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Lost University Logo

This one is a little different than usual.  We should be getting used to having a new Alternate Reality Game announced at Comic-Con and starting in the Fall, but this one is a little too ‘Reality’ and not very ‘Alternate’.

It’s called Lost University and it’s an obviously an official site created by ABC about Lost (there’s no ambiguity this time).  It’s not about Dharma or the Hanso Corporation or anything like that.  It’s actually about Lost.  I’m finding it hard to wrap my brain around it.

Here’s the website: http://www.lostuniversity.org/index.php

We can enroll in “classes” on September 22, the first semester starts on December 8, the day the Season 5 DVDs come out.  Here’s a list of the “classes”:

Lost University Banner RotatedSemester 1

History 101 – Heirolgyhpics & Egyptology
They say something about Medu Netjer which is apparently what heiroglyphics were called (correct me if I’m wrong).

Language 101 – Foreign Language for Beginners
Learn to speak Korean and French.

Philosophy 101 – I’m Lost, Therefore I Am
About the philosphical themes of the show and the name origins of characters like John Locke & Desmond Hume.  Also discusses what kind of society is created when people are alone on an Island with laws or leaders.

Physics 101 – Introductory Physics of Time Travel
Guess what this one is about.

Physics 301 Seminar: New Physics With Jeremy Davies
I think this is the most interesting thing on the site right now (until someone finds some easter eggs).  This course actually talks about Jeremy Davies, the actor who plays Daniel Faraday.  Very strange.

Science 201 – Jungle Survival Basics
This “Course” is apparently being taught by the cast & crew of Lost.

Semester 2

Art 101 Seminar
Jack Bender, the guy who paints most of the art in Lost is apparently teaching this course.

Language 201 – Advanced Foreign Language
Arabic and Latin.  Mmmmm Latin, that’ll be fun.

Philosophy 201 – I’m Right, You’re Wrong: The Us vs. Them Mentality
This sounds very interesting, it’s about The Others and how the Oceanic Survivors automatically assumed they were evil.

Physics 201 – Advanced Physics of Time Travel
More time travel.  This course is supposed to ask whether changing the past is possible.  I like that picture on that page, with the half dead cat.

Psychology 201 – Self-Discovery Through Family Relationships
More with the Producers and the Cast, this time it seems to focus on the flashbacks.

More Curious things on the site:

In the intro video you can clearly see teh DeGroots traching kids on a Unitversity lawn.  I don’t know if that was just the only stock fottage they had, but it was definitely odd.

There are a lot of little jokes and Lost references hidden on the site.  For exacmple they talk about a Drive Shaft cover band contest, & Smokey Patrol.  The background of some of the pages is a new Dharma logo, this time with books and an apple.  Not exactly thrilling stuff.

I haven’t found any major easter eggs or hidden messages on the site.  Surely there are some, but I’ll let other people click twenty times on an empty spot on the site or something like that.  If you hear about any major developments, tell me.

– izi


2 Responses to “New ARG: Lost University”

  1. 1 Publicola
    July 24, 2009 at 12:41 pm


    Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • July 24, 2009 at 1:45 pm

      Hahah, I just did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s already posted.

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