon Stewart

Special Visual Effects For A Series

Battlestar Galactica • Daybreak (Part 2)
Fringe • Pilot

Ghost Whisperer • Ghost In The Machine
Heroes • The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect
Sanctuary • Sanctuary For All

Uh, how did Lost not even get a mention and Ghost Whisperer and Heroes did?

United States of Tara 01Main Title Design

Lie To Me
Taking Chance
True Blood
United States Of Tara

I love it when cable shows make good opening credits. I still enjoy watching Dexter’s, the old Weeds intro and Damages’s. United States of Tara has a pretty good one too.

United States of Tara 02Original Main Title Theme Music

Great Performances
Sons of Anarchy
The Mole
United States Of Tara

Aagin, the main theme is important for a good show. Think about the songs for Weeds, Dexter, The Sopranos, and Damages. And again, United States of Tara is pretty good too.

Original Music And Lyrics

Flight-Conchords 0281st Annual Academy Awards • Song Title: “Hugh Jackman Opening Number”
A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All • “Much Worse Things”
A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa • “I Wish I Could Be Santa Claus”
Flight Of The Conchords • Unnatural Love / “Carol Brown”
Saturday Night Live • Host: Justin Timberlake / “Motherlover”

The 2008 ESPYS • Song Title: I Love Sports

Reality – Competition Program

Project Runway 01American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
Project Runway
The Amazing Race
Top Chef

Anything but The Amazing Race.

Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program

American Idol • Ryan Seacrest, Host
Dancing With The Stars • Tom Bergeron, Host
Project Runway • Heidi Klum, Host
Survivor • Jeff Probst, Host

The Amazing Race • Phil Keoghan, Host
Top Chef • Padma Lakshmi, Host/Tom Colicchio, Co-Host

Jeff ProbstReality Program

Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs
Dog Whisperer
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Nonfiction Series

American Experience
American Masters
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Deadliest Catch
This American Life

Nonfiction Special

102 Minutes That Changed America
Farrah’s Story
Michael J. Fox: Adventures Of An Incurable Optimist
Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired
The Alzheimer’s Project: Momentum In Science (Parts 1 & 2)

– izi


4 Responses to “2009 Emmy Nominations”

  1. 1 Adam
    July 16, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    I’m saddened that Evangeline was not nominated. She is a fine actress and she showed it in Whatever Happened, Happened when she gave up Aaron.

  2. 2 Publicola
    July 20, 2009 at 8:02 am

    What’s your issue with Breaking Bad? I thought it was a fantastic show… great drama, sympathetic characters, high class acting… I highly comment it to everyone.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks 30 Rock is just one-long pat-on-the-back for the television industry? I just don’t get the jokes… I must not be cool enough, because I also think SNL just stinks… not funny, even remotely. Though Tina Fey did teach Seth McFarlane the secret to getting an emmy nomination… bash Republicans. It’s so easy… make a story where you have cheap-shots comparing Republicans to Nazis and you will be rewarded at award shows. Sure, people may not actually watch your show or movies… but you’ll easily get a nomination. FG is not even the funniest animated series either… I’ll take the Simpsons, South Park or ATHF any day of the week. I get it Seth, you are “progressive” and think gay babies are “edgy” but Chelsea Lately is way funnier than you.

    And, just one plug for truly the funniest, edgiest and smartest political round-table comedy show… (it makes Bill Maher look like Mr. Rogers).. is Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld… Watch that hour of brilliance a few times and you’ll be asking The Daily What?

  3. July 22, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Currently people want Lost and Family guy to win the top awards. But it doesn’t look like Lost is winning by much. hmmm

  4. 4 Anon
    July 27, 2009 at 2:48 am

    No way The Incident should’ve been nominated. LaFleur was amazing.

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